Guest Post: The American Diet: Self-Destruction Never Tasted So Good

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Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,

The atomized and empty consumerist Status Quo is the "monster Id" behind the American diet.

I know it may appear unduly harsh to discuss America's self-destructive dietary "monster Id" right before the Thanksgiving day feasting, but when is it more appropriate?
There are a great many disconnects between reality and what Americans believe out of convenience ("no snowflake feels responsible for the avalanche") or propaganda, but perhaps none is more visible than the disconnect between what we're collectively doing to our health with the food we consume.
The Chinese have an apt saying" "Disease comes through the mouth," meaning disease comes from what we eat.
There are several parts to the food-illness disconnect. One is that poor diet is an "individual" issue. Wrong; it will bring down the entire American Empire: Can Chronic Ill-Health Bring Down Great Nations? Yes It Can, Yes It Will (November 23, 2011)
86% of Workers Are Obese or Have Other Health Issue Just 1 in 7 U.S. workers is of normal weight without a chronic health problem.
Here's a chart which depicts how U.S. healthcare costs are rising geometrically, far outstripping our economic competitors:
The nation cannot afford the present sickcare costs of 20% of GDP; how can it afford tripling what is spent on sickcare? Simple answer: it cannot.
The obesity epidemic can be viewed visually via this slideshow map of the U.S.:
Clearly, obesity has exploded into a pandemic in just a single generation.
Interestingly, all the usual explanations--the rise of fast foods, women joining the workforce and thus the decline of the home-cooked meal and the decline of physical labor jobs--fail to explain the dramatic increase for the reason that all these conditions were already present in 1985.
Women had already joined the workforce en masse, fast-food outlets were already on every corner and jobs requiring hard physical labor had already dwindled to a small percentage of our post-industrial, service-dominated economy.
So what is different between 1985 and the present? At least one factor is the increased consumption of sugary beverages: soda, specialty coffees, iced teas, and "juices," both the fake variety (colored sugar water with 10% actual fruit juice) and 100% juice.
This is another part of the disconnect: it is no accident that consumption of fast food, sugar-water beverages, snacks, chips and convenience packaged foods has exploded: all these "foods" have been carefully engineered to "taste good" by triggering our naturally selected desire for what is rare in Nature: salt, sugar and fat.
Please view this documentary on the science of sugar consumption:
Sugar: the Bitter Truth (University of California TV)(via R.W.)
The problem is not limited to America. Wherever the American diet goes, diabesity follows: The Sick Man of Asia: China's Health Crisis (Foreign Affairs, by Yanzhong Huang)
The essay traces out the devolution of China's once-universal if basic healthcare system for all into a U.S.-type system of full coverage for Elites and a more brutal one for everyone else: if you don't have the cash to pay for care, you die.
China has the largest population of diabetics and pre-diabetics in the world. China's diabetes rate has skyrocketed to 11% of the adult population, slightly higher than that of the U.S., while its rates of other non-communicable "lifestyle" diseases such as heart disease have also soared to U.S. levels.
China Diabetes Triples (via Joel M.) "Beijing doctor Li Guangwei sees China’s struggle with 90 million diabetes sufferers daily."
The problem is global, as the American diet of fast-food, sodas, salty-fatty-sugary snacks and prepared "convenience food" spreads throughout the world:
Next time you're in a fast food outlet or a supermarket, try to find something you can eat that won't harm you. It will be a challenge, I guarantee you.

  • chips: out, too much fat, too much salt
  • fries: out, too much fat, too much salt
  • sausage: out, too much fat, too much salt
  • fast food in general: out, too much fat, too much salt
  • salted nuts: out, too much salt
  • canned goods: out, too much salt
  • most cereals: out, too much salt
  • bottled salad dressings: out, too much salt
  • sports drinks: out, too much salt
  • pre-packaged salads: out, too much salt in the dressing
  • frozen meals: out, too much salt
  • packaged snacks: out, too much salt
  • packaged noodles: out, too much salt
The American diet is so unhealthy that even one serving is enough to negatively impact health: Study shows just one Egg McMuffin breakfast has adverse effect on arterial blood flow (via Ishabaka)
I have written extensively on health, fitness, diet and diabesity over the years:
Food For Thought (May 9, 2009)
The third disconnect is our cultural avoidance of the psychological and spiritual hunger that drives self-destructive overconsumption. Nina, proprietor of the insightful blog Deep Into Art Life West sent me a link to Charles Eisenstein's provocative essay Reuniting the Self: Autoimmunity, Obesity, and the Ecology of Health (Part 2)

All the individual is aware of is a hunger, a need for something more. The fact that obese people often eat when they are not physically hungry offers a clue to what is going on. Indeed, they are hungry -- they just aren't hungry for food. They are hungry for connection.Food is the most tangible, direct confirmation of our connection to a living universe that loves us. On a primal biological level, the act of eating tells us, "I exist" and "I am loved." Indeed, food is the most basic expression of love, a token of intimacy, of bringing an outsider into the realm of self. That is why it is customary in most countries to offer food to a guest, and why it is rude to refuse it. To feed another is, in this sense, an intimate act, an opening of the sacred boundaries of self.
When, as today, this intimate act has become a subject of commerce, and food a commodity, the entire food system reeks of obscenity.

This identifies something causally profound that is never addressed in "research" into the diabesity epidemic because it requires questioning the entire atomized and empty consumerist Status Quo. The emptiness of American consumerism does not lend itself to quantification like measuring leptin levels. But it is the "monster Id" behind the Thanatos American diet.
The last part of the disconnect is the broken link between our worship of convenience and self-destruction. Wanting a pill to fix all our problems, wanting to drive everywhere, eliminating physical fitness from our schools, addictive sedentary digital games, the profitability of managing chronic "lifestyle" diseases--it's all connected:

My new book Why Things Are Falling Apart and What We Can Do About It is now available in print and Kindle editions--10% to 20% discounts.


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OT - Something interesting for Tech-, Energy-, and Gold-Bugs:

<PS Sorry to OT in first comment>


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+1 for putting the OT, I find it makes it OK

I have a couple of contacts now that fell ill while traveling in the US, mostly outbreaks of diabetes. scary

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if you eat processed white food and drink sugar pop what do you expect? the daily high fructose corn syrup (one molecule away from alchohol btw) is something i wouldn't ingest in well over a year and yet these people do it day in and day out. what do you expect? shit food for a sedentary lifestyle awaiting the nanny state to cart you away in an ambulance or hearse? freedom completely discarded at the expense of welfare and equality and supersized portions your inaliable right, save for the supersize drink in NYC...but here in NYC you don't see nearly as much obesity as in the rest of the states...the cattle-sized humans i see at the airports in America is fucking scary and i could only imagine what the towns these people come from look like...


Maybe an ObamaTurkey to go with that phone?


PS i refuse to eat turkey or anything like it and will not be "celebrating" thanksgiving on this one day. EVERY FUCKING DAY ABOVE GROUND IS A THANKSGIVING DAY. 

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Obesity is a huge problem, pardon the pun, but using data showing that the number and cost of heart attacks and stroke is going to triple in 20 years is misleading.  That is following the demographics of the baby boomers, such a large number of people, as they age of course they are going to develop more illnesses.  Even the gubmint has known this for the last 20 years.  

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HFCS consumption since the 80s is a near one to one correlation with obesity epidemic... and so is introduction of GMO wheat (see Dr. of you who think eating whole grain wheat is healthy are getting screwed).  Combine the above with sloth and 99c menus at shit-in-the-box and presto...worldwide fatness in 10-30 years...doesn't matter the country if they allow the processed shit in the door.

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fat food and stupid shit on TV keep people in line.


food, oil, media, money.....that's all you need to able to control to maintain status quo.

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"HFCS consumption since the 80s is a near one to one correlation with obesity epidemic..."

Yes, as is MSG and Aspartame (thx to Donald Rumsfeld).

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1. Elevated insulin + excessive Omega 6 fatty acids (corn, vegetable, soy oil) drives cellular inflammation and chonic disease.  Elevated insulin also tends to pack on body fat.  Hence, body fat and chronic disease is correlated rather strongly.

2. GMO "foods" are pesticide or herbicide - untested for long term health because the corporatocracy "leaders" told their puppet government it shouldn't be tested.  So, a few million for long term studies or $45 million to oppose labeling in one state?  Economics says *do the studies*.  There is a reason they won't.  30 more states are lining up to label GMOs...  Maybe a billion dollars will be required to avoid a few million in study expenditures.

3. The EPA scientist union opposes water fluoridation.  No, I couldn't make that up.  Look it up. search the first sentence in this line for their well thought out reasoning.

The same people who rigged the financial system to bankrupt us are also maximizing Big Agra profits (addicting you to foods) and Big Pharma profits (by tax subsidizing and promoting chronic disease promoting pesticide and herbicide "foods").

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References to back your assertions please . . . .

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Tyler,  Thanks again for another thread about obesity, and its cost on society.

Batter-coated french fries are a fresh vegetable, according to the Agriculture Department, which has a federal judge's ruling to back it up.

Only in America....!!!

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Fast food, Merka's secret weapon in its war against people.

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Corporate Food, Corporate Banking, Corporate Healthcare, Corporate Legislation, Corporatized Military, CorpoRAT State


i hate Corporations

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Bananamerican,

You left out the the most important Corp.  THE UNITED STATES.  In case you were unaware.

There are 2 types of States, THE STATE OF’s ard CORPORATIONS and LEGAL FICTIONS IN ALL CAPS, ____ State in non ALL CAPS are the land you stand on. THE UNITED STATES IN ALL CAPS IS A CORPORATION. America is the land body we stand on. Learn this. Your name in ALL CAPS IS A LEGAL FICTION ALSO. You will see it on all OFFICIAL GOVT DOCS and anything involving $. Look at your mail and wallet you will see your STRAWMAN. No STATE OF will listen to you they are CORPORATIONS AND PART OF US INC. Only a majority of people can give CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. LEARN ABOUT CORPORATION US INC., THE STATE OF, THE CITY OF, THEY ARE ALL CORPORATIONS. COURTS ARE ADMINISTRATIVE COUTS AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL, Ron Paul said it in his speach. This is the MATRIX we live in, an illusion that nothing changed when the free United States of America became THE UNITED STATES, the CORPORATION. PROOF IS IN THEIR OWN US CODE: USC 28 Section 3002, No. 15(a) “United States” means a Federal Corporation.) The United States was incorporated February 21, 1871 (16 Stat. 419, Chap. 62, 41st Congress, 3rd Session), the purpose being “an Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia, reorganized June 8th, 1878, (20 Stat. 102, Chapter 180, 45th Congress, 2nd Session) as “an Act providing a permanent form of government for the District of Columbia” aka US Inc. Uniform Commercial Code, UCC9-307 (h) states “Location of United States. The United States is located in the District of Columbia.


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Let's not forget the followimg:


Sugar, and all of its forms, from corn syrup, to refined white sugar, to fructose, is in just about all products that are processed in extremely large amounts (especially when processed foods are eaten in high volume, which has an aggregator affect).

Sugar is probably a larger constituent cause of disease (inflammatory issues coupled with insulin resistance bred pre-diabetes and diabetes) than dietary salt and fat combined. For those who wish to read more about how sugar is the most understated dietary hazard in American History & how the demonization of cholesterol (which is a symptom of inflammation, not a cause of it) by Big Pharma as a causative agent of poor cardiovascular health is an intentional or reckless deception:

Also, the farm lobby-Big Agriculture gets special protection and priviliges from U.S. legislators, so that even speaking factually of the hazards of modern commercial farming methods or the adverse effects of consuming those products can trigger waves of litigation against the truth speaker (ordinarily, truth is an absolute defense against slander or libel), and even if one defeats the litigation, attorney fees to do so can be staggering (ask Oprah Winfrey when she spoke out against commercially/Big-Agri beef & fast food: luckily she had the financial resources to defeat the incredibly costly litigation that was launched against her by Big Food). - "Since 1990, 13 states, from Georgia to Idaho, have adopted food defamation laws. That, in effect, allowed broccoli to stay in court. Under these laws individuals can be sued for questioning the safety of any food product without verifiable scientific proof, for ridiculing radishes or picking on pears, for example, or, as TV personality Oprah Winfrey discovered, belittling beef":

Shut Up and Eat: The Beef Industry's Lawsuit Against Oprah Winfrey (and McDonald's British lawsuits against critics, too!)

Many dietary toxins, such as refined sugars in many forms (including "corn sugar," the cute new name Big Agri want to replace "high fructose corn syrup" with) are subsidized by taxpayers (involuntarily). This makes it even more profitable for Big Agri to grow these constituent crops, cheaper for Big Food processors to use these ingredients in just about everything (thus raising profit margins), and gets the consuming public sicker and fatter faster, all at the same time! Win-Win-Big Lose!

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See if you can clear this up for me.  A corporation is a legal entity, right?  I have a corporation, my own small business.  So what makes it a corporation?  I can tell you:  to do business in the US and in my state, I have to follow certain laws, and those laws say to incorporate, file quarterly reports etc.  A corporation is simply a legal entity operating under the laws.  My corporation operates under the laws of the US and the laws of my state.  Without these laws, I could still presumably offer products and services, and I would be perfectly fine with that, but to stay out trouble, I follow the law.  The only reason I incorporated my business at all is because of the laws and tax codes regarding business in this country and in my state.

So the UNITED STATES is a corporation?  According to whose laws?  The laws of the United States?


cranky-old-geezer's picture



Corporation is a legal entity created by the state, therefore under control of the state.  You're not the owner, the state is.  You're just an "officer".  Sure, you can own all the stock, but the state owns the corporation itself.

It's a fictitious legal commercial entity, and the state has full authority to regulate fictitious legal commercial entiies in order to "protect the people", just like the state has full authority to regulate commercial activities such as truck transport (transporting freight for hire on public roads).

Yes, most commerce in America is done by fictitious legal entities called "corporations".  They don't exist under natural law nor common law.  They exist under admiralty law.

This is why the federal government was domiciled in Washington DC, a geographical area carved out of surrounding states, therefore not part of any of the 50 states.  The states operated under common law where a corporation could not exist. 

DC operates under admiralty law where a "federal government" corporation can exist.  It's always been a corporation from day 1. The federal constitution is its corporate charter.  It has a president just like any other corporation.   Congress is the board of directors.  Borrowing money is done in its corporate capacity.

State governments were not corporations.  They had no president, they had a governor.  They could not borrow money because bankers would loan money only to a corporation or an individual person.

The states were conquered in the civil war by the federal government, so they ceased operating as independent governments, now under full authority of the federal government in DC.

The federal government corporation went bankrupt circa 1930 because they borrowed more money from the Fed than they could pay back.  They were taken into bankruptcy receivership by the Fed and gave up their corporate authority under their charter the constitution.  So the constitution no longer applied.

Since they had full authority over the states by virtue of conquering the states in the civil war, the Fed extended their control over the states by making state governments corporations also, chartered as subsidiaries of the federal government corporation in DC, again, just like any other corporation can charter a subsidiary corporation.

That's where "State of ..." comes from.  "State of Colorado" is the new corporate state government residing in Colorado.  The Fed chose to not make the governor the president of the State of Colorado corporation, but the governor is the president of that corporation for all practical purposes.  As corporations, state governments could now borrow money from bankers, and they did start borrowing. 

Your "constitutional rights" exist under common law.  But states operate under admiralty law now, where your common law rights don't exist.  This is why flags in courtrooms have gold fringe around them.  You're in a corporate administrative court operating under admiralty law now, not in a common law court.

That's why judges say "the constitution doesn't apply here" ...if you can press them to admit it, and they try to avoid saying it whenever possible, not wanting to reveal what the true state of affairs is now.  But they certainly know what the true state of affairs is now, even though you don't, and it's not their job to educate you.

What's more important is the Bill of Rights doesn't apply in that court either.  Those rights exist under common law, not under admiralty law, and the court you're in is an admiralty law court ...whether you know it or not.

This is slam-dunk proof your "rights" don't come from God, contrary to what the founders believed and stated in the DOI.  If they came from God they would apply in all legal venues, common law, admiralty, whatever.  But they exist only in a common law venue, not an admiralty law venue, and all of America is an admiralty law venue now.

Nor is there any place in the bible saying people have rights.  Not one place from genesis to revelation.  It's just not there anywhere.

I know.  I'm the equivalent of a lawyer when it comes to the bible.  I know the legal aspects of the bible at the lawyer level.  For example I know the legal reasons why the "law of Israel" doesn't apply today.  I could explain it thoroughly.   And no, it's not because Christ died and all that.  His death has nothing to do with it.

Abitdodgie's picture

Did you know the United States has not had a Government since 1871 , when the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a corporation started inpersonating the Government. Go ahead chalenge them to demonstrate that todays Gov't is the same one as establised at the inception of this country , and not a Corporation. They cannot do it .

AldousHuxley's picture


The oldest corporation in the Western Hemisphere is the Harvard Corporation, known formally as the President and Fellows of Harvard College.


even non-profits are full of corporate greed scumbags in the executive ranks.

national greed doesn't stop until someone invades and kills your kids.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



No it's not the original federal government, but yes it's still a government.  If you don't believe that, violate its laws and see what happens.

NorthPole's picture

I know!! Let's rename 'french fries' to... hmm, what shall it be? 'Freedom fries' sounds good, don't you think?

Ayn NY's picture

One molecule can make a huge difference in what the final substance is.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

High Fructose Corn Syrup is in everything these days.

Hot Dogs, sliced Roast Beef, Bologna, Maple Syrup, Ice Cream (I even found it in Low Fat Ice Cream from Weight Watchers), Salad Dressing, Low Fat Yogurt (to my surprise), and so much more.

Read your labels and you will be surprised just how many foods today contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.  And the body does not process it.  It just goes directly to fat.  The manufactures love it because it makes you want to eat more. 

AldousHuxley's picture

Not just High Fructose corn syrup.

look at the ingredient list for maple syrup. anythign less than $10/bottle is ALL FAKE SHIT.

Ice Cream too. Look at high end versus low end.

low end food = artificial chemical fillers


also manufacturers know what you can "taste": salt, sour, sugar, bitter. That's all your tongue can taste so they load up on the cheapest....salt and sugar.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

"High Fructose Corn Syrup is in everything these days."

"Ice cream, Mandrake?  Children's ice cream?"

Larry Dallas's picture

Having flown around the country this summer moreso than I ever had before, I truly fell as new "class" system has been defined by what you eat.

If you are poor, you eat processed foods and crap fast food.  

The wealthy tend to be more fit, eating nutritious foods. What was once considered to be pretentious has seemingly become accepted as mainstream.

You can tell a Middle American factory worker from an attorney or other, higher wage worker not only by the bling they wear, as was previosuly the case, but rather by how they can afford to eat and, in my humble opinion, the luxury of time they can afford to actually go to a gym.

Most wage earners may have a membership, but can't afford the time away from family and work for their own fitness.  

My 0.02c...

Backspin's picture

Most wage earners that I know have enough time to sit on the porch and drink beer, and their kids have enough time for video games.  They could all get off the porch and off the couch, spend the beer money on some fresh vegetables, and maybe ride their bikes or go camping or something.  It's all about choices.

TBT or not TBT's picture

More likely, they are suffering the consequences of a government and medical establishment drumbeat to go for "low fat" foods in a USDA(food industry captured govt branch) approved carb heavy "food pyramid" taught in our US Dept of Education controlled national schools.

TBT or not TBT's picture

That's right, it's like cooties, if you get any America on you, you could come down suddenly with diabetes.   Mysterious.

vast-dom's picture

fatten up the sheeple turn them into obese debt slaves own them health care costs printed away in the end in the end less is more less fat dumb fucks in the end and the masters get paid either way...

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I would bet Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint will be a burned book by the FDA sometime in the near future.

in-Credible Banker's picture

I was just on a Caribbean Cruise last week.  Not my choice - for a family members 50th anniversary.  So my cost other than casino losses was ZERO.


However....on Princess Cruise Lines....the fattening is complete.  The percentage of overweight immobile slobs waiting for their daily bread at the breakfast and lunch buffets is breathtaking.  And at dinner - two entrees for all!!


Literally sickening.


My BMI = 22.



overmedicatedundersexed's picture

mr schmuck your nano tech steam has no energy ie  no pressure cold steam is water vapor look up in the sky you might catch sight of one or energy for work = a stupid solar energy source, but wait Obuma will fund it until bk... 

Schmuck Raker's picture

I disagree, though I may be misinterpreting the findings, the steam is indeed hot(energized), but the body of water can remain cool to the touch.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

schmuck, my take until better info provided is they are lowering the vapor pressure of water..not a breakthru for energy.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Well, we agree about more info. BTW, I didn't junk you.

Abitdodgie's picture

Just build an SEG and have done with it , i have one works great.

NooooB's picture

Wow! Really interesting link. Thanks!

Flakmeister's picture

Not to worry... this aberration is self-correcting...

Have to laugh, there was a article in Mad Magazine from the early 60s that described the American Nation becoming fat and immobile and thereby becoming easy pickings for the Chinese Communists...

Neethgie's picture

Unfortunately it isn't self correcting.. 

It takes ages to die from being a fat fuck.. these people are usually in the lower percentiles of income and further more they are the same people who breed the most..

Horrendeously fat fucks are having kids all over my home town, i do not understand how, or why people would... but still, they then raise this kid as a fat fuck..

Neethgie's picture

The other problem is we have moved so to the left on "accept everybody" the media is afraid to say being fat is NOT ok.

Its normal to be a hideous monster is it? 

Society needs to grow up and say, no more, we aren't going to pander to your feelings you can be any shape you want, but we wont turn a blind eye to the damage your doing to yourself and if you don't want that critique lose weight..


Alright fat fuck who junked me, its your life choice but you cause visual pollution with your horrendous rolls.. if you don't wanna face facts its fine, just I have to pay for u, with socialist healthcare, so unfortunately it is my buisiness...

Neethgie's picture

I saw it!

i so agree though, we have let ourselves go..

Flakmeister's picture

Re: self correction, it all depends on your time scales...What is a few generations in the grand scheme of things? Get too fat too young and you won't be able to reproduce... Combine that with the fact that aside from HFCS, there is evidence that the obesity is connected to chemicals like BPA along with the decrease in sperm count...

TBT or not TBT's picture

HFCS is barely worse than cane sugar, at about 55% fructose instead of 50%.   If anything what makes it worse than cane sugar (sucrose) is that is CHEAPER and more cost effective at sweetening.   You put that into a demand supply curve and what you get is more sugar consumption.    Still, HFCS is barely worse for you, barely than what it replaced.    T

The consumption of these cheap sugars per consumer has increased absurdly.   The US government encourages that, but get this, the thought that the fructose component of sugar is a good thing has been a staple of the American Diabetic Association for so long they have trouble backing off of that position.   See, pure fructose produces no blood glucose spike.   Low glycemic index sweetener!!!   Nevermind that fructose directly, and very quickly, and very relaibly causes the LDL cholesterol in blood to spike, and the smaller particle LDL in particular, the only kind strongly involved in heart disease.   But don't worry, your doctor doesn't measure that.   They do a measurement that generates a calculated proxy guesstimate of what your LDL probably is, without measuring it per se.    They do not yet measure the type of cholesterol you need to knock down to improve your health.   They measure something else and recommend profitable patented drugs to help manage that other thing.

As far as hormone mimicing chemicals like BPA go:   Well, there's another hormone, and endogenous one, that is far and away primarily responsible for fat deposition in mammal's adipocytes(your fat tissue).   Drum roll plesae!   Insulin!    You make lots of insulin when you eat lots of carbohydrates, because spiking blood sugar is a crisis.   Insulin signals every cell in the body to take action in response to the emergency of of rising blood glucose levels.   The insulin spikes also upregulate the production of inflammation signalling chemicals.   Inflammation is involved in just about every disease, not just heart/circulatory diseases.   Cancer is a great example.

BPA on the other hand, well its hard to argue it has more effect that insulin, and we know how insulin gets spiked, by eating carbohydrates.   The US govt recommends you eat somthing over 50% of your calories as carbohydrates, and recommends "whole grains" too.   You know what food has a higher glycemic index even than table sugar does, calorie for calorie?   Anything made primarily out of wheat.  Bread for example.  No matter if it is whole grain or the unregrettable Wonder Bread.    Monster glucose spike, very quickly, hammering all cells in your body.


Ghordius's picture

LOL, and do you remember how MAD was making fun out of the (at that time) feeble anti-smoking crusades? And how much of those jokes became true?

Flakmeister's picture

They had more than a few writers well versed in articulating the human condition...

FrankDrakman's picture

Have to laugh, there was a article in Mad Magazine from the early 60s that described the American Nation becoming fat and immobile and thereby becoming easy pickings for the Chinese Communists...

I remember that!! The Americans were all riding around on little motorized scooters, just like in Wall-E, or just as you see in your average Wal-Mart.  

Waterfallsparkles's picture

Boy do you have that right.  Went to Wall Mart for the first time in a year and could not believe all of the people riding in those carts.  Most of them could not even fit on the seat.  Their abundance flowed way over the seat.

Need to implement Golf Carts for the abundant Customers.