Q3 Earnings In One Chart

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A shockingly low 30% of S&P 500 firms beat revenue expectations in the prior quarter and while Bloomberg's data suggests around 65% beat earnings expectations, the in-period adjustment of expectations (analysts ratcheting down earnings as the season progresses) naturally biases this to look rosier. The critical question is - how much more fat is there to cut? With Sales (and outlooks) so weak, how many more jobs need to be cut to meet margin expectations? 2013 top- and bottom-line (+13.6% EPS growth) expectations remain magnificent in their optimism - do you believe in miracles?



Chart: Bloomberg Chart of the Day

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Missed it by jiiiiiist that much.


No worries....our sucky rewly re-elected President with save us.....we hope.

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Do not knock them. We got to multiyear highs on these earnings.   They can only get better from here.  

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They can only get better from here.



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Wonder why nearly every Wall Street economist is predicting a major pick up in 2H 2013?  Think of the YOY percentage gains in Q3 2013 for rev/EPS.  

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the whole economy is one giant miracle.

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Why are you so stupid?


Can't you see the writing on the wall?

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Of course they will beat the next time, they will just lower the bar even further to make it easy to 'beat'

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But relate earnings to the market... a nice 2 month ski slope.

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this bullshit rally is a gift to anyone trying to raise cash

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well...that explains the fullretard 20+ ES ramp now doesn't it?

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When companies cut back on capital investment (equipment, R&D etc) as they are now doing they're no longer cutting the fat, but rather the meat and soon the bone.

<But never will executive deferred compensation, stock options and pensions be cut because.....well, you know. Useless workers/eaters go first.>

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That's where the 23 million newly unemployed show up. Or in this case don't show up

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Jobs?  Who needs jobs?

Sales?  Who needs sales?

This recovery is just amazing, no problems in sight.

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Fundamentals rendered useless with the Fed pumping money.
Logic like analysis from real, factual data doesn't work in Bernanke's world.

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Bears = Charlie Brown

Bernanke = Lucy

Football = Bear Profits

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Bulls = fat little kid

Bernanke = Willy Wonka

Chocalate Death Candy = Fed Reserve and private Debt

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The wonder of Bernanke and the Federal Reserve's debt saturation. Max-out credit junkies are having problems spending any more.

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Soon we'll be able to eat financial engineering.

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Soon the market will require nothing more than another round of printing, like Japan. One printing a month, every month, to keep the market afloat another day.



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are they consuming our seed corn or burning it?

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Well, they are consuming seed, but not orally...and not corn seed...