Israel Releases Another Gaza Pinpoint Strike Video, Anonymous Retaliates By Taking Down IDF Blog

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In what is becoming an increasingly more confusing conflict - is it truly an ideological war, or merely an extended attempt to generate empathy via social networking, together with a full-blown conflict on twitter - Israel continued its pinpoint strikes in Gaza overnight, taking out the house of a high-ranking Hamas operative, together with the release of commemorative video showing the explosion moments after the event. The clip is below. What is more curious is that the global hacker group Anonymous has already picked its side, and yesterday launched a massive attack named #OpIsrael, which has so far hacked 700 Israeli websites. From RT: "The hackers reportedly took down websites ranging from high-profile governmental structures such as the Foreign Ministry to local tourism companies’ pages. The biggest attack as of now has been the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s international development program, titled Mashav. Anonymous announced on Twitter they’ve hacked into the program’s database, with the website remaining inaccessible at the moment." And most notably, Anonymous also took down the primary nexus used by Israel's to boast about its military exploits: the blog of the Israel Defense Forces, which has been down for half a day now.

While Israel has demonstrated superiority in sheer physical military strength, the reality, as the StuxNet stories over the past 2 years have shown, that the real war will be fought on line and in various mainframes. The problem is that when dealing with a massive decentralized, cloud of hacker attacks originating from everywhere in the globe, just whom will Israel retaliate against in this 21st century equivalent of guerrilla warfare?

The latest explosion:

IDF's blog as of right now:

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kaiserhoff's picture

Ship me somewheres east of Suez

where the best is like the worst.

Where there aren't no ten commandments,

and a man can raise a thirst.


true brain's picture

I wonder who the Anonymous members are. There must be some Jews or at least American Jews among them and yet they go against IDF. very confusing. any thoughts anyone.

A Lunatic's picture

Anonymous is a CIA PSYOP, otherwise there would be some real and lasting damage to important, if not critical and necessary, infrastructure around the globe.........

centerline's picture

Hate to say it.  But, I think you could be right.  Maybe not a psyop, but a good cover at least.  Plus, this cyberwarfare thing is really reaching some incredible new levels of complexity.  Stuxnet was a good example... and that is what we know about.  What we don't know about could be even more scary.

A Lunatic's picture

They have only begun to sow the seeds of anonymous in the fertile minds of the largely idiotic and gullible masses. In the end they will be the scapegoat for everything from voting machines being hacked to grid failure. A new bogeyman to terrorize the citizenry. We will beg for protection, we will lose the internet as we know it. Watch and see.......

true brain's picture

Lunatic; i think you're right on. It's becoming very clear that human beings will not survive their own technology. Party on while you still can.

mjcOH1's picture

"While Israel has demonstrated superiority in sheer physical military strength, the reality, as the StuxNet stories over the past 2 years have shown, that the real war will be fought on line and in various mainframes. "

StuxNet is NOT the real war, any more than diplomatic protests, seized bank accounts, or a dictated story to someone's pet journalist al Al Jazerra or the NYT. 

When the real war is fought, the debate of StuxNet's effectiveness becomes moot because the evidence is buried in collapsed galleries under a couple of hundred thousand tons of loose sand.   The real war is hard to mistake and isn't being fought on the interwebs.

AmericanFUPAcabra's picture

Too late son. Obammy passed that shit by executive order October 20th under the goddamned radar. Because the last time it was actually voted on as CISPA and SOPA the masses actually woke up for a collective moment as not to lose their interweb. First I'd read of it was yesterday thanks to russia today.

Lore's picture

Lunatic: "They have only begun to sow the seeds of anonymous in the fertile minds of the largely idiotic and gullible masses....We will beg for protection, we will lose the internet as we know it. Watch and see..."

That is perceptive. Anonymous is whatever someone says it is, leaving them vulnerable to manipulation, just like past resistance / dissident groups. Lacking more information about their purpose and rules, others are liable to ascribe any action to them and exploit their perceived vigilantism to justify policies that may have nothing to do with their real goals.  They can be co-opted and used, in other words.  So if they are a genuine third party, 'grass-roots' or otherwise, and not posers (e.g., 'astroturf'), they need to distinguish themselves in some way from sanctioned players and copycats. Hacking Stratfor got people's attention, but I for one have not heard why that was a priority. Maybe it was just a personal vendetta and nothing more. It is interesting, as it brings to mind recent depictions of hackers in Hollywood.

francis_sawyer's picture

Awww... You mean it's NOT "Zero Cool" & "Acid Burn" hacking the planet from their 486 processor, 28.8k modem connections from public payphones using Doublemint gum wrappers?...


You just ruined my weekend...

Stares straight ahead's picture

Ahhh...  Hard[W]ar reference!  Like it!

eatthebanksters's picture

 Wasn't Angelina Jolie like 16 when she made that movie and wasn't her co-star her first husband? 

CPL's picture

If you listen.  The Anons are brave and very scared 16-25 year old kids.  The drone phones a cell phone and the missle locks onto the signal.


This is all that is left of the 17 kids that started.  The rest were killed by mistakenly answering their cell phone.  Teleport4 we are not sure if he's alive.  He's a 14 year old boy with a cell phone and we're busy trying to keep him alive.


When it's your kids and grand kids next, you'll appreciate the effort extended by the Anons.




CPL's picture

Someone doesn't like that idea out there...getting junked for posting live streams.


Cell phones being used as a the targeting systems.  Just in case anybody doesn't understand what GPS in a phone can also be used for.  It can help you find a mall or it can be used as a target.  So if the shit hits the fan, get rid of your cell phones and don't stand next to someone that won't give theirs up.


That's what has been learned about the drone systems.

fuu's picture

Hackers gonna hack, haters gonna hate. Nevermind the riff-raff. Thanks for the links.

CPL's picture

The MSM is as usually amazingly useless and full to the brim of cowards.


Only one left now is Harry.  Rest are dead.  The RT ones are up and down.  AP disconnected after being shelled.  Their camera man is confirmed dead.

CPL's picture



Now comes escalation.

fuu's picture

Back now, might have been on my end.

Drachma's picture

What do 16-25 year old 'kids' know about the world? What wisdom have they gleaned from their short lives that could possibly give them the upper hand against generations of master-planners in the art of population control and dominance? Let us for a moment accept your inferred claim that Anon is not an agency creation playing its role in a game of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Do you really think that these 'kids' have the solution to our problems. They are only using the tools given to them inside their shell, by their unknown controllers, the same shell crafted for all. Have they attempted to think out of the box, or have they been so dazzled by it's contents, that the only solution seems to be to fight an electronic war that they can never win?

I humbly suggest that everyone take a moment to think outside the box. Instead of engaging in electronic warfare, people could realize that maybe we should just dis-engage from the enemy's systems, those same systems that enslave us all. But that is where the planners have us by the balls. They are masters of human psychology. We have come to depend on the systems that enslave us, and our psyches have been incrementally altered to accept this fate. Who amongst us, at this point along the way, would be willing to break out of the shell, throw away all the little goodies given to us in that shell, turn back to community and a simple life, and effectively render these enslavement systems impotent?

In conclusion, 16-25 year old 'hackers' will not save us from ourselves. They are just part of the theater, whether they know it or not, that has been created especially for you and me. The final act will be spectacular.

CPL's picture

The options for many of these kids in limited so it's go big or go home.  

These aren't "hackers" they are kids that don't know what the rules are and have no idea that the rules are bent when they apply their will to technology.  It would be asking a 16 year old in the 1950's how he managed to get another 80 HP out of an engine with duct tape, heating ducts and a blow torch.  To a mechanic, the rules and strictures of what they are taught force them into a linear line of thinking.  They could not begin to understand what goes though a garage engine hackers mind, never the less, 80 HP is there.  It can be measured and more than likely replicated.


To the 16 year old.  They only want what they have to go faster and have nothing but time on their hands.  They see a locked box of information, they zerg the shit out of something until the lock breaks.  


It is power of youth or have you become too old to remember your youth and the invention of it?


Drachma's picture

Granted the unadulterated imagination and creativity of youth is a great thing, don't get me wrong. It is the seat of genius. But do they understand the nuances and intricacies of what they engage in, beyond the mechanics and the excitement their technological prowess affords them? The locked box of information has been put there for them to waste that youthful energy and misdirect it. I think you fail to see my point. But let's just agree to disagree. Don't take what I say personally if you happen to be part of the said demographic.

CPL's picture

No I am a bit older than that.  And of course it's been built to be a leash and collar.  

I've never had a dog though that didn't know how to slip the leash, either by accident or by purpose.  Success is a state, the process is irrelevant.  The fact it happens is the odds involved.  As far as if they are searching on purpose?  The information flow on where, how and what is strange.  It's based on a swarm.  Like bees.


One bee finds it's flower field goes back and dances the flower dance to the other bees.  Except make 10,000,000 bees following a completely different philosophy, religion, speaking every language of every age and sex.  The glue that binds that is technology.  Near instant translation software, pseudonyms, limitless information at a couple of strokes, the bilocation/multilocation experience.  most were very happily doing their thing, then governments started to close down their storage sites.  Removing their fun.  Gave them nothing to do.


What do kids do when they are teenagers and nothing to do?  So here we are.  Just like the 1950's greaser with nothing to do.  Rebel with a cause.  In this case, for some of them the cause is survival and technology is the only tool they know how to use.  They know the business end of technology.  They are the student that has surpassed the teacher.

Drachma's picture

You say, "Success is a state, the process is irrelevant". This speaks of the age old dilemma articulated by Plato through the words of Socrates, and I paraphrase, "Being be not becoming. Which is the more the difficult?" But you see, they are both relevant in my mind. It seems we have differing perspectives on history and information flow. While it may seem strange to some, there are no contradictions for others. While the flow may be chaotic and unpredictable on the ground level, the larger-scale flow feeding that sub-system is one way and controlled, from the top. Any free thinking glitches at the substructure level are quickly smeared out of existence. Interesting how you use the bee analogy. Once again Plato had something to say of the hive, that was not particularly favourable to the 'teenage' cohort; that the perfectly ruled society would be structured as the hive. And let those busy-bodies buzz around with the denatured honey we feed them. To bee or not to bee? That is the question apparently.

IndicaTive's picture

Back in the early 80's I knew a couple of 16 year-olds who could get a moped to do 50+ mph.... Anyway, thanks for the links CPL.

CPL's picture

Full tally and maneveurs so far with counts.


- 75,000 reserves called up, 30,000 Israeli troops mobilized
- 830 targets hit in Gaza, Hamas Ministry of Interior HQ destroyed
- 41 Palestinians dead 400 wounded, 3 dead Israeli citizens confirmed
- 400 rockets have been fired from Gaza (230 intercepted by Iron Dome)
- Muslim Brotherhood mobilizes protests against Israel in Cairo
- Open calls by muslim militants for Jihad against Israel
- Al Qassam began operation #ShaleStones
- Harry is confirmed to be immortal and demonic
- No Gaza SURPRISE (claimed to be a SURPRISE at 6pm nothing happened)
- Hamas rejects Egyptian ceasefire proposal; Iron Dome intercepts missile heading to Tel Aviv
- Possible alien intervention? (lol)

I am more equal than others's picture




As we chant at our football games...

Hit'em again

Hit'em again



Don't bring a knife to a gun fight, provoke with a poke, then run to the press and say they started it.  The press with their public school education won't have the ability to discover the 'truth.'

Pool Shark's picture




I guess if Mexico Lobbed a bunch of rockets into downtown San Diego, the US would be obliged to just sit on its hands?



roadhazard's picture

Pedro (the rocket) Jimenez just lobbed himself over the border. America retaliates with the Dream Act.

downwiththebanks's picture

And what ought Mexico do if, prior to said attacks, Uncle Sam launched drone strikes against government officials on one of the Obamanations Terroist Tuesday assassinations by lottery?

Graph's picture

Too much chlorine in your brain sharky?

Nikao7's picture



I guess if Mexico Lobbed a bunch of rockets into downtown San Diego, the US would be obliged to just sit on its hands?


Does anyone think it's beyond Mossad to orchestrate rocket attacks from Gaza???  

downwiththebanks's picture

You, sir, are a crackpot.  Again with the "Palestinians started it" canard.  This is factually untrue, which hardly stops you from repeating it.  Because you're in desperate defense of Apartheid, by any means necessary.

I am more equal than others's picture

You are a public educated puppet whose knowledge of facts extends to the limits of Newsweek and Huffington Post.  Thankfully they have lots of glossy pictures to keep your attention. 

rich_wicks's picture

You can insult him, but he's right.

How did the PALESTINIANS start this?

How were they responsible from brining in hundreds of thousands of Jewish immigrants from Russia and Europe?  Do tell us all.

I am more equal than others's picture

what people group predates them?

The Temple Mount should be sufficient evidence. King Solomon?

If you need more, I'll gladly name books, but beware, they have few pictures and maybe rare in your case.  Barbizon College's library only subscribes to Glamor, et al. 

downwiththebanks's picture

Don't spout that hocus-pocus stupidity.

Apartheid Israel exists not because of some invisible man in the sky but for 2 reasons:   the midwifery of the UN in 1947 sanctioning their theft and the welfare checks they receive from Uncle Sam, year after year, to slaughter babies and grandmothers who aren't White European colonists.

rich_wicks's picture

what people group predates them?

The Cannanites do.  Oh wait, they are extinct.

What's your point?  You think because there was a group of savages 5000 years ago, they get special privliedges?  The Hindu religion is just as old.  Should they get special privileges too?

The Israelis are a group of insane, racist, savages today.  That won't last forever, no matter how racist or how delusional they are.

dark pools of soros's picture

You clowns said the same thing about LulzSec

awakening's picture

Originally LulzSec were a free flowing group of hacktivists before they got infiltrated by the FBI. Post infiltration the group was used for other purposes to keep them together long enough for doxing other members.

dark pools of soros's picture

yes and the FBI is way different than the CIA - they hate each other (ie: Bengahzi clusterfuck, etc)

ebworthen's picture

Humanity is on the precipice of extinction, or it's Aliens.

goat's picture

Anonymous is so decentralized that it could be a "CIA psy-op" and a legitimate freedom-oriented hacker group at the same time.


Also, plenty of Jews, in and out of Israel, dont support the genocide of the Israeli government