October Hedge Funds Performance Update: Mixed

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With the market largely flat in October (the biggest market selloff in one year took place after Obama's reelection), it is no surprise that the most prominent hedge funds performed largely in line with no notable outliers either in the positive or negative columns.

Notable best and worst performers in October:

And the Top 20 best and worst names YTD:

Full HSBC presentation:


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fonzannoon's picture

How the hell are the indexes up today when it seems like every sector is down....

slaughterer's picture

Eclectica (+.02% YTD), ouch Hugh.

Spitzer's picture

Negative, inflation adjusted.

The Bernank's picture

Quantitative Easing continues to show benefits in market confidence and price stability.

booboo's picture

Sooo, I guess adding "Plus" to the "Paulson Advantage" was a ruse?


Spitzer's picture

YOu must be new to ZH.

Its known as Paulson Disadvantage Minus around here

Dr. Engali's picture

I'll bet that the share holders in Paulson's advantage plus enjoy paying extra to get screwed even more. What's the adavantage? Do you get vaseline versus dry with getting screwed?

booboo's picture

But of course, doesn't every good cat house have a "Plus" plan? No happy ending in the Paulson Plus though

slaughterer's picture

Today, with little volume and with no bond market in the US restricing its moves, the equity market is clearly just treading water.

Mercury's picture

...but N.M.L. Capital gets the award for most creative distressed credit strategy:



slaughterer's picture

Pine River's arbitrage strategies seem to be working out for it. 

Dr Benway's picture

In Australia the funds can set the share prices of their holdings themselves, and thus determine their own returns. These fake returns can of course never be realized, so the funds then issue shares and pay dividends out of that. Check out my newly updated presentation:



pndr4495's picture

Curious that a man paid $100 million in 2008 and launching a multi-billion dollar hedge fund a couple of years later is nowhere mentioned in the top performers nor in the bottom performers.  Perhaps I have missed something .  What is Astenbeck's performance to date?  Average?  Should it turn out that their performance IS just average , does anyone have a problem with this man's paycheck(s)? 

Spitzer's picture

Its all farts in a wind storm.

Where is Seth Clayman ?