Gold Tumbles As Same Dedicated Seller Reemerges

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For the third day in a row, gold and silver are being monkey-hammered at the open of the US equity market day session. Whether this is margin calls mounting or a dedicated 'hedger of client portfolios' is unclear, but fool me once - shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me, fool me thrice - ask Janet Yellen...


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fucking twats


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Thanks for the blue light special Ben Shalom!


The boys in China are absolutely going to be giddy!

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This article is typical of the goldbug and silverbug conspiracy theorists. Whenever the lose money betting on gold futures or crazy doomer gold stocks, they invent a conspiracy theory to explain their consistently shocking trading performance. It is both amusing and sad to see immature goldbug conspiracists obsess over 'manipulation', when in reality they are simply pathetic amateurs with no real economic or financial knowledge or experience.

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You should just schtick to posting comments that consist entirely of punctuation.

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Ancient relic, tradition, bla bla bla...

Gold took the number one position in our perfect monetary system before it was taken away from us by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1934

Fuck you MDB

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Gold not being sold here - just more Ponzi paper printed. CTRL-PPP

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Is there a "Control Ponzi" key on the keyboard at the Fed?

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Hehehe Shalom Shalom Shalom from Tel Aviv Central command...

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"Good doing business with you", from China

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I nominate this as "post of the month."


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MDB sounds exactly like Robot Trader today. Duel sock puppets?

Got to mix it Tyler(s). Haha...

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Whats even more sad then a goldbug, is a goldbug troll!

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They should keep their open opulence in the closet.

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Or those that don't get MDB's humor.

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If being a dumbshit troll is funny you guys must be high. Anybody with a 3rd grade education can see the intended humor. Intended being the key word.

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We are high.  Well,most of us.

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thought you were the best sarcastic comedian on this site MDB, but you are getting way over the top with your daily stich. How about a dose of reality sometime.

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He's so far from home he lost his identity.

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I'd love to do this sort of work too for the Cartel....can you tell me how to get in touch with the guys who pay you to monitor the message boards and post the counter attack and dis the gold/silver bugs? 

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about like the  fools trying to hold the dow up on shitty economic news,after that unemployment report the dow should be tanking! million dollar asshole!

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I've been trying to warn others of Bill Gross' amateurish strategy of wealth preservation, but no one will listen.  He's become a gold chump, too.  Who would have thought that?  And that Jim Rogers, he hasn't made a plug nickel with his gold holdings.  Please, someone tell the Europeans that there are millions of suckers looking to buy some gold, but these central bankers won't sell their 10,000 tons.  Those Germans are sure stupid to insist on an audit of their gold at the NY Fed.  Why bother?

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I generally appreciate your schtick, but you need to be more funny than this.

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Before this economic crisis is over, you will prostrate yourself before gold and beg for forgiveness. So it is written. So it will be done.

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What part of gold rallying six-fold over the past decade is a "consistently shocking trading performance"?

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MDB, Your ability to bait others on this site into responding to your drivel is unmatched.  You are indeed the master-baiter.

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Say, "Thank you, may I have another." and stackem' bitches!

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hey let's not look a gift stocks now selling for less than 1 P/B -- AUQ, CGR, GSS, HMY JAG, KBX, KGC, KGJI, LSG, TLR. Silver --- CDE. 

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gold stocks with Divy's over 3% --- GFI, GORO< NEM.  GORO is now close to 5% divy. 
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Fret not.


In the Hope Camps, people will gladly trade their gold and silver for a pouch of protein-gel.  You can collect it by the barrelful!


Until the screws find out and send your gold to Fed Island, and turn off your chip.


Then you'll be fucked.


In the shorter term, I'm just going to invest in Twizzlers.   I adore Twizzlers, mate.

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Twizzlers for all! (Not those fucking Redvines, either.)

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Who's Janet Yellen and what should I ask her?


Will she answer?!?!?

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something about gold, Larry Summers and Gibson's paradox...haven't quite figured it out yet but the smoke is clearing slowly

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Buy the dips!

 Oh... and:  GOLD BITCHEZ!!!


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Actually that's usually the explicit purpose of beating down the price.

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Question out of true ignorance here: Is is actually possible to shank the price with naked shorts or whatever, then actually buy back in a coordinated way quick enough that your buys for a higher volume all go through on the same lowered price? If you could actually do this, it seems like a perpetual motion machine.

My understanding is that if you want to flood back in to buy that you can't do it quick enough to make money. This is why the HFT issue is such a sore point, because it allows one to tinker with the tiny changes, second by second, to parasitically steal a bit of profit on the instantaneous arb you create by putting up all the bids that you don't act on.

Flame away if I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm due for a schooling from some of you guys who day trade.

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short quickly, cover slowly

you need "time" for bids & offers to re-enter the market and absorb your volume without creating the price volatility

but since my experience is pre-HFT who knows what "time" is these days


edit: that's agnostic as to intention- a FED lackey trying to surpress PMs would behave exactly the same as a whale trying to acquire PMs, the only difference would be the net of short and long trades.

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The secret is to not care about your company or clients, and use their money (OPM) to do the shorting, then buy with your own money, or that of your REAL clients.

Works even better if you have a Fed backstop and/or mandate.

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BP: yes, it's possible.  Jim Sinclair covered this recently.  If you have two massive entities coordinating buys and sells, you have a price control cartel that profits at any price at the expense of all those other entities participating in the market not in like cartel.

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That's why I have a hard time with "our media." Same seller? You mean same MANIPULATOR. Why would Government want a low price of anything? Certainly not gold. Certainly not Wall Street. Sure "and all equities plunge to zero" and "ashes ashes, we all fall down." But unless we have a gold standard it's all the same game: manipulation for the purpose of this case the usual inanity. PRICES. What is forgotten in all this is "what if the item no longer exists?" Gold...sure love fest here. But how about 5 gallons of gasoline? Or a taxpayer?

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Hard to imagine the capital and orchestration necessary to manipulate the spread such that your "round trip" transaction is profitable in anything but a very thin market, which isn't likely the case when the price moves by any material amount.

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The purpose is to short enough to force selling (drop the price) from hfts and stop orders which increase the momentum and then they can buy back in at a price below their own (older) targets.


As an analogy, they initiate the snowball rolling down hill and get out of the way as it gathers mass only to reverse course once they are in the clear (the clear being their dated shorts and the initial push being new naked shorts).

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If first you don't succeed...

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Paper casio being run by a desparate house that has become accustom to always winning.