Adding Insult To Rocket Attacks, Bank of Israel Now Underwater On Its Apple Position

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It was all going so well, first name terms with Obama and AAPL up 30% from where you bought it... a mere two months later and the Bank of Israel is now underwater on their AAPL shares and about to print bullets. We noted in early March what a ridiculous ponzi this was all becoming when the Bank of Israel announced its purchase of US equity positions including AAPL. In retrospect it is so gratifying to gloat at the self-confirming bias that enabled their reserve managers to buy on the way up as the stock that can do no wrong lifted all boats. Actually, it is easy to gloat in any 'spect'. We can only assume that Bernanke's Bat-phone is ringing off the hook this afternoon to 'get back to work' and come to the aid of his Bank of Israel mentor.

There are also some very lumpy volumes around this level historically... more than a few hedgies chewing on their nails here we suspect.

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good. Fuckers.


"Israel, causing trouble since 1948"

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When fractional reserve central banks (that get their money for nothing & chicks for free) "get in on the equity action," you'll never get a clearer red flag, so don't be a putz, okay?

Oy Vey!

In other news that's widely ignored, Argentina (beautiful country, beautiful people, economic basket case) is our own little Portugal in the Western Hemisphere, and is literally on the brink of total economic implosion.

Watch out for the sequential "they all fall down" action in South America, bitchez. Even the country that put the B in BRICs won't be immune when the fallout begins in earnest.


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This goes to show why you should always manage your risk by diversifying into other blue chip stocks and risk free US treasuries. Smarter investors can also eliminate risk using modern portfolio theory by inferring future correlations from past correlations. In any case, risk needs to be managed properly, even by central banks. Our Federal Reserve has diversified across mortgage backed securities, foreign currency swaps and US treasuries, creating a tactical portfolio designed to both underpin the stability of the global economy and make a profit for the treasury in the process.

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And here I thought AAPLs were kosher.'s picture

You'd think they would have learned their lesson after the serpent tempted Eve.

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after the serpent tempted Eve...


Adam didn't believe the serpent, he believed Eve.  She only got pain, he got death.  Go figure.


Betrayus retires w/o testifying, Israel gets a free pass to bomb / invade, whatever, the chieftain in command meets with the top 20, no, make that 12 of 20 ceos of USA income generation for pictures and we all get to sleep well tonight.


Nothing more to see today, expect more can kicking manana.




Let's hope / pray there's still a can to kick.  And more / most importantly, be thankful if there is. 


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Only the bullets and bombs are Kosher.

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Don't be so crude, they are implements of kinetic military activity, that's all.


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Meesa no wanta eat some Pb!

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Only as long as you don't shoot shellfish, crustaceans or swine with them.


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Never trust anyone that won't eat bacon.'s picture

A porcinophilic collective? That's odd.

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"[Fractional Reserve Fiatski Banks] have a technology, called a printing press, or its electronic equivalent, CTRL+P, that allow them to produce as much fiatski as they wish at essentially no cost."

---Ben Bernank

Money For Nothing, Bitchez

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This goes to show why you should always manage your risk by diversifying into physical precious metals.  Smarter investors can also eliminate risk using modern portfolio theory by simply buying farmland that has a sustainable water supply.  In any case, risk needs to be managed properly, like my mental state, for instance.  Our Federal Reserve has diversified across mortgage backed securities, foreign currency swaps and US treasuries, creating a cluster-fucked portfolio designed to help destabalize the global economy and make life miserable for the 99% who are clueless and deep in debt.  

TruthInSunshine's picture

MillionDollarBogus, you'll have an even larger treasure trove of material to work with if Janet "Batshit Crazy" Yellen takes over the helm from Ben "Bubbles&Bananas" Bernank.

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undermine economy


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America's shanty towns just keep growing larger (there will probably be 65 million Americans in poverty by the end of Obamney's 2nd term):

Nearly 50M Americans (1 in 6) in Poverty

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By the end of his second term? 

Well, last year...

A record 70.4 million people were enrolled in the Medicaid health care program for the poor in fiscal year 2011, according to government figures provided to


That figure equals about 22 percent of the population...

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Yes, good point. I'm sure once one adds in all the federal AND state direct transfers to citizens, the real size of the impoverished in America is far higher than the official or official-alt statistics bear out.

America, with a rapidly shrinking middle class, a rapidly growing McClass, and quickly becoming a land of have & have-nots.

Place the blame on who and/or where you want, but that's just the raw truth.

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What, you thought all the moochers voted for Obamatron just for his feel-good speechifyin'?

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You have got to be one of the most stupid people on this site.  You really believe this shit?

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Translation, do what tilson does

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MDB! Oh, how I LOVE satire. The highest calling of guerilla reformist journalism. You are a modern day Dr. Pangloss. Nice work!

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“Our Federal Reserve has diversified across mortgage backed securities”...

Who's this "Our" federal reserve you speak of?  And what is this “diversification” you place such confidence in?

The federal reserve I know here in the US is owned by private sector financial institutions that will be the beneficiaries of their employee, Ben, whose committed to reconveying frn 1 million a minute from now on of US mortgage paper into their possession and out of the individual state's AG grasp thus preventing them from being able to prosecute them for their felonious underwriting practices.

Yup, your bis, imf basel writing bankers without borders gotta be awfully proud of their raping and pillaging of the USA right about now.



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And ya know what else?

These / your institutions don't care they've already been made whole on their peddling of these felonious devices, they continue to display the audacity to conjure from ether the instruments Ben currently uses to trade for the evidence needed in a court of law to convict them of their criminal conduct.

It’s no wonder Tejas is of the frame of mind to tell the Chieftain in Command to continue on without them.  I only wish California would take the next number in line.


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So Brictional banking does 't work either?

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Gold Bricktional banking maybe.

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MDB , what the fuck do you know about investing , you bought Facebook you dumb fuck.

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Hey, it's not his fault domestic speculator terrorists shorted Faceplant.

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MBD thinks the Fed backing/buying losers (eg. WS junk/mortgages and US Govt junk/debt) spreads risk

f'ing hilarious

he needs warning signs on his posts, i wet myself laughing every time

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Amen to that. Sad thing is though, when they lose money, they can just hit up a foreign government for AID ( which helps fund their apartheid state and its terrorism).

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Screen name is a Nazi Germany era Generalfeldmarschall. Against the creation of Israel.

Lots of National Socialist trash on ZH lately.

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Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation proven again by another AAPL.

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This drop is affecting AAPL many investors, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Central Banks. It is very likely that there are pressures to "intervene" in the market to arrest the fall. Moreover, currently the market is already oversold. I think the most difficult is presented to medium term. That is, the question is if the market recovery (which could start tomorrow or in the following days), will be able to reach a new high. If it does not, we're in trouble. The market may drop significantly.

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This is getting out of hand, we need the Equalization of Opportunity Bill and the Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule passed immediately!  Let's be practical!

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Fuck em.  We went into the 9K range in 2009 and will go below that this time around.  Be positive, we get to use the DOW 12K, 11K, 10K, 9K, 8K, 7K, and 6K hats again.  Good times.

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Prick Bove and Bank of Israel now both will need a bailout from Bernanke.

BTW, Did Mike Pento also loaded up on a “risky asset” like AAPL? After all, according to Mike Pento, the Fiscal Cliff does not matter for “risky assets”, as long as Bernanke prints money.

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At this rate Bernanke is going to need a bailout from Bernanke.

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Did you know Bernanke is also a planet in 'our' milky way with enough resources to surpress the goldprice for another 3 months?

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By chance is it filled with a hostile species called the Krugmans that will brutally invade earth and slaughter most of humanity therefore spawning a golden age of Keynesian economic growth?

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Now i understand the 'lead' in Bullion, beans and bullets. Thanks.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

"...golden age of Keynesian economic growth..."

I see what you did there, RP.  +1

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Will someone please let me know what Brian Wesbury is advising his clients to do?

I am waiting on bended knee to hear his sage advice (so I can fade it).

Blankenstein's picture

for starters:


"there should be no doubt the housing market is in recovery"


"The long awaited rebound in home building has finally started."

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Well then I am sure GHWB will start a colony there by 2020 and those lucky enough will move either there or to the moon.

Right Newt?

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I would posit that with Israel's need to conduct most all import transactions in US dollars, the Federal Reserve already owns the Bank of Israel APPL position through a central bank swap arrangement.

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It's just one big fat greenbacked rubber band running through the whole gotdam chocolate factory, tied into each and every little wheel, lever, crank, cog, and pulley, isn't it?