The Strange (and Worrisome) Symmetry Of Bernanke's Bull Market

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Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. In the case of this chart, it paints an expectation of around 300 S&P points (to the downside). The strange symmetrical exponentiality of the last four years can only be marveled at in its reflection of greed and fear catalyzed by the machinations of an increasingly impotent central banking cartel. Trade accordingly.



The irony of the coincident timing of the plunge and the pending fiscal cliff decision - which as we noted here, will not be solved until the market pushes the politicians to 'compromise' - should not be lost on those who poo-poo such silly chartist ramifications...


(h/t Ivan The Terrible @SqueezedEquity)

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...and there goes gold...

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No the printer running again.

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the 808 spread is an 808 spread until it's not. history has never been exposed to this kind of grand-scale meddling more at financial straight-up mendacity. trade accordingly.

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There goes the neighborhood.

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Looks like the first 3 notes to "Heart & Soul"... Boy I can wait until we get to "Chopsticks"...

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meanwhile, yet another normal day of fraud is under way n the Silver market.....

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Can almost set your clock by it.


I'll take the subsidized's the only government program I qualify for.

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can i use an ebc card to buy silver and gold?

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It appears to be a 15-16 mo. interval?


Someone mentioned an overlay of Bernanke's machinations.

I've seen a chart like that somewhere.

Link anybody?

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I had put the 280 day ROC to it before. It's not actually a steady time period, as pointed out by a similar Tyler post showing a fibonacci ratio for the time span itself. Still, it's reasonably close for a while, multi-year.

Set for 280, 290, 300 days ROC and watch the trend get linearized: : this one is 280 day ROC this is 280 day ROC looking back to 2002

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Im totally fine with this manipulation.  It means physical remains on sale.  Someday soon, it might be cheap on paper, but you won't be able to find any.

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Market down, Nat Gas up 3% again.

Are we getting to the point where a forecast of snow in the future will cause algos to ramp nat gas 5% daily?

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More rigs doing oil than NG.  Less NG in the future to supply more demand from conversions.  Usually oil prices about 10-15 times NG.  That ratio is over 20 now.

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Somewhat off topic, but man is HD setting up to be a nice short.

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Wait till 10:30 (as usual..)


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Go Kevin Henry, go!!!

Rah, Rah, Sicomba!

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Impotent Central Bankers...redundant statement

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I'm sure Petraeus has some extra viagra he can give ya'!

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Please crash.  I am getting too old for this shit. 

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On a long enough timeline...

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quit messin' with us....that's a graph of the Nikkei

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And even though this is somewaht consistent with GS Kostin's more recent estimate (or vice versa - I mean how many adjustments does one get to be close - geesh)

he can't help but want to ride the bull to a 1575 end of 2013 opening guess.



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                  quote: Bernanke

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Rollover bitchez!   Good movie too.

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If I'm not mistaken, the above-depicted chart implies a certain bottom somewhere along the way.

So it must be bullish.

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Bet that chart looks significantly more depressing when using inflation adjusted dollars.

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Gravity's a bitch.

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a chart only a computer could love.

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Whole thing just a puffed up marshallow.

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As long as the US keeps piling on $3 trillion debt a year in spending it can make up for the debt saturated consumer.

Keeping it up and the US is Japan-like. More food stamps, section 8's, free cell phones, free education for illegals, health care and welfare.



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What could possibly go wrong with developing a permanent and growing underclass with no skills and no hope of upward mobility?

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Change "no skills" to "no certifications" or "no licenses" or "no titles."


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Well, in olden times, they were called 'cannon fodder'. Today, it's more a question of whether they're to be 'drone delights' or 'nuclear nummies'.

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I have been drawing that arc since 2009 and convinced myself 3 times that the end was near. A drop always came but not one of the scale implied.

Superimpose QE events for more clarity.

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worked for me the last 3 years. The trick is you need to put the dates at the bottom and wait till it hits one extreme to bounce the other way. It takes more than a year between them so you can't jump the gun.

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KH is making a stand defending SPY $138/share.

Let's see how much money they will have to print to defend 138?

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Well that was a big gap fill.  This thing is so rigged

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Lovely chart. Lots of pretty correlations.

Thanks, TDs.

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Buy orange, sell green. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It's a wonder that everyone isn't wealthy beyond their wildest dreams by now.

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money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round...

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this is the same chart as the 2006 2007? this is the upside down parabola, which is a mania market, but at least its honest. this is a market in which companies buy their own stock, the price of the stock goes up, increasing their wealth, so they buy some more. the problem is each time there is a little less, because no one has figured out the perpetual motion machine.

i also experimented with this chart in a gambling situation. from that experience i can tell you that the real danger to losing your bankroll is going outside the bands, either higher or lower. you have to manage the thing perfectly (in this case the fed chief) and of course the thing levels out, you take profits (go back to zero) and start all over again.

in the 2006 2007 market there was a sharp pullback followed by a new stronger rally (violated both upper and lower bands) and of course things crashed

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When the FED owns all the mortgages and all the stocks and most of the treasuries does that mean they can set the price of everything and that nobody will own anything anymore?

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When that happens you get to buy into the FED with forced investment.

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That will be the "Nationalize the FED" movement/moment.

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@tyler: havent you come up with such post in last 4 years only to see that they dont work???