For Greece: "Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright"

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During a week in which Americans are supposed to give thanks, we thought this inside look at the reality on the streets of Greece was worthwhile comprehending. From the May 2011 Syntagma Square uprising to "the 'firesale' of their country, their labor rights, and their livelihoods to corrupt domestic elites and foreign financial interests" the brief documentary follows the dramatic portrait of a country veering to the brink of collapse - and the people who choose to struggle to build a new world from the ruins of the old. "For [the elites] Greece is a guinea pig, to find out up to what point they can 'milk' [us]" is how one narrator describes the situation, adding that "they are refusing to see the reality [saying] it's not happening, it's not happening, it's not happening, everything is gonna be alright; Nothing is gonna be alright" as "loans enslave people." Utopia remains on the horizon...


The Greek people are suffering from two contradictory collective feelings: Fear and Rage.

Some disturbing images and deep introspection here...

English subtitles but mostly English spoken...

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But Jim Rickards says they EU will last forever?

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I don't understand why there hasn't been a civil war in Greece? 

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Technically, fear and rage are not contradictory, nor are they "collective feelings." Like all feelings, they are within the individual.

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How many times do thousands of economists have to say leave the Euro, go bankrupt, and restrict national government spending to 18% of the GDP.

People all over the world need to understand government is a luxury, not a way to make a living.  Government is a drag on the economy.  The smaller government is the more money in the private sector that will go to people who will produce things other people want.

I wish the Greeks all the best.  

Y = C + I – G + NX


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Please correct any errors you see below with my limited understanding of the situation:

It seems to me that the Eurozone, like the United States, is a Federation. There is no constitutional mechanism for a country to voluntarily leave. If this is correct, then in order for a country to leave, a constitutional amendment would need to be passed, which would require 100 percent support from all member governments.

It is not a simple thing for the majority of people in one country to say "let's leave" and it is done, just like a State in the United States cannont unilaterly choose to leave. The last time States tried to voluntarily leave the United States, they were defeated in a long war and forced to remain within the Federation. 

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So, WHICH Euro-country is gonna supply the troops to keep Greece in the Euro-zone?

Hint:  They couldn't even agree about the Balkans in the 1990's, without helpful arm-twisting from NATO.

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I like Greece...been there a couple of times, enjoyed it

I've supported the resistance movement

I love the Riot Dog

I think the police should be ashamed of themselves..


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I operate under the conditions if Rage and Revenge.

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because most of the greek people, like most of the people in the U.S., are not able or willing to see reality for what it is (yet)...  the reality is that most of the world's governments are firmly under the control of a small cabal that has used the central bank system to take control from the inside, and destroy any country that stands in the way.   these psychopaths see humans as cattle, and have very dark plans in mind should their bid for total control be sucessful.   yes fighting back is going to be ugly and you may suffer....   but, if humanity does not stand up...  it will be far worse.

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Translation, people need to find the source, central bankers, and kill them.  Until the central bankers suffer they will hide behind the printing press and make others suffer.

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This video gives you the exact reasoning. Other than the old man, these people are neutered. They are sheep. They are being led to slaughter, and told that their braying is a true "struggle" against their masters. They use words like "fight" and "changed" and "struggle", but it was all so much mental masterbation. 

Greece may not turn into Nazi Germany, but they could turn into Mussolini Italy.  

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The old man had more balls than the "let's go dance at the concert guys" crowd, daz for sure.

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....these people are neutered. They are sheep.

If I got the story straight, George Papandreou was "replaced" with Lucas Papademos (Bankster) after Papa wanted a referendum vote of the sheeple. The EU said NO and Papa was shown the door. The day that happened was the day the Greeple lost everything, especially any degree of self respect.  Now they snivel over ancient history and Ouzo.

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They won't revolt until the ones getting everything is the pensioners, lose

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Call me when they start burning banks and bringing killdozers to these protests. 

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For those of you unfamiliar with the killdozer:



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Because they're still clamoring for a free lunch...  they're still desperate to keep the perpetual motion machine churning.

Civil war happens when enough people finally decide that the free lunch doesn't exist and that in order to have any chance at autonomy and what they deem as liberty, they decide to roll their own.  Of course, the irony, is that in setting up a successor government, they'll be sowing the seeds of history...  to repeat itself upon maturity...  in the end, justification being that it simply feels better to have a different person whipping them.

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Greece had an ancient method of implementing law(s):

"Anyone wishing to propose a new law had to do so while standing on a public platform with a rope around their neck.  If the law was passed, the rope was removed.  If the law was voted down, the platform was removed."

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And I cant stand Rickards for that. Also said Libya gold is somewhere on a US army base. The otherwise likable Rickards deserves to be piled into the undesirable pile with the rest of the globalists.

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Greece stop being so sad and depressed...take back your country, disorderly default on the debt and rebuild in a Greek way. FFS. People are so inertly dependant on the system it's sad. 

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What is the difference between the path chosen between Iceland and Greece and the outcome between the two.

Who is in control now? Who are slaves now?

Banksters and politicians should be afraid, very afraid


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If Greece wants to follow the path of Iceland it will have to do much more than refuse payment and put bankers on trial. It will also have to be disciplined and work productively like the Icelanders. If Greeks that they can go back to their corrupted system and their debt fuelled life styles, they are sorely mstaken.

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Climate has a lot to do with it.  If you are a slacker in a cardboard box in Iceland, you will die.

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But in Greece, it's not a bad life, especially when Germans are giving you grocery $

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I bet they could find a way to be corrupt in any regime, with or without debt.  I have great faith in the Greek people.

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Didn't see this in MSM - lots of protests throughout the PIGGS last week:

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it's like the unions here in the US-their idea of economics is just to have the govt print it and come up with one-guy-dig-a-hole-and-the-next-guy-fill-it jobs programs

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Otto Skorzeny... Google the name everybody

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

regardless of politics...

the man was a true "mensch"!

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That doesn't surprise me - the mainstream media doesn't even seem to care that there is a chance our President let four Americans, government employees in fact, die horrific deaths in Benghazi...while we had military personal ready and more than willing to do something about it.

They either go out of their way to not report things like this, or they are too busy kissing Barry's ass to notice that he really is just another politician and not the second coming of Christ.

They make me sick - I really don't know how they sleep at night after Benghazi.

aerojet's picture

I can't see how they sleep after Fast & Furious--a lot of people got killed with those guns, not just one or two US Border Patrol agents, but a lot of invisible Mexicans who don't matter to the media. 

caustixoid's picture

Seriously dudes? After 9/11, the Iraq yellowcakes/mobile anthrax/WMD and tens of thousnds of dead/maimed soldiers and you wonder how Washington psychopaths can sleep at night after a couple of dead border agents and 4 embassy staff?   Ok then, usually you have a scotch and watch SportsCenter, squeeze out a couple of pages on your book about "tough decisions" and your "heavy heart",  pop an Ambien and sleep like a f*cking baby. 

Rick Blaine's picture

I was referring to the media and their lack of coverage of Benghazi.

But I agree re phsychopaths...

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No possible way out of this bankruptcy and debt mess ever...EVER....but there was reports of some politicians smiling after a brief conference call so UP you go stawks!! 

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he just adjusted his butt plug

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Choice of possible outcomes:

1.  Pretend and extend

2. More Debt

3. Inflation / Deflation

4. War

5. Various combinations of the above

So many choices.

Matt's picture

6. Austerity + Growth

real austerity, not lip-service, to shrink government spending and pay down public debt, combined with private sector growth.

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Look at the pictures closer. They were cheering an Angry Birds level they just finished.

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It gives people hope and a sense of purpose.

I liked the video very much. Thanks for the posting.

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There's a difference between a sense of purpose, and a purpose. The two are not the same. These people's sense of purpose is as based in reality as their sense of security was 3 years ago, and their sense of prosperity was 4 years ago.

MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

"loans enslave people."  True, if they borrow for something they want but don't necessarily need.

Food enslaves people as well.  Look at the lines of cars at a McDonald's in the morning.  Amazing...

SheepDog-One's picture

Theres a McDonalds nearby...I don't EVER see a line at it longer than 3 cars. And from what I remember their earnings weren't too stellar.

Nothing To See Here's picture

So food enslaves people? Funny, I don't remember ever being at the service of my food.

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stop by sometime, meet a fellow ZH'er and milk my Guernsey cow with me.  Twice a day, everyday, regardless of weather or health.


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No cars at the McDonalds across the street from In N Out Burger--ever

Lost Wages's picture

Depends on where you live. Here there is always a long line because McDonald's feeds the neighborhood.

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If I had all the food, and you had none. And I had a way to protect it from you. Guess what I could get you to do. That being said, at the present one

can just walk into a grocery store and eat an apple off the shelf right there in the isle without much if any repocusions. But what happens when that goes away.

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If the supply of money can be loaned at will then that supply of loaned money controls the distribution of power. Loaned money by its nature is destructive unless lending it does not include the intention to control. Central banks are destructive and primative. They are not appropriate for today's world and are very dangerous because they have failed to adapt to the technological world we live in. Also, they are run by very primative groups of people (groups of undifferentiated individuals.)