Could You Live On Social Security?

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$1,130.33 is the average monthly social security benefit. Assuming you worked 40 hours a week, every week, that's the hourly equivalent of $6.40. Where can you live? Will savings save you?


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Damn right I could, but who knows if I'll ever get the chance to try...

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poor US. Blame whatever side, this is just sad. Half a century ago we had one working parent per family, led the world in manufacturing, had money still tied to we're like a big fuckin Wal-Mart.

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Karl Rove can live on Social Security.  His fat reserves preclude the need for food!

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Why waste that when little brown babies are freely available?

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What is being wasted is another opportunity to bash Karl Rove.  Just because a fat boy is face-down in the gutter doesn't mean that you shouldn't kick him.  

Actually, you should not kick humans who are face-down in a gutter.  Karl Rove, however, that's another story.

Karl Rovian - epic failure resulting from hubris.

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Q: What does Karl Rove call it when Todd Akin starts to return his calls?

A: Social redemption.

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live like the Chinese: in your son's home


why do you think Asians care so much about education?

education = good government jobs for your kids = nice house for you to retire on.


low value of education by parents is tied to social security. Take that away, and you will have white Cougar moms in no time.

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Have you Karl-rolled today?  Do it for humanity!

Here's a list of who thinks Karl Rove is a failure:

a) folks who wanted a red party president

b) folks who wanted a blue party president

c) folks who wanted an intelligent, honest president

d) folks who have met Karl Rove

Ok, it would've been easier to make a list of people who like Karl Rove.

I can't be expected to carry all the weight of Karl-rolling on my shoulders.  I need your help.  

It is easy.  It is fun.  Tell the world that Karl Rove is a failure!

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I don't entirely understand the Karl Rove obsession.  Yeah he's a piece of shit, but there are so many more influential pieces of shit around these days...


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Kick the shit who is in the gutter. You've got to start somewhere.

Don't you remember 7th grade?

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We should separate the Social Security Trust Fund from the General Fund and return it pre Johnson era.

no taste's picture

You trolls are pathetic.  Is that the best you can do to deflect Karl-rolling?

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By the time you collect social security, you shouldn't be needing to pay rent.


although these days, social security check pays for real estate taxes.



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Don't have to pay rent if you live in your RV.

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you may want to rethink the phrase "white cougar moms" to avoid ambiguity/unintended associations:  puma, catamount, bearcat, mountain lion, panther would be possibilities.  clearly the u.s. has some of them; clearly we need more.   and let's get daddy in it too.

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You do realize that the Social Security Trust Fund is starting with a zero balance? Just end the fucking program by phasing it out. Don't insult my intelligence by showing the deduction from my paycheck as if I'm going to receive it when (if) I retire in thirty years. They should raise the income tax rate (better yet cut spending) and replenish what they have stolen from the fund.

Clark Bent's picture

Never a fund, nothing put aside. Governments can spend, but can't save. If they tell you they are saving, they are lying. Goverments have unlimited power to do harm, almost no power at all to do good. Most of the good they can do is in not doing anything. This insight is now apparently passe'. We will soon see how the alternative works. Wait, i see it now in the Middle East, the total collapse of American influence around the world. The military being wholly demoralized and the vermin calling the shots. But what have we to fear? We don't want to fear change that's for sure.  

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"They should... replenish what they have stolen from the fund."

Replace "replentish" with "pay back" and "stolen" with "borrowed" and you'd have the plan mechainism right, as well as what is actualy happening.

There is plenty of reason to hate on SS (and Karl Rove - holla), but the fact that the year to year excess has been invested in the safety of T Notes isn't one of them given that the other option was to force the government to borrow at (likely) higher rates elsewise and that the SS Fund is precluded by law (and public sentiment, so it seems) from seeking a higher ROI or accepting any risk.

Junking me only indicates that you don't understand how it works.

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@odatruf. wasn't gonna junk you until you dared me

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no taste said: 

"Kick the shit who is in the gutter. You've got to start somewhere. Don't you remember 7th grade?"

Yeah, but most of us grew up and matured. Try it!

no taste's picture

I'll grow up when Karl Rove stops being a big, fat failure.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Uhm, apparently no, you won't. Maturation is never incumbent on external events. It comes from within.

Bobbyrib's picture

Obama- OK to bash

Karl Rove- off limits.

Got it.

Good thing the site is not full of partisan hacks.

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I am not worried about SS, knock off a bank twice a year will make life sweet..bonnie and clyde are the new rich.

Dungeness's picture

Karl Rover took over the Republilcan party at the RNC in Tampa. He changed the rules and now gets to decide everything. The primaries and delegates are now pure fluff. He overrides them all.

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no taste and TM, You and the person you replied to are fucking sick...  There is no nice way to put it...

no taste's picture

I am not sick.  What is sick is a world where billionaires take investment advice from Karl Rove.

How much will the unemployment rate rise when Karl Rove can no longer afford to pay his trolls?

jeff montanye's picture

i'm not sure turdblossom was offering what could be called investment advice, properly defined.  it was advice, it did involve an investment (or at least a contribution with the high risk possibility of 1000% payoff) but investment advice?  not really.

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You should get yourself some pearls to clutch at next time you feel the vapors coming on.

cbaba's picture

That was a good position, it comes to every country at some time in its history when the conditions are ideal and leaves.. US good position was the end of WWII. All European, Japanese, Russian factories were destroyed in the war, there was only US which had no damage in its soil, then came the end of war and the American Boom. It created the big American dream and now its long gone.. yes its sad and it will not come back may be in the next couple hundred years. Now the Good Position is in China..

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social security benefit?? ...what's that ?

BandGap's picture

Very good point, which makes me think war is inevitable. One of the consequences of which will be that the "victor" will still have more than the "loser".

jeff montanye's picture

Now the Good Position is in China..  

so it would seem but compare the two to see how much more challenging is china's position than the near paradisiacal confluence greeting the u.s. at, say, my birth (1948):  as noted, the u.s. had a near global monopoly on physical plant, the strongest military in the world, a stable system of government with a contented populace being paid the highest wages in the world and most of the world's gold.

china has a good physical plant, somewhat owned by other nations, not the strongest military in the world, an evolving system of government that probably faces a questionable transition to democracy involving an increasingly discontented population being paid far from the highest wages in the world.  it may have more of the world's gold than the central banks wish to imply though.

one other point: the deflationary depression was behind the u.s. by ww2's end.  not so with china today.

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yeah, but you couldn't see this coming.

 If one had saved when gold was under 320/oz, which was nearly all of the time ten years ago or more, it would have taken a savings of 210/month to garner the 1130/month of average SS payout from a fund that has no assets and relies upon guns to collect from the mopes that will never get anything. Of course saving in metals at sub 280.00 and sub 5.00 was not popular in the ages of cash out refi.

 Of course your beloved goomint will clamp down on anyone that had doubts on how the pyramiding debt and derivatives would turn out.

 I eventually bought into Sir Alan Greenspan's jive after enduring humiliation for too many years, so I did miss out on my above mentioned example. His Kool-aid was some bad shit.

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The map is totally simple minded. There are a lot of places you can live for $600 in Washington State, for example, despite the map. Just stay the hell out of the big cities.

I'm certain that a lot of other 'red' states on that silly map have many affordable places. And most of those are also probably not in the big cities. But who the hell needs to retire in a big city?

Not that I'm planning to make a go of it just on whatever paper the SS joke writers send to my bank account, when and if that ever happens.

Silver was a very good buy a few years ago. If you have a time machine, I strongly urge you to go back and pick up a few hundred pounds of the stuff.

jeff montanye's picture

silver is still a fabulous buy.  we are within tens of dollars of the all time low looking back to before the discovery of the new world.  check this out and note the prices are inflation adjusted and logarithmic:

fewer new worlds to discover in the next fifty years?  more currency devaluation to come from world central banks?  you decide.

odatruf's picture

Same here in New Hampshire, Dr. Sandi. If you are more than 25 miles from the Mass border, the seacoast or Concord or Manchester, you can find plenty of affordable rents in nice places.  That's also true for Massachusetts - get 50 miles outside of Boston headed west and you'll be amazed at how affordable it can be.

GMadScientist's picture

You had the advantage of a world flattened by war and little else.

Stop patting yourself on the back before you throw your shoulder out of joint.

Watauga's picture

"poor US. Blame whatever side, this is just sad."  Hmmm . . .   I don't know what sides you speak of, but I am assuming you speak of the Democrats and Republicans, the Left and Right, the Socialists vs the "Capitalists."  Well, insofar as the side really are no longer different in any substantial way or significant degree, then your sentiment is right.  However, insofar as the Hell we are in and the Greater Hell we are entering is the responsibility of the Statists of BOTH Parties, the Statists of business, and the Statists within and among "The People," and NOT the responsibility of Americans who have spend their entire lives working hard to make a decent way in the world, then your sentiment is messed up.  The side that did this--from at least Lincoln to Obama with TR, WW, FDR, LBJ, RMN, RR, GWHB, Clinton, GWB in between--is the side to blame.  It is not hard.  The monied interests, the political whores, the lapdog media, the folks with their hands held out--blame them--blame you--blame me--blame us. 

Watauga's picture

recommended reading:

Demography is destiny

By: Ann Coulter
11/14/2012 06:05 PM

Liberals brag about having won the hearts and minds of America, as if, through logic and argument, they’ve persuaded people to accept their bankrupt European socialist ideas.

Democrats haven’t changed anyone’s mind. They changed the people.

More white people voted for Mitt Romney this year than voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Barack Obama lost white voters by 20 points — the widest margin since 1984.

But in 1980, whites were 88 percent of the electorate. In 2012, they were 72 percent of the electorate. Not only that, but the non-white electorate is far more Democratic than it was in 1980.

If the same country that voted in 1980 had voted in 2012, Romney would have won a bigger landslide than Reagan did.

Most Americans don’t realize that, decades ago, the Democrats instituted a long-term plan to gradually turn the United States into a Third World nation. The country would become poorer and less free, but Democrats would have an unbeatable majority!

Under Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act, our immigration policy changed from one that replicated the existing ethnic population to one that strictly favored unskilled immigrants from the Third World. Since 1968, 85 percent of legal immigrants have come from what is euphemistically called “developing countries.”

We can’t admit computer scientists from Spain fleeing their failing socialist nation because we have to make room for a recent Senegalese immigrant’s brother-in-law with no skills but great needs.

Jonas Salk’s parents would be unable to immigrate to America today. But the good news is: Rich liberals and soulless businessmen have no trouble finding cheap busboys, gardeners and nannies! (Whom they underpay, requiring taxpayers to make up the difference.)

If yuppies had to compete with well-educated European immigrants, they might be a little less enlightened on the immigration question. As it is, only unskilled workers, mostly blacks and Latinos, are harmed by our immigration policies.

Because recent immigrants have no skills, they arrive in dire need of government assistance. Their desperation has been an enormous boon to the Democratic Party.

Thirty-nine percent of native households receive some form of government assistance. By contrast, 57 percent of immigrant households — legal immigrants — get government assistance. We can’t do anything about the native population, but why on Earth is America taking in immigrants who require taxpayer support?

If you come to America and immediately go on welfare, by definition, you are not a desirable immigrant. Except as a voter for the Democratic Party.

In the last half-century, California’s non-Hispanic white population has been cut in half, from 80 percent to 40 percent. Meanwhile, the Hispanic population has exploded from less than 10 percent to nearly 40 percent — mostly poor Mexicans.

And with that change, California went from being the state that produced anti-tax initiatives, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to a state that is absolutely untouchable by Republicans (see Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina) and just enacted the highest tax rate in any state.

The same has happened, or is happening, to other states, such as Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois and New York. If Texas ever flips, Republicans will never win another presidential election. The two major political parties will be the Nancy Pelosi Democratic Party and the Chuck Schumer Democratic Party.

Republicans’ low-tax, small-government philosophy will eventually become popular with today’s struggling Hispanics, but not before America is ruined with socialist policies promoted by populist hucksters so strangely beguiling to poor people the world over.

It’s not that poor immigrants think differently about most issues from the rest of us. Try asking a recent immigrant:

– How do you feel about abortion?
It’s taking a life.

– What should we do about criminals?
Lock them up and throw away the key.

– Do you support raising taxes?
No, the government takes too much already.

– How do you feel about overpaid, well-pensioned government workers with no-show jobs?
It ticks me me off.

– Do you support gay marriage?
Absolutely not.

– How are you going to vote?

Most recent immigrants oppose abortion, gay marriage and big government. The problem is that poor, uneducated people — the Democratic base — are easily demagogued into voting tribally.

A white person can vote for a Republican or a Democrat without anyone saying to him, “HOW CAN YOU VOTE AGAINST YOUR RACE?” But that is exactly how poor Hispanics and blacks are pressured into voting Democratic.

Noticeably, the No. 1 issue Obama had in his favor this year was not his policies. It was that a majority of voters agreed with the statement: Obama “cares for people like me.” That’s how Hugo Chavez got elected.

Running Hispanics won’t help Republicans. Ask Gary Franks, Lynn Swann or Michael Steele if being black won them the black vote.

Promoting amnesty won’t help — ask John McCain, who won about the same percentage of the Hispanic vote as Romney did.

Or ask California’s Hispanics, only 4 percent of whom oppose Republican immigration policies. Their main beef with the GOP is that they think Republicans are “the rich.”

The only hope is to run another appealing Republican candidate in four years — when we’re not up against an incumbent president — and return our immigration policy to one that helps America and not just the Welfare Party. 

roadhazard's picture

Ann Coulter = LMAO. What an SS Nazi bitch.

Dr. Sandi's picture

I'm amazed you can still get Ann Coulter off the shelf. Her pull date came and went with Karl Rove's.


Hundred pound bags of dry dog food, baybee ! Either that , or Banker Bacon. Or, Hamptons Ham. Or, Socialite Snooki Stew.


On second thought , pass the dry dog food over. No nasty after taste, relatively speaking.


max2205's picture

As long as I gets my snap and obammy phone I as be alright

jeff montanye's picture
“Politics is the entertainment branch of industry.”

 Frank Zappa

looks like you are well occupied

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Sister-Momma said the test came out negative so you can cancel the check!

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I know I could, If I moved to south america and still got my checks

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I realized a long time ago that I will die of hunger, thirst, exposure, or treatable disease. The writings of Seneca the Younger have been helpful in coping.