Russian Exchange Halts FX Trading Due To "Software Glitch"

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BATS, Nasdaq, Knight, NYSE, and now the MICEX Moscow exchange - everyone is following the tried and true principle: If complete trading halt due to unknown circumstances, then blame software glitch. At 3:58pm local time, FX trading in the Moscow market halted FX trading due to what spokesman Nikita Bekasov said, was a "software error." Unclear if this is the same kind of error that nearly wiped out Knight in a few minutes of trading. What is clear is that it is always the software's fault, never the programmer. Also, no mention of a rogue Stuxnet variant has been ever mentioned here, or anywhere else. Finally, we eagerly await the latest report of weekly equity flows due out later today: one doesn't have to confuse statistics with heuristics and have a political prediction blog to know the number will be negative as usual.


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I'll have to take your word for it.

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In Russia...the market halts you. Take my word for it.

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Damn.  You beat me to it, you commie bastid.

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you will soon learn about their currency................the ruble will be a force by decades end...............russia is doing everything right, the u.s. is doing everything wrong.................

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But then Goldman and JPM will notice and go "help" them.

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At Knight, it wasn't the programmer's fault; the software did exactly what it was supposed to. Whoever copied the test software onto the production platform is the one who screwed up. Always the junior people left with too high of responsibilities; same as at Chernobyl. 

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My my our hackers are working overtime these days.

(Biden 2016, Hey I inherited this mess)

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The past 8 years have been a disaster- Biden 2016

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LOL - The past 8 years have been a disaster - LOL - Biden 2016

There.  Fixed it for you.

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(Biden 2016, Hey I inherited this mess, ROTFLMAO)

There.  Fixed it for you.

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What's up this morning? It's the reverse of yesterday. Kevin found his girlfriend banging the poolman. Kevin Angry!

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Their software must've caught fire.

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"software glitch" = HFT algos have found mother russia.

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woooooooooooooooops...wrong door.

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many large companies are dealing with the stuck-forever-net virus so the american saying "" what goes around comes around "" start to have some true meaning ,,    not to mention  atomic bombs  stealt fighters   drones ext ext 

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a software glitch that allowed markets to go down, cannot have that

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remember that poison gas i ww1 that a jewish german invented   ,, came in sure handy in ww2,,   to those moron governments   do not invent to much ,, it will come back to  hunt you

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Free Sergei....oh wait they did free him.

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Peggy pissed off the NHL is on lockdown.

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All is well, comrades.

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I love the word comrade for some reason. :/

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And suddenly your paper is useless to you.  That is how fast it can happen. 

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say what you want about russia, but they are just about the only country to act with some monetary sanity lately.................they actually had the audacity to raise interest rubles to diversify......the physical ones.........................when the american empire folds this decade, you can be sure the yuan and the ruble will play a prominent role in the worlds next currency reserve system...................

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Go back to your friends at seeking alpha...

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If the american empire folds - russia would fail. The only reason why Russia is not Zimbvabve now is exaggerated demand for oil encouraged by Fed's "print-print-print". Printing stops / dollar loses its reserve role - rouble crubles. Or it least it looks this way from Moscow.

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yeah, go check russias external debt.....check their social "entititlement" burden.....check their vast resources including timber, oil, gas, agriculture......etc..............

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So, let me get this straight, you are proposing that central banks printing money, causing oil and gas to be more expensive, is driving increased demand for oil and gas?

You seriously think that if oil and gas were less expensive, people would be using it less?

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Another communist country trying to use capitalism to back their shitty society.



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In Mother Russia, software glitches you!

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i have read one comment (an article) of one of the traders about russian stock exchange market in general

i can sum it up as follows - The Trend is Shitty (in the sense that many investors are stuck there forever)

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The glitch occurred on the news that Vlad sent an invite to that more of a commie fucktard Obama.

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Did anybody see a black cat? - again?

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Let the "fat fingers" commence

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So Tyler, tell us finally how comes that you can read cyrilcs?