Tel Aviv Bus Explosion Sends Oil To Session Highs

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Update: Israel launches massive airstrikes on Gaza after Tel Aviv bombing (RT). As expected

So much for hopes of a ceasefire as day 8 of of Operation Pillar of Defense begins. Around midday local time, an explosion took place in a bus in Tel Aviv near the military headquarters. As Jerusalem Post reports, "a total of 16 people were injured in a terror attack in central Tel Aviv on Wednesday, according to a spokesperson from the city's Ichilov Hospital. One person was severely injured, one moderately and one light to moderately. The remainder of the casualties were light or suffering shock. None were in a life threatening condition, though two were already in surgery, the hospital spokesperson said." According to witnesses a man climbed in the bus and threw a bomb on board. The explosion has sent Brent to its session highs over $111, and with Hilary Clinton briefly on location, it appears that Israel may well escalate to the next phase of the conflict which would be a land invasion.

Perhaps making certain of this was a tweet by the Alqassam Brigades, which has made a serious escalation virtually inevitable:

Finally, proving that the world has gone totally insane, the rise in crude is interpreted by correlation algos as a risk on signal sending ES and EURUSD both to their session highs and wiping out all losses from last night's historic collapse in talks over Greece.

And some more from the FT:

A bomb explosion on a bus in central Tel Aviv threatened to derail stuttering moves towards an end to violence in Gaza on Wednesday, sending oil prices sharply higher.


Crude prices rose $1 a barrel to $111 after Israeli media reported 10 people were injured in the bus bombing, which happened near the ministry of defence in Tel Aviv at about midday local time.


It was the first such attack in Israel since the conflict began, and the first in the city since 2006.


Media in Gaza reported celebratory gunfire in the enclave after people heard news of the explosion.


The conflict between Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement that controls the Gaza Strip entered its eighth day with intense diplomatic activity continuing in efforts to broker a ceasefire.


Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, arrived in the region and called on Israel and Hamas to “de-escalate” the hostilities.


She assured Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, of Washington’s “rock-solid” support for Israel’s right to defend itself but called for a “durable outcome” to the crisis, which has claimed the lives of at least 134 Palestinians and five Israelis.


“It is essential to de-escalate the situation in Gaza,” she said. “The rocket attacks from terrorist organisations inside Gaza on Israeli cities and towns must end and a broader calm restored.”


The Israeli leader said he, too, preferred a diplomatic solution to the conflict but also warned that Israel was ready to take “whatever action is necessary” to halt rocket fire from Gaza on Israel.


Israel is opposed to a ceasefire that would merely give Hamas time to rearm.

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How did that one get through?!?!?!?

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ES moved up on Merkel conciliatory muttering on Greece.  No A-List EZ politico wants direct contact with Greek decision.  B-List sub-alterns will approve it though.  

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What is there to even discuss on Greece? They are like the brother in law that you give a few bucks to every once in a while so they can (barely) exist and not have to move into your basement. Why is it still news?


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Lots of action starting to develop in the Middle East.

Look back over 24mths....we're looking at revolutions, threats, cross-border attacks.

Even Iran and the US have reportedly had small skirmishes.

WWIII here we come...

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Baked in. It's been baked in ever since we decided credit money was a good idea.

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Tel Aviv Bus Explosion Sends Oil To Session Highs

cui bono?  Why don't people see that we are seen as fodder, and that's all?'s picture




The Lavon Affair refers to a failed Israeli covert operation, code named Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the Summer of 1954. As part of the false flag operation,[1] a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence for plans to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American and British-owned targets. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, "unspecified malcontents" or "local nationalists" with the aim of creating a climate of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt's Suez Canal zone.[2] The operation caused no casualties, except for those members of the cell who committed suicide after being captured.



The operation ultimately became known as the Lavon Affair after the Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon was forced to resign as a consequence of the incident. Before Lavon's resignation, the incident had been euphemistically referred to in Israel as the "Unfortunate Affair" or "The Bad Business" (Hebrew: ???? ????‎, HaEsek HaBish). After Israel publicly denied any involvement in the incident for 51 years, the surviving agents were officially honored in 2005 by being awarded certificates of appreciation by Israeli President Moshe Katzav.[3]

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Mossad Checklist:

  1. Obtain explosives from nearby military outpost
  2. Throw explosives into unoccupied bus to minimize citizen casualties
  3. Quicly return to military outpost so "terrorist" is not apprehended
  4. Launch massive airstrike before completing "investigation"
  5. Send approved "Terrorist" story to approved news outlets

I guess this proves it, the Jews really do have superior intelligence....

whstlblwr's picture

conducted in Egypt, assholes.'s picture

Zionist perfidy has been turned against the Jews in the past as they will tell you themselves:


The Brutal Zionist Role in the Holocaust



The price of Zionism:



1. Ben Gurion informed a meeting of Labor Zionists in Great Britain in 1938: "If I knew that it would be possible to save all the children in Germany by bringing them over to England and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Israel, then I opt for the second alternative."



2. As late as 1943, while the Jews of Europe were being exterminated in their millions, the U.S. Congress proposed to set up a commission to "study" the problem. Rabbi Stephen Wise, who was the principal American spokesperson for Zionism, came to Washington to testify against the rescue bill because it would divert attention from the colonization of Palestine.



This is the same Rabbi Wise who, in 1938, in his capacity as leader of the American Jewish Congress, wrote a letter in which he opposed any change in U.S. immigration laws which would enable Jews to find refuge. He stated:


"It may interest you to know that some weeks ago the representatives of all the leading Jewish organizations met in conference ... It was decided that no Jewish organization would, at this time, sponsor a bill which would in any way alter the immigration laws."



3."One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland" -- Izaak Greenbaum



whstlblwr's picture

I'm not the semitic scholar that you seem to be, LOL. And none of your examples show that the Israel military would conduct false flags in Israel. In this case it looks like Hamas didn't want a cease fire and blew up a bus of innocent people. That is evil.

Keep up with your scholarship and research the etymology of Palestinians for their claims on land.

It seem their leaders like to start fights to divert attention from their poor leadership skills.

"al-Masri (the Egyptian,), al-Djazair (the Algerian), el-Mughrabi (the Moroccan), al-Yamani (the Yemenite) and even al-Afghani are so common among those claiming to be "Palestinians."

Today's Palestinians are immigrants from many nations: "Balkans, Greeks, Syrians, Latins, Egyptians, Turks, Armenians, Italians, Persians, Kurds, Germans, Afghans, Circassians, Bosnians, Sudaneese, Samaritans, Algerians, Motawila, Tartars, Hungarians, Scots, Navarese, Bretons, English, Franks, Ruthenians, Bohemians, Bulgarians, Georgians, Syrians, Persian Nestorians, Indians, Copts, Maronites, and many others." (DeHass, History, p. 258. John of Wurzburg list from Reinhold Rohricht edition, pp. 41, 69).

There are villages populated wholly by settlers from other portions of the Turkish Empire in the 19th century. There are villages of Bosnians, Circassians, and Egyptians. -Parkes, James William, History of the Peoples of Palestine, Hammondsworth, Great Britain, 1970, p. 212."'s picture



In this case it looks like Hamas didn't want a cease fire and blew up a bus of innocent people. That is evil.


In reports I've read even the Israelis haven't substantiated that claim. Where is your documentation? And what do you think about the Israeli attack on the US embassy yesterday? Haven't seen that on the TV but if it had been done by an Arab you can bet it would run 24/7.



downwiththebanks's picture

Fatah has claimed responsibility and Hamas has applauded them for the 'attack'.  Who cares about the evidence, though!?  To a Zionist, such things--evidence--are minor obstacles.'s picture

Thanks for the info. That is interesting. Although it doesn't justify further attacks on Gaza any more than yesterday's Israeli attack on the US embassy would justify American bombing of the people of Tel Aviv.


Hamas' mortal enemy, Fatah—the group Hamas violently overthrew in Gaza in 2007—has claimed responsibility for the attack.


Note that it's the anti-Zionist contigent at ZH which is willing to honestly document events regardless of the effect on the conversation. A respect for honesty from all parties would be a good first step on the road to respect for all human life.





whstlblwr's picture

You accused Israel military of blowing up the bus in TelAviv that is hardly honest documentation. I haven't seen any honest comments from you on ugly role of Palestinians in the current conflict. And there is enough blame to go around to both nations.

downwiththebanks's picture

Perhaps you can explain why, or how, the bus driver kept driving after the attack, as was reported by the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post.

mjcOH1's picture

"Perhaps you can explain why, or how, the bus driver kept driving after the attack, as was reported by the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post."


Why - The bomb was thrown onto the bus.   He had the good sense to drive away from the terrorist while he could.

How - Cummins turbo-diesel?   Uh-rah!'s picture


You accused Israel military of blowing up the bus in TelAviv that is hardly honest documentation.


I did no such thing. Please cite the quote. You're a liar if you can't do so.

downwiththebanks's picture

The UN told Zionists in 1947 that they had the right to ethnically cleanse Palestine and impose an Apartheid, Whites-Only state under occupation.

You cannot confront this fact, so you obvfuscate.  Apartheid Israel exists through UN charity and Uncle Sam's welfare checks.  No "State" could be more fictitious.

Or more illusory.   Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock--the end is nearing for this 55 year blot on the human race.

SWRichmond's picture

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock--the end is nearing for this 55 year blot on the human race.

I believe you are correct.  The facts are too hard to hide.

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Today I read this article about the bus on our local news site.

Same article but with 1 big difference...

Under the article there was a facebook link...



I clicked the like button also :)

whstlblwr's picture

you're disgusting. I feel sorry for your family that you are covered in hate.

insanelysane's picture

Some one will put out "Cease fire agreed to" for the algos when they have their accounts ready.

Winston Churchill's picture

How convenient.

Mossad doesn't mind killing a few'chosen' now and again.

danepol's picture

Evidently you're not one of them.

DaveyJones's picture

that's the spirit

I'm starting to get confused who the parents and who the children are. I was raised catholic, am married into a jewish family. live amongst a bunch of hindus and have a daughter dating a second generation palestinian. Like the young people occupying wall street, how come our children, remember those people, the ones that are utterly screwed by their elders, the ones literally shaking in fear in Gaza and southern Israel, how come they are the only ones saying mature things as this new pathetic chapter unfolds and the murderous politicians and businessmen move in for the kill? Things like why is violence always the solution, why does the world just sit there and watch, why does the US only take one side when both sides are killing, if both people lived there then both people should have some right to live there and on and on. When they finally turn on us, I will welcome the day. 's picture



I was raised catholic, am married into a jewish family. live amongst a bunch of hindus and have a daughter dating a second generation palestinian.


You folks must be on holiday pretty much all the time what with one tradition or another. Sounds like fun. L'Chaim!

DaveyJones's picture

yes, I only did it for the booze

and given the state of the world, it was a cozy fit

Aquarius's picture

Did they scramble the air strike force just before the bomb went off? er, as usual?

Nothing better than a good killing night, just ask Obama, Netanyahu's student.

Urban Redneck's picture

Hamas leadership also doesn't mind killing their own to further their ambitions.

Ditto for the CIA.

The RPF was willing to sacrifice countless Tutsis in Rwanda in order to achieve political control.

Hell, how much sympathy was garnered by the allied cause when Churchill sacrificed Coventry to protect intelligence sources?

Even if what you allege is true, it's simply par for the course in modern warfare. 

kridkrid's picture

People are so naive if they don't believe and accept this. "the ends justify the means"... This isn't that hard of a hurdle to cover to be able to justify almost any activity. Say, for example, one wanted to rewrite American Foreign policy regarding "preemptive war". What would constitute a "Pearl Harbor moment" significant enough to rewrite both foreign AND domestic policy? Might it be worth 3000 lives? These people don't think like the rest of us. They are wired differently. Our inability to grasp that simple fact provides the cover that they need to do such things.

DaveyJones's picture

that is the most tangible abstraction I've ever heard

Boeing Boy's picture

Add pear harbour to the list

Dugald's picture

The Israeli leader said he, too, preferred a diplomatic solution to the conflict but also warned that Israel was ready to take “whatever action is necessary” to halt rocket fire from Gaza on Israel.

He must have been laughing up his sleeve with that load of puffery, knowing full well Hamas will not agree to a ceasefire, if it should, be sure any document will be signed in dissapearing ink....'s picture



Hamas will not agree to a ceasefire


It was the other way around:


Israeli Ambassador Says There Is No Ceasefire With Hamas



According to a report in Reuters early Tuesday afternoon, Hamas claimed it reached an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire agreement with Israel and that the truce would be declared in a matter of hours (at 2:00 pm ET) and go into effect at 5:oo pm ET.  Israel, however is denying it has agreed to a ceasefire and that talks are still underway.


Hi Ho Silver's picture




"Allah's Apostle said, "Who is willing to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?" Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saying, "O Allah's Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?" The Prophet said, "Yes," Muhammad bin Maslama said, "Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab). "The Prophet said, "You may say it."

- Hadith 5.59.369's picture




Deuteronomy 20:16-18

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

16 Only in the cities of these peoples that the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, you shall not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 But you shall [a]utterly destroy them, the Hittite and the Amorite, the Canaanite and the Perizzite, the Hivite and the Jebusite, as the Lord your God has commanded you, 18 so that they may not teach you to do according to all their detestable things which they have done for their gods, so that you would sin against the Lord your God.




downwiththebanks's picture

Aren't hate-filled fairy tales grand?

DaveyJones's picture

funny how you can find that crap in any religious text. It's almost as if... men wrote it 

Hi Ho Silver's picture

I live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ under a new covenant.

Thank you very much.

Zeff's picture

Source? Context? Dont post any hadith without its context friend. Being illiterate in some disciplines is one thing, trying to promote your mediocre understanding is another.

downwiththebanks's picture

The Palestinian Resistance is perfectly willing (too much so, in my view--but that's from someone outside Gaza) to agree to a cease-fire, but Apartheid Israel refuses to agree to the condition of ending their medieval siege on a prison colony.

So the genocidal Land-Grabbers bomb, bomb away from 25,000 feet--killing tons of children and grandmothers, but doing nothing to stop the bottle rocket attacks.

In effect, Apartheid Israel is procrastinating, throwing a gigantic temper-trantrum.  They want to keep killing people in wheelchairs, and they know an invasion of Gaza will result in yet another humiliating defeat.

crash_davis's picture

It was Iranian bombers for sure

Aquarius's picture

I've seen this movie before.

DaveyJones's picture

that's not butter on your popcorn

crash_davis's picture

It would be more accurate to say that greece is like the brother in law who owes money to the mob. He keeps borrowing from you and paying off his debt to stay alive a little while longer, but each day his life gets a little shittier.

Ghordius's picture

it would be even more accurate to remind everybody that the Squid helped to cook the Greek books with derivative instruments

so if it is the "mob", then the "brother in law" lied to the "mob" in order to loan more

GetZeeGold's picture



Squid helped to cook the Greek books with derivative instruments


They begged them for it......and now they're the bitch? Dude, when you're out money it's either go derviatives.....or go home. Turns out they didn't feel like going home.


In hindsight....maybe they should have.

Ghordius's picture

They (meaning the Greek gov) did not beg them

Nevertheless there was a lot of US pressure behind it, including all the Bush II's promises to enlarge the EU to Turkey and similar things that were thankfully just too much to let be

nevertheless, who is the "mob" here? those who have been left to pick the tab and clean up the mess after the Squid made a bundle? you tell me