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Japan's Official Advice To Bond Investors: "Please Do Not Worry"

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Q. If Japan has a financial collapse, what will happen to its government bonds?

A. Please do not worry.

Source: Japan Ministry of Finance

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Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:27 | 2991809 fnord
fnord's picture

..edit, very late to the party...

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:27 | 2991810 Non Passaran
Non Passaran's picture

Wolf or one of other contributors wrote about this last year, no?

It's funny how this gets ridiculed more than everyone else's approach when in fact there is no difference. As many have said Japan may be (relatively) better off because most bonds are domestically owned.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:54 | 2991864 Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden's picture

You may want to double check that particular quite popular conventional wisdom misconception:

Source: Japan MOF

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 14:31 | 2991927 onebir
onebir's picture

But what about Japanese banks and life insurers?

Sun, 11/18/2012 - 08:20 | 2993314 Vlad Tepid
Vlad Tepid's picture

I'm a total novice at high finance, but if by "retail investors" this means only non-Japanese buyers, at 35 trillion yen, it still represents less than a fourth of the total outstanding JGB...WAY less than any other developed country.


Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:42 | 2991842 Under construct...
Under construction...'s picture

This, from the same people who "handled" the Fukishima disaster.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:43 | 2991845 Cheesy Bastard
Cheesy Bastard's picture

How you pay?  How you pay?

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:49 | 2991853 The.Oracle
The.Oracle's picture

"Don't worry, subprime is contained"

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:52 | 2991862 Invisible Hand
Invisible Hand's picture

That's why I prefer government bonds over gold.

Gold is backed by nothing (I heard it on TV!) while government bonds are backed by the full FAITH and CREDIT of the government.

They have always been faithful (to their own interests) and we know their credit is good, don't we?


Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:53 | 2991863 prains
prains's picture

If Bass is back out on the streets talking about Japan it could be getting interesting. His analysis is spot on but timing is the blind spot. Tied to the Grexit, Japan will flame out and American geopolitics will become the lynch pin in an asian meltdown. The middle east is about to go boom and europe is soon to pop. All three at once and China gets to sit back and watch, we are fucked.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:53 | 2991865 news printer
news printer's picture
Kenyan airline grounds fleet over South Sudanese forex crisis

Forex crisis - South Sudan's oil shutdown has claimed the fortunes of Kenya's medium-sized regional airline, Jetlink Express, which was forced to ground nearly eight aircraft for up to four months over a US$2 million financing crisis.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 13:58 | 2991874 FeralSerf
FeralSerf's picture

The Fed will buy the JGBs if necessary and the BoJ will buy the the USTs too all with newly created dollars and yen.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 14:14 | 2991901 markar
markar's picture

So what happens when the Fed has the entire worlds's toxic assets on it's books? My head is exploding.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 14:14 | 2991902 supafuckinmingster
supafuckinmingster's picture

Herro prease....!

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 14:38 | 2991948 The big unzip
The big unzip's picture

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 16:50 | 2992191 in4mayshun
in4mayshun's picture

Correction, tomorrow you get cancer, then the medical industry bleeds you and your medical insurance of every last dime for 3-5 years...then you die.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 15:14 | 2992023 AnAnonymous
AnAnonymous's picture

Is it a repeat or a new message?

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 16:05 | 2992119 jonjon831983
jonjon831983's picture

lol thanks for the reminder: http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2012-09-24/japanese-ministry-financ...


So more action coming about?

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 16:13 | 2992135 edb5s
edb5s's picture

"If you're going to panic, panic early."

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 16:53 | 2992197 bugs_
bugs_'s picture

Please consider it is already too late to worry.

PS:  I bet the Fed owns a shimaload of Japanese debt.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 18:53 | 2992417 ShakaZulu
ShakaZulu's picture

"Please do not worry."  Mothra is aware of problem and will death ray it.

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 23:40 | 2992884 technicalanarchy
technicalanarchy's picture

Best quote of the year. "Please do not worry" that's the best! I'm changing my company slogan! Stealing that bitch out right.

Wait is that the greatest Haiku ever?!? I want to hear it in Japanese.

Sun, 11/18/2012 - 11:54 | 2993555 Overflow-admin
Overflow-admin's picture

Japanese Official Advice:

In case of panic, do not panic.

Sun, 11/18/2012 - 11:57 | 2993567 Zero Debt
Zero Debt's picture


Sun, 11/18/2012 - 17:11 | 2994319 neutrinoman
neutrinoman's picture

Most likely is for domestic rates in Japan to not rise much, but for a sharp drop in the yen.

Mon, 11/19/2012 - 18:42 | 2997165 mackeyreport
mackeyreport's picture

Don't worry y'all. You can eat the bond certificates, another advantage over gold!

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