Guest Post: Statist Thugs And The Rocks They Crawl Out From Under

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

A mass exodus from ignorance and organized opposition to tyranny is the dream of every freedom loving person within the Liberty Movement today.  We would like nothing better than to put an end to the expanding establishment police state in the most peaceful manner possible.  We dream of a day when a transition back to the Constitutional values that once made America brilliantly unique in the world is possible, and can be accomplished without incredible pain or terrible bloodshed.  We long for that once-in-a-century uprising, that great march, that spontaneous eruption of the citizenry demanding a more truthful government.  At the same time, though, we realize that such events are rare, and few if any great changes in the history of man are made without sacrifice, and without direct confrontation.

The reason why peaceful and popular activism almost never occurs successfully, the reason why good people are made to stand and suffer, falls not only to the establishment elites who seek out and abuse power; there are others who share in the blame.  Regardless of the age, the culture, or the social conditions, there is ALWAYS a percentage of the general populace that embraces the totalitarian dynamic.  There is always someone in our neighborhood, in our workplace, and within our family that finds vindication or advantage in supporting the state, even if the state has turned viciously criminal.  They are not only useful idiots; they are conscious participants in the process of pacification and enslavement of their own society.  They understand their role perfectly, and they enjoy what they do.

The psychologist Carl Jung in his examination of the rise of violent fascism in Germany as well as the collectivist surveillance state in communist Russia theorized that there is in fact a certain percentage of people in any given epoch that carry within them a latent ability to abandon conscience.  That is to say, there is always hidden within a portion of the multitude an inborn potential for sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies.  These tendencies remain dormant for many under most circumstances, but every once in a while a society falters to the point where such diseases of the soul are encouraged, and the monsters in millions are allowed to come out and play.  

Is it possible that some men are more apt towards truth and freedom while others take more naturally to dominance and deceit?  Perhaps.  I find that under certain circumstances even the best human beings can make catastrophic errors in judgment.  However, there is a difference between those who misstep in life, and those who savor destruction.  For these people I reserve the label of the “statist thug”; a ghoul in common man’s drag just waiting for the opportunity to scrape out a spoonful of petty authority and assert his will over others.  These folks are the day’s damned.  And what’s worse; though they may have been born with a predisposition towards despotism, they still had a choice, and they chose villainy.  They deserve no special treatment and no quarter from us.

As America faces down wave after wave of fiscal difficulties, a government gone rogue with false left/right politics, and policies that disregard civil liberties for the sake of centralized authority, I believe the statist thugs of our time will soon flow out of the dark recesses and rotten sputtering gutters of our society like a river of septic putrescence.  We all know them when we see them, but do we really understand what makes them tick?  Here are some common psychological attributes of the overzealous statist; the failings and inadequacies that make him what he is…  

Statist Thugs Thrive During Immoral Times

The worst statists are utter screw-ups and failures in normal or semi-normal environments.  They barely have the ability to function without constant surrounding chaos and desperation which they use to camouflage their spastic and childish characters.  They are often seen as the dregs of a culture during peaceful years, and only climb to prominence when crisis overtakes the nation.  When a social environment turns tenuous or explosive, the statist excels.  Corrupt governments require the aid of questionable individuals in order to tighten control at the local level, and so anyone willing to set aside morality and principle automatically becomes a highly valued commodity.  Statists will flock to government employment during national “emergencies” or unjust wars, and use the inbred system to their advantage.

Statist Thugs Want Respect, Even If They Don’t Deserve It

Statists demand respect, and they will pursue authoritative positions just so they can remind people of the respect they are supposedly owed.  Some of them do realize that legitimate respect is earned through valuable works, knowledge, experience, and generous creativity.  They know it cannot be bought, and that it cannot be conned through clever talk, boastful discussion, and theatrical chest beating.  And so, instead of attempting real achievement, or taking the risk of falsely playing a part and being exposed, they look for a title and a uniform to fill the void.  They eventually attain respect derived by force through institutions within the system.  This title will likely be a miniscule part of the overall government conglomerate, but the statist will act as if he is the emperor of Earth once you wander into his narrow jurisdiction.  The slightest hint of defiance will send him into fits of rage.

Statist Thugs Only Understand Violence

Keep in mind that not every person in a uniform is a statist, and identifying them is more a matter of behavior than outward appearance.  There is no such thing as reason, logic, or even law in the realm of the statist thug.  You cannot discuss a matter of conflict with him.  You cannot point out that the legal structure he claims to represent does not support his views.  You cannot calm him using words and solid philosophy.  The only thing he understands is power, and the only thing that he regards is strength.  When faced with overwhelming reason, the statist will attack rather than think.  This attack, unfortunately, will only be silenced by an equal or greater display of force…

Statist Thugs Savor Weakness In Others

Show any signs of fear or weakness and you have given the statist exactly what he has always wanted.  He does not desire an equal fight.  In truth, he avoids situations in which his opponents are fairly matched.  This is because, deep down, all statists and power monger are cowards.  Anyone who is so desperate to control every aspect of his environment even to the point of hurting and enslaving others is obviously afraid of a great many things.  Attempting to be quietly diplomatic or grasping for mercy only encourages them to take their maliciousness to the next level.  Statists seek easy prey to satiate their thirst for dominance.  They will abuse women, children, the elderly and disabled, anyone that cannot defend themselves.  As soon as the goon encounters a person willing and able to fight back, however, his smug façade disappears and the hidden coward emerges.

Statist Thugs Love Law For The Law’s Sake

Statists revel in bureaucracy and red tape.  They love laws and regulations regardless of application.  They feel safe within a highly structured and contained system because most of them are followers, not leaders.  The idea that they may one day have to blaze their own path without the aid of a vast government machine cradling them like lost infants is terrifying to them.  Statists are not able to survive without someone telling them what to do and when to do it.  On the other side of the coin, they also enjoy the manner in which the modern legal framework can be twisted to fit whatever disturbed logic happens to strike them.  The more a society is cluttered with overt legalities, the easier it is to misinterpret and exploit the distraction and confusion they create.

Statists Believe Government Should Parent Society

The goal of a statist is to impress his will upon others by any means necessary.  Government simply offers the most expedient and convenient tool for them to do the job.  Of course, in their minds many of them will try to rationalize the abuse of government power by asserting that it is ultimately for the good of everyone.  It is not enough for them to live life the way they see fit for themselves; all people must be “shown the light” for the betterment of the group as a whole.  When confronted with someone who dissents against their oppressive world view, they usually respond by accusing the activist of “not caring about other people’s well being, or the well being of the country”.   You will almost always hear the Statist talk about the group, or the collective, over the individual, because the easiest way to dominate the citizenry is to erase the concept of unique individualism and condition them towards herd behavior.  Individuals with strong characters infuriate statists. 

Anyone Can Be A Statist

Many people (myself included) have never found much solace in the establishment and its parade of self-importance.  For me, most methodologies of government have always been a sick kind of joke.  Elaborate buildings and ceremonies, nice suits and uniforms, the money and the celebrity, the news shows and talking heads; it’s all costume.  It’s a parade of drunken clowns and carneys dipped in glamour and glitter and pomp.

The very concept of government is in itself an abstraction.  It is an artificial social edifice that seems to give weaker men a sense of security (or false security), even when it is at bottom a threat to them.  The assumption is that the establishment (meaning the power elite) must exist at all costs.  The statist cannot imagine otherwise.  He is at once a fan of the totalitarian game and an avid bouncing giggling cheerleader.  His greatest dream is to be a part of the beast; to share in the “glory” of the empire and live vicariously through its conquests.

A statist thug can be anyone, from the overweight and overzealous TSA agent at the airport to the brutally nosy and vicious old lady next door.  Some participate in tyranny directly by wearing the uniform and wielding the baton, while others participate behind closed doors and curtains by informing on their neighbors.  Regardless of their demeanor, each statist has one thing in common; an obsession with the continuance of the system to the point of madness.  There is absolutely nothing the state can do to make them second guess their love affair.  No crime too shocking,no attack too unjust.  During the blackest moments of mankind, they are the willing tools of oppression.  They make revolution - physical revolution, necessary.  With them, oligarchs take root.  Without them, oligarchs take shelter, or disappear altogether...

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ParkAveFlasher's picture

Fuck you, Cuffy Meigs!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

FOWARD!  Because 2 R's are rredunant.

economics9698's picture

Kill the central bankers; end the Fed, hang politicians, the shit can be fixed, but not without killing a few people.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

The 'liberty movement' is nothing more than a front group for corporate interests who care about nothing but profit. Trickle Down Economics has failed, and there’s no denying it. Here's the fundamental point liberals are making: If CEOs can make millions, why can't I also get a high salary? If big shots get to retire early, why can't I? I'm still waiting for libertarians to answer these fundamental questions.

economics9698's picture

Uh, because there is this thing called the Federal Reserve.  They print money for their friends on Wall Street and Washington DC.  If you are on the list of friends you win.  If not you need to get a job and have talent.

Abitdodgie's picture

MDB has tallent look at the stocks he picks , how's Facebook working out for you MDB

Abitdodgie's picture

Did you know the United States has not had a Government since 1871 , when the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a corporation started inpersonating the Government. Go ahead chalenge them to demonstrate that todays Gov't is the same one as establised at the inception of this country , and not a Corporation. They cannot do it .

Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus's picture

Actually the 'US is a corporation' stuff appears to be, mostly, just horseshit.


Not horseshit:  The 1913 federal reserve act was and is unconstitutional on its face, but was upheld by the SC in decisions which should be nullified.


I see the issuing power as the sine qua non of the strangelhold "elites" and war profiteers and bankers have on our labor and future.


Don't get sidetracked.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

MDB is a perfect socially engineered tool of the communitarian collectivist cult. Agenda21er, Progresser, one world government NWO, brainwashed agent spreading mindless, meaningless words he thinks will finish off the US Constitution and the USA for good. 

I'm 52 and have never seen Aldous Huxley's Brave New World till today, and 1984 by George Orwell till last week. Never read the books but knew through research what they were All about. The thing I got new out of watching the movies, it's people like MDB who are actively working toward the vision portrayed in these two great movies. Especially Brave New World where people self drug with Soma constantly and have scheduled fuck secessions regularly if you are in the upper classes. I think the prospect of a world like this is what drives people like MDB to be busybody socially engineered control freaks, for whatever sick twisted reason.

These are Free on Youtube to watch;

Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

1984 1956.mp4


Ident 7777 economy's picture

Master propagandist (so I'm stretching things), for the 'other' side ...


Please. post more 'chemtrail' videos. They give any poster added credibility.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Why do we need a Fed and a Treasury?

End the Fed and their insane interest charges, force the Treasury to print money and back it by something. SOMETHING.

Future Jim's picture

You've got to watch Equilibrium, with Christian Bale.

Mary Wilbur's picture

It's also a good idea to read Aldous Huxley's Animal Farm.

BigJim's picture

Jorge Arwell's 1984½ is essential reading too.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

You know how people choose aliases which still give hints of their true identity?

Like if you were Michael Jackson and you wanted an alias, you might choose Jack Michaelson, for instance?

And you know how some people become so obsessed with their own identity and status, they get a bit paranoid?

Weeellll... MDB happens to be BDM in reverse....

Blythe?!? that you, sweetie?

Ident 7777 economy's picture



" The 1913 federal reserve act was and is unconstitutional ..."


Tilted at many windmills lately?

archon's picture

I'll take a stab at this...   because life's not all about who has more money, or who retires where and when?  If that's what you think it's all about, then you're a slave and don't even know it.

kliguy38's picture


kliguy38's picture


ShorTed's picture

when your contribution to the corporate bottom line equals that of the ceo, then you deserve the same salary ;-)

Rick Blaine's picture

That's a joke, right?  I really can't tell...but assuming it's not a joke:

Let me make a similar argument...

If brain surgeons make $500K per year (or whatever), why can't I get same salary working at the driving range?

Uh, well, brain surgeons possess a skill that few people on the planet have...which is needed by a larger group of people.  The same can not really be said for people who work at driving ranges...and I know that for a fact because I worked at golf courses/driving ranges in high school and undergrad.

So, the balance of supply vs demand causes the market to place a pretty high value on their time/effort.

If you don't want brain surgeons to make that much money, ok..fine...but the result would simply be that even less people would be willing to take the time, etc. to learn that skill.

Is there a fair amount of BS in the salaries of some CEOs? Sure there is...but IN GENERAL, they can run companies better than the average dude walking down the street.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

That's a joke, right?  I really can't tell...but assuming it's not a joke:

You made the wrong assumption. This is MillionDollarBonus_ - take a look at all the comments from this user & you should no longer be in doubt.

Clark Bent's picture

Libertarian answer to fundamental liberal questions: cuz you're a disgusting worthless puke and those with more good stuff are better than you are as defined by your own manner of measuring. For example, they are not carping about not having things that others have, especially where those others have earned them. Fundamental libertarian question to liberal: why haven't you drowned yourself rather than live detestably? 

Slightly Insane's picture

Million Dollar Bonus .... you have missed the point.  I deem you to be a true statist, of the highest order.  You have a complete lack of logical understanding of things, and have never thought like a free man.  Your observations are always from the perspective of the statist.  You will never achieve anything of merit, you ride on others coat tails everywhere.  You sir are a parasite and a troll.  The reason you will never make it big, except maybe as a prison guard (the perfect statist occupation), is because you seek to blame others for everything.  You think the Government will provide you with a level playing field, they will not.  The liberty movement was not a front for corporate interests, but a direct challange to the "statist mentality" that exists in the two party system.  (Your Occupy Movement though was a front for the Coorporate interests.  You obviously think that wealth is created by Government and not the private sector; hence you would not be attacking "profit", and "capitalism".

The simple reason that you cannot generate a high salary is because you are waiting for someone else to provide you with a living.  People like you avoid risk, and prefer to work the "union job" where someone else does your bidding even though you are below average.  You lack the drive.  I bet that you were the ahole that volunteered to be the class snitch to the teacher .... so you could weild some form of abusive power. 

Just go back to being the classroom snitch, or the prison guard .... the only way you'll ever be rich is if you hit the lootery.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

throwing in "trickle down economics" and "liberty movement" is a Fail.

It's one thing to tag a number of items that rile people up, it's quite another to throw conflicting ones together like a meme-generator hoping for trolling-hits.

You may count this as a troll-hit if you'd like but I think exposing the mechanism of Fail involved in the ) algorithm qualifies as something else.

hapless's picture

"If big shots get to retire early, why can't I?"

Simple.  If you (and everybody else) get to retire early, then early stops being early and becomes merely normal.

Oh, and because you're a cocksucker.

A Middle Child of History's picture

Ultimately, those who elect those politicians will also need to be killed. Flushing the turds down the toilet doesn't do anything to address the source of the turds. With any luck, most of them will starve to death or kill one another.

Colonial Intent's picture

Fuck it, why dont you just kill everyone and invade poland.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Revolution is like Saturn, it devours its own children.

vast-dom's picture

you are just like the statist sociopaths 9698 every fucking day calling for death, destruction and hatred of certain isolated peoples. fucktard.

vast-dom's picture


archon's picture

"FOWARD!  Because 2 R's are rredunant."

Double plus good!  We like less redundant!

Slightly Insane's picture

Didn't he just define the MSM?

Dumpster Fire's picture

They are out there yes.

economics9698's picture

Democrats trying to control the economy and Republicans trying to control the bedroom. 

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Things would go one hell of alot better if people would just butt out of everyone else's business.   There are far too many busy bodies who think they need to stick their nose where it doesn't belong.  Like MDB.

Ignatius's picture

I worked with a guy 25 years younger, 100lbs heavier and who worked his home weights as if he was in supermax and  who liked to intimidate those around him with his prowess.  In other words, a pain in the ass.  He would say things like "two blows, one my fist and the other you hitting the floor."  Like I say, a pain in the ass. Oh, and I'd mark him as a 'statist'.

A fair fight?  Not from me. If I really had a problem with him I'd meet him around the corner with a blind-sided 4x4 (endo) or such.  "A man's got to know his limitations."

In these times be as independent of the larger beauracracies as possible yet netted into your local community.

The Republic is dead and has been for awhile.  Sad, but true.

Isn't this exciting?!

klockwerks's picture

Very well done piece. Gives all ZH readers good insight on what we are up against and what is coming. Thanks for the read

SWRichmond's picture

About 45 years ago I began reading about WW2, and one cannot read about that without encountering the SS, treatment of conquered peoples, etc.  At first I was amazed by the willingness of "Germans" to do those things to others.  "What was wrong with Germans?", I wondered as a youth.  Now I vomit whenever I hear an American say "thank god that can't happen here."

I came to the same conclusions as Mr. Smith some time ago, but have never been able to put it into words nearly as well, nor for such a wide readership.  These elements exist within all populations and are merely awaiting an opportunity to "express" themselves.  Thank you Mr. Smith.

Most recently I have read "Ordinary Men."  I read it after reading "Gotterdammerung 1945, Germany's Last Stand In The East," which quickly rendered me able to read only a few pages of it at a sitting, it is that depressing.  If you want to know how deep the fucking rabbit hole goes, try reading this one.

Mary Wilbur's picture

I have travelled the same road. It's extremely depressing.

goat's picture

Gotterdammerung is an amazing book.

strannick's picture

A mass exodus from ignorance and organized opposition to tyranny is the dream of every freedom loving person within the Liberty Movement today.

Is he saying ignorance and tyranny are the only options?

Or is he grammatically impaired?

PeterLemonJello's picture

I might try re-reading that sentence again and noticing the difference between "a mass exodus from ignorance" and "organized opposition to tyranny".

Yardfarmer's picture

it's all self serving BS and the pompous empty rhetoric of provocation any way you read it.

Ident 7777 economy's picture

Oops; that's going to leave a mark.

TrulyBelieving's picture

There is plenty reason to say that provocation part you speak of was initiated by the Statist side. It is 'they' that encroach, unconstitutionally, upon what is mine and it is 'they' that break the Law, not us.

archon's picture

It's called a "compound subject" - "A mass exodus from ignorance and organized opposition to tyranny" is the subject. "The dream of every freedom loving person" is the object.  In other words, all freedom-loving people would dream about being free from ignorance and organized opposition to tyranny.