Art Cashin's Veterans Day Remembrance

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From Art Cashin

On this day (-1) in 1918, Pvt. Henry Gunther of Baltimore, Maryland thought he saw a suspicious movement in the German trenches across the way. Fearing that the "Huns" were using the mid-morning sun to get some territorial advantage while the peace talks dragged on, Gunther decided to rush the suspicious area. Henry was fast but unfortunately, not invisible. A single shot from a German rifle struck him in the heart and killed him instantly. The time was 11:01 a.m. just 1 minute after the war officially ended, making Put Henry Gunther the final casualty of World War I.

Thus, he joined nearly 8.4 million other victims who died during that great conflict alone (113,000 Americans). But Gunther was in a distinct minority - he died of a wound.

More than half of the rest died of the flu or other illnesses.

Pvt. Gunther may have died needlessly. There had been strong rumors (and some real evidence) that an Armistice had been agreed to days before but was purposely unannounced for rather arcane reasons.

In fact, there had been rumors of an Armistice for several weeks. Back in September, Belgian Radio had announced a ceasefire only to have to retract it several hours later.

(Some generals contended that the false reports caused troops to let down their guards, or even leave their trenches. They suggested that this caused unnecessary deaths.)

On November the 7th, 1918 reports hit the streets that an Armistice had been signed. In New York City people poured into the streets shouting joyously, blowing horns or banging pots and pans. On Wall Street they had a spontaneous ticker tape parade (without the parade). The Department of Sanitation maintained that 155 tons of ticker tape and torn paper floated from windows. Fifth Avenue became so crowded that police closed it to all traffic. Back on Wall Street the NYSE Governors decided to close a half  hour early (2:30) in celebration – or – as they put it “in view of the momentous occurrence and the triumph of the Allied Cause”. The next morning they would discover there was no Armistice. Fighting continued and trading resumed.

Four days later at 4:00 a.m. on November 11th, trans-atlantic telegrams arrived in New York revealing that an Armistice had indeed been signed. After verifying the accuracy of the telegrams, the NYSE Governors voted to close for the day in celebration.

But, as noted, at 11:01 a.m., Harry Gunther became the last military casualty of World War I. If only he had known that world leaders had already agreed upon on a cease-fire (about four days before). But with a nod to symmetry, history and-yes-even numerology, they had decided to implement the Armistice on the Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month.

To celebrate, take off your trench coat, decant some cognac with a local Lili Marlene and ponder the wisdom of the great philosopher who said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making plans". (I hear Gunther's family changed the spelling of their name but I lost track of them.)

The war between the Bulls and the Bears may be grinding to a stalemate if not an Armistice or maybe it is just a pause to catch a breath.

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Thank you Veterans.


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Yes.  All us guys who are not dead.  Lets drink to all those guys who are dead.  What a pitiful acknowledgement.  Could only be proposed by drunks who see any moment as another event for drinking.  Fucked up.  How about pulling your heads out of your asses.  That might be constructive.  Might even reduce the number of future dead veterans.  But then, what would dicks like Cashin have to celebrate about.

Cashin.  What a fucked up douche.

Want to honor a veteran?  Go to any veterans grave.  Put some flowers on it.  Get on your knees for once.  Show some humility.  Pray for their souls.  Ask God to forgive our stupidity.

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Want to really honor a veteran?  Work for peace - what every soldier prays for.

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Ron Paul woul have made a great Founding Father.

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Karl Rove is a fat Quisling.

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Karl Rove is the king of all douche bags.

My most enjoyable memory will always be around 1 a.m. election day after when Fox called the election for Obama and Rove ranted for 30 minutes that the rich counties in Ohio hadn't been counted and their were still votes to be bought. The Fox news anchors were astonished and embarassed by that asshole.

A beautiful moment and well worth staying up to see. So glad I didn't go to bed because it was a work day.

I will savour that moment all my life.

It more than makes up for 2000 when the Supreme Court appointed the usurper.

Rove spent $300,000,000 and the Koch Brothers spent a billion.

Good job bleeding them dry.

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I junked you , not for your sentiments but for bringing politics onto this article. It has nothing to do with honoring VETERANS.

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Ending stupid wars has everything to do with honoring veterans.

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appropriate name,

No Taste

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actually most of your active duty today are serving for economic reasons ie. jobs, scholarships, etc. see...the puppetmasters realized decades ago that the "draft" was not going to work to carry out their agenda of unending bullshit go ahead and delude yourself that the current active duty won't shoot your ass off when the order comes.

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With all due respect to those who have served, my father included, fuck veterans day. People should feel free to thank a vet on their own, in any way that they see fit, whenever they feel so inclined. But that isn't what veterans day is all about, unfortunately. Veterans day is part of our programming. It's propaganda meant to glorify war fighting. Pretend that it's something different if you want. Sincerely thank a vet while standing opposed to empire building, but you can't change what the day is. Propaganda.

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When people like you realize that there is no heaven, maybe you stop sending them to die so easily...

Seriously? Put some flowers on the grave? Get on your knees? 

You know, its more helpful you donate to a veteran fund then than be in some grave praying for Thor...

Lasting peace in the world is the only way to respect people who have died in wars.

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Yah.  Maybe you're right.  No.  You ARE right.  I'm sure of it now.  I'll give you a +1.  Then maybe you won't feel so lonely because of your superiority complex.  Well.  You are a king after all.  Even a king of nobody can pretend to be a king. I heard is also looking for friends.  But he's not up yet.  Because he's still hungover.  But you two should get along well. He's an avid atheist self-god too.  King of the wild frontier.  And very lonely.  Please help him. You kings can work everything out.

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All that froth just to end the story with a BULL/BEAR argument in a rigged stock market... Whatever...

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That's a terrible thing to say at the end. Totally out of place and context. 

Come on Art, give your head a shake. 

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Art. Great story. Too bad you ended it like a pussy. These men died in vain defending the bankster game. When will you ever realize that?

francis_sawyer's picture

I kno right... Does Art really still think the allies were fighting those "evil HUNS"?...

Who is John Galt's picture

This is is a man and he has a name and it's Robert Paulson, okay?

He had joined Project Mayhem and was killed during operation Latte Thunder after being shot in the head by a security guard while attempting to flee the scene of the night-time raid.

There I fixed it for you Art!

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They don't want to realize it, man.  People are fucked up.  The narrative is sweeter if they pretend anything like honor or morals or anything ever meant a shit.

It's how they cope. 

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John Lennon said that..

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Brilliant.  Rarely am I caught off gaurd with such a smart metaphor.

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My metaphor would be drawn from the current QEternity where countless numbers go 'over the top' each month to get mowed down in financial no-mans-land.


To quote Blackadder:

Blackadder: It's the same plan we used last time, and the seventeen times before that

Melchett: E-e-exactly! And that is what is so brilliant about it. It will catch the watchful Hun totally off guard. Doing exactly what we've done eighteen times before will be the last thing they expect us to do this time.

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if he had an iphone someone could have tweeted him

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As deep as it gets for the money jobber.

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Only fools die in Other people's wars that makes 99% of war casualties fools, remember that!

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Pvt. Gunther decided to rush the suspicious area ?  Come on .... this guy was no poster child for smart ? 

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Happens all the time in the movies... But they forgot to add the part where his brother (with Cherokee blood), then sneaks out in the dead of night and takes the scalp of the 'Huns'... Then cuts out the heart of his brother, wraps it in a bandana, & brings it back home to ceremoniously bury at the family cemetary in Montana... It's a real tear jerker... Makes the 'recruitment' (for the NEXT war) skyrocket...

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I was thinking the same thing. At that point in the war the Germans were not sticking their necks out. And only a fool would crawl from under cover to check on the rustling of a small animal.

Just because they are soldiers, it doesn't make them bright.

My guess is that not too many folks huddled close to Pvt Gunther.

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those arrogant elitists love playing with others lives, whilst the data and times match for some reason. 

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Let the scum sucking bankers who trumped up those wars thank them. Don't bomb any brown babies on my account. Oh yeah, and buy bullshit stocks to honor those who died for the elite. :roll:

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No fucking shit...

& the "Armistice" referred to [the 'Treaty of Versaille'] accomplished just about squat... Meanwhile the same bankers were funding the Jew Bolsheviks to overthrow the Czar in Russia... After WWI, they tried, & failed to get the League of Nations going, only to have the same blueprint succeed after ANOTHER World War in the form of the United Nations (which was key in piece in recognizing Israel as a jewish homestate)...

The rest, as they say, is history (only that all of this has led to constant wars ever since)...

Cin cin Art...

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Funny the guy's name is Put. Brings new meaning to the term "Buying Puts".

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WW1...the Bankers War to begin all other wars since that time...

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Ron Paul - "It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking."

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And when enough folk realise that the same fucking pond life Art, financed both sides of this war to end all wars.  You will see a complete and utter change that will make the great war look sublime in context.

And when that happens, fuck the bull and bear market, you will see open season on wall street.  And to top it all off, this thing which governments world wide are trying to shut down or cencise will be shown for the tool it was , a tool which you lot never even thought could be possible, a tool which you lop never thought would turn out the way it has and why you are frantically trying to stop voices such as inthemix96's.

The jigs up mate, and all the platitudes and heart pulling stories dont work now.  We know the score, we know the betrayal, we know the reasons and now we know why.  For fucking paper to power????  Fuck that shit son, fuck it all.  Bring this game to an end.  Humanity deserves no less. 

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War is shit, plain and simple.  Get used to that thought.  I was awarded a number of medals while in Vietnam.  You know, the usual fanfare, handed out by a general with a color guard, yadda, yadda.  After I received my medals which were accompanied by very nice, dipolma-like awards, I walked over to the nearest trash can, made sure no one was looking and threw them in.  Luckily, unlike 56,000 of my comtempories, I finished my tour and returned home in one piece despite being a combat medic with the 1/26 Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division.  War, yeah, it's garbage and best to stay away from - that's what I tell my son...

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Fuck you and your "Huns" reference you stupid old drunken Mick. WWI- just one in a series of wars that we fought to protect banker interests. The Founding fathers warned us to stay out of European affairs and they were right.

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Hey, Please get it straight.

Veterans day is for the living.

Memorial Day is for the Dead.

I did 23 years. I got a lotta abivalance right now about that. Yep, we've been chumped by the Bankers and the Chickenhawks...

I'm digging what this man has to say...

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"This is a sad day for the NYSE and Dick Grasso and for people who have worked so hard for the American investor," said Art Cashin, head of floor trading at UBS Paine Webber. "This is not a triumph for anyone."

Is this the same Art Cashin?.....poor Dicky Grasso only got $140 million. Anything Cashin says is doublespeak.

 Long live Art Cashin...king of the paperbugz!

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58,178 Names


But, as pointed out, today is for the survivors - Memorial Day is for the dead

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You're all in this together... One of these guys might save your life someday... (then again ~ maybe one of us won't)...