VIX 'Premium' Collapses Back To Zero (Again)

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Presented with little comment except to note that the implied volatility of the S&P 500 has collapsed back to its realized volatility - it would seem markets have become highly complacent, once again, about the short-term future.



Chart: Bloomberg

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Stoploss's picture

Put it in with the ECRI, another useless tool.

Speaking of useless tools, the CONs happily singing the praises of "reaching across the aisle", once again, have no fucking clue.

orangedrinkandchips's picture

All those volality ETFs are FUCKING SCAMS.....WORTHLESS SCAMS.


When the fucking head heb sits his fat ass on it day-in,'s broken!

Cdad's picture

Greece will "hopefully" be fixed...soon...I hear.  Junker said so.

Martdin's picture

They want their year end bonus... And damn it to hell they are gonna get it, no matter the cost.

LMAO's picture

Since the VIX can be halted (yeah I know it's hard to understand) TPTB can do pretty much with it as they please and therefore the fear index formely known as THE VIX is now another useless tool in an increasingly useless toolbox.

DeadFred's picture

Next thing you'll try to claim the LIBOR is crooked as well.

LongSoupLine's picture

right, and silver that would be a shocker (right Blythe?)

VonManstein's picture

cracks are appearing.. Stocks DX TSY APPLE... a story of things to come

Quinvarius's picture

So an indicator that indicates nothing of value is indicating nothing of value.  Much like LIBOR, the indicator is really the tool. 

Shizzmoney's picture

The tools are NOT in indicators, but the ones running them.

mrktwtch2's picture

im 89 cent bid for 2000 shares of tvix..whne will i get it??

SDRII's picture

refer to libor article

Howdan's picture

Will our dear friend Mr Kevin Henry be getting his end-of-year bonus do we reckon?

NEOSERF's picture

All is well, fill up with calories, go shopping, ignore reality.

max2205's picture

this is shocking really

falak pema's picture

I think that ZH has to eat some humble pie.

We are on a continual goom n doom roll in ZH, all the while it recognises the immense fire power the WS Oligarchy lobby disposes, all the while they do the levitated pumping n dumping in an ivory tower irreality controlled by them all over first world as the CBs are on the same page. The market is no reflection of reality; its just the will of the oligarchy. 

Know your adversary, never underestimate him; is the lesson of all power plays.

You can be right in the long term but as we all know, that is no quantum of solace to the living on a limited time line. 

The defiance of belief in truth must always accept Caesar's preeminence; unless there is a collective WILL to depose him. We are not in that political scenario, not even in Athens! 

Super Marco's picture

Sell and short till February.