What Do Stocks Know That Bonds And FX Don't?

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Presented with little comment but it appears to be one of those days again...


and more broadly, equities are on their own again...


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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i do think we see record lows in bond yeilds in the next few weeks - A Three Year Graphical Journey along the $ZB_F Chart |  http://hedge.ly/SUeJHa

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Rig blew up in the gulf an hour ago?  Back to a drilling Moratorium? 

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The moratorium never ended

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LOL!  And there it is.  


Good thing that rig blew and is spilling oil all over the place outside of regulations and the "border"...of a mass of water.  Everyone should be pleased as punch when the spill drifts around the line to keep it legal.

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ZHers eh? You realize that includes you?

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That show is like any other 'reality' teevee show - fake and meant to undermine the underlying subject.  In this case, hedging for the future.

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Stocks read more "words" ala Congressional sound bites than the numbers bonds algo.  In the end, same ol same ol - credit markets and bonds are the real arbiters of what's going on.

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Wonder who got sheared?

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The taxpayers (a shrinking class indeed)

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Tom Lee is fcking all of you shorts in the stink hole today. 

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Not just yet, looks like Mr. Market figured out Boner's tan is fake.

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Sure he did, he drove a boat with that thing!  Well, that's what I heard.

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aapl goes up, appl goes down. aapl goes up, aapl goes down.

Hmmm, I wonder...Nah!

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Sir Issac Newton would have been short aapl.

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If Sir Isaac Newton were still alive, he would have killed himself in disbelief and disgust.

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Sir Isaac Newton would have blown up the markets with a canon.  The rules of mathematics are to be respected, not trodden upon.

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If gold's not trying to feel all this "frame work" luv I'm not either.

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DOW treading some water at 12,550...we'll see if it all even manages a green close. Anyway, far less than impressed with hockey-helmeted equities up a bit....theres no good news out there.

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Yet the only "good" news for bonds is that Bernanke will buy all of them and still they levitate on high premium.

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I never have the displeasure of seeing the 2pm cnbs segment. This guy Sullivan is the worst piece of shit of all of em!! Wow what a total douche!

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 Hey fonz, if Sullivans ears were any bigger, CNBS would have to broadcast him in IMAX...

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I swear I am looking at him and there is no way he is a human being. He is absolutely a robot of some sort. It's freaking me out man!

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Didn't we tell you not to watch that crap? Puts you at risk of having your head explode.  5th rule of fight club " You do not watch CNBC."

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Stocks are pumped and bond/mortgage yields held are down.  What was the question again?

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Robust and virile is this bull market.  80 billion a month is going to buy a lot of roids.

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ranging around in my algo-mobile, waiting for someone to make a deal

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Credit starting to freeze up for the resource plays.  These companies announced financings early in the week and then pulled them a few days later:


Eldorado Gold cancels $500-million (U.S.) offering

2012-11-16 14:15 ET - News Release


Mr. Paul Wright reports


Eldorado Gold Corp., due to current market conditions, has decided not to proceed with its planned offering of $500-million (U.S.) senior unsecured notes, which it had previously announced on Nov. 12, 2012.

"Deteriorating conditions in the debt capital markets led us to conclude that the proposed offering of senior notes would not be in the best interest of shareholders under the terms currently available," stated Paul Wright, chief executive officer. "We had hoped to opportunistically access the debt capital markets to augment our already strong balance sheet but we will only do so in a disciplined manner."


Sterling Resources cancels $45-million offering

2012-11-15 15:09 ET - News Release


Mr. Mike Azancot reports


Sterling Resources Ltd. has determined not to proceed with its previously announced marketed offering of common shares in the capital of the company. The company was targeting to raise up to $45-million in aggregate gross proceeds pursuant to the offering. While a number of existing and potential shareholders have expressed strong support, the company has been unable to raise sufficient funds on terms which the board considers to be acceptable.

Sterling will therefore pursue alternative means of ensuring that the company is appropriately financed.

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fiscal, double-witching, boner, obummer, talk, days, more, OMT, bernank, hilsenrape, etc. etc. blah diddy blah blah blah ad nauseum.


(the above are ironically my core portfolio holdings)

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been trading /es all day, been underwater most of the day, then have profit and sell. then place another, underwater then profit.  jeez.  i'm up a little but this market is making me psychotic.

i'm short now, and upside down but i think it will be profitable into the close.

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You need a better feel of the market. This is a "save the whale" day, not a "walk the dog" day.

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stormsailor, if you remain short into the close, then Tom Lee will effectively sodomoze you without lubricant.  Sorry for your loss.  

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its not looking good right now.  still up for the day.

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 Lets not forget the financial calendar looked like crap this morning. I might do a little selling here over the next 20-30 minutes into the close.

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Yen Cross, you are a week too late to sell. Please, for the sake of family and your mental health, BUY.  

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 You forgot the /s ...  Been selling all week.

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Imagine a high rise building has has cought fire in the basement.

The fire fighters can help up to the 3rd floor.

People are forced to move up to the higher floors since fire spreading upwards.

Some make the choice to jump from the 5th floor, some from the 7th floor but most are FORCED to move higher and higher until the top floor.

At that point, all will have to jump from the top floor.


The people are the primary dealers. Firefighters are the Fed.

We are beyong the helping point; just waiting for the final jump from the top floor.

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good one. you could add they climbed to the top of the cell tower too.

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There was a great line in Men Who Built America when Thomas Scott was walking with Andrew Carnegie.

Scott says, I bought 100 thousand shares at $10 each this morning before news of the contract hit the wire. When the contract made the news the share price doubled. I made a quick million today.

Wall Street, same as it ever was. Those in the know make out big for a while. The sheep try to chase, but just get slaughtered. Just like Scott who died a ruined man because the stock market decided railroads were a losing investment. Even though most were still viable, they were bankrupt when the stocks headed to zero.

Hmm, shades of AAPL?

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but who would hold long into a weekend with israel and hamas trading rockets?