Israel Releases Another Gaza Pinpoint Strike Video, Anonymous Retaliates By Taking Down IDF Blog

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In what is becoming an increasingly more confusing conflict - is it truly an ideological war, or merely an extended attempt to generate empathy via social networking, together with a full-blown conflict on twitter - Israel continued its pinpoint strikes in Gaza overnight, taking out the house of a high-ranking Hamas operative, together with the release of commemorative video showing the explosion moments after the event. The clip is below. What is more curious is that the global hacker group Anonymous has already picked its side, and yesterday launched a massive attack named #OpIsrael, which has so far hacked 700 Israeli websites. From RT: "The hackers reportedly took down websites ranging from high-profile governmental structures such as the Foreign Ministry to local tourism companies’ pages. The biggest attack as of now has been the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s international development program, titled Mashav. Anonymous announced on Twitter they’ve hacked into the program’s database, with the website remaining inaccessible at the moment." And most notably, Anonymous also took down the primary nexus used by Israel's to boast about its military exploits: the blog of the Israel Defense Forces, which has been down for half a day now.

While Israel has demonstrated superiority in sheer physical military strength, the reality, as the StuxNet stories over the past 2 years have shown, that the real war will be fought on line and in various mainframes. The problem is that when dealing with a massive decentralized, cloud of hacker attacks originating from everywhere in the globe, just whom will Israel retaliate against in this 21st century equivalent of guerrilla warfare?

The latest explosion:

IDF's blog as of right now:

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Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

also Russians, Chinese & Indians know how party with a system

rich_wicks's picture

If you were German in 1940 not living in Germany which side would you have picked in hiindsight?

If you were a white anglo saxxon American in 1955 would you have rather aligned yourself with the KKK, or Martin Lurther King?

If you were a white South African in 1980 living outside of the country, would you have rather aligned yourself against or with the Apartheid government?

There's nothing confusing about this at all.  Israel is a group of Jewish supremacist, racists, bigots, who have been at war for their entire history.  You don't have to be some super moral person of integrity to align yourself against it, that doesn't mean you have to align yourself up with the despots that the US bribes to keep their population in check.

You just have to see which way the wind is blowing, and this isn't going to last forever.  Israel will inevitably collapse.  The United States won't be able to keep them alive forever, no matter what the stupid politicians of this coutnry want.  We'll just run out of money.

gould's fisker's picture

WHY isn't FKN News on cable?--its more accurate (and hilarious) that anything else on the tube.

JustObserving's picture

The same reason that Max Keiser, the most watched broadcaster on the planet, is not on American cable.  You do not want to confuse the sheeple with the truth.  

goldfish1's picture

You do not want to confuse the sheeple with the truth.

Everybodys All American's picture

People are taking sides. Wonder what side Obama takes? Have not heard much other than Israel has a right to defend itself.

true brain's picture

Netanyahu was campaigning for Romney. It's payback time.

francis_sawyer's picture

Do you really, REALLY, give a FF about what Obama thinks about anything?... He's married to a wookiee... The plot ends there...

true brain's picture

I agree. she's the ugliest first lady to have ever walked the hall of the white house. that woman is just bug ugly and the presstitude keeps saying she is so pretty and classy. Yuck.

eatthebanksters's picture

How Barry handles this situation could sink or swim his 2nd term...only time will tell...

roadhazard's picture

too bad the Repubicans didn't have a candidate that could beat a TelePrompTer reading, dope smoking, secret Muslim terrorist with no birth certificate.

Now I have to listen to sour grapes for four years.

nah's picture

israel is ready to go to war with egypt

Inthemix96's picture

Nice one anonymous.

Pity you couldnt take out netheyahoo at the same time.

francis_sawyer's picture

I kno right?

This fucking 'Anonymous' reminds me of all the Benjamin Fulford & Drake bullshit that breathlessly boast that ANY DAY, ANY DAY NOW, the whole applecart is gonna get turned over... It's a fucking bad B- movie...

monkeyboy's picture

Good things those Israeli's have no idea on how to track down and exterminate those Anonymous kids. They sure could be in a lot of trouble if they did.

No good, meddling Anonymous messing with the Jews.


Cortez the Killer's picture

ha ha

anonymous thinks they are immune from reprisals

Dave Thomas's picture

No shit, it's one thing to be on the FBI's shitlist, I mean they might send you a shirtless picture. But I sure as hell wouldn't want to be on the Mossad's shitlist. Ask Gerald Bull how that turned out.

monkeyboy's picture

As an aside -

Got to admit things are starting to look & get a crazy rate of knots.

I wouldn't be surprised if something way outta left field happens/is announced - WWIII, Massive natural disaster, global plague, alien invasion, discovery of big foot, lizard reptialian overlords or something along these lines. MSM has always been shit, but the line between fiction/fact, real or otherwise, is so blurred I have a hard time discerning who's winning dancing with the stars, the war on drugs or dancing in the middle east?!?! It's just a big pile of propaganda, sensationalist, commercialised bullshit.

It's become a giant troll on humanity(of which the MSM has propagated against us for sometime). 

Or is this just a glitch in the matrix...or is Stuxnet having far greater reach and impact than first thought?

Inquiring minds...and snooki want to know?







goat's picture

I, for one, welcome our reptilian overlords.

ExpendableOne's picture

No one should take sides.  Stand back and let them finish each other off.'s picture

By not taking sides are you suggesting that all Americans should demand an end to all foreign aid, including aid to Israel?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Remind me exactly how a broke/bankrupt country can afford to provide aid again? 

mjcOH1's picture

"Remind me exactly how a broke/bankrupt country can afford to provide aid again? "


Through the magic of the printing press we are (for a while) able to spend $1.2T per year or so in excess of either our revenue or what anyone is willing to loan us.

Or to paraphrase the Kenyan, "Apres moi le deluge.".

U4 eee aaa's picture

When the Soviet Union went bankrupt it was said they continued to maintain their military at 80% effectiveness. Broke for civilians is not necessarily broke for the government

Kiwi Pete's picture

It was said wrong:


"This week's "map" is actually one of an amazing collection of satellite images of rusting Russian ships, taken via Google Earth by the good folks at The above are abandoned naval vessels, probably cruisers of some kind. According to, the once-proud Russian Navy was down to some 300 ships in 2003—and that may be a generous estimate."

TheObsoleteMan's picture

The reason the Russian Navy has reduced it's surface fleet, is because they have correctly identified surface ships as obsolete in 21st century naval warfare. They have shifted their emphasis on subs, and rightly so. The US Navy is still in the 20th century, building multi billion dollar aircraft carriers, which are nothing more than large, can't miss targets for a Russian torpedo and missile barrage. The abandoned ships are mostly commercial vessels, mixed with several 1960s-70s obsolete Russian Navy ships. Russia still has a vibrant manufacturing base, and a tool and die sector. The USA's are a shadow of it's former self, and could not meet war production quotas necessary for fighting a large, drawn out war. Just look at the supply and logistical problems we had in Iraq.

RobbyV's picture

So what, a few blogs are offline for a few days. Whoopdie f*ck.

AnAnonymous's picture

Do not be picky on the 'american' attempt to balance things out... The best shot by far...

akak's picture

Do not be picky on the Chinese Citizenism attempt to balance things out between European settlement of North America and the recent and ongoing Chinese rape of Tibet  ... the best roadside shit by far ...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Anonymous are terrists!

But Jews in Israel are allowed to commit genicide of Palistinians just like Nazis killed them, because they have been through so much painand strife.

Make sense?  Good.  Now relax and drink some more fluoride.

AnAnonymous's picture

Just embrace 'americanism'. It will serve the same purpose so more effectively.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Look, you want to discuss the MIC?  Yes, it is international.  Yes, it is fronted by the US government, but right now it is Israel dropping large scale warfare.  When it is the US I will discuss it.

centerline's picture

Piss off loser.  You contribute nothing around here.  You only spew forth the same ignorant intolerance that the TPTB are using to divide and conquer.  So, quietly put down the AK47 you have been stroking in implanted fantasy of killing Americans and tend to your goats.

goat's picture

"In the course of my field research on the hallucinogenic mushrooms growing in Italy’s alpine meadows (Samorini 1993), I have personally observed on several occasions the greed with which goats will devour the species Psilocybe semilanceata. Once I was actually assaulted by a large billy-goat, which gave me a shove with his powerful horns while I was bent over to observe some funghetti. He was one of the more massive animals in a herd of about 50 that was rambling by me. Trusting in their harmlessness (though aware of their curiosity), I simply continued gathering the mushrooms. When I saw that several goats had stopped to watch me, I smiled at them ingenuously and showed them the bunch of mushrooms I had just harvested. The moment I did so, the buck leaped forward and shoved me sharply with his horns, causing me to roll several feet down the slope. During my tumble, the paper bag holding the mushrooms I had collected fell out of my hand. Surprised and frightened, I remained at a distance from the buck, who, with several other goats, threw himself on the sack and devoured its contents. When it was empty, the animals began rooting through the grass, gobbling up all the mushrooms I had not yet collected.

Ever since, when I have encountered a bunch of goats, I have followed the advice of a knowledgable goat-herd and brandished my stick on high; it is the only way to stop them. And when I stumble onto a psilocybin site already claimed by goats, I make no attempt to drive them off – partly out of respect for them, but partly from fear of being attacked by animals already under the influence of this powerful drug and therefore doubly recalcitrant and dangerous.

Once they locate a cluster of psilocybin mushrooms, goats will not eat grass or any other kind of fungus, feeding exclusively on their drug of choice. It seems clear that they know how to recognise it, and that they search it out for its psychoactive effects. Goats under its influence exhibit overstimulated behaviour, run about awkwardly, and shake their heads wildly back and forth.”

From: "Animals and Psychedelics: The Natural World and the Instinct to Alter Consciousness" by Giorgio Samorini (Park Street Press, Vermont, 2000).


JustObserving's picture

From the very beginning of the Israeli offensive, Anonymous has avidly supported the Palestinian people. On Wednesday, they said in a press statement, "For far too long, Anonymous has stood by with the rest of the world and watched in despair the barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment of the Palestinian people in the so called 'Occupied Territories' by the Israel Defense Force."

Anonymous members also contacted Israeli forces directly. A tweet from an Anonymous account to an IDF spokesperson warned, “It would be wise of you to expect us”, while a statement on their webpage said, “Stop bombing Gaza. Millions of Israelis and Palestinians are lying awake, exposed and terrified.”

It will not be long before Anonymous is declared a terrorist organization by the US.

mkhs's picture

Well it's about time.  I have been declared a terrorist suspect since NDAA.

RagnarDanneskjold's picture

Hacking defense websites during wartime. Whatever side you support, you just became a military target.

nonclaim's picture

Or at least an intelligence target, for lack of having some.

Arthur Borges's picture

Gee, gun camera is always so cool and the IDF has footage form 950 airstrikes in four days to choose from:

For the deal on the ground though, Anne Paq's pix are worth googling.

justsayin2u's picture

The Israelis should learn to just sit back and take it.  It's not like the Arabs or Persians, or Muslims would ever do them any harm.