Today's "Fiscal Cliff Compromise" Moment Brought To You By The Congressional Short Squeeze Inception Team

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Once again the market falls for the politicians' snake oil (as we explained before). Unconvinced? This is what none other than "Fiscal Cliff compromise is imminent" photo op participant Nancy Pelosi said moments later to the WSJ:

Ms. Pelosi said. "I was focusing on how we send a message of confidence to consumers, to the markets in the short run, too."

And there you have it from the horse's mouth: absolutely nothing of actual substance in today's presser which was completely hollow of anything remotely resembling an actual compromise, but merely the same type of  Euro-propaganda we have grown to loath and despise for the past 3 years, where a flashing red headline was supposed to generate a short squeeze. It succeeded.

There is one open question: did Nancy Pelosi's multi-millionaire investor husband Paul Pelosi know ahead of time what the announcement would say, and did he buy any securities in hopes of a "short run" gain?

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redpill's picture

I'm sure you were, you inside trading cuntface.


Temporis's picture

Ms. Pelosi is indeed a horse.

NotApplicable's picture

Wait, she spoke an honest sentence?

Wow, she must be off her meds!

MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

Pelosi is speaking in code.

She used the word 'short', which is a secret...(well, was as secret)..signal to short the markets.

Had she used the word 'long', it would have been the buy signal...

If she ever uses the word 'liquid', then you sell

Richard Chesler's picture

A message of cuntfidence.

Should be no problem for the thieving whore.


jcaz's picture

Horses' mouth?   With Nancy, that's 180 degrees off......

Now I see why Corzine isn't sweating a thing.....


TruthInSunshine's picture

Of course her husband, herself & all her cat-eyed, face lifted friends & relatives positioned themselves well ahead of today's pre-planned meaningless dribble-fest.

At any rate, there have to be up days that provide exit points for the big dump that is already underway. 50 or 100 or 365 or 3,560 consecutive down days (i.e. Nikkei extrapolated/condensed over 23 years) wouldn't let the holders of large batches of ticker symbols do an orderly unwind, right?

For those who don't have Mrs. Pelosi's inside network, there's an all clear to short the ever living shit out vacuous and vaporous tickers/confetti since we're actually in a depression if one were to deduct deficit spending, consider the number of Americans surviving based on federal and state direct transfer payments of one form or many (SNAP-EBT, SSI, Social Security, Medicare-Medicaid, UI, extended UI, etc.), subtract the number (in percentage terms) of government employees at the federal, state and local unit levels we now have versus that which we had in the 1920's run-up to The Great Depression, calculate the true, broad rate of unemployment/signficant underemployment & also the true decline in the labor force participation rate, account for the % of GDP that is actually present due to inflation versus increased consumption or productivity, consider the relative composition of consumption by private economic actors versus governmental or quasi-governmental ones, and do even a rough calculation as to how much government consumption that's now 44% funded by deficit spending is comprising total GDP.

Recoupling, brah.

Rathmullan's picture

pelosi galore's short run = the time it takes her husband to sell his stock --all of which were purchased on inside information

Atlas_shrugging's picture

Please.  That type of behavior would be considered crony capitalism.  Not in the USA...never.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

Pelosi Cuntfidence is a subjective mindset not based in reality. I hate that fucking bitch.

Ident 7777 economy's picture

That statement is not very clear ... spoken by the 'master' of such phrases, however (Michael).

WhiteNight123129's picture

desperation is profound on this blog.... <nervous laugh>

FL_Conservative's picture

I think Tyler typoed there. It was supposed to be the whores' mouths.

stocktivity's picture

Talks today were "constructive".  "Constructive" was the Bullshit word of the day that jacked up the market. By the way...It's all Bullshit!

CClarity's picture

When will they give up on the "wealth effect" already?  Hasn't been working for some time now.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

I feel more confident , Thanks Nancy.

pods's picture

Reading Nancy Pelosi and Short Squeeze in the same article makes me turtle.


insanelysane's picture

Everyone except MDB became an innie for at least a few minutes.

takeaction's picture

Watch....I am going to say Dow (-64) by close today.  Everyday this market has been gamed by the ones still sitting at the black jack table.  I refuse to play. 

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Pelosi and her HF hub own more AAPL than Fidelity at this point.  Shouldn't make you wonder she is worried about financing her next face lift with AAPL in a tailspin.  

insanelysane's picture

She will announce free Obama iPads and then sell.

adr's picture

She should have sold at $715 and gone for the whole total body makeover. Complete new face, tits, butt, maybe vocal cord modulation. If we have to listen to the queen of the crab people, at least she could make it bearable.

John Law Lives's picture

There is not enough botox on the planet to make that crone look presentable.

Mactheknife's picture

LMAO....Nah, she's just trying to give everyone one last chance to get out before this thing goes bidless.

Richard Head's picture

If there's one person in the world who deserves to be called a cunt, it's Pelosi.

MrBoompi's picture

Republican hypocrites are the biggest douchebags on the planet

Fuck you

Temporis's picture


SheepDog-One's picture

'Be confident out there, oh great some stawks'

Drawing and quartering by horses for 'Ms. Pelosi' would be far too humane.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Listening to anything she says just confirms how absolutely fucked the country is going forward.

What a despicable and obnoxious human being she is.

XitSam's picture

Nancy is communicating a message. She is focused on sending a message of confidence. I have confidence this is all going to end badly.

dracos_ghost's picture

And yet the algos gobbled it up and the shorts pussied out.

Say whatever you want -- advantage Pelosi. May she rot in fucking hell. But advantage to her none the less.

So for the next two weeks, the "pundits" will socialize "all is well with the fiscal cliff" on the Sunday talk show circuit and people will scream to get back in the market. Every down tick will have a glorious newsflash as a kick save ala Eurodaze.

Sheeple deserve to be fleeced. Gimme my fucking Obama phone dammit.

Fancy_Piglosi's picture

I was pumpin and dumpin bitchez!

insanelysane's picture

not with a picture of madame piglosi nearby

Ineverslice's picture


haaaa!'bout, Black Friday comes a week early.

Dear God lady, what is your excuse?

azengrcat's picture

The Pelosi's were running low on Bollinger and Cubans.  They hit the Muppet ATM for some moar benanks.  

spooz's picture

  Bank of America is counting on the stock market vigilantes to force a deal.  Gotta keep those banks afloat.

Quinvarius's picture

I don't care what they call themselves.  They are giving me INTC at 20 with a 4.5% yield going into an upgrade cycle as it retests a breakout from a multi-year trading range.

spooz's picture

yup, the tail wagging the dog.

jomama's picture

wish there was a source of this that wasn't some right-wingbat website...

Cursive's picture

The Market.  The Market.  The Market.  The Market.

The Market.  The Market.  The Market.  The Market.

The Market.  The Market.  The Market.  The Market.  The Market.

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The Market.  The Market.  The Market.  The Market.  The Market.

The Market.  The Market.  The Market.  The Market.  The Market.

azzhatter's picture

every time I see this ugly old bitch I think that some man has actually fucked that thing. Then I go puke

AlaricBalth's picture

Thanks Azz. I cannot un-visualize that now. Could create some issues for me this weekend.

Quinvarius's picture

Obviously they have figured out that a tax raise in a depression is a shitty idea and are trying to erase all memory of the fact they ever brought it up.

Cursive's picture


No doubt, but how do you cut services without major social unrest?  Rock, meet hard place.

Quinvarius's picture

This problem can only be dealt with by making it bigger.  Sociopolitick 101.  I am being sincere.