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Excerpted from "Ignorance by Consensus" posted by at FEASTA,

But, very briefly and acknowledging some contention, the conditions for concern might be summarized as follows.


We are trying to comprehend our world within the world-views and economic orthodoxies developed over an extra-ordinary, two-hundred year period of compound economic growth. This growth was coincident with increasing wealth, complexity and globalized integration. Part of our dominant consensus is that this trend will continue. Much of what is important to us, how we live, our expectations, what we value and hold dear, was shaped by this process. And we, the global 10%, have done well out of it.


The fringe view is that this growth is over – we are at the limits to growth, now. At issue is the stability of the globalized economy. We are moving into a deepening global deflationary depression, interspersed with dangerous and possibly irreversible shocks to the systems that support our basic welfare. We will lose much of what we take for granted and things we have come to call our own. We are entering an era of real danger and unpredictability.


This is because we are at an historic point of convergence. Firstly, we have reached the limit in the credit backing of our financial, monetary and banking system. We are at the same time hitting profoundly destabilizing ecological limits preeminent at this time is that we are almost certainly at the peak of global oil and food production. Put another way, we are at the limits of the system of trust and solvency that underpins the trade upon which we depend. We are at the limits of the least substitutable energy source that, by the laws of physics, is necessary for economic maintenance and growth. We are at the limits of our most fundamental human sustenance. They are the three most critical structural pillars of the globalized economy. Like a three-legged stool, the whole system can become destabilized by the buckling of just one.


In addition, and almost completely unacknowledged is that the changing nature of the globalized economy – increasing integration, complexity, speed and inter-dependence – has made us very much more vulnerable to this convergence. Further, such complexity makes it very difficult, or even dangerous to try and ‘fix’ its parts.


If we were to acknowledge such a fringe view we would be urgently preparing for profound change – for when real change is forced upon us we may have much less room for manoeuvre. We would be embracing austerity because of its inevitability, and in doing so, transform it. From top to bottom, we would be working on our food security, the resilience of critical services such as sanitation, monetary systems, governance, and re-working work. We would have begun the personal and collective psychological processes that might allow us avoid some of our species most destructive passions that can emerge in a time of crisis, and instead use it as a source of creative and positive change.


Of course, no detailed explanation for such a fringe view has been provided here. For most though, none is needed. They already know this view is nonsense. Why worry, it’s a fringe view… why with shale gas, technology, markets, stopping austerity, green growth, changing the monetary system, getting rid of the ‘wrong’ people….so many options! Anyway haven’t people been saying such stuff since the time of Malthus, and they’re still wrong! Aren’t the experts in control?! But an economist said…! Quite….quite.

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I didnt even finish reading it to know we are all fucked

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I discovered a way for you to say anything profound you want or content you present any which way you want, without any interference from the progressers, Neo-Cons, or the dead stream media. It's a get out of jail free card.

Prerequisite your post citing the name Alex Jones, and you will never be bashed in the MSM for the content, as his name is banned from being spoken out loud on TV.

Here's an example;
I heard Alex Jones say today (out of context), "Killing nappy haired black babies".  No one will be bashed by MSM TV for this.

This is a monumental discovery I made.  Use it prolifically to say whatever you want.

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You should have finished the article.  It's different this time.

Western's picture

fuck you rothschilds, the queen, luciferian cabalists, et al.


please help me if I've missed anyone

LMAO's picture

Nah, I think you pretty much covered it with the "et al" addendum.

flacon's picture

People change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. 

AldousHuxley's picture

Turn it upside down, then sit on it.

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

David Korowicz is one of the smartest guys I've ever read.  His trade-off paper made me think really hard about leaving the city & getting it on in a Brazilian "hotel-farm", a place in which people escape from the city for a week.  If the Brazilian economy stays afloat, I'm fine.  If it goes the way of the dodo, I'd close the hotel part and live off of the land.


As I said, David Korowicz is one of the smartest guys I've ever read.  And I've read a lot.

Big Slick's picture

!!! For those of us who follow Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity, the preceeding message was 4 years old.  We know it by heart.  We have already prepared and are waiting.

I invite you to follow Chris and his gang to fill in valuable details.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Step 1: Fire all the cops for NOT doing their jobs. The criminals are on a rampage stealing everything, and the cops are not even looking at them. The elite are stealing Trillions, yet the cops are looking at us instead. Fire them all.

captain_menace's picture

Hard to get an accurate reading on the pain-o-meter prior to the pain actually arriving.

Ragnar24's picture

Despite "et al": Fuck you Rockefellers, Council on Foreign Relations, and National Endowment for Democracy, JP Morgan (the man and the bank), and yes, fuck you George Soros.

10mm's picture

Fuck you Woodrow Wilson and the rest of the cock suckers that fateful Christmas Eve.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

Add Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21, their sinister plans.

knukles's picture

As well as eminent domain, commerce clause and necessary and proper clause.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Well, he's not part of the solution, so he is part of the problem.  QED

q99x2's picture

Don't forget drones and HFT.

CPL's picture

I have drawn the shades, donned my tin foil hat and retiring to my fortress of tinned beans to grow a formidible neck beard.

knukles's picture

You can find articles about weaving wires into thick neck beards to act as antennae in order to help ground the toxic radio waves....

CPL's picture

Well I do have time in between throwing shoes at CNN and my community work, handing out pamplets on the street with vague prognostications involving alphabits breakfast cereal... 


May I please subscribe to your newsletter for more information good sir?

xtop23's picture

Fuck the sentence, "This settlement should in no way, shape, or form be constituted as an admission of guilt........"

lynnybee's picture

' please help me if I've missed anyone ',    you missed ROBERT RUBIN ! 

Michaelwiseguy's picture

Alex Jones had Dr Steve Pieczenik on today spilling the beans about Benghazi. It was a great interview.

ebworthen's picture

Michaewiseguy - try to restate that one, I believe you had something to say but fumbled the ball and got knocked unconscious.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

I Know. A bit Lazy today.

I discovered a way for you to say anything profound you want and present content any which way you are inclined, without any interference from the Progressers, Neo-Cons, or the dead stream media.  It's a get out of jail free card.

Prerequisite your incendiary thoughts if you perceive being attacked by the MSM, citing the name Alex Jones or invoke his name somewhere in the content, and you will never be bashed in the MSM for the information or opinion, as his name is banned from being spoken out loud on TV.

This is a monumental discovery.  Use it prolifically to say whatever you want. If you are challenged on TV for any perceived politically incorrect statement you make, invoke the name Alex Jones, and that will immediately shut up your challenger. It's like throwing holy water on a vampire.

Todd Akin could have used this defense and won.

oldman's picture

"We are at the limits of the population of a single species whose system has malfunctioned, and which that species has refused to abandon"

No, it is not GW, CG, Artic ice melt, ethane release, an evil and misbehaing sun

just a single species that refuses to adapt

what will happen?

It has happened before             om 

TBT or not TBT's picture

Hmm.  We are a very adaptive species, able to live thousands of feet under water, or in space, on any continent.    The problem the malthusians and luddites actually bemoan is our adaptiveness, or the result of it, which is increasing wealth, increasing resource use, and increasing numbers of us.   Their projections rarely come true because they cannot, and to the degree markets are permitted to work on the problems, adaptation occurs quite nicely.  Central planning responses on the other hand do not solve the problems.  Such responses serve the central planners, the bureaucracies meant to solve them.  Show me what the Dept Education, or Energy, or the DEA have done other than feed themselves, for the problems they are meant to MAKE GO AWAY.   Their existence depends on the problem persisting.  Their growth depends on the growth of the problem.   Much like Freudian psychotherapists they have no intention of solving the problem.   Instead they set the client on a path of ever deepening metastization, insuring a revenue stream.

Enemy101's picture

That is what I'll do. When The *hit Hits The Fan, I will go live in space.

TBT or not TBT's picture

I'm planning on giving freudian psychotherapy.

Burgundy's picture

Yup! I agree. We're so adaptable and ingenious that if our stupidity screws up the planet we can live in life-support suits. It's not as though living in a suit will impinge upon us expressing our natural mammalian behaviour or living like human beings. As long as we can make money everything will be just dandy. Malthus, pheff! Man was designed to consume genetically modified processed profitable pink slime (GMPPPS pronounced "soylant") delivered through a straw, everyone knows that. Bring on our ingenious adaptable future... I can't wait.

czarangelus's picture

I didn't even need to start reading it to come to the same conclusion.

Skateboarder's picture

"Growth" has got to be one of the biggest lies pushed unto the people. It just sounds so... positive... that it has to be good for us... right?

yabyum's picture

Ask a cluster of cancer cells.

SecondComing's picture

As a theoretician, I would point out that I am the cancer cell and the tumor.  The uncanny resemblance of my uncontrolled/uncontrollable growth in vivo and in society is no coincidence. 

Mad Mad Woman's picture

Just like globalization. It's gonna be good for us, and all that other bullshit.

LongBalls's picture

IT IS ALL SELF INFLICTED. The elite want you to think there is no way out as justification for what they are about to do. 1. Renewable energy is a reality. It has already been invented but supressed. 2. With energy resources, Africa could easily harvest enough water to feed the planet let alone themselves but the IMF refuses to let it be so. 3. Our monetary issues are simple. Tell the Central Banking Cartel to get ______ !! States can take back the issuance of money and credit @ 0% and sustain their governments. All international settlement of trade can be settled in gold and silver. End.

Seer's picture

When will you energy-heads get it through your thick skulls that it's about MORE than energy.

Process/technology + Energy + Physical Resources.

If you fill the planet with wall-to-wall people there is NO way you're going to have the Physical Resources available.  Sure, you can have the other two inputs, but without Physical Resources it's a no-go: and, really, all three are necessary, period!

Of fucking course "renewable energy is a reality," look up into the noon sky.

Funny you should mention Africa, as that's where the US empire is sinking its tentacles (while people aren't looking).  AFRICOM wasn't kicked into high-gear for nothing; AND, this is why Qaddafi was killed (he was the only "leader" that had any real influence in the area).  Oh, and since this is an economics blog here's an investment tip: cobalt (people can look it up themselves- has to do with energy and, of course, DRC); platinum [South Africa- watch and see how heavy-handed the striking diamond miners are smacked, is the place to watch for this resource grab).

Silly rabbits!

DosZap's picture

CHINA, already OWNS AFRICA, and ANY & ALL its natural resources it so desires to plunder.

While we go FULL Socialist/Marxist, they are busily sucking up the means to survive another 1000yrs.

Seer's picture

Where's China's military?

Sorry, but China is no match for US subversive tactics AND its military force.  China's a new player out there in a pretty hardcore global world.  Not thinking that it can hang on to the "ownership" end of things abroad, esp given that wars have a way of cancelling out contracts...

AFRICOM - it's a done deal. (as long as the US hasn't crashed)

FULL Socialist/Marxist, REALLY?  I suppose I have a different view of it; it matters not, all is unsustainable; AND, BAD systems FAIL, BIG = FAIL.  You are free, however, to turn blue in the face and stomp your feet and toss out all sorts of ideological rants to your heart's desire (I'm hoping that you didn't beat up the wife after the Blue Leader was put back on the throne.)

Mad Mad Woman's picture

Do NOT underestimate China. To do so would be detrimental to your health and well being. 

Kobe Beef's picture

Do NOT underestimate basic African dysfunction. Whoever tries to grab the resources has to work with Africans, and history shows that never works.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Nukes.  China has nukes.   And good delivery systems for their nukes.    Not going to have a war directly with china.   Proxy wars, yes, and we will lose those because the chinese are willing to do things we abhor doing, because of our...sorry folks, christian morality.  We are a democracy with a free press corps and 25% plus of the population against any war anywhere.     We go bogged down in 'nam, afghanistan, iraq, and elsewhere for failure to be able to do what must be done.   Col Kurtz explained this pretty well.   Today we have rules of engagement for our soldiers, JAGoffs looking at every goddamned thing, Cindy Sheehans and the rest of it, whiners and wusses and...   Sorry I was going Sam Kenison there, but you get the drill.  That's the way it is.   BTW you go to war with the electorate you have, not the one you might wish to have.

Enemy101's picture

Agreed. Until we figure out which civilization is going to rule the remnants of civilization we don't have much hope of saving anything from the upcoming financial armageddon (thanks U.S.). But China does have a 1 party and 1 direction, and 1 planning office way of doing things, which western un-civilizations don't. eg. Whats the U.S.'s 10 year trade strategy? it's 25 year agricultural policy goals?

nilch. clusterf**k.

I'm in no way pro-chinese, but those boys do have their act mostly together and should be rightly respected.. at this point they are trying hard to NOT own the US Treasury after all.

LongBalls's picture

Your energy views are outdated dude. Old. Crap. And non-truthful. Not because you have any ill intent, but because you are unaware that other forms of energy besides oil, solar, and wind are reality. Tip of magnet motor.