Monday Humor: Sex Sells... Japanese Bonds

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As many prepare for the imminent demise of the JPY (courtesy of Abe's aggression), Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg reminds us of possibly the greatest (and most unbelievably hilarious) financial advertisement ever. From our friends across the ocean, "Men that own government bonds are popular with the ladies!" Don't believe its real? Bloomberg story here.



(h/t Mike Krieger)

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Be thankful, your "bone" may have fallen off by now should you have scored.

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Nope, not all the newer posters came via the route you referenced.  I had been on a housing blog since the Summer of 2005.  Several months before the 2008 election, the blog was infiltrated with partisan mud slingers and Obamabots.  Prior to this, it provided very good information about national and local real estate news and also other economic topics.  Posters gave their local observaton from various parts of the United States and foreign countries and shared their anecdotes and ideas that supported the presence of a housing bubble.  It was the one place you could escape the unrelenting shills and sheep of the mania.  After it became so political, it wasn't as informative or enjoyable.


It seems to me the partisans that fall for the false blue team/red team paradigm get called out regularly on ZH.  

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what color is the GS team?

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My guess?  "Starless, and bible black"

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what color is the GS team?

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what color is the GS team?

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Tyler = Drudge.

Tyler has to much class and integrity to be Drudge

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Satire? I thought that was CNBC's function!??

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Krugman "bring back the 91% tax rate."  I will trade the 91% tax rate for the reduction in federal spending to 17.5% of GDP we had under Eisenhower.

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Krugman's intentions will be fully known soon with the publication of his newest book: "Eating the Rich, a Cookbook for the Age of Occupy". Commies apparently like the taste of human flesh, if properly fed... the human equivalent of Kobe...

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Krugman is an idiot. Apparently, the fact that post WWII, the US (and the Great White North, of course) were the only industrialized countries not digging out from rubble has escaped this moron.

 In a world where you have the commanding industrial might, when your society is still relatively homogeneous (e.g. religious, believers (if not practioners) of capitalism, still 'pulling together' after WWII/Korea, and united by the Commie menace, etc.), everyone's so happy to be relatively rich and peaceful, they don't mind paying off the bills from the war via high tax rates. What's changed, I wonder?

US now one of many highly industrialized countries. Global trade barriers trending to zero. Global communication and transportation costs trending to almost zero. 1950's US: family is the dominant unit. 2010's US: individual is dominant unit. Religion non-factor in most people's lives. Almost as many people decry capitalism as support it. 1950's unemployable underclass: miniscule. 2010's unemployable underclass: significant.

I could go on, but I won't. So much has changed, technologically, socially, politically, and economically that applying a 'solution' from the 50's is as ludicrious as applying medical techniques from the 1500's (though I'd pay to see the leeches applied to Paulie).

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The mainstream press is ignoring the farce, so Zero Hedge has little choice but to expose Japan even further by informing those of us in the west that do not access the Japanese press.

Time to reflect on our own stupid government's round robin of cheques issued to the cheer of Wall Street, the relief of the masses but also to the detriment of the nation's future.

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OK, now I don't feel so bad.

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Wow....just wow.  Where can I get some Japnese bonds?!?!?!  Ladies soon to follow. 

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Rather than getting a Japanese lady, you are much more likely to end up with a Sumo wrestler.

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If you don't get the ladies, you can buy their panties from a vending machine...


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Mrs Cog is impressed even though I don't own any Japanese Gvt bonds. :>)

<I only buy grade CCC- US Gvt bonds.>

<<Well.......that's what they'll eventually be downgraded to.>

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CD you old bag of dirt good to see you... and a Happy Turkey Day on you if I don't catch up to you before Thursday!

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And you as well you flea ridden three legged ball of mangy fur. :)

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Free Geisha girl with every 100 JGBs.

Free escort service on weekends for every 100 US 10-Year.  

Whole whorehouses for ownership of a single Greek or Spanish 10-Year.  

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Owning gov't bonds and Greek sex....

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Free journey "up the Khyber" with every Afghani 30-year.

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Sovereign debt is now an aphrodisiac - who knew?'s picture

"Would you like to come upstairs and see my unfunded liabilities?"

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...I'm looking for some prime assets to balance them out.

Yes, when The Bernank walks into a room...panties drop.

But it's not just the stock's the flow.'s picture

Is that what they call the Bernanke put?

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The Reverse Bernanke = You eat out an unwiped fatman's ass as another fatman buttfucks you.

Oddly, the Reverse Bernanke is the same as the Bernanke. 

No one REALLY ever likes to do the Bernanke,

but hey, let's be honest.

They don't have a choice.

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I'd like to liquidate *her* assets....

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More like impotence.

It's all Keynesian rhino horn superstition.'s picture

That gives new meaning to the term, "naked shorts."


I was in th pool!

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If you skip out of town,  in 9 months time she will truley know the meaning of the term...

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I want the hot Japanese babes up front.

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I want the hot fronts of Japanese babes.

But I'll take the hot rears in a pinch.

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The chick below left wasn't showing enough of her yield curve.

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Bitches like gold. Bitchez! 

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If I buy a lady, do I get a free bond?

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Confucius say:  Renting make happy campah.

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Is that bonds or bondage?

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Either way you get what you deserve: wallet will be gone, if not your kidneys.

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If corvettes could never really compensate for a pencil dicks, this won't either.

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Strangely, both "Corvette" and "Corsair" are the names of sailing ships (and American Chevy's!)

Coincidence, I think not. :>D

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