Israeli Pinpoint Strike As Seen From "The Other Side"

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Because while the IDF's "clinical, pinpoint" strikes as posted on the IDF's blog are one thing, here is how they look from the Gaza side...

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Israel has every right to stop the Hamas rocket attacks. So you have no point...

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And the other side has every right to stop X,Y, Z. And so it goes ad infinitum because BOTH sides have zero interest in peace. 

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Israel is a terrorist state. No buts about it.

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Name me one single state that is not a terrorist state, in the history of mankind.

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I guess they just knew to keep the camera pointed at the apartment building with a heating system that uses rocket fuel.

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Every state might be a terrorist state, at least to their own citizens, but only a select few try to manipulate the entire world to make them their GOYIM, aka cattle. Nice attempt at a two dimensional world though.

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... And don't you wonder how the dude holding the camera knew exactly which building to aim (not to mention ZOOM IN ON!)... something about this video seems as fishy as the tale it's trying to tell.


Gotta love information warfare! You never can be certain which side your opinion puts you on!

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Oh Hi Mrs. Hasbara, I didn't see you come in. I hope you brought coffee and donuts for the rest of the troops. Maybe the building was a Hamas government building, so all they had to do was put 15 cameras on all 15 government buildings and wait for the footage to magically appear on its own.

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Palestinian Bottle Rockets Vs Israeli Monster Rockets. No contest.

The Palestinians need to get their hands on a few monster rockets and target Dimona to send a real message.

Israel's largest open air concentration camp "Gaza", is just a preview of the planet wide concentration camp they have coming for the rest of us Goyim.


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Because mindless escalation has historically worked so well for the people on either side so far?  The EPS of both sides' MICs on the other hand...

Seriously, both sides are actually using the small shit, and there is a good reason the theory is called M.A.D.  

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The purpose behind this is clear: as Interior Minister Eli Yishai said, “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.”

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And that changes what?  Other than the increased stupidity associated with further escalation...

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After all, we get the answer to the Gen, Petraeus affair. It was a setup. The "sex scandal" was just excuse by Zionist Mafia to subjugate America.

American generals were/are removed due to Zionist Mafia pressure on Obama. The "sex scandal" was just a setup to populate the Pentagon and CIA with Mossad operatives.

"So when people ask me how I think these women were able to insert themselves into top generals’ lives and topple them, I think back to the fact that our top generals gladly allowed top terrorists to infiltrate Central Command as alleged “professors” on the Middle East. And when generals like Petraeus and Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. openly attack Israel and America’s relationship with Israel…"

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1 + 1 = Pi

Islamopandering and pan-Arabism are distinct terms in that most Muslims aren't arabs.  In terms of Israel's strategic interests- Petraeus was as anti-Iran as anyone in Israel could hope to have installed atop Langley.'s picture




Traditional Jews Are Not Zionists


Although there are those who refuse to accept the teachings of our Rabbis and will continue to support the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally unaware of the history of Zionism and its contradiction to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews.

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Most ZH commentators are too stupid to know the difference between Jews, Israelis, and Zionists.

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They're already using weapons that have been around since the middle ages. I suspect they know as well as I do that that strategy isn't going to work. I think this is probably more of a "shock-and-awe" type campaign, leading up to a larger regional war.

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First off there are no people called "Palestinians" ,, they are Syrians that happen to be in the wrong place ... Second the Muslim in Chief is giving Hamas big f'ing rockets ... DUDE , That's what Benghazi is all about..'s picture



Funny but the Jews thought they were living in Palestine.


  • Title: Visit Palestine - see ancient beauty revived / Loeb.
  • Date Created/Published: Tel-Aviv : E. Lewin-Epstein Ltd., [1947]

The Tourist Office of the Jewish Agency for Palestine Jerusalem.

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Well you're living in Comanche Town where are the redskins paleface?'s picture

Look at the document. It says "Palestine" in black and white. That's a fact. If you believe that I live in "Comanche Town" please post the documentation. Or were you lying?

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There are no people called Israelites either, they are Egyptians that happen to be in the wrong place...

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donuts and other baked goods. sylvia been know to put her head in the oven

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"... And don't you wonder how the dude holding the camera knew exactly which building to aim ...."



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Show me a Nation with a Central Bank and I'll show you an Axis Of Evil.

And presiding over the destruction of Middle Earth through its' financial tentacles, is Mordor, identifiable by its' distinctive Tower...The Tower of Mordor.

Behold, the vantage of the Puppet Master….puppeteering puppeteers who puppeteer the puppets. A Russian Doll-like layering of Puppets, too consumed by their own puppeteering to simply look up, until the day of the cutting of the strings and burning of the wood.

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This is now a recurring event, when the U.S. has a presidential election every four years, and there is churn in the Senate and House, during the lame duck 2 month transition Israel attacks Gaza with everything they have. They do this because the U.S. is the most weak during these two months, and cannot argue back with a unified voice, since people are being replaced in congress. Israel patiently waits for this 2 month window now to do all their dirtiest work.

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Ah, No...Zion has nothing to fear from the "American" Congress. 535 well-paid shabbatz goyim. 

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I will bet anyone $100 the 'hostilities' will cease a few days before Obama's swearing in, the middle of next January, just like last time. Any takers?

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Sure, I'll take you up on that bet.

Congratulations my good friend!!! Now, please send me your bank account details so I may transfer funds of your winnings.

Kind regards
Desmond Kabila
Department of Public Finance and Acquisitions
Republic of Congo

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I can't think of anything wittier than that. I concede defeat.

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I was downvoted for lack of wit. I promise i'll try harder next time!

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Nice upgrade and new digs for them.. the old building was getting a bit run down.

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Yeah but Israel is not holier than thou!

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I love it when militants that launch rocket strikes from occupied schoolyards gnash their teeth and wail for compassions when the consequences play out. Maybe don't shit where you live next time.


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Sock puppet software.




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Research firm Frost & Sullivan last year estimated sales of that type of software would reach $415 million by 2012



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Ntrepid Corporation


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Amongst the Security Services offered by the firm we learn that "Cubic subsidiaries are working individually and in concert to develop a wide range of security solutions" that include: "C4ISR data links for homeland security intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions;" a Cubic Virtual Analysis Center which promises to deliver "superior situational awareness to decision makers in government, industry and nonprofit organizations," human behavior pattern analysis, and other areas lusted after by securocrats.


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I am no software. I am th pagan god. What's wrong with these people using my name like this!

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"I love it when militants that launch rocket strikes from occupied schoolyards gnash their teeth and wail for compassions when the consequences play out. Maybe don't shit where you live next time."

Of course, no mention of the militants from the ever expanding Zionist settlements that use armored bulldozers to tear down Palestinian houses, olive and fig trees, and in case that doesn't work, poisoning their wells or taking sniper shots at them from hilltops. Maybe the MILITANTS from the Israeli REGIME shouldn't shit where they live.

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Been watching FOX this morning? US senators telling gapping FOX viewers that Hamas is launching rockets from occupied school yards? The propaganda arm of the Israeli government, I mean US senators, are quite good at their work. I love it everytime Greater Israel is expanding and needs lots of good excuses for their handywork. It is a bit of a bore really, but nevertheless their propagnada does find willing christians tuning in to FOX to get their dose of endtimes support for the Middle East war that will bring the second coming. Though these USA endtimers support Israel without question, they also believe that all the Jews of Israel will go to hell. I wonder how Jews feel about being condemed to hell by their best allies? This is a serious question, the fundamentalist USA christians have a doctrine that send all jews to hell unless they convert to the fundamentalist christian belief system.

I suppose it does not matter in the real world, because all that matter sis US financial and miltary gifts from USA taxpayers that fund most of Israel's military capability. The matter of heaven or hell is secondary to getting all of America's military technology and weapons as free gifts to use at their will, while USA taxpayers cough up their tax payments in order to fund the Israel war machine.

The fighting will continue, because the people Israel shifted out of their homes to make way for the European Jews are not going anywhere and will keep fighting. Also, demographics are not on Israel's side, future generations of Israel will need to expand the killing machine to vastly increase the body count if they plan on holding their positions. So permanent war is the order of the day.


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I up-voted you if only because you can sit and watch Fox.

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The ZOGs will stop creating war when we bankrupt them and jail or kill the psychopaths that run them.

It appears to me the Illuminati and Secret Societies force us to keep repeating the Book of Isaiah over and over again decade in and decade out, century in and century out, millennium in and millennium out.

The Book of Isaiah is their blueprint for perpetual war that they take advantage of on both sides.

Doing the same thing over and over again and selling the prospect of a different result this time, is the definition of insanity.

The only way we can stop the insanity of repeating bad history is to realize this fact.

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"endtimes support for the Middle East war that will bring the second coming..."

I for one find it hard to believe that any real, thinking people on Main Street take that "Zion" business seriously.  It should be obvious that it's just another instrument for social control, like "Global Warming" and the "War On Terror." There are always some dupes and control freaks who fabricate and embrace such things (hat tip to Club of Rome), but the majority of human beings just want to be left alone to live their lives, raise families and tell psychopaths -- religious and otherwise -- to go screw themselves.

What would be more interesting for me -- and I haven't seen it yet -- is a real explanation for the "special relationship" between the USA and Israel. I suspect it involves layers that the general public is not meant to understand. Instinct tells me that it's something dark.  But I don't know.  Any thoughts that aren't just a pissing contest?

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This demagogue clown ( sure does....and so do millions who support his ministry.

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Jack Burton, it is quite telling that only USA evangelicals support Israel. Of course telling said Christians that the majority of the world's  Christians eschew Israel is like telling Jews they are hypocrites.  Don't waste your breath, just post a random message or two on some blog for one's own sanity.    

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And they're stealing the off-shore gas.

AgDc's picture


But the mindless hatred of Jew will continue.

Zero_Sum's picture

Wow. Anti-semite much? I guess that since most of the generation that saw 6 million jews systematically exterminated with its own eyes has passed away from old age, we can all go back to the time-honored tradition of jew bashing. But the same folks that spew this bigoted crap will wag their fingers and act enlightened that 10% of the Greek population thinks that Neo-nazis aren't so bad. History definitely rhymes.

I've got a choice for all you suburban starbucks-chai drinking university-educated 'hating-jews-doesn't-count-as-racist' liberal guilt white Americans: Two week vacation to Tel Aviv... or two week vacation to Cairo/Damascus/Benghazi/Baghdad/Kabul/pick-your-favorite-shit-hole. Now go ahead and silently junk me because you're scared to answer out loud. Me? I'll be in Tel Aviv, rockets and all.