Guest Post: Miligate: Geishas, Courtesans And Groupies

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Submitted by Ben Tanosburn,

Congress, particularly that uppity Senate club of multi-millionaires, seems always ready to remind us – the hoi polloi citizenry – that it is much more than the legislative, law-making branch of government.  At some historic point, or perhaps at a series of evolving points, this august body became self-appointed guardian of both America’s national security and American morals.

If only the nation’s Founding Fathers could see us now!  A Supreme Court totally gone wild, de facto legislating and imposing its will; a Congress, lair of lazy career politicians and self-serving scoundrels; and an Executive, wearing reversible togas colored blue and red, running the nation as an empire, and using the country’s military as police force for multi-national predatory capitalism… subsidized by taxpayers from America’s lower and middle classes.  [Yes, the lower classes, contrary to how Romney and the Thug-elite view them, do pay taxes (indirectly) when their labor is not properly compensated.]

It is now beginning to look as if the nation’s economic problems, the “fiscal cliff” that Congress imposed earlier in the year in lieu of compromise –a powder keg set to explode by year’ end – might have to share in importance with an investigation of extracurricular behavior exhibited by top military brass.  It could potentially become a new tantalizing distraction being brought to the American coliseum by an irresponsible Congress and an equally irresponsible corporate media.

Are we at the embryo stage of a major military scandal… a Miligate?

Many of us would interpret the word “miligate” as a misspelling of mitigate; that is, unless we capitalize the M and use it in the context of recent behavior exhibited by top military brass, flag officers commanding our empire’s legions: two field marshals of expeditionary campaigns… for now.  Perhaps we should be asking the question, are some members of Congress in a salacious or sexually aroused mood to bring about Miligate?

The US military has almost a thousand flag officers (950 +/-), wearing from one to four stars, commanding the activities of a million and a half souls, nearly 80 percent 35 years of age or younger… at times referred to as warriors, other times as heroes.  Of course, those terms are for home (US) consumption, while the epithets assigned to them in foreign lands tend to be at the opposite end of the flattery spectrum.

Now two elite 4-star officers, David Petraeus and John Allen are under the gun – Petraeus, the military genius [by Washington accounts] who took on directorship of the CIA a year ago – and from which he has recently resigned; and his replacement at the helm of the Afghanistan black hole, and recently nominated to assume command of NATO – nomination now on-hold, the marine “monk,” John Allen.

Petraeus and Allen are two Samson-characters who availed their modern day Delilah(s) with a razor-sharp lack of common sense. Gen. Allen, from all current accounts, is likely to withstand the tempest, only his judgment perhaps scathed, and a back down on his nomination to the NATO command.  For Petraeus, it will be a horse of a different color, tarnishing past accomplishments and a sterling reputation.

Intellectual generals such as David Petraeus are hard to come by, but as successful as he was in Princeton defending his dissertation [The American Military and the Lessons of Vietnam: A Study of Military Influence and the Use of Force in the Post-Vietnam Era] his poor judgment will always precede and preamble any glory he might have otherwise earned.  No, not his poor judgment in the affaire with Paula Broadwell, assuming that national security was never at risk, but his incredibly poor judgment in writing a recommendation – to a judge – for Natalie Khawam, Jill Kelley’s twin sister; someone he hardly knew on a child custody matter of which he knew little or nothing.

Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley and Natalie Khawan are neither geishas, nor courtesans... perhaps more of a groupie-variety around the military, with aspirations and personal needs – you may include morals – that are none of our business; nor Congress’ business once the investigation confirms that national security was not at risk.  Whatever the nature or level of investigation, such investigations, while in progress, should not be the public’s salacious concern fed by a self-serving media.

Let’s all be concerned with pressuring the politicians to defuse the “fiscal cliff,” and wait until appropriate investigations are concluded to determine whether there is a Miligate.

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Petraeus and Allen are two Samson-characters who availed their modern day Delilah(s) with a razor-sharp lack of common sense. Gen. Allen, from all current accounts, is likely to withstand the tempest, only his judgment perhaps scathed, and a back down on his nomination to the NATO command.  For Petraeus, it will be a horse of a different color, tarnishing past accomplishments and a sterling reputation.



This is such mangled prose it's hard to believe.  What a bunch of garbage!!  "avail...with?"  "perhaps scathed"??  "horse...tarnishing?"  What complete imbecile wrote this crap??

vast-dom's picture

you have no fucking idea how big this Milligate will be. trust me on this. tomorrow the shit splatters the fan. tune in boys and girls.

Ineverslice's picture


 the culling has commenced.

Way too many personnel...make room for the future warriors...Intel Inside.

Popo's picture

Assuming for a minute that nothing happens in the corridors of power without a reason, who wants Petraeus gone? And why?

Was he a stick in the mud on a particular policy or program? Was he spearheading something that someone else had issues with?

From where I'm sitting, I see a powerful guy who had an affair with a hot babe. That happens every day. Big deal. So is this a take down? And if so, why?

redpill's picture

I don't think this was supposed to play out this way.  I think this was something that was supposed to be held over his head.  Someone fucked up.

Acet's picture

It explains his sudden resignation seemingly by his own initiative: he probably thought through to its natural conclusion when somebody attempted to blackmail him with this and did the only thing he could do to limit the damage.


duo's picture

In the post-Stalin era, you purge your top generals with scandal/career suicide  instead of a bullet in the back of the head.

JOYFUL's picture

You have to be willing to view this from the correct perspective...

now that Amerika has become a kind of gigantic version of the classic tin-pot socialist dictatorship, the case of Arnaldo Ochoa, general in charge of the Cuban military mission in Angola, third-ranking military leader in the country, and close confidant of President Fidel Castro and his brother Raul, minister of the armed forces, one of two men designated hero of the Republic, is key to understanding the dynamics at play. 

Brought to heel along with his buddy Tony de la Guardia on moral charges, and executed for same, Ochoa's case serves a perfect example of the process by which the incredibly venal and self serving hierarchies of these Ali-Baba and forty thieves type banana republics (which the USA has now joined the ranks of) amplify the sins of those around them, in dizzying soap-operatic media frenzies, in order to lead attention away from their own crimes of much greater magnitude...USA - the new CUBA!

it's all very Afreakan, heart of darkness, voodoo Santeria type stuff, by which the cabbalist necromancers behind the throne of the JUJU man Odingo\obama mix n meld a rancid brew of poisons to wield against the enemies of the socialist state and it's capitalist enablers...

a sudden flash in the river, the piranha fish, the bones of the victim momentarily visible before sinking into the murky tropic waters. What used to be the stuff of Graham Green type novels is now the syncopation of the real heart of darkness...Washington DC...where the MauMau drums beat day and night their tattoo of blood sacrifice.

StychoKiller's picture

Yer wasting yer talent(s) commenting on blogs...

Oldrepublic's picture

Arnaldo Ochoa was a real man,  when the brothers Castro ordered his execution on fake charges, he had the balls to command the firing squad that shot him!

JOYFUL's picture

Correct, the comrade, whilst mistaken in his politics and bedfellows, did not lack for cojones, and died a warriors' death.

His performance comes in only second to that of William Morgan, the Merikan merk who fought for Fidel, until realizing the revolution was betrayed by the Jesuit behind the phony populist mask, switched sides and tried to spark the counter-revolution which the CIA would later set up and betray in the hills of Escambray.

Morgan, after hideous tortures at the hands of "El Che" in Havana prison, refused that monsters' command to sink to his knees before his which point the 'hero of socialism' whipped out a pistol and shot the unarmed prisoner in the knees before the firing squad fininised its work.

Cuba. An illuminist experiment in creating and managing mass penal colonies a la C16th coming to a FEMA barrio near you!

Bahamas's picture

Joyful: Heart of Darkness was written by Joseph Conrad, not Graham Green.

JOYFUL's picture

thanks, I did not conflate the two, but rather, threw out enuff literary allusions to try and bridge the decreasing gap between C19th colonial, Africa, C20th South America, and C21st Merika, where the descent into madness, butchery, and sheer love of mayhem recalls the juicest parts of Brando and Sheen in Acopalyspe Now...

and day to day life in DC.


Urban Roman's picture

... literary elutions ...


Cosimo de Medici's picture

Your last paragraph got my head spinnin', what with Greene, Conrad, Amazon fish and the Mau Maus all in one section.  Got me to thinking, too, about all those Sandhurst types who kept pretending the Empire was alive long after it went down with the Titanic...folks like the Mau Mau's baddest enemy Ian Stuart McWalter Henderson, late of Bahrain, and Timothy Landon, the White Sultan.

JOYFUL's picture

Indeed. The fact that Barry Odingo/obama springs exactly out of that milieu, and is a creation of the same MI-5, Maurice Strong, Agenda 21 faction should set heads a spinnin!

...or at least alert to the premise that cartoon pictures of bone-sporting cannibals prancing in front of pots of hot water were not figments of their creators imaginings, but the harbingers of our post-reality future, when the White Man's Burden would finally collapse into Whitey's suicidal plunge into socialist self-destruction.

Those Hanna-Barbera guys were way ahead of their times. And imagine, they drew everything frame by frame!

TruthHunter's picture

"nothing happens in the corridors of power without a reason"

Petraeus was set to testify on Benghazi. Could sweet talking, absolutely ruthless Hillary

be trying to salvage her image? Benghazi seems forgotten now that the press has Petraeus to pillory.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Meehhhh... Anyone of general rank is a politician. Wake me up when the Colonels and command sergeant majors begin beating people up. Then things will start getting interesting.

vast-dom's picture

i put my good name on this right now: BLACK SWAN tomorrow. Short the Ponzi Planet. Shit will get hyper-real starting tomorow. 

SgtShaftoe's picture

Ok, I'll keep my eyes out tomorrow. Usually interesting things barely get reported. Let us know. Can you give a little more of a hint?

Zer0head's picture

Tomorrow or Friday will be a yawn. 

The media through which the vast majority of Americans view the world and their leadership will gaze and wonder about whatever that foursome was up to.  Half truth and falsehoods will be woven into a story that will surely discredit anything that even hints at the truth. So while a zombie like populous fantasizes about the Generals' foursome they will be all but oblivious to the foursome that were blown away in Benghazi. 

SmallerGovNow2's picture

VD hasn't a clue what will happen with this tomorrow.  And neither does anyone else on this site.  The JC event is the bigger issue right now with the D's and R's split.  Shows how completely fucked we are as a nation when you can't convict a fucking cheat like Corzine when he was caught red handed just because he was part of your party...

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

Black Mail  Stuff was done for Obama that can not see the light of day. This is how they can get away with murder.

vast-dom's picture

but what happens when the blackmail is no longer valid? what happens after it has imploded and the target of said blackmail is..............¿.............

vast-dom's picture

 beans.........will be spilt....

A Lunatic's picture

I hope to God that he spills every fucking thing he has ever known throughout his career.

suteibu's picture

So, Patraeus is going to go all Smedley Butler on their asses?  It's only worth watching if he does.

vast-dom's picture

yep. promise you a Smedley with a TWIST.

suteibu's picture

Time will tell.  Here's hoping you know what you are talking about.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

Tell him not to take his dog for a walk at midnight.  (or go near the hot tub)

vast-dom's picture

let me put it this way: track the markets from start of Watergate till it ended you know how and then mulitply that by a fiscal cliff, structurally unsound markets with crazy ponzi central rigging shit like we have today, throw in another high-ranking military man, stir and mix with some extra volatile middle east fuckery and you may start to get the idea of what this newly branded Milligate could be.


Remember when Marc Faber just the other day went on teevee and said he doesn't think Obama will last 4 years? As he put it then, "where there's smoke, there's fire". Get ready boys and girls. 

Of course if someone's radio or hair dryer falls into the tub while they are taking a bath, sure......there is never anything for certain, especially when one is en route to testifying....

Orly's picture

It will come out that Petraeus and others were thwarted in a coup attempt to either,:

a. Restore the management of the Bush-Cheney-Blackrock-Carlysle Group agenda from what is now our "government," or,

b. To keep President Obama from realising the greatest dreams of those "banksters" by finalising their plans for world conquest, including crashing the US dollar and having the Federal Reserve Board of the United States rule the financial world.  Petraeus, et. al., aim was to remove the "Federal government" we have now and restore the Constitution of the United States of America.


Just a little food for thought:


...just to help you think about it more deeply.  As Vast-Dom says, either way, it's going to be BIG.

Remember these can tell your grandchildren you were there.  I personally don't know what to believe any more but I do know that these are the pivotal days in American history.


vast-dom's picture

and remember this: no ambassador was murdered in preventable death and no president watched that murder on live feed during Watergate. the same prez that hangs out with Will Smith at his crib the day after an historic storm. 

Orly's picture

Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm," indeed.

Go Tribe's picture

I pray you are right and obama is brought down early in his term. I'll gladly take a full-scale Depression today for that bit of payback. Bring it!


And yeah, you're right about the black swan a coming.

Go Tribe's picture

I pray you are right and obama is brought down early in his term. I'll gladly take a full-scale Depression today for that bit of payback. Bring it!


And yeah, you're right about the black swan a coming.

SgtShaftoe's picture

That's the only way he will retain a fucking asshair of respect in the history books.

max2205's picture

Nobody fucks with Obammy, cause he's black. It's the American way!

marriedgeordie's picture

the american way is "do what israel tells you to" - you do not seem to have a deep enough understanding of the game being played.

Ballin D's picture

This better not be another Donald Trump style 'game changer' 

Orly's picture

It's a closed-door session.  No TeeVee.

A Lunatic's picture

If a general spills his guts and no one who isn't owned is around to hear it did he really spill his guts type of stuff then..........

Orly's picture

Not everyone is owned and those who are owned are not owned so completely.

Urban Redneck's picture

why the "off site" or do we just get different news on the other side of the pond?

fonzannoon's picture

If I was a soldier, overseas....wherever, I would slam my fucking helmet down and demand a ride home and a discharge immediately. Why continue to put your life on the line for any of this?

SgtShaftoe's picture

A lot of officers left in the early 2000s, including me at the buildup for Iraq. The ones who have stayed have their reasons, many to keep good guys inside, safety net.

DeadFred's picture

I've got positions to take advantage of a 10% drop in the next two days. Am I being too cautious?

rhinoblitzing's picture

Ok - I call you.. Since your good name is on this.....

What Fan - What Shit - and What Swans are coming ... If it's that big... clue us in... We'll give you the cred later - if the internet still works.


DeadFred's picture

If his crystal ball is like mine it doesn't always give details, mine needs degaussing.

Winston Churchill's picture

Mine appears to suffer from premature prognostication..