Guest Post: Army, Navy Suicides At Record High

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

We are now averaging more than one suicide per day for active duty military.  This is a topic I have covered before, most recently in my post Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray Coming to Keep Troops From Killing Themselves.  This is an absolute national disgrace.

From USA Today:

With six weeks left in the year, the Army and Navy are already reporting record numbers of suicides, with the Air Force and Marine Corps close to doing the same, making 2012 the worst year for military suicides since careful tracking began in 2001.


The deaths are now occurring at a rate faster than one per day.


When Army suicides among those on active duty and demobilized status are combined, the number exceeds the 207 soldiers who have died so far this year in Afghanistan, a difference further skewed because some of those combat zone deaths were also suicides.

We are living in a sick society that is getting sicker and sicker each day.  We must turn this around and the only way to do so is to get the facts to people and shake them out of their apathy.

Full article here.

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The last soldiers that died for any kind of fight for freedom fought between 1861- 1865; after that each and every war was fought to expand the empire - the vietnam war being the most onerous, yeah those Vietnamese sure are a threat to the world 40 years later.... what a joke - (and as a disclaimer, Im a USN vet of Gulf War I) already talking my kids out of any service whats so ever - I want to puke when I hear the MSM say so and so died protecting America.....really? He must have been killed then trying to shoot down a CIA operative in Afghanistan loading opium into a C5 bound for northern mexico -

SilverRhino's picture

That's EXACTLY what I'm saying.   No reason to fight and no reason to be a god damned guineua pig for their drugs. 


  • Dad, died 2007 of an exotic cancer, govt said it was natural (if it was, it was the 27th case EVER recorded).   Vietnam Vet US Army (Agent Orange) 
  • Me, thought I was sterile for 10+ years, USMC Persian Gulf War I.  (nerve gas antitdote pills) 
  • They are NOT getting my son.  

Fuck the government.  And triple fuck the banksters and their bullshit economic wars. 

stant's picture

1977 right out of high school wanted to join the marines. my dad talked me out of it.  a vet of ww2 and korea. he said if they really need ya they will come and get ya. either way you wont like it. now my son first year colledge. can shoot a bug off a fence post at 300 yards, he wants to go rotc. i told him bad idea fuck them. your to good for that and they just killed a bunch to good for that. and almost no one here deserves the sacrafice. ps still my greatest regret in life i didnt serve love my service men and women you bring me tears of pride and sadness. godspeed

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The Pooper Popper view gets overwhelming support!

Zero Hedge readers tend to be aware of those LIES!

The first research done by the Father of Sociology, was a study of suicide by Emile Durkheim. Durkheim's seminal monograph, Suicide (1897), a study of suicide rates amongst Catholic and Protestant populations, pioneered modern social research. The main thing that was demonstrated was that there were PATTERNS OF SOCIAL FACTS.

Although individual cases of suicides appeared to be relatively idiosyncratic, the overall frequency, in a large enough population, was remarkably regular. When ALL the different factors were included, then the personal particularities, and triggering incidents, were replaced by a stunning set of patterns of facts, when ALL the conditions were included, in a large enough population. Therefore, although looking at each individual case of suicide would reveal widely different individual events, the overall patterns would be due to the overall set of conditions, that surrounded that total population. Therefore, there can be no doubt that the record breaking levels of suicides in the American military MUST have had some basic common conditions driving that to happen. My opinion, based on no first hand knowledge nor any research, is that the root cause is that the American military is being tragically misused and abused by the increasingly crazy and corrupt political system. Surely, since 2001, the runaway triumph of huge lies has been getting obviously worse and worse.

I have often wondered what it could possibly feel like to be in the armed forces when one woke up to that facts that the Fraud Kings controlled the country, through puppet politicians, and so, everything was tangled up lies, where the objectives that were supposed to be the missions were not the real objectives, but rather, there was an insane hidden agenda, which was amounting to the deliberate destruction of the American democratic republic, by a runaway fascist plutocracy, dominated by an international cartel. The modern American military personnel appear to me to be in predicaments like Smedley Butler, but amplified to astronomical levels. What happens if you begin to perceive that your commander in chief is probably both the biggest foreign and domestic enemy of the constitution of your country? What happens if you intuitively begin to believe that you are being deliberately misused and abused?

I find it impossible to imagine or understand the zig zag lines of awakening through the military, and to what degree those tangled tunnels of deceits go through and through the different ranks. I have zero first hand knowledge of any of those things. However, there is no doubt that anyone in the military who ever begins to do some independent research, and starts to think for themselves, is going to discover the FACT that everything they fought for was a LIE!

The oldest and best developed social science is warfare.

However, that was also the most tangled up with LIES!

Paradigm shifts in militarism are extremely imperative.

john39's picture

bring them home, end the bullshit banker wars.

walküre's picture

The web of accomplices is much wider and reaches far beyond the parameters of the banking sector.

end the bullshit corporate wars for profit

kliguy38's picture

good luck with that......the bankers will just pay them more to turn their guns on their own citizens.......and they WILL

Grinder74's picture

And where will they work.  In all the unicorn pooper-scooper jobs King Barry created?



Induced Coma's picture

Hi Ho, Oorah - Hail Captain America and the World Police!




ReeferMac's picture

Thanks for reporting this Tyler. Sad that you won't hear about it on the mainstream media, but at least someone is trying to help spread the word.

fonzannoon's picture

Well Tyler did pull it from USA Today right?

ReeferMac's picture

LOL, Touché. Sadly, I doubt much of the rest of the news-media will hop on this story. Wonder if the editor's would have allowed it ti surface prior to the election?

fonzannoon's picture

ReeferMac I am glad you took the joke. It was a wiseass comment on my end. I am sure that was buried on page 87 of the Bangor Maine USA Today issue.

ReeferMac's picture

Bah, everyone knows nobody reads USA Today..... ;-)

Mary Wilbur's picture

WSJ has reported it as has Fox News.

DaddyO's picture


The sins of the Fathers will be visited on the sons...

Unjust weights and measures...

Unjust Wars...

It is only going to deepen the chasms of despair as long as we allow it...


GOSPLAN HERO's picture

Endless deployments to Hell zones are killing our guys.


El Viejo's picture

In the long test of wills the self righteous fanatics think they have the advantage. They think they will break us by setting up their missle launchers next to their schools and firing them at our schools.

They drag the bodies of our soldiers through the streets and curry advantage by portraying faked deaths of their children for the sensationalist or gullible western media. They are most often the breaker of truces and treaties.

Volunteer or not that kind of evil shall not stand.

RobD's picture

When I was in the Navy back in the late 80's and was ready to get out I had the opportunity to go to college on my own dime and had an excellent chance of landing a high paying job once I graduated. Today our boys and girls rotating out of military life have little hope of doing what I did. Also there was not a continuous state of war at that time, that had not really started yet. No wonder they are taking an alternate path.

ronaldawg's picture

SORT OF BS - THEY HAVE THE GI BILL THAT WE DID NOT HAVE IN THE 80s.  I was in USMC from 1979 - 1983 and got absolutely nothing out of it.  Paid for my college by WORKING and about $5K in loans.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Dying for a bunch of lying scum politicians is not all what it is cracked up to be.

q99x2's picture

Mercinaries working for foreign banks why wouldn't they be committing suicide. Not long from now they'll be bombing the US. They should be in colleges or protesting the Government instead of killing people and themselves.

Tell me how many banksters have they thrown into jails. M'fers.

I Got Worms's picture

Long ago, I gave up the mantra of "Support the troops, but end the wars."  No more sympathy for them as they are past the point of not being able to realize the error of their ways and who they really serve.

fonzannoon's picture

Cuomo should start by firing every fatass cop with bad aim in NYC and replace them with a Vet.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I don't know about that.  Haven't the police departments been militarized enough as it is?

fonzannoon's picture

I hear you. I am hanging my hat on these vets coming home with better sense of reality and the knowledge that they were just being used. Hopefully they use that knowledge to look out more for their fellow man.

I know...I'm nuts.

walküre's picture

Disgruntled vets and pissed off union workers.

There's your breeding ground for the next American Revolution.

The Soviets had the same issues and their only solution was the collapse of the system. It could have gotten out of hand quickly with alot more blood spilled than already happened.

fonzannoon's picture

Walkure I don't think the collapse of the system is a solution, I think it is just where it all leads to. The only question is, what happens after it collapses.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Why not train the vets to work American factory jobs for when they return?


walküre's picture

You can probably imagine what will happen when this current paradigm finally collapses. Look at India and China for clues. That's where half the world population lives. Our corporate parasites have sold out America for their short term gain. In the process they elevated shitholes to empires. When we collapse here in the US, these newly created empires will emerge on the stage as the new imperialists.

Bringing the troops home, all of them is the best way to survive what is coming. Surrender the expensive and useless outposts in the desert. America should have created a much stronger allegiance with Canada and Mexico for example. Also beyond Mexico into Cental and South America. Instead we're half way around the globe dealing with fundamentalists and goat herders for a speck of desert sand. Why aren't we producing all our gadgets in Mexico? Instead we're supporting the Chinese who are in turn stealing our technologies. And Mexico is left to its own devices drowning in drug warfare.

It is all so senseless and uncoordinated. It never benefits the nation of America. It's benefiting the nationless elite who could give a rats ass if America sinks into the sewer. America is just a tool for their wealth creation and protection.

Dr. Acula's picture

>It is all so senseless and uncoordinated

i.e. the results of a hampered market


WTFx10's picture

Whos this "We" you speak of?

IT was the fucking MONEY MEN ,THE OWNERS ,THE BANKSTERS, THE ROYALS all the fucks who rule the planet because WE let them. FOLOW the Money.

THEY TELL us one thing and do what they want. Does not matter what happens along the way as long as they get to keep  doing what they work so hard for. Empires fall and rise but the money men always remain in control.


10mm's picture

Not so fast with the vet as a cop.Their just as fucked up from their shit tours.

fonzannoon's picture

I won't argue 10mm. I truly feel for the kids who get sucked into this. That statement was more out of empathy than reality

oddjob's picture

so you are saying they are ideal supplicants?

fonzannoon's picture

i am saying i have never been harrassed or even aggrevated by a vet. I'd rather they have a crack at protecting us.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

well the vets do have a lot of experience flying drones.  You can feel "protected" with drones overhead.  They are there for your safety.

These vets are killing themselves

because they have a guilty conscience.

10mm's picture

Id rather see a vet get help,get a trade,schooling or whatever and get away from firefights and confrontations on a perpetual scale.When it's over it's over.Let them move on.OK,not all vets but grunts in the shit types need to move on and away.Then theirs the ones who are active law enforcement and serving tours overseas,only to come back and patrol the streets.Not good.

ronaldawg's picture

Yeah - let's use the people who have actually shot and kill people to police the streets. 

Nothing could go wrong there.....

Overfed's picture

Personally, I think that prior military service should automatically disqualify one for the job of peace officer. Soldiers need to be soldiers, cops need to be cops, and we have an awful lot of trouble with cops acting like soldiers at war.

SilverRhino's picture

Most of the total fucktard cops playing at being soldiers have never actually been IN the military.
I have a lot more respect for a veteran than I do for some bullshit steroid abusing wannabe on the SWAT team.


blunderdog's picture

Well, that SHOULD BE THE END of all that nonsense.  When the suicide rate exceeds the casualty rate, it's probably time to try a new tack.

Have we tried outsourcing to Chinese mercenaries yet?

Gimp's picture


don't let your kids become cannon fodder,while a banker gets rich...

Dr. Richard Head's picture

My neighbor, who came back from Iraq not too long ago, won't talk about his time there other than saying it was a waste on many different levels.  He is grateful to be able to go to school for radiology, but that is about it.

walküre's picture

Hopefully to study up on the long term effects of depleted Uranium ammo.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Not in your out loud voice.