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Excerpted from "Ignorance by Consensus" posted by at FEASTA,

But, very briefly and acknowledging some contention, the conditions for concern might be summarized as follows.


We are trying to comprehend our world within the world-views and economic orthodoxies developed over an extra-ordinary, two-hundred year period of compound economic growth. This growth was coincident with increasing wealth, complexity and globalized integration. Part of our dominant consensus is that this trend will continue. Much of what is important to us, how we live, our expectations, what we value and hold dear, was shaped by this process. And we, the global 10%, have done well out of it.


The fringe view is that this growth is over – we are at the limits to growth, now. At issue is the stability of the globalized economy. We are moving into a deepening global deflationary depression, interspersed with dangerous and possibly irreversible shocks to the systems that support our basic welfare. We will lose much of what we take for granted and things we have come to call our own. We are entering an era of real danger and unpredictability.


This is because we are at an historic point of convergence. Firstly, we have reached the limit in the credit backing of our financial, monetary and banking system. We are at the same time hitting profoundly destabilizing ecological limits preeminent at this time is that we are almost certainly at the peak of global oil and food production. Put another way, we are at the limits of the system of trust and solvency that underpins the trade upon which we depend. We are at the limits of the least substitutable energy source that, by the laws of physics, is necessary for economic maintenance and growth. We are at the limits of our most fundamental human sustenance. They are the three most critical structural pillars of the globalized economy. Like a three-legged stool, the whole system can become destabilized by the buckling of just one.


In addition, and almost completely unacknowledged is that the changing nature of the globalized economy – increasing integration, complexity, speed and inter-dependence – has made us very much more vulnerable to this convergence. Further, such complexity makes it very difficult, or even dangerous to try and ‘fix’ its parts.


If we were to acknowledge such a fringe view we would be urgently preparing for profound change – for when real change is forced upon us we may have much less room for manoeuvre. We would be embracing austerity because of its inevitability, and in doing so, transform it. From top to bottom, we would be working on our food security, the resilience of critical services such as sanitation, monetary systems, governance, and re-working work. We would have begun the personal and collective psychological processes that might allow us avoid some of our species most destructive passions that can emerge in a time of crisis, and instead use it as a source of creative and positive change.


Of course, no detailed explanation for such a fringe view has been provided here. For most though, none is needed. They already know this view is nonsense. Why worry, it’s a fringe view… why with shale gas, technology, markets, stopping austerity, green growth, changing the monetary system, getting rid of the ‘wrong’ people….so many options! Anyway haven’t people been saying such stuff since the time of Malthus, and they’re still wrong! Aren’t the experts in control?! But an economist said…! Quite….quite.

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you mean like REAL Hope and Change bestowed upon us?

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more like rope & chains

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Stacking and Sopako.  Your only defence.


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In the end, we are all on our own.

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Text too depressing; didn't read.

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At Gully below - Criswell may still be in the money if one considers that the Emperor Otto III spirited 297 ghost years into our calandar. Seems that Otto wanted to be the ruler during the time of the Christian millemiun of 1,000 A.D. So the so called Dark Ages after the fall of Rome never existed but were required for the calandar to work. It may be that many concepts preceded by 'dark' are likely bullshit also. For example, consider the phantom 'Dark Matter' needed to make the Einsteinian gravitational equations to work. Anyway if we are actually in the year 1715 I'm not sure how this affects the Mayan 2012 stuff but Criswell has plenty of time if Otto was not taken into his calculations..hehheh 

Seer's picture

All calendar years are messed up.  It's what humans do best- distort math!

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The Amazing Criswell's Predictions

The End of the World

The end of the world, it is written in Criswell Predicts, will take place Wednesday, Aug. 18, 1999. That day, every point on earth will be covered by a black rainbow—not just any black rainbow, mind you, but "a jet-black rainbow; an ebony rainbow; a black rainbow which will signify the coming suffocation of our world. This black rainbow will seemingly bring about, through some mysterious force beyond our comprehension, a lack of oxygen. It will draw the oxygen from our atmosphere, as a huge snake encircling the world and feeding upon the oxygen which we need to exist. Hour after hour, it will grow worse. And we will grow weaker. It is through this that we will be so weakened that when the final end arrives, we will go silently, we will go gasping for breath, and then there will be only silence on the earth."

( Biden 2016, how the fuck did this happen)

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lol...ok...time to pick Bidens 2016 running mate...I nominate Roseanne Barr ;-)

akak's picture

That's actually two.

nmewn's picture

True, she does have a split personality.

knukles's picture

Uh, that makes 4, guys.


nmewn's picture

We have a quorum...we could fire the Senate!

JohnG's picture

Or the Martians could just nuke all of Congress....

Raymond Reason's picture

and two seats on an airplane

Winston Churchill's picture

By an 18 inch stool leg no less.

Better hope it was Tongue oiled first, without a  jagged break.

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I just wish 50% of my close friends that I BEGGED, and PLEADED with ten years ago, to prepare, and buy PM's food,survival gear, stock up on meds from Dr's if they had a non curable condition,weapons, and all that goes with it did.

I am sure they did not..............THIS IS ONE thing I most assuredly did not want to happen, but in my soul KNEW it was coming.

Sometimes you HATE being correct.

Raymond Reason's picture

I notice the friends who don't listen, are the ones that see themselves as winning the game, surviving and thriving in the jewworld order.  The ones who don't like the game so much, are the ones that listen. 

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I have to say....And I know this will get lots of thumbs down because it doesn't feed the dopmine rush that doomers get when they're in a feeding frenzy (because that is what this is really about) come people like this guy and Denninger and Tyler keep saying we're doomed, but shit never implodes? 5 years implosions. At what point can we call "bullshit?" (Ya ya...I know all of the numbers and all of the data like they were my fungal toenails....but....same claims of implosion...and everyday I wake up and there's food in the fridge and money in the bank and gas in the tank....and I am a middle class dude.

DosZap's picture


 For 47 M+ it has, and your answer is KICKING THE CAN.

Miramanee's picture

47 million plus still have food and shelter....look, I get it. I GET that it is bad...I get that the poor are screwed, and the middle class is next. But "screwed" is a relative term, and relative to billions living in poverty arund the world, the American experience during this ongoing cluster is not implosive...AND, if kicking the can is your answer, than stop saying we're imminently doomed...because clearly kicking the can works!!

Winston Churchill's picture

Until it breaks your foot, it does.

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If there was a 100% certifiable time for all the shit to hit the fan do you really think that that time would hold?  Yeah, it's demonstrated that in 2018 (some random time) all hell will break loose.  ALL govts and "officials" support this proclamation.  Look around you, do you think people are going to sit there calmly?  2018 would commence almost immediately!

If you really want to know, it's ALL already happened.  The damage.  Most are just waiting for the announcement.

Over 4 billion people live on $3/day or less.  Yeah, you're just a "middle class dude."  You're one of the 1%-ers!  When your access to energy is cut to the levels closer to those of the rest of humans on this planet THEN you'll see what it's all about.

You can shove your head back in the sand now.

Miramanee's picture

@ seer,

people like you make my point for me. you think, in your rage and vitriol, that you are arguing against me. you're not. my primary argument has to do with neuroscience. people like you get a dopamine rush, a feel good feeling, everytime your excoriate anyone who perhaps dounts the whole gloom and doom prognosis for the world. doomers are like cultists. i should know - i WAS one. i was unemployed and divorced...nothing to hold onto. i found the blogosphere, and in an instant i had comrades whose words of anger and cheers for my own rage against the machine made me feel good. biochemistry, seer. you feel good when you rage with your brothers and sisters here on zerohedge. and....the most adroit and vociferous and convincing and articulate ragers make a good living at it as well. neuroscience dude. (and again, for the umptenneth time, i happen to AGREE that things are really bad, for billions of people...but that is NOT is life on a fucked-up planet.)

IBelieveInMagic's picture

You have summed it well. MAD keeps all players in the game. There is no magical solution. This is just human condition. One can rage against it or it's unfairness but rest assured, there are whole lot more number of people whose conditions are worse than ours.

Regression to Gold backed system is to our (national) disadvantage -- the fiat reserve currency system has provided us means to consume way beyond our means. Doomers are not reconciling to this reality and will not like the outcome (civil war) if the current system were to fail. It's easy to rail against the system and the current leaders but if I were in their position, my efforts, in all probability, would be similar -- kick-the-can.

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You'd think with only one leg it would be cheaper than the three-legged version....

samcontrol's picture

Peak food production? Wtf ?
Has this guy ever even been to South America?
Zh is 2 funny sometimes.

Freegolder's picture

..and enter stage right physical gold (bye bye paper) as the wealth reserve asset to set things back on the right track.

We just need time to see the changes, and an open mind (no anti-Eurozone prejudice please).

Trffin's dilemma will be solved, the world will finally become a fairer place for all.

Can't wait eh?

New_Meat's picture

"... the world will finally become a fairer place for all."

Nyet, tovarich!

"Life isn't fair" -- JFK

youngman's picture

My older brother actually had to eat crow before he could ask me about gold....he has told me 100 times how stupid it was to own he wants to know how to buy it..and own think the masses are turning..they see the bullshit ....and its not going away...each day..each week...each month gold and silver are getting looked at more and more...the real metal is moving....the paper metal is hard to tell how much there is....but one day we will know...

Gully Foyle's picture


I'm often reminded of Father Coughlins exhortations to buy Silver, something he had a vested interest in.

Where do you live Brother?

Utah accepts Gold and Silver as currency.

You could move there today and live the dream.

( Biden 2016, um yeah, we got nothin)

knukles's picture

"You didn't elect me in 2016"
                      -Joe Biden

Dr. Engali's picture

You want to know how I know we are fucked... Besides all the reasons listed and those we already know? They just threw out another sex scandal to keep us distracted while they try to figure out what the fuck to do next. It's a good thing they have that continuity of government thingy going for them.

jcaz's picture

Yep- funny how the General was the last to get the news that he's banging this chick.... 

Way to take one for the team, Gipper.....

Dr. Engali's picture

It's funny how people can get all cought up in a sex scandal or a "wardrobe malfunction" , but they don't bat an eye when trillions are stolen right out from under their noses.

nmewn's picture

Drag a dollar bill across a military base and you never know what you will find!

(Apologies to Carville)

Gully Foyle's picture


What country would that base be in?

(Biden 2016, who farted?)

nmewn's picture

In this instance, its MacDill AFB...Tampa.

Pants McPants's picture

Exactly right.  I was thinking the same thing earlier tonight - I think we're witnessing an example of how the most effective lies are often the biggest lies.

ForTheWorld's picture

There's an article in an Australian (no idea why) newspaper, and apparently there's a twin now.

Please take note of the absolutely horrendous photoshop job on the woman on the left (the twin).

Big Ben's picture

Bread and circuses, bro!

From middle class beginnings to four star general to head of the CIA to the front page of the National Enquirer. Is America a great country or what?

Seer's picture

One more step- airplane casualty.

He and Stephens couldn't be trusted with what they know/knew.  There's a TON of shit being covered up in Libya to hide the handy work of the neocons.  Remember this: the toppling of Qadaffi was ALL about rolling in to Africa to push out China for, what else (are wars about)? but a resource grab).

General Ham is also on the chopping block (yeah, pun-ish!).  He's head of AFRICOM.

AFRICOM started up in only 2007 (I doubt many here know of it).  Read more:

Gully Foyle's picture

Dr. Engali

You mean if Obama dies in office you want Biden as POTUS?

(Biden 2016, want a cookie)

Henry Chinaski's picture

Osama's next great plan was to kill the prez to put the vice prez Joe in charge in order to topple amerika.  No shit.