Twinkies, Ding Dongs Maker Hostess Liquidates Following Failure To Resolve Labor Union Animosity

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Hostess Brands, the company better known as the maker of Butternut, Ding Dongs, Dolly Madison, Drake's, Home Pride, Ho Hos, Hostess, Merita, Nature's Pride, and of course Wonder Bread and Twinkies, and which previously survived one multi-year Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, when it operated as Interstate Bakeries, has just made a splash at the NY Southern Bankruptcy court, for the last time, with a liquidation filing. The reason: insurmountable (and unfundable) difference in the firm's collective bargaining agreements and pension obligations, which resulted in a crippling strike that basically shut down the company. In other words, Twinkies may well survive the nuclear apocalypse, but there was one weakest link: the company making them, was unable to survive empowered labor unions who thought they had all the negotiating leverage...  until they led their bankrupt employer right off liquidation cliff. Will attention now turn to that another broke government entity, the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp (PBGC), which will have to step in to resuscitate some 18,000 pension plans which suddenly vaporized after labor unions took their "negotiating" freedom a step too far.

From the filing:

Beginning on October 21, 2012, the Debtors began implementing the modifications to the CBAs. On November 7, 2012, the Debtors began to receive strike notices from various local unions affiliated with the BCT. On November 8, 2012, the Debtors received a strike notice from the IUOE. Between November 9 and November 13, 2012, various local unions affiliated with the BCT commenced strikes at 12 of the Debtors' bakeries. At another 12 bakeries, picket lines were set up by striking BCT workers, and certain BCT and other unionized workers at those bakeries chose to honor the picket lines by not reporting for work. As a result, production was significantly disrupted at the 24 bakeries impacted by the Strikes; however, many of the impacted bakeries remained operational to varying degrees due to management filling in for production workers and, in some plants, high numbers of employees crossing picket lines.


Since the strikes (the "Strikes") were commenced, the Debtors have urged striking employees to return to work. Unfortunately, at this time, thousands of the Debtors' employees continue to participate in or honor the Strikes. As a result, a sufficient number of the Debtors' baking facilities have become inoperable, and the Debtors are no longer able to fulfill customer orders or sell product at their retail stores. Because of the material impairment of the Debtors' business operations, the Debtors will soon lose access to the funding necessary to operate their businesses, and the Debtors will have triggered certain remedial provisions of the final DIP Order. As a result, the Debtors are beginning to take steps to wind down their business  operations, including the relief requested in this Motion.

In other words, the labor unions representing 18,000 workers fought the company, and the unions won... A very pyrrhic victory. Sadly, they are all now out of a job as the unionized victory just happened to lead to the terminal winddown of their employer.

As to the future of the iconic brands, fear not: Hostess' numerous brands will be bought in a stalking horse auction by willing private buyers, however completely free and clear of all legacy labor and pension agreements which ultimately led to the company's liquidation.

Now if only Hostess had raised taxes... (because they tried cutting spending, and liquidation followed).

Finally, those 18,500 new initial jobless claims next week? Sandy's fault.

Full winddown motion:


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Workers of the world unite....and kill your leaders.....cause they sure as hell wouldn't think twice about killing you.

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And by "workers" you mean citizens of a 1st world country that manage to learn less than people from 3rd world countries and have as much use and work ethic as Paris Hilton.  You mean those valuable workers?

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Subtitle for this post:  The parasites or eating the host or how Michael Bloomberg had an orgasm.

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Sheer genius.....take off your shoes. This is wholly ground.

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My God! Is that Lloyd Blankfein? It sure looks like him. Look at his face-that evil smile/smirk. Is the squid at work with this Twinkie disaster? Goldman sachs is behind the destruction of another American iconiic institution? Are these cretins not pure evil? Surely this is the  final straw that will unite Americans to take down these cretinous, vulturous vampires.

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I don't know what they will do without weaponized twinkies.

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Out friggin standing Banzai. Thanks for the laugh.

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with Cramer in the background.....+100

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The black ones usually are....not that it's really news to anyone.

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I should point out there is the clearly someone has found out.

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Vote down if you're a loser

(I love this retro-active editing ability.  Kinda reminds me of POTUS 2012-2016... "Wait, I didn't vote for that")

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Even Cramer is staring from the TV in stunned silence.

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Hostess didn't make this twinkie.  Somebody else made this twinkie.

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"The meme is weak, Cap'tn - ya c'not push it no further."

"One or two more uses and it'll be dead, Jim."

"Stand down you two and put those phasers away! That's an order! This isn't your meme! You didn't create it! Somebody else started it!

But the History Eraser Button ... oh, the shiney red button ... it's mine! All mine, I tell you! Ha ha! Ha ha!

Now get the fuck outta my way!"


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Check out the semen stained undies on the floor.  That touch is pure genius.

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Is kramer staring at his ass?! I knew that guy was a fucking perv!

And it looks like he pissed on the shelves... hehe


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Fantastic day for the health of Americans. About time companies that make crap for customers to eat go out of business.

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jesus christ - does everyone now have to have their hand held?  be told what to eat? what to put in their bodies? each and every one of us is a sovreign and if i want to stuff my fucking face with twinkies, while doing blow off a hooker's ass then it's my perogative.  until we get out of the mindset of playing nanny for one another, the human race will come nowhere near it's potential.

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According to at least one person the answer to that is.......yes.

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oh...ok, well...ah fuck it - i give, someone direct me to the nearest overeaters anonymous / food adiction self help group

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No word on how much the money grubbing execs looted the company for? No mention of mismanagement? Blame the unions and don't dig any further? Who looted the pension fund? Weak. Fucking really weak. Way to side with the maggots again zh.

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fucking aye dude, WTF! isn't there 2 sides of every story? the brainwashing of some people is amazing.

in a fair well managed balanced company a union would never be formed...unions don't exist cause management/capital have  always been playing fair....wake the fuck up.

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two unions- one chose to strike while the company was in the middle of a bankruptcy reorg, and one chose not to strike

the stupdity of one union

end of company

end of story


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"Who looted the pension fund"

Well now they are free to fund their own pensions fund....I call it looting involved...the Unions destroyed this company..they have struck many time over many years...I know there is a factory/bakery in my home town..

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Was the pension fund goalseeking 8% returns forever? The Bernanke might have some blame in this mess ...

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Agreed buzz. My thoughts exactly. I wonder how many execs would be driving up in a new Maranello on Jan 1st after demanding that the workers take an 8% pay cut and pensions be cut. Scorched Earth is the new black. At least that way ALL sides get the shaft. I encourage all workers to do the exact same thing unless their execs accept a 50% pay cut in wages and benefits as a good will gesture to the average workers. Leadership comes from the top and we are sorely missing that now in business and politics.

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You seem to be under the impression that those Hostess execs will "get the shaft". The reality is they (a) probably already have enough money to live on the rest of their lives and (b) it will be easy for them to get a senior exec job at a new company because they have demonstrated their steely resolve at Hostess.

Your "scorched earth" approach may allow you to puff your chest, but the only people it really hurts are the workers who are mis-led down that path. "Yeah, we showed 'em. Fucking A. Oh, wait, my mortgage payment is due next week".

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buzzsaw99 - Agreed, I'd like to hear the other side too.

Bankers and the rest of the finance industry don't need a union, they've got the FED (Congress too).

The death of an iconic American company has to be about more than just the union.

BTW - is this another sign of the "recovery"?

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You can blame management mis-steps if you want, but it was the union leaders and specifically the union leaders that cost all their workers their jobs through arrogance and stupidity. Did they really think if they talked tough and didn't budge an inch, that Hostess management would cave in. Fucking stupidity is not an effective negotiation strategy.

One thing I don't understand about modern-day unions and modern-day progressives (I assume you are one), is they don't seem to grasp 5th-grade mathematics, addition and subtraction. If there's not enough money to pay the current contract, then there's not enough fucking money. What exactly was Hostess supposed to do? If they raise prices, sales volume falls and they don't make enough money. There was no way for them to pay that contract and stay in business.

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Did the execs and board accept a 50% cut in compensation before asking the workers to accept their cut? If not then FOAD and burn the mofo down. Scorched Earth is the new black when it comes to corporate greed.

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Regarding 50% exec pay cut, probably wasn't offered. But that is completely irrelevant. Ask yourself, who was hurt by the union's hardball tactics (that blew up in their faces)? The union reps? Nope. They work for the union and will simply move on to their next gig. In fact, their resume is strengthened by their tough negotiating techniques. The senior management of Hostess? Nope. They will move on to their next company or simply retire with their big pile of cash. The people who are hurt by your "FOAD and burn the mofo down" approach are the rank-and-file union workers. Good job. You made your point and screwed the working stiff. Congrats.

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I think not. The execs will never work as execs again and don't have nearly enough money to retire knowing their lifestyles. Burn it down works great from where I sit. Everyone here got stiffed which is exactly what needs to happen.

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See that's that old booolshit..  they just trying to ween me off my EBT card.. aint gonna work Romney.. nice try though.

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Not gonna work.....period. When do we get paid?

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The company had an seriously under-funded pension plan. Go figure.

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Pension plan?  That's the company rainy day fund.

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No more Twinkies?  The freakin Mayans called it...THE WORLD IS ENDING!

I'm kinda a freaking out here...but please, no hugs, just throw me some Twinkies.

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The zombie apocalypse will just totally suck without twinkies.  ;(

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"The zombie apocalypse will just totally suck without twinkies."

Would suck worse without Remington and Mossberg

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Remington and Mossberg


Evil corporations....makes me want to go right out and crap on a cop car.

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I haven't heard of Smith & Wesson or Sturm Ruger laying off anyone or threatening to go out of business. Anyone have a good explanation for this?

Maybe we should have elected Christie (?, NJ) as president. It appears that he could have kept Hostess in business all by himself.

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in an insane world it's the sane who are nuts. buzz guess which one you are. oh you gotta phone the Whitehouse first ok.

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damn you lizzy damn you...oh the humanity.

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Is this one of the new Goldman partners?

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I think those are her two pet turkeys.