Gaza And Israel Agree To Ceasefire, Oil Plunges

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Just following the motions here:


So who breaches the ceasefire first?

In the meantime, gullible algos go no bid in brent.

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When American politicians call for regime change in Iraq, Iran, Libya and elsewhere they are promoting freedom!

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if my land was stolen...  if my people were blockaded in an internment camp...  if we were attacked daily by the IDF....  I would fight back.  In America, we used to call that defending ourselves....  before the propganda turned most into fascist bootlickers...

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Are you serious?  You (and your kind) would be the first to serve the overlord and expect to be first in line to get crumbs from the overlord's table.

Who are you trying to kid with your fake bravado?

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Well, I suppose that's the sort of response we should expect from a member of a nation that would elect to power a party with a leader who flat out says shit like,

"And we cannot be effective at major economic matters any longer unless we work with our economic partners around the world and work with them closely and intimately. That is essential. I know some people don't like it. It is a loss of National Sovereignty but it is a simple reality. It is a simple reality."
- 'Conservative' PM Stephen Harper

I wonder what he meant by 'closely and intimately'. (nudge nudge wink wink.)

Imagine trying to sell that bill of goods to an USean; any USean, including those who have already long since gone full retard.

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Gone retard is in the eye of the beholder.

North America accepts all immigrants...  Just check your bigotry at the shore...

If you can't compete in a global village, why did you leave your village?

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US propaganda is so mainstream and entrenched, that you already have no liberty and don't even know it.  Better yet, you defend those that stole it from you.  Forward!!

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To what lengths will you go to defend Apartheid?

You act like the UN fiat decision made in 1947 to steal a whole bunch of land is settled.  Apartheid Israel is destined for the ashcan.

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I heard on NPR this morning that over 700 missles were launched into Israel from Gaza by Hamas BEFORE Israel started any retaliation.


Did I miss the end of the Gaza blockade which is an act of war or are you simply misinformed?

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The blockade has been in place for eons.  No one can remember when it started.

Gaza survives nicely.

What materials/products does the blockade stop?

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what fucking planet are you from? Most in Gaza live just above subsistence, and kids are not even allowed to import musical instruments. the blockade is pure barbarism:

"In implementing the siege on Gaza, Israeli officials sought to allow "for subsistence without the development of malnutrition." "Red Lines" is a poignant reminder of how that measurement, the calorie, works as a tool of exclusion and political containment."

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Iif they're starving, what the hell do they need musical instruments for?

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music is mankind's first escape and second expression. Starving cavemen had instruments. Try again. 

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I'll agree that the use of lips was part of mankind's first escape.  I don't think they were wrapped around those pipes...

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LOL, too true.

Bearded bagpipes, you say?

Skin flutes?

Meat whistles?

I think that holy Koran forbids that too, doesn't it?   Must have been more of that sweet tobacco.

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Me thinks many here have had significant experience with sweet tobacco.'s picture



Iif they're starving, what the hell do they need musical instruments for?



Even the Nazis permitted music in the concentration camps. Are you trying to make them look kind in comparison?


Playing For Time is a 1980 CBS television film, written by Arthur Miller and Fania Fénelon, based on Fénelon's autobiography, The Musicians of Auschwitz. Vanessa Redgrave stars as acclaimed musician Fania Fénelon.

Playing For Time was based on Fénelon's experience as a female prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp, where she and a group of classical musicians were spared in return for performing music for their captors. The film was also adapted as a play by Arthur Miller.

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the point is that the Israel government does not see Palestinians as human, and treats them accordingly.  not hard to figure out who the real souless monsters are if you spend five minutes thinking it through.

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typical magaphony response... attack the messenger...  what's the problem, can't counter facts with facts?  sucks when truth isn't on your side, doesn't it....

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Okay, I'll play along...


Do you feel superior now?  Can you hear me now?

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A critical thinker  might take that question back a few more steps.  For example, why don't the Jews see the Palis as human?  What would cause normal, thinking people, to feel that someone else is inhuman.

And then take it back a few more steps.

Your propaganda is just as thin as theirs.

How about you ALL stop shooting at each other and let us get back to titties and crocodiles on TV.


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>>What would cause normal, thinking people, to feel that someone else is inhuman.

ignorance, propaganda and lack of a soul.

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How about if someone steals your land, bulldozes your home, rapes your sister, and kills your offspring?

Would that do it?

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Listening to these braindead trolls and AIPAC operatives gets a little old. Some real humanitarians aren't they?

Of course, any pointing out the facts on Gaza is labeled an "anti semite", regardless of race, religion or background. 

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...but they have MISSLES.  Screw food and medicine.  We got MISSILES!!!!

Like that blockade is really keeping anything out.    They border Egypt and Egypt is supportive.  You really think that border is locked down????   How else would Iran get their missles in there???'s picture

Those aren't Iranian rockets. Those are Congreve rockets. Put the blame on Brits in powdered wigs.

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Is "nicely" an antonym for humanely?'s picture


What materials/products does the blockade stop?


Are you suggesting that Israel boards Gaza bound boats and kills or imprisions the passengers in an attempt to not stop commerce from entering or leaving Gaza?



In January and February 2011, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) conducted an assessment of the effects of the measures to ease the access restrictions.[12] They concluded that they did not result in a significant improvement in people’s livelihoods.[12]

They found that a limited reactivation of the private sector resulted from the increased availability of consumer goods and some raw materials but the "pivotal nature of the remaining restrictions" and the effects of three years of strict blockade prevented a significant improvement in livelihoods.[12] Although the unemployment rate in Gaza fell from 39.3% to 37.4% in the second half of 2010 there were significant food price rises.[12] There was little or no improvement in food insecurity rates in Gaza which continued to affect 52% of the population.[12] Few of the 40,000 housing units needed to replace homes lost during Operation Cast Lead and for natural population growth could be built as a result of the ongoing restrictions on importing building materials.[12] The approval of over 100 projects funded by international organizations intended to improve the "extremely deteriorated" water and sanitation, education and health services, followed the easing of the blockade.[12] The implementation of these projects was delayed by the entry approval process for materials and the limited opening of the Karni crossing.[12] OCHA found that there had been no improvement in the quality of services provided to the population of the Gaza Strip as a result of the projects so far.[12] There was no significant increase in the number of exit permits granted by Israel to allow access to the outside world including other parts of the Palestinan territories.[12] Permits continued to be issued by Israel only on an exceptional basis with a 114 being issued during the second half of 2010.[12] OCHA described Egypt’s move to regularly operate its crossing with Gaza for special categories of people as a "significant, albeit limited, improvement".[12]


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Did I miss the reason WHY the Gaza blockade was first implemented by Israel, or are you simply misinformed?

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Jesus, you forgot your lines. Don't you remember, you root for the underdog and have a thing about imperialism. 

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Shh.  The anti Yid crowd and the Muslims have built a nice coalition.

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The stupid things Dave says in Vegas should stay in Vegas.


Traditional Jews Are Not Zionists

Although there are those who refuse to accept the teachings of our Rabbis and will continue to support the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally unaware of the history of Zionism and its contradiction to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews.

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Always knew you were a closet fascist.  Yes, by all means, lets silence those we disagree with.'s picture

I was hoping that you wouldn't embarrass yourself further. The Jewish people who oppose the occupation of Palestine or even the state of Israel itself are not anti-Semitic. But you go right ahead and broadcast your ignorance for all the world to see.

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the type of jews that oppose the war in gaza are the same jews that worked for the nazis in the warsaw ghettos  and are working for soros today.  they are a disgraceful cadre of oppurtunists, self haters and competitive altruists.

Now, get your nose out of your ass, and get back to your farm's picture

Dave doesn't support the troops.



Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran combatants who have served in the Israeli military since the start of the Second Intifada and have taken it upon themselves to expose the Israeli public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories. We endeavor to stimulate public debate about the price paid for a reality in which young soldiers face a civilian population on a daily basis, and are engaged in the control of that population’s everyday life.'s picture



Did I miss the reason WHY the Gaza blockade was first implemented by Israel, or are you simply misinformed?


Wasn't it because when you steal people's land and kill their families they will eventually become angry and fight back?

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I guess if you sink the USS Liberty, you forfeit your right to return to your historical lands that were stolen from you, right's picture

The US should certainly suspend all support for Israel if for no other reason than that they have used the arms which we supplied them with to kill our own servicemen.


Survivor: Shell casings found on deck afterward were marked "Ft. Dix, New Jersey" indicating that our men were killed with munitions supplied to Israel by the United States.

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historical lands...  right.  based on the bible, with a total lack of historical evidence... you think its just fine to kill and throw off the current inhabitants of the land, who had been there for centuries... so that descendants of European converts to Judiasm (Ashkenazi) can take the land despite no real historical connection?  btw, those Palestinian people are actually Semites, who have a much stronger claim to the land by any definition...    so save the BS, Israel is a colonial empire with no moral or historical claim to Palestine. 

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Are we supposed to track all lands, on all continents back to their original owners and do a title search?  If that is the case I need to work on my Mohegan.


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they helped pioneer those bitchin haircuts.

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you don't have to track in Palestine, the real owners are still alive...

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The palestinians are "actually" disapora of the Persian and Babylonian crusades that captured the Jewish homelands back before the times of Elvis.

The Persian/Babylonian diaspora emmigrated to Judea looking for an easy life.  Not the type of people to prosper, they have existed is a forlorn state, looking for someone to give them things.  They were moved to the Outremere when the world decided it was time to right many wrongs by "ensuring" the Jewish homeland is re-established.

Iran supports Hamas because Iran supports Iran.  End of Story.

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which is reason number one that those who took place in creating this unique historical move have an obligation to both sides and the rest of the world to (1) act objective - with the key emphasis on act (2) set and enforce rules that both sides keep and (4) stop never ending expansion for resources

Like so many other things these days, the US is failing miserably