Initial Claims Over 400K For Second Week In A Row, Hurricane's Fault Again

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Yesterday's home sales data, which came far better than expected, apparently had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy (had it been a disappointment the narrative would have been far different). What Hurricane Sandy did have an impact on for the second week in a row, is today's Initial Unemployment Claims, supposedly, which for the second week in a row printed well above 400K, and just as expected, at 410K, "down" from last week's upward (naturally) revised 451K (previously 439K). NSA claims declined from 478.5K to 397.7K, while Continuing Claims were just below expectations at 3,337K on a consensus print of 3,345K, and down from an upward revised 3,367K. Notable is that the dropping trend in those on extended claims, which recently dropped to a multi year low of around 2 million, had reverse, and 60.8K applied for EUCs.

Paradoxically, looking at last week's very disappointing jobs data, something sadly does not foot. According to the DOL, the states impacted by Sandy were NY at +43,956, NJ at +31,094, PA at +7,037, and CT at +1,808. This assumes all initial claims in these states were due to Sandy, because as everyone knows the second a hurricane comes along, everyone one is fired. So taking the NSA print of 478,543 for November 10, and subtracting the fully attributed Sandy "impact" 83,895, and one gets 394,648. Hardly the stuff those pushing for a "recovery" and saying to avoid the Sandy-related claims, would want to see.



Finally, and most confusingly, last week's third most laid off state, with +24,693 initial claims was... California.

Sandy's fault for sure. But at least Ohio had 5K less layoffs in the manufacturing industry in elections week...

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Hope the Whitehouse carts out that blonde chick with the crazy eyes to explain to us how that's totally normal.

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Marketwatch reports "Unemployment claims decline sharply to 410,000." It's the new idea. Even though it is well over 350k, we did better than last week!!! Let's see what the algos do with this...

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Blame Hoover, it worked for FDR.

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My neighbor's name is Sandy Bush.  She gets blamed for EVERYTHING.

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Business Insider claims that Sandy would leave us "better off than before the storm."

I think these guys drive to work in clown cars.

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She'll probably demonstrate how vaginal farts, wind, can destroy sentiment in this fucked up jobmarket.

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Oh, you're talking about Baghdad Bob's twin sister - "White House Steph".

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Sandy, like Snookie from the Jersey Shore, is the the gift that keeps on giving.

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It is on Marketwatch. Their story "First-time claims for unemployment benefits decline sharply" fails to mention that this is up from last weeks Sandy-influenced figure, which should summarily be dismissed.

But of course, now that the figure has "improved", it is good enough to use as reference.

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Higher unemployment creates an increase in the amount of women wanting to be dirty ho-bags?

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Finally, and most confusingly, last week's third most laid off state, with +24,693 initial claims was... California.

I thought Sandy hit the East coast?

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It's always something. The effects of Sandy will be the excuse for the next year

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With this leadership group, it will always be something.  They really need to borrow Bushes hurricane machine and hit a republican state because Sandy is going to be a little problematic for incumbent pols in the NE.  They need a distraction say like a middle east war.

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now will you QE till the lights go out Ben BEN you f'n rat..OMG last weeks disaster revised even higher this should ramp the S&P 5%..nuts

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Da Blame Game....respekt!!!

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California hired 25 THOUSAND people suddenly last week...OK this is just getting too silly to even pay any serious attention to now. 

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They hired them to console the people already without jobs.....there is a method to Moonbeam Jerry's madness.

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tylers has the world of finance ever been so controlled so corrupt so blasted evil ever? How can wealth be created? we all expect the inflation of monitizing the debt and excess liquidity, but it only goes to equity, no jobs=prosperity or so it seems for the 1%..corzine me this.

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Umm...if you think the liquidity is only getting to stocks and not creating inflation, then you probably don't shop at grocery stores, retailers or anyplace else where prices can be observed.  Many food items are 20-40% higher than just 2 years ago...but the inflation is disguised by keeping the "price" the same and reducing the quantity.  One pound bags of coffee now contain 10-12 oz.  That's a 25-38% increase in prices.  And it's happening across the board.  Anything that needs to be grown, packaged, made, or shipped is much much more expensive now...

Stocks aren't really keeping up...and the dam hasn't even burst in terms of money velocity.  Be prepared for $6 loaves of bread within 15 months.

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Initial UNEMPLOYMENT claims.


They were FIRED.

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the fact that you are not paying any attention is starting to show

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Bad numbers are always shown with positive signs by .gov; good numbers with negative signs.

That's because there are so few good numbers to report.


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Wait...according to Krugman, Sandy was supposed to boost employment. What happened to that theory? 

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Sandy had to put up to get 5 gallons of fuel to get her genarator to work to recharge her iPhone and iPad.

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Yes, there's supposed to be a surge of employment to make new windows, doors, siding, etc. and install all those items.  Should be a BOOM fooking banner year for those folks out there!

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Steve Liesman will tell you that we need more stimulus/fiat.........I say you better have GOOOOLD

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Here in Florida after many hurricane's, job creation soared.  Contractors could not find enough people.

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Here is what I think is happening in NY. Sandy hit. House gets damaged. Homeowner has brother or friend who is contractor. Bro/friend comes in and fixes the basement for cash. Homeowner gets a check from FEMA for 4x the cost the bro/friend charged. Bro/friend gets a piece of the action.

Contractors made out. Day laborer's were hired and paid cash. Homeowner made out because they made money on the whole thing.

Not a dime in taxes was collected. Not a job was actually created on the books. Granted there are a lot of people who are going to find out they did not read page 160 something on their homeowners policy.


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I just can't imagine the effect is so minimal.  I could be wrong though.

What really gets shitty is how slow the insurance companies move and in times of massive claims bring all sorts of shitty adjusters to go out and add up the damage.  They low ball everyone on purpose.

Hurricane Charley dropped 4 trees on my house and smashed the back half of my roof, water leaked inside and destroyed ceilings, etc.  Insurance company used some idiot from Tennessee to do the claim and he totaled the damage at $800.  ha ha.  It took 6 months and going to mediation (court was next) to get the insurance company simply fullfill thier contractual obligation.   

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So for four years it was Bush's fault....Now it's Sandy's fault.....This makes as much sense as hiring a blind man to build a house.

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Good = Obama. Bad = Sandy

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Time for another MIRACLE ramping of the ES!!!

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Yeah.....if ya got a would be the time.

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a miracle is typically unexpected & out of the ordinary. Sadly, as you often point out, the f-in' RAMP is now simply SOP....very mundane..... 

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NASA has found a bacteria on Mars which consented to put up Mars as collateral against all Earth's debt.

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Mars will consent to this deal only if NASA continues its very important "mission" of outreach to the Muslim world. Fixed it for ya...

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Shouldn't a natural disaster boost employment after the event...don't you need to construct more after the hurrican destroyed everything and thus transport shit from place A to place B...

Didn't a man made natural disaster (world war) boost employment...MASSIVELY

Am I the only one that feels like every government is trying to fuck me up the ass, and getting upset at me if I so slightly hint at refusing????

I am ufficially dumbfounded people...


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It's peculiar that these markets remain buoyant on relative news that in an absolute sense is absolute shit.

Countries are in line to collapse financially.

Unemployment is a major issue.

The success country of the future is the largest communist empire in the history of the planet.

Government debts are the highest they've ever been, but moronic spending continues.

Fiscal cliff is a term used so frequently, it's almost a brand - cup of fiscal cliff anyone?

Walmart workers are on strike when there's no union at Walmart for the busiest day of retail year - honestly you fucking unions, haven't you destroyed enough lives?


And then there's morning columns calling for another bull run.


Beam me up Scotty.  This planet really sucks.

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The 1% who really run the world do fear massive civil unrest.  Therefore, they bombard the masses with bread and circuses and lie to them about how good things really are (rigging the market is one way of doing so).  It was true during the decline of the Roman Empire, and it is true today.

FUBAR, so sayeth SPQR...

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No career employment = No Recovery

Housing "recovery" = Apartment buildings

U.S.S.A. = Ponzi

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Those 18500 workers at Hostess, could transfer to DC because I'm sure their talents can be used at the Fudge Factory that is doing a roaring trade.

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Hurricane Marxism in the newly created USSA. Hat tip to our media.

If you see 'em walking near a subway, try to trip them down the stairs.

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 That upward revision(from last week), was over 32K JOBS!  Why do we even have a BLS with revisions like that? That's almost 10% revision,WTF?

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If I remember correctly, they mentionned last week that a significant upward revision was likely, as they couldn't collect all the data because of, err, you-know-who.