AAPL's 4 Sigma Bounce Is The Second Biggest In Two Years

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Today's AAPL move, on no news, is as of this moment a $35+ move in one trading session, or a $30+ billion market cap move in one trading session, and a nearly $60 move from the Friday lows. As the histogram below shows, in absolute terms, this is the second largest intraday move up in the stock in the past two years, and a 4 sigma move for a stock which has moved 7% on a 1.7% standard deviation, for no other reason than the "stock is oversold" or whatever other narrative those who put narratives to stock moves have ascribed to it today. And with HFT's determining valuation based on momentum, RSI, Bollinger bands, and other meaningless New Normal technicals, we have just gone from massively oversold, to massively-er overbought.


The percetage rise from yesterday's low to today's highs is incredibly dramatic - has happened only twice from the lows in 2009 (and one of those was the fiscal cliff) and after erach, the stock tumbled quite considerably (unable to hold the gains)...


and the current level is a critical VWAP test...


What lies in the stock's future? Nobody knows, at least not until the rear view mirror provides a narrative plot line, but one thing is for sure: much more yoyo-ing is coming.

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Time to short this turd.

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Positively skewed, bitchezz!!

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Exhaustion moves are generally quite big.

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sotra like equities, takes a week to move down 180 pts but only one day to move up 180 pts.....don't forget GS told us to expect 8% more downside.....time to buy /sarc

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"What people forget is that fear can be extremely stimulative and bullish. The panic in risk assets has once again sent investors back into Treasurys, pushing those bond yields back to incredible lows. This in turn may act as a form of QE, as the market acts to stimulate more than the Fed. The end result becomes an environment that plays out similar to the post-May period, sending stocks powering higher.

The possibility exists then for a sharp V-like move in the weeks ahead, undoing much, if not all of the decline. Our ATAC models used for managing our mutual fund and separate accounts, which have avoided the most recent drop in stocks, may fully reposition back into equities in a couple of weeks on enough intermarket improvement and confirmation."


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I bought aapl put at 3:55pm. Up 5% into the close. Today was a blow-off top action. 

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If I hear "Rise Above" one more time, I am going to projectile vomit everywhere

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You need to rise above that sort of vulgar talk.



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Wow, looks like he had clam chowder for lunch

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that's a big time doji bar, technical signal to buy FWIW.

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This is a perfect example of a lemming stampede succker rally.


cant wait to see who is holding the bag when it crashes 14% next

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Facebook has these all the time -they're hilarious. Never last for more than a few days at best.

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If aapl is over bought, what do you call Amazon?

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Hedge fund manager going all in AAPL to save their job. They all must be down 18%


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Like a dead cat, even bruised fruit bounces.

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Apple was $30 BILLION 'oversold' in 1 day? Oh my fuck this is truly crazy.

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there ya go! The folly of t/a voodoo for all to behold

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And where's Orly to bring us all up to speed on the CCI and RSI indicators?

No doubt...

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NYSE! All bullshit

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FY PE (ex cash) of about 7 with 20% YoY growth is a "turd"?  Wow, Graham just turned over in his grave.  

pitz's picture

The 'growth' is coming to a crashing halt, and don't believe everything you 'hear' about cash.  Especially since they still refuse to pay much of it out to shareholders as a dividend.

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this is a cash out your options (exercise) day for AAPL....most of the top brass already know that peak AAPL "innovation" is in the rear view.

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Alot of that cash is in muni debt...If you lend billions of dollars insolvent state and local governments those overweight government employees just might get off their fat ass and buy 200 million of your product with those hard earned wages.


Its brilliant!

pitz's picture

So when that shit gets defaulted on....

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whats up with all the dorky Karle Rov jokes spamming the airwaves - inteligence on this site is dwindling rapidly

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CNBS has given the stock market a reason to rally. All good news. Everything is all fixed!


Euro Up on Hopes for Greek Funding, US Fiscal Fix
ReptilianSlaveMaster's picture

Anyone shorting AAPL after this recent bullish engulfing is premature bear who went short the markets in 2009 - I'd wait for 2 months before eating some of these BBQ long ribs

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<< I am caught short AAPL below $560

<< I am long AAPL below $560

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It is perfectly understandable that the equity markets and AAPL would see these kinds of gains. With movement from the Pelosi and Boehner bobbleheads attached to the dashboard everyone believes they will start driving the car.

slaughterer's picture

Pelosi and Boehner are going to a drive-in movie tonight to see "Lincoln"  Nancy put on her best Fredrick's lingerie and Boehner scheduled a double session at the tanning clinic.  Tomorrow ES + 20  Fiscal cliff averted.  

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WB, how can I not love having you around here?

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NP:  "Rrrrrrrrrrr !!   I just LUV a man who's not afraid to show his feelings ... ''

JB:  "Aw, sacred shit !  I thought you were that cute rep from S. Dakota (that's the last time I drink any of Grover Norquist's grain alcohol).  I'll let you raise taxes down to 110k AGI if you erase those cell phone photos."

NP:  "You've got bigger problems, Buster Brown  -- the company that makes 'Orange Glo' is suing for patent infringement."

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 Someone get me a couple "katyusha rockets"... I need to let some air out of the " Hindenturd"...

  I left the circus Friday late morning.

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Apple is the market

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actaully there was news on apple today. delay of the new imac. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/iMac-Apple-Delay-Manufacturer-Desktop,1... just more evidence of an ass back word market

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AAPL intermediate PT of $590 (next VWAP level) is entirely feasible.   Even ZH hero EINHORN is long AAPL.  

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Someone should put a chart together showing how a peak in ZH headlines containing Apple puns precedes a local bottom in the stock. Sometime last week, I actually counted that HALF of all ZH headlines were Apple related and went lond at 526 and 507 which I sold today for 552. Turns out, I was a bit early as it closed north of 565.

Thank you, Tyler.

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Was Apple oversold? - missed that article.

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Who cares, just be on the right side of the trade.

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Yup, what's the old adage "Better rich than right". Market apoplexy can be profitable.

I stopped trying to rationalize this market long ago.

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in last week-ends financial press this was, by far the most touted stock of all time.  can't remember anything as pumped-one tout called it "the but of the century"  amazingly, the 10/31 short interest was  about the same as 2 weeks prior. very low short interest 

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Come on Benny...HIT THE GAS!!!!

26 handles...MY ASS!  That can be 30 into the close!

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7.5% - $40 move in one day! Wow. Wish I woulda bought it today. 

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Apple has a lot of cash probably bought a ton of theirn own paper today

Dre4dwolf's picture

I mean their business model is uninspiring to say the least.

-File bullshit claims in court against our competition and biggest suppliers in court ? why ? to drive up our own costs (samsung), ok APPLES go make your own supplier pissed off and raise the price on componenets that makeup 90% of your product, its not even an APPLIE IPHONE its a SAMSUNG PHONE WITH AN APPLE LOGO ON IT AND IOS Running on it.


-Take our products that we have now and make them 5Cm smaller ! brilliant!


Apple has no room left to grow and they are going to get slaughtered in the asian markets, their top people are gona start leaving in droves and thats when you know the ship is sinking.

kito's picture

-Take our products that we have now and make them 5Cm smaller ! brilliant!...................


now where have i heard that before......hmmmm????