You've Only Got Yourself To Blame

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The questions of who are the 1% and what level of income demarcates the fat cats from the rest of Americans are likely to become more and more polarizing in the coming weeks. What is perhaps the most intriguing is the apparent dichotomy between the demographics (youth - who face considerably worse employment trends) and state-wealth who voted for Obama. As ConvergEx's Nick Colas notes, of all the U.S. states with an above-average incidence of their citizens earning over $200,000 (14 in total), all but one (Alaska) went for President Obama in last week’s election.  At the other end of the income spectrum, only 2 states in the bottom 10 for +$200K earners (Maine and Iowa) had a majority of voters who sided with the President.

Via Nick Colas, ConvergEx:

In the spirit of the notion that politics makes strange bedfellows – we’ll interpret that to include roommates as well – I went looking for some examples from the recent Presidential election.  And since there is so much fuss about the question of “What level of income makes a household well-off?” we threw that into the mix as well.  In the tabel above you will find an analysis of state-by-state income levels, wealth disparity, cost of housing, and which candidate that state favored in last week’s election. 


A few summary points:

  • The greater the percentage of households making over $200,000/year in a given state, the more likely it is that its citizens voted for President Obama rather than Governor Romney.  Of the top 10 states in terms of “high income” households as a percentage of the total state-wide population, nine of them will be awarding their Electoral College votes to Obama.  The only holdout here is Alaska.
  • There are a total of 13 states (plus DC) where the number of +$200,000/year households as a percentage of the state-wide exceed the national average of 3.93%.  They are: the District of Columbia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.  As mentioned, Alaska went for Governor Romney.  And it is the only state on this list that did.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, the 10 states with the lowest percentage of +$200,000/year income households relative to the local population are Mississippi, Montana, West Virginia, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Indiana, Maine, Alabama, and Iowa.  Eight of those states swung Republican in last week’s Presidential contest.  The two exceptions were Iowa and Maine.
  • The central irony of this straightforward math is that any increase in income taxes on the “Wealthy” will be disproportionately borne by the states which secured the President’s reelection.  Only 1.87% of the households in the states mentioned in the last bullet – the Republican leaning ones – earn over $200,000.  Conversely, an average of 6.48% of the households at the top end of the state-by-state list earns this much.  And, as mentioned, with the exception of Alaska they all favored President Obama over Governor Romney.
  • Whether this is merely correlation or causation is the subject of countless articles in political science journals, for as you review these lists of states you’ll see that this isn’t just about Election Day 2012.  The hard-core “Red” states tend to have lower percentages of wealthy households, and the dyed-in-the-wool “Blue” states have more.  Much more.
  • Also, if you look at the GINI Index – a measure of income inequality – Republican leaning states enjoy more equality on these terms than the citizens of traditionally Democratic areas of the country.  They may not be Sweden (GINI Index 23.0), but Romney-voting Mississippi, Montana, West Virginia, Arkansas and Idaho average 44.9 on the GINI scale.  On the other side of the political and economic coin, Democratic strongholds New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut and DC have an average GINI score of 48.0. That is a three-point difference – about the same as currently exists between the U.S. average (GINI score 47) and Iran (GINI score 45).
  • You might argue that a dollar goes a lot further in some states than others, and you’d have a point.  For example, the average median listing price for a single family home in the five states with the lowest percentage of +$200,000 households is $169,780 as of 2011.  For the top five states (plus DC) in terms of high-income households, that number is almost twice as much at $304,140.  “Wealthy” in Mississippi is different than “wealthy” in New York. Not that any attempt to implement a higher tax rate on the much-referenced “1%” will take that into account...

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Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, but the wealthy paid to teach the sheeple to bleat their morality.

Totentänzerlied's picture

"Those making over $200K didn't put the president into office."

Not like they've done fabulously well during his first term or anything...

machinegear's picture

Wouldn't it be safe to say both the poor and wealthy have a vested interest to maintain the current system that feeds them benefits from an ever shrinking productive group of people?

Kobe Beef's picture

The Plutocracy above, the Lootarchy below. You've got it, machinegear. The end result is Orwell's IngSoc.

Oldwood's picture

Something of interest to me would be to know what the middle looked like. DC for example is full of high pay government employees and lobbyists but they also have some of the worst schools in America. That would indicate to me that middle class people, not dependent on a government check, are pretty thin. The wealthy are not a significant voting force by themselves to have any effect on election outcomes. It is middle and lower incomes that do the voting. And a large income disparity could likely cause a vengefull middle/lower income turnout.

knukles's picture

double post (explosive colon)

knukles's picture

The worst public schools, products of gubamint biznezz.

The rich folk sends they chillen' to pribate skiools, real fucking expensive private schools, including the chillin' of the highly paid gobamintal fuckers allocating the monies to the shit public schools.

And them real high coast private schools is a product of the free market.

Go fucking figure.

And here's why.

Just like them generals was thinkin' with their small heads because it made them feel good, the rich vote for the socialist to absolve them of their sins, makes them feel good... but the monetary penalty felt is naught as they make so much....
All emotions....

Can't fix stupid

illyia's picture

the rich vote for the socialist to absolve them of their sins, makes them feel good

I agree.

geoffr's picture

Helping the poor with your own money directly and your own time is just too much of hastle. At least that's my guess of what's going on the heads of rich liberals.

Or maybe they can't conceive that government charitable efforts aren't the only way to help people and *shocker* aren't always effective. In fact, they can be counter-productive.

Diogenes's picture

The super rich have done awfully well under the "socialist". The poor, not so well.

Smiddywesson's picture

Another perspective on the "high paid government employees" is that the G is allowed to recruit among the nation's best schools for jobs that aren't really all that challenging.  So you have a large number of people in the G that could have made a lot of money in private industry like their classmates, but instead they followed their dream and trusted the government.  If you dislike these misguided souls, your revenge is the knowledge that most of these people are now working for a government idiot who was pushed up to his extreme level of incompetence, and curse the day they joined.

Under the FERS retirement system, they get 1/3 of their top three earning years for a pension check, plus their 401k, if the markets leave them anything in their 401k. Hey, something is better than nothing, but given the health of the dollar, I'd say they are in for a big surprise in retirement.




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"We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture and connect the dots. This video examines the history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades." - The Road To WW3

Anasteus's picture

Disobey, disobey... that's exactly what people have either not enough courage to undergo or they are not motivated to. There is still room for further corruption and worsening. Sadly, for most people all information, motives behind or even education means almost nothing as long as the system is being perceived as comfortable or acceptable enough.

New_Meat's picture

"The questions of who are the 1%..."

are readily resolved and they are highly misrepresented.

For example, my very own "Granny Warren", the self-proclaimed "founder of the OWS movement" is, wait for it... a member of the 1%.

Who Knew????

- Ned

{more reporting from,  as Our Dear President explicated in his AutoBiography (the first of many): "I felt as though I was operating behind enemy lines."}

CH1's picture

who are the 1%...

Drop out of their system and you no longer need to care.

in4mayshun's picture

I know I'm the 1%......I make 1% of what the rich make.

knukles's picture



Can't fix stupid.


Smiddywesson's picture

No, but you sure can purchase its vote!

New_Meat's picture

"You've Only Got Yourself To Blame"

Is this true?  I can only blame myself?  And no one can blame me?  If so, then I'd blame myself and then  we can all move on.

How 'bout that!

- Ned

Smiddywesson's picture

I blame Nathen Johnson, typical bastard!

vato poco's picture

AW, *HELL* no, pal, I don't blame _me_. I blame all the ignorant and/or greedy fucks who decided to shit on the Constitution starting somewhere along about 1910 or so. Then cranked up the 'limited to the rich' ("We promise!!") income tax; then "gave us" the goddamn Fed; then institutionalized national toalitarianism in The War to Save Democracy (LOL); then gave women the goddamn vote; and then when FDR saw his chance, gleefully finished off the country so quickly and completely it makes Obama look like the worthless lazy bitch he is. Turns out there was big bucks and lotsa votes to be had picking over & remaindering the corpse. Who knew??

The same sorry, scummy fucks who destroyed it all for a chance to make a buck/exercise limitless power over the proles/have a gummint check mailed to them on a regular basis. ("Fer FREE, Beulah!!") Then were allowed to vote & breed. Then passed down those 'values' to their idiot spawn. For the record, that includes the fucking Republicans, too: you boys love Uncle Sugar's money/power tit just like your "enemies" the Dems do. So Fuck You, Colas: I've only got *them* to blame.

lead salad's picture

Damn skippy. You've made me even more pissed.....I just had to listen to a f'n Alanis Morissette song in the bar I'm drinkin'.

Jugdish's picture

Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think....... Hahaha God damn that sucks. Tryin to enjoy an ice cold beer and that shit comes on. And to top it off Obama is on the jumbo-tron. Damn. "Bar maid, double Crown, neat."

Fuck. I should have been a blow job. I blame my father.

Urban Redneck's picture

Alexander Hamilton started shitting on the Constitution before the ink was even dry (no later than September 1792).  The seduction of the consolidated power in the nation's capital and the largess of the monied interests soon co-opted the true idealogical opposition.  The faux 2-party system lasted until 1861, and was back in full farce after a brief hiatus of several years, and it has persisted ever since.

Smiddywesson's picture

I'll take a stab at this.  If you are an individual, or a corporation, which is the same as a person to that perversion known as the judiciary, and you have employed a lobbyist, then you have had a part in this and cannot complain when the people with the torches and pitchforks show up.  If they merely raise your taxes to repair the damage, consider yourself lucky.  

I know you resorted to lobbyists to be able to compete and survive, but that's basically the argument of the guards at the concentration camps.  They were just following orders, doing what they had to do, or didn't really know what was really going on.  

adr's picture

None of the 1% care if taxes on earned income go to 90% as long as capital gains are taxed at 14%. Go ahead and tax the $200k salary at 90%. The CEO will just keep granting himself $100 million a year in stock options taxed at the capital gains rate. In fact if you raise taxes, more CEOs will just pay themselves $1 for their salary.

The wealthy went for Obama because he has proven he won't go after the real source of their wealth, fraud.

The poor went for Obama because he has proven he will give them more stuff for sitting on their ass. They don't even have to apply for a job every couple months anymore.

billwilson's picture

Actually most of the red states  are actually ''takers'' in that they receive more from the government than they pay in. So we have the ''we want less government folks'' wanting to cut their own benefits. Sounds about right.

Smiddywesson's picture

Red for you on that comment.  This is a big game of Three Card Monte, and those "benefits" you are referring to is the cancer that has already eaten away the other states.  Most of the New Deal went to states that didn't support FDR, because the deal was all about securing power.  It's no different today.  You should have figured it out by now, but instead, you are blaming those who are under siege and slowly succumbing to the rot that has destroyed both coasts.

You just ruined my good time.  I'm out of here guys.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Obama didn't win the election, Romney lost it and Obama won by default.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, zorba, no matter how extremely bad Emperor Obama was and is, the puppet put up against him looked like he would be worse! In the first-past-the-post system, only the choice between number 1 and number 2 makes any real difference. Therefore, there was no real choice from the start, only been very bad, and even worse! Still, it was a little bit of fun that the banksters threw enough money and media support behind Romney to make it look like it was a race. However, these days, I believe, the voting machines are so totally rigged, along with all the other standard merhods of rigging elections, that the best cheaters win. The Obama team was already in place, to be able to cheat better this time, than the others were able to do, as they were before. But nevertheless, I agree with the bottom line assessment that you asserted, that Romney was the designated loser, that those who picked that rigged system gave a fighting chance to, just to make it look better, as a controlled puppet show.

The fact that it is so easy to put on a ridiculous puppet show, controlled by the same puppet masters, is what this whole article touches a bit upon. American voters are stuck watching a puppet show, and many of them still like it, and get into the silly story being portrayed, as if it matters.

The Shootist's picture

It's ok, I think all citizens or illegals who voted for Obama should be made to account. If you support the destruction of this country, you will eventually be tracked down, exposed, and made to pay for damages.

nah's picture

we should tax people at 90% from the highest income percentile on down until we balance the budget, that way the affected buffets of the world will have an interest in limited government, or running for office, and if they dont


who gives a fuck, they get the majority of windfall profits due to government policy anyways

Incubus's picture

Makes sense.  I'll work harder so you can take 90% of what I make. 


diesheepledie's picture




Dear Sheeple,

Die Motherfuckers!!


fuu's picture


And simply what this means is
He didn't know that every dog had his day
Until he seen his

diesheepledie's picture

Yes!! But the music would go much better with video of riot police beating the dumb sheeple with night sticks and herding them into FEMA camps. Definite favorite if that were the case. Sheeple ... ughhh :-(

sharky2003's picture

I live somewhere where you basically have to make 100k to "get by", with a household income having to near 200k to feel comfortable. I was appauled that the votes in my precinct went 60-40 for Obozo... if you have to make that much just to get by, why on earth would you vote to increase your own taxes?? I just don't get it. People are dumb.

A Lunatic's picture

The same psychology applies to an alcoholic and it goes something like this: I'm not an alcoholic because I go to work every day.......because I'm not in the gutter......because I don't beat my wife...........etc. There is always someone either better or worse off than you and most intellectually lazy people will use this as an excuse to perform the most inexcusable of acts, such as voting for Obama.............

Lord Koos's picture

Some people's idea of "getting by" includes owning two or three cars (at least one of which must be a fairly new SUV), 30 mile commutes, 2000+ sq. ft houses, lots of toys, a house in a "good" neighborhood, shopping at Whole Foods, a mortgage they can barely afford, car payments, lots of electronic toys, private school for the kids, using tons of energy, etc.  

I live in an expensive city and I could live extremely well on half of that, I presently get by on less than that. If it's that bad, I'd move and/or figure out how to downsize.  

At present federal tax rates for individuals and corporations are the lowest they've been in 70 years, yet the bitching about them is at an all-time high.  WTF.

bourbondave's picture

Your posts are consistently stupid and ill-informed.  Tax rates don't mean anything compared to the $ taxes actually paid.  Also, federal tax rates for corporates are among the highest in the world.

Urban Redneck's picture

I think your idea of "getting by" is extravagant.  I live in a city where the cost of living is 175% of that in NYC.  The poverty line $50,000 and median household income is just under $100,000.  In order to take full advantage of the foreign earned income exclusion and not incur a tax obligation back in the US- I cannot pay myself more than $95,000 per year.  It's not comfortable, but it's definitely getting by, and the only alternatives are contributing to the delinquency of my fellow citizens, or permanently turning my back to their suffering.

The formal education system is broken beyond any hope of effective or timely repair.  So education will be provided by experience.  The stupid people who thought that taxes would only rise significantly for those evil rich fat cats, will learn by experience that it doesn't work like that.  The delayed Obamacare taxes, the expiration of the post 9/11 tax cuts (and intervening bracket inflation and deduction deflation), the payroll tax scam- the warnings were all there, and ostrich-like sheeple chose willful ignorance.


edit: for the mathematically challenged- that would equate to trying to "get by" in NYC on an income of under $55,000 per year (including rent)

Yen Cross's picture

 The " Headline" speaks for its-self!

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Don't matter shit who you voted for ,they both would have still gave the green light to chemtrail the fuck out of yous all.

You's are all being S.A.G ed

azengrcat's picture

And when they remove the mortgage interest deduction the Sausalito Socialists are going to sh!t bricks.

Jack Burton's picture

America has become obsessed with how much wealth a person has in money form. A guy with a good wife and great kids may be wealthy in my opinion. But modern America measures a person by money wealth, we seem to think it should dictate who he votes for, what he should think, how he should judge his fellow Americans.

The way America has seperated itself along money wealth lines will destroy the nation. Why does the money in your pocket define what type of man you are, what you believe and who you should vote for. This is NUTS!

Cathartes Aura's picture



media trained, enthralled, mystified, GordonGekko'd, everyone wants to be the smartest guys in the room. . .

culture, working as intended.

JuicedGamma's picture

Inevitably the guy with the great wife and kids has money because he's not the middle school history teacher or the local pharmacist. That stopped with Happy Days.
Face it "greed is good", Hollywood told us, it must be true.

eddiebe's picture

I would consider it a miracle if those with substancially more than I have would allow me to even work for a decent living wage for doing work they need done. ( And I don't mean the chickenshit $2.- more than minimum wage, but enough to not to have to worry about buying food when my transmission on my rustbucket takes a dump.)

 Like growing their food for example. Aint going to happen though. They get theirs by fucking guys like me over in any way they can, and will keep doing so as long as they are allowed to.      That's just the way it is.