Israel Re-escalates: Mobilizes 75,000

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Update: Israel CDS 162/170, +8 bps

Earlier today, air raid sirens went off in Tel Aviv, and even Jerusalem was supposedly in danger of a missile attack: hardly the deescalation Israel was hoping to see. Sure enough, the ball is in Bibi's court and he wastes not time:


Next: flip flops and other various closed-toed shoes on the ground.

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having control of the siren switch is almost as good as having control the MSM

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Bullish for funeral homes?  And maybe kafan makers?

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The refugees are in a fight for their lives.

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Naaahh.  This is just sad.  The same ideal's that Hitler had regarding complete domination of the world is the same as these Zionists (not Jews).  Read about A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties:


This describes how the Israeli Elite (some of the Jews already fled to USA) want to take over the area.  As much as a concentration camp is bad for Jews its bad for all.  The Holocaust is now in vain.

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4x as many muslims died in Syria today, but it doesn't play as well as the 'jewz v muzzies deathmatch' spectacle in the news.


And hey, how about that Palestinean justice system

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WAKE UP CITIZENS.  We the elite need a little favor from you; please go and die to preserve our status quo.  Also carry some flag and sing some bullshit so you don't actually realize your death is in vain.  

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"hardly the deescalation Israel was hoping to see"

which part of Israel? The young people in the south receiving rocket fire or their calculating leaders?

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Jews should stop doing things what Hitler did to them.

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Zerobrainz..., would be more like it!

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The situation in the Middle East is becoming more important. All the problems and inceridumbres currently affecting the world, is now joining this topic. It seems that this area again will put the world in danger. Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iraq are a very dangerous explosive cocktail. And its economic consequences can be very serious.

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but look at the bigger picture, this has all been orchestrated.  Here in the U.S., Obama signed another secret executive order this week... giving the military more control over the internet:

clearly the system is preparing for a major war, all the pieces are being put in place.  plan accordingly.


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Cannot be very secret if it is all over the internet.

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unless the sheeple see it on CNN, it didn't happen.

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Russia, China and the Arab powers have been planning this all along.  It's not some sort of "Zionist conspiracy".  Quite the opposite.  You all most likely won't realize this until you see mushroom clouds, and probably not even then.  Nevertheless, this is the End goal.

I warned that WW3 was about to erupt in a video posted on 11/12 -

And a blog posted 11/9 -

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I'm fascinated at the childlike naivete of the Jew Haters at ZH. Having spent time in both Israel and Arab nations, I assure you, had you the same opportunity, you would not mistake your ally for your mortal enemy. Make no mistake...Islam IS your mortal enemy and to pretend otherwise or wish it not so, is the mindset of willfull ignorance.

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Islam has nothing to do with central bank scam destroying the United States and most of the rest of the world from the inside out.  As such, Islam is irrelevant to the real issue facing me and my family.  Instead, I see this bs for exactly what it is... a red herring to distract the masses and feed the war machine while the bankers steal every last thing of value around the world.

Gringo Viejo's picture

..."irrelevant to the real issue facing me and my family"..
You've no idea of just how relevant it is son. Give it another decade and the bankers will be the least of your worries.

john39's picture

no.  Fixation on hating brown people, on the other hand, is childish.   I have more in common with those brown people than i will ever have with the monsters in control of the global economy.  Same is true for most ordinary people.  the sooner they wake up and figure it out, the sooner we can start fixing the real problem. 

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If this war is so important to you Gringo, I wonder why you are not armed and preparing to invade Gaza? If this is so important, and you know so much about the Islamic threat to whites, you should be with your Israeli brothers in arms preparing to lay waste the enemies of Israel.

If the west and Israel keep invading Islamic countries or keeps trying to kick Islamic people out of their homes to make way for the superior race of Israel, maybe Islam would not be such a threat. If I go next door and beat my neighbor and throw him and his family out of their house, would i expect them to them constitute a threat to me? Maybe yes?????

The Israel military is preparing to kill your hated Muslims, you have a chance to kill too. Please take it, go in and do some direct killing, after all, if you are one of the master race and superior in every respect, I ecpect you to be victorious, and you may bring home some scalps from Gaza.  Either go into battle against the subhumans for greater Israel or leave off with your trumpeting of your superiority.


Gringo Viejo's picture

Jack: Why you and others insist on framing this in racial context is beyond me. My assumption is you and your contemporaries are simply products of 12 to 16 years of state sponsered, socialist brain washing. If critical thinking and logic based outcomes ellude you, so be it.At my age, I'm out of here sooner than most of you so it's of little consequence to me. But should world events unfold as I suspect they MOST CERTAINLY will.....God help your wives and children and God forgive you for your failure AS "MEN", to discern THAT WHICH IS A THREAT on their behalf. That being said, I've expended enough energy on those that choose to remain sightless.

Jack Burton's picture

Sightless to what? Your Muslim threat? I wonder what your personal interest in the clash of religions is. With the west invading and killing at will across the Muslim world, I find it strange that you take the status of victim in all this.

Israel is as much a victim as the Germans in Poland in 1939. German treated Polish resistance as terrorists and called them such before shooting or hanging them.

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Let's see, which Zionist are they going to let be the spokesman for World Usury, I mean Secretary of the Treasury, for the next few years after the present Zionist Tim Geithner leaves. What a surprise, it's Jacob Lew! Wake me up when they promote a Shabbas Goy to run the fed, oh CHILDLIKE (but thankfully soon to be dead) hasbara troll.

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Our "enemy"  Our enemy? Perhaps you have this backwards. I am sure many young "arabs" have come to some level of disdain for the american  / british empires. Many, like us, for their own governments. There is a pretty clear reason for it and it has little, very little to do with religion. THat is, unless you worship oil.  

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Nov 12, 2012

"Jews should “rejoice” at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity in favor of Islam as “punishment” for its “wickedness” and “corruption,” a leading Israeli settler rabbi has announced."

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ironic someone so viejo is criticizing something because it is "childlike." Also ironic when your only retort is to repeat one word over and over. If there is any common truth, it is that the viejo have, once again, sold out the young

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Mr 'childlike': As winston churchill would say, you are a man of few words, but not few enough. ;)

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Repubs planted this ISrael-Hamas escalation to protect the military industrial complex expenditure from gov.

Dems. planted the Broadwell-Petraeus scam to destroy the military industrial complex expendi. from gov.

To think otherwise is to be a 1000% naive sheepl BOZO DespHouswives-watching fat American idiot.


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Nor do Jews. Jew != (central) Banker, (central) Banker != Jew. The intersections of the sets are tiny. Like (Muslim|Arab) != terrorist...

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Rothschild owns all the central banks. 

francis_sawyer's picture

& the fact that there are still some areas which DON'T have these central banksis why we have wars (not to mention ignorant trolls like GV whose [fomer] brains are hardwired into the jew controlled media outlets)...

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Besides Brent and Israel sov CDS, what else is there to BUY for this war?

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Well, if you're with Hamas, I'd go with lip extensions, so you can reach your ass to kiss it goodbye.

francis_sawyer's picture

How about buying yourself a brain?... With fiats becoming more worthless by the day, ANY PRICE would be the bargain of a lifetime...

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For every cruise missle there is one pound of silver in it.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Yet another good reason to take physical off the table.

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maybe they will consider silver bomb making material and confiscate it that way.....sorta sarc, sorta not...

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in my opinion, the purpose of this is to remove the ability of hamas to retaliate, prior to the attack on iran's nuclear facilities.

francis_sawyer's picture

The blockade around Gaza has been so tight for so long now that not even musical instruments and crayons can get in... So what was 'Hamas' going to retaliate with? Used crayolas & harmonicas?...

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Earl of Chiswick

Jim Jones ('Jonestown' fame) used to pull this shit all the time: midnight sirens.

Instill fear, emergency & paranoia in the livestock.  It works, for awhile.

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I think it worked for Jim Jones right up until the end...