Guest Post: Who Should Be Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving?

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Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics

Who Should Be Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving?

Not the wider public.

Our financial system is broken. Our political system is broken. Oligarchs and their cronies reap easy rewards — bailouts, crony capitalism, corporate handouts, liquidity injections, favourable “regulation” (that puts oligarchs’ competition out of a business) — while taxpayers pay the bill.

But no such thing lasts forever.

Thanksgiving is very much the day of the black swan. Nassim Taleb used the example of a turkey fattened up for Thanksgiving as an example of a black swan phenomenon. The turkey sees itself being fed every day by the turkey farmer and assumes based on past behaviour that this will continued indefinitely until the day comes when the farmer kills the turkey. Nothing in the turkey’s limited experiential dataset suggested such an event.

But Thanksgiving also commemorates the end of pre-Columbian America, a huge earth-shattering black swan for the people of the Americas. the day before the first European immigrants landed in North America, very little in the Native Americans’ dataset suggested what was to come.

In a globalised and hyper-connected world, drastic systemic change can occur faster than ever before.

All it takes is the first spark.

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Happys thanksgiving to Zerohedge. I don't want to think about stupid politician.

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Every time I hear the word "crony CAPITALISM" I cringe - It may be crony, but it's got nothing to do with capitalism. The wider public thinks that "laissez-fair free market capitalism" has caused our woes. They want nothing to do with it any more. 


Here's a comment/quote from one of my facebook friends on my post regarding failed Keynesian economics: "I thought that the economics now was based on Milton Friedman from the Chicago School Economics. With a free market and a laissez-faire attitude"

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Laissez-faire capitalism in its purest form is like the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.  Nice concepts but no grounding in reality.'s picture

There is no such thing as the ideal condition. That does not prevent man from envisioning a better way and working toward it.

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I envision a second slice of pumpking pie, and once on my feet, I will work toward waddling over to the table to get it.'s picture

Division of labor is a marvelous thing especially when you're the one who gets to finish off the product, so to speak.

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Bitcoins?  How gullible do you think people are... fricken troll!

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

You're the gullible one if you're not paying attention.


they can't short bitcoin and it's 238 times more scarce than an ounce of gold.  5 billion ounces/21 million btc.


In 5 days, Bernanke will be printing $800,000 new usd for each new bitcoin created.  



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Are they spiking the butterballs with extra L-tryptophan these days?


My rear is dragging after this turkey day.

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Exactly, don't let perfect/ideal be the enemy of good enough/better.

My motto is:

Think if the future of all human civilisation depended on me, what would I do, how would I be?
It's up to us to write what happens next. Did I do all that I could?


It's pretty tough and most days i don't/can't do all that I could but don't let it stop me from trying.

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I have seen this exact quote before must be some troll making the rounds ctrl v

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"Every time I hear the word "crony CAPITALISM" I cringe..."

Me too...I say we start calling it what it is...national socialism ie: fascism...or as they say, socioeconomics, a term Krugman is very familiar with.

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Fascism is what I've been calling it for some time.

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How about Sociopathalism?

In such a system, the more sociopathic you are, the better you do.


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You guys are right. I should just call it fascism.

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The word that best describes political realities in is PLUTOCRACY.

Since it operates through corporations, it can be called fascist plutocracy.


"Plutocracy" meant government by the wealthy. Plutocracy was government through the money supply. Plutocracy was government by the money, for the money, through controlling the supply of money inside of that system. Since the money supply and the use of money was dominated by corporations, it is also a form of corporatism. Again, according to the original definitions, when corporations effectively control the government, then that is "fascism."

Large corporations effectively control most of the information that most citizens receive, and therefore, those corporations effectively control politics. Moreover, government mandated funds now collectively own the vast majority of the shares of the corporations that governments originally chartered, and are supposed to regulate, while, in fact, more and more there are revolving doors where the corporations control the governments, that regulate the corporations, which more and more are collectively owned by governments. The results are a vicious cycle of privatizations of public powers, benefiting the wealthy. However, those systems are now more complicated than anyone inside them still understands! The privatization of the money supply was originally the most important, and has already been almost 99% accomplished. However, there evolved a surreal ouroboros of incorporated robbery, wherein a SYSTEM of governments creating corporations, which governments then overwhelmingly owned those corporations, around and around ...

Most of what economic theory says should be regarded as archaeology. The current systems are spinning faster and faster, out of human control, because they have evolved beyond human understanding. There is no longer any coherent elites, nor oligopoly, or cult of cronies, which actually understands and controls events. There are no more human controllers, like those who relatively made and maintained those systems in the past. The systems themselves are now runaway self-sustaining entities, leaving human beings behind.

Our public government has effectively been almost totally taken over behind the scenes by the prolonged triumphant application of the methods of organized crime. Fascist plutocracy is what results after murder and fraud are added to capitalism. There is actually nothing remotely close to “free markets” in the real world, and all the other various ideologies, or “isms,” become nothing more than bullshit in the context of the reality of fascist plutocracy. The history of the funding of the political processes was domination by a tiny wealthy minority. The changes in the laws, in response to past scandals, have restricted that somewhat, but not changed what was already accomplished through those means in the past. The already actually established systems are runaway fascist plutocracy, while the continuing pattern is for a tiny minority to fund all the politics, while the overwhelming vast majority do nothing.

However, that history has built a system which has been amplified to astronomical sizes, which far exceed the ability of any human beings to comprehend anymore. We now have people paying attention to numbers, and making decisions on the basis of numbers, which numbers were originally the result of runaway triumphant fraudulence. HOWEVER, THAT FASCIST PLUTOCRACY HAS BROKEN THROUGH TO NO LONGER BEING CONTROLLED BY THE PEOPLE, OR THEIR DESCENDENTS, THAT ORIGINALLY MADE AND MAINTAINED THOSE SOCIAL SYSTEMS!

The plutocracy has outstripped the plutocrats! These days, professional money managers are making decisions based on numbers which are far too removed from reality, since those numbers are the result of runaway triumphant fraudulence. Thus, decisions are being made by a SYSTEM WHICH NO LONGER IS LIMITED BY BEING UNDERSTOOD BY ANY GROUP OF HUMAN BEINGS, DESPITE HAVING ORIGINALLY BE BUILT BY HUMAN BEINGS.


There is no terminology that works anymore. All the old-fashioned ideas become obsolete, faster and faster, as the technologies take on a life of their own. It is PLUTOCRACY, and FASCIST PLUTOCRACY, that started long ago with militarism and patriarchy, etc., which made something which is now out of human control. Human beings have created a new kingdom of life, but that is organized by utterly GARBAGE IN / GARBAGE OUT data and mathematics, by organizations making decisions, aided by computers, on the basis of numbers that are NUTS!

There are no longer any good words to describe what is happening. The old labels are mostly ridiculous. The old isms are too goofy to bother debating. Human beings created a monetary system, which became enforced  as a state religion, which is profoundly irrational, and yet, directs the decisions made in the real world, which are all based on lies, backed by violence, headed towards psychotic breakdowns.  Our real systems could be called OUT OF CONTROL INSANISMS! 

The history that made War King, then made Fraud King, and those trends were then astronomically amplified by technologies that have become a new kingdom of life, leaving human beings behind, since the actual system are operated by numbers which are NUTS, since those numbers are the result of loop after loop of fraudulence, getting totally tangled up to the point where no group of human beings understands the systems that they made anymore. Therefore, all of the theories of economics should be regarded with the same approach as archaeology, which can help understand how the current runaway insane systems were originally developed, but no longer are able to explain the runaway absurdities that have finally resulted from their automated fraudulence, being backed by atomic bombs, etc. ...

stacking12321's picture

could you expound on that a bit more?

Radical Marijuana's picture

Well, stacking12321,

here are some links to more background on the ouroboros of incorporated robbery concept. 

These were not well-made, entertaining videos, however, the concepts revealed are important!

Walter Burien, Clint Richardson and Jerry Day

Ending Taxation - The Only Game in Town - 2011

The Corporation Nation Master (2010)

Corporation Nation 2

Another, shorter, talking head video about the CAFR:

Introduction to the CAFR - Why You Can’t Get Ahead

Walter Burien's work, and those who followed after him, has proven beyond any reasoable doubt that the vast majority of all big corporations, including the biggest banks, are now overwhelmingly owned by hundreds of thousands of various kinds of funds, which all were mandated by governments, to have the power that they had to consistently buy up shares in all publicly traded corporations.Therefore, collective government now owns the economy. The wealthy people from the past who made and maintained the established systems no longer actually own it. Sure, they have remarkably large pieces of the pie, and their foundations, etc., had enormous influence in the past. However, the systems that they made have become runaways!


Walter Burien, et alia, can PROVE they are right, and they can propose theoretical ideas based on the FACTS that they are right ... However, the actually existing systems continue to cruise on autopilot, since there are no good reasons to believe that enough people will wake up enough, in effective enough ways, to do anything that they could and should do. Instead, the overall REALITIES are automatically getting worse at exponential rates that appear to far exceed the rates at which some people are learning about those REALITIES. The more one knows, the worse it gets! My main conclusions are that attempting to understand human systems better is practically useless, since those systems will still be controlled by lies and violence, deliberately maintaining ignorance and fear.


Although it appears to be practically useless, other than to pass the time for my own amusement, I have been stacking my desultory attempts to understand our broken political and financial systems here:

Some Monetary System articles.

Zero Govt's picture

Just call them parasites

the old labels of left, right, socialist, fascist, even Keynes and Freidman are as relevant as the colours of GOP and Dems 

this is and has always been about parasites, the unproductive, gaming/cheating/lying to society to put themselves above society (throne power) and live off societies backs (tax/theft)

A82EBA's picture

The parasites outvoted the host...stupid host

Radical Marijuana's picture

Predators and parasites are practically the same, except they come packaged differently.

The is a long book called Evolution A Novel, by Stephen Baxter, whose pdf I was able to downloaded for free, as an ebook, although I do not remember now where I found that link before ... But here is a link to that author, that I think is one of the best writers of science fiction.

Evolution A Novel is an attempt to tell the whole story of the evolution of life on Earth in an entertaining way. I thought it did that relatively well. Therefore, it presents the basic concepts of the evolution of ecologies in a readable way. It provides a means to review, over and over and over again, how evolution evolved various ecologies.

The crucial issues are those of HUMAN ECOLOGY, and the rapidly emerging INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY.

Human ecology has developed different people who fill different niches inside of those systems.

The people who you, Zero Govt, call parasites could also be regarded as the top carnivores.

We should fulfil the roles performed by the parasite/predators in the human ecology in BETTER WAYS. The producers NEED the parasite/predators, just as much as the parasite/predators NEED the producers. It is always going to backfire, and never work, to propose impossible ideals as the solutions to the abuses of the elites to suggest that it would be better if there were NO parasite/predators! Most of the people who did correct historical analysis of the realities regarding those people who acted as the supreme parasite/predators in the evolving human ecology, tend to collapse back to old-fashioned bullshit religions and ideologies when they turn to their preferred "solutions" to the problems caused by the parasite/predators that control our political economy.

The abysmal failure of such false fundamental dichotomy views of our realities will backfire even worse with respect to the INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY, than with the human aspects of that problem! Furthermore, as I stated in my previous comment, we are inside a runaway evolution of computer/machine entities which are now emerging as a whole new kingdom of life, whose consequences are rapidly overshadowing all of the past human ecology and political economy problems!

Of course, I feel quite despondent, because I believe that the runaway failure to operate a better industrial ecology is going to result in the collapse into chaos of the human ecology, and the continued destruction of natural ecologies. There is practically nowhere, as far as I am aware of, any saner discussion of these problems, since the established systems are run by the people who were the best at lying about what they were doing, and therefore, everything that directs and decides on the future of humanity is based on the history of triumphant frauds. It is almost impossible to imagine any practical ways to change politics so that we all do what the parasites did better. But nevertheless, that provides the only theoretical paths towards better resolutions of the chronic problems in human ecology and the rapidly runaway emerging problems in political economy, with respect to industrial ecology.

homonohumanus's picture

Nice post, I find the fact that people can no longer tell the difference between socialism and corporatism extremely bothering.

It is quiet a success for the on going propaganda and a sad result. I think it is remanent of the way people have been wedged into a right/left dichotomy (not that there is no right or left so to speak but the way it is presented is fraudulent).

People on right are more willing to call it "socialism", people on the left "fascims'corporatism", and that no matter both sides could be claiming that they rejected that left/right paradigm. To begin they should no reject the left/right paradigm as it is ultimately a valid one, in our time wee are just clinging (or fed...) on out date and failed definition of what is the right or the left.

A matter of a fact is that the people "originated" from the left side of the chess board, no matter how much distance they took from it, are right, as it is the system is way closer to corporatism and fascism than to socialsim. Actually calling the system socialist is ridiculous. For those that cared enough and listen to R.Paul's farewell to Congress, they should have noticed that he doesn't allude at any time to socialism and warn us about fascism.

The whole thing is that fascism is oligarchic, and plutocratic by definition. For all its lacking that something that the socialist system is not. The system of power in USSR was obviously corrupted but power was not following blood lines / passed down 'reigning" family. They were abused but that was not the basis on which the sytem either worked or failed.

I think that we are failing as society because we are not proposed with sane and up to date ideologic corpus of what the left and the right are. A sane, democratic opposition should be between "libertatarians" and left wing "anarchism" (which has nothing to do with in form of chaos).

If you look at some guys like Chris Hedge, I found his view about what he calls the "corporate state" sounded and there is no that much to dispute on the matter. But the guy then fails, he thinks of socialism as a solution and he thinks that lot of our trouble have to do with "the failing of the liberal clas". Imo that shows a significant lack of understanding. Hegel was obviously wrong on the end of History and the engine for that matter of fact, the victory of the liberal ideas. On the other hand a writter like Honore de Balzac was spot on the lacking of the "intermediate class" (doesn't read as mid class, it is more bourgeoisie, so a class between commoners and nobiliatiry) and how it would fail.

Over I think that both Libertarian ideals and anarchists ideals are in fact really close. The things is, if you go with Ron Paul, as a representant of the former opinion, and his view you need a strong morality among the citizen.

The same is true for the left side (anarchists), in both cases you need caring, well educated, extremely moral, citizens. Ultimately if you were to pull this out, I think that the system would be in such a state that the difference between those ideals, would pretty much vanish as the society would have evolved so far ahead of wht it is now , that a lot of our concerned about what is private or public would quiet possibly become secondary to more intellectual and spiritual matters. We are eon from that any way. Actually I would dare to say that are getting further and further from that.

Say one were to project it self in a not that distant future where resources are indeed relatively scarse, population is under control, education level is high, academic researchers have been freed in that order from self censore ship, and censorship, decision would be taken on the basis of strong consensus (the majority system as it is now is nothing but the weakest possible form of agreement on any topic), and coalisions gathering multiple pov would have replaced our failed party system. In such a system let assume that we were actually in a situation to achieve either the anarchist utopia or the libertarian utopia, what would people would decide wrt to ownership of good, pm, land that sustain the existence of the said society, what would be considered rewarding, etc. is pretty much in the air. If we were that close to pull out what is named an utopia for a reason, I'm not sure that for awesome services to the society one may only want as a reward a piece of metal, of what could be really considered an unsustainable advantage.

Anyway, this is so far from us now, that caring about it should not be much of concern, we are speaking in both case of people rulling their destiny. What we are facing is violent form of authoritarisms, be it fascism or socialism.

That is were the left/righ paradigm kind of enslaved us, to me the paradigm takes all in sense once a society ruled by the people were to achieve (could remain an utopia), till then the real clivage between in our society is democracy versus oligarchy.


I think we should not rely on on the pretence of people achieving vertue, either way, utopia are set to remain what they means ie pipe dream. We need a vertous system, and indeed as much of virtous people as possible but not making the presence of the later a systemic requirement for the former to happen.

What could it be? I think that some people got it, I think of Etienne Chouard namely (sorry people he is French but there could vid on the web with subtitles), the virtuous system we need is indeed the democracy.

That is where thing get tough, the word has been bend, democracy at is core relies on pulling of lots. The only remain we have from democracy are the the law court of most occidental countries, that is the only place where the power that be let it survives and not for the highest form of juridictions.

There are side/ parrallel concerned that raise with democracy, it has to be local. You can't elect  or chose the guy on top. The control the people have is grouned into the fact that they chose or elect, or pulled out of a lot, the representant that are barely above us and as such still have plenty of power on the appointed person. It must go that way all along the chain to the top. As a side note the persons in charge of controlling the power has to be pulled out of lot to ensure the overall impartiality of the system and that commun interest remains at the heart of the society instead of group of special interests.

There is anothing people need to understand, power is always organized. We are fed with the idea that entropy rules every thing, but that a lie, poweer is self organizing, in the same way that gravity got a clouf of hydrogen into the solar system. The only counter power to those power is pulling of lot, it ensure that on average the immense majority interests are the best represented and that the power "that be" (that how people should read, they be because the way the power works) are keep under democratic control.


In my opinon that is where somebody like Ron Paul fails, the reason why what I think made Amercian exceptionnalism and sadly lost american values, failed were backed into the cake in the form of a "representatvie republic". America tried to rely on commun vs civil law, tried to have the citizens ruling them selves first, keep at first the whole process local (many counties, states). Ultimately it failed the federal governement took more and more control, poweer people lost to an oligarchy and the organic structure that is a modern state.


It failed for the simple reason that the people didn't have the mean of control "powers that be" (as I described it ie the self organizing nature of power), the only mean of control we know for that is democracy which is not the system the founding fathers selected.

Back to ours days, as a result of the above talk, the fight and best interest for the masses is not in defining what is left and right but the understanding that the two antagonist systems nowadays are an oligarchic view of the world, more than often racialist, and the democracy. It should be obvious to every body awake that the later has a up hill battle to gain acceptance from the masses that it would serve best interests.

The dispute between right or left can only have a sane value in a system in whihc people are actually in charge which they are. We need to build to proper democracy, based on locality, with unelected chains of control for the power (pulled out of lot). A control where the chain of responsabillities are build from the bottom to the top with the matching chain of responsabilities. No by passing, with Joe six packs electing the person (the gran e3lector system doesn't change that in a meaningful way) it has the least control one, ie the executive power granted powers that would put a king to shame (president for the dummies).


People have to wake and understand where is the real fight. We are badly losing. Neither Hegelian or marxist view may ever happen, and the end of time could very well be what History has consisted in for most of the time, ie an oligarchy and its sheeps.


Farewell people first post here.

Radical Marijuana's picture

I agree with your conclusions, homonohumanus:

"People have to wake and understand where is the real fight. We are badly losing."

The last sentence I quoted there is the most important one! However, "We the People" are badly losing not just to the oligarchic elites. The main point of my comment above was that we have created a hyper-complicated global economy, wherein the breakthrough science and technologies are even more fantastic. The global elites have practically become a "breakaway civilization." BUT, beyond that, the exponential growth of computer/machine entities has taken place within a social system where those elites, that made and maintained their systems in the past, have designed their system to not have to care about the "little people!"

Now that those systems are runaways, with exponentially increasing technological capabilities, those systems are no longer controlled by any coherent group of human beings, AND those systems were designed to not care about people.They were designed to care about making a "profit" within a financial accounting system fundamentally based on frauds. Those who made and maintained that system for millenia, and drove it to go global in the last few Centuries, have made something which has grown far, far vaster than they were!

When we ask about where an automobile was built, or who owns a large corporation, the answers tend to be shattered into peices, scattered all over the world. The managers are mostly looking at the numbers on their computer monitors, which numbers were generated by other people, and those numbers are NOT scientific!

The basic problem is that all of our social systems are the triumph of frauds, backed by force, and almost all of our social sciences are mostly complicit within that, because they were paid by those systems! Therefore, the language we use is mostly garbage. There are rarely any sensible, systemic facts within political debates. The actually existing system are the best professioal propaganda, conning citizens, and cajoling consumers, to vote and buy, despite the facts. IF we do survive, then there must be some new ruling elite emerge, that replaces the ones that are there now. The problem is that that new ruling elite may well become cyborgs, or some other previously science fiction notion.

At the present time, a lot more people would have to wake up a lot more. However, for that to matter, they would then have to have a more scientific understanding and plan of action. Not a return to old-fashioned religions and ideologies. A lot more people would have to wake up a lot more, not just to more truth about the past and present, but also with respect to a more scientific understanding of the future. At present, that seems practically impossible. Instead, the main FACT is "We are badly losing."

NidStyles's picture

So the guy that originally coined the concept had nothing to do with defining it then, ok gotcha....

Future Jim's picture

I just call it cronyism, which includes unions.

Lost My Shorts's picture

Capitalism simply means that the means of production are privately owned, and private markets exist for capital.  The concept of capitalism does not entail fairness or purity of any sort.  "Crony capitalism" is a perfectly coherent description of a capitalist system that is rigged in a certain way.

Alpo for Granny's picture

I would like to thank Dr. Ron Paul....and also Blyth Masters for the cheap Phyzz...

SheepleLOVEcheddarbaybiscuits's picture

Jon Corzine should be giving thanks that he is not in prison, nor "had an accident"

Tirpitz's picture

He's rather thanking his buddy Holder for holding his hand over him, while concentrating government efforts more on whistleblowers and file-sharers.

surf0766's picture

Wasn't holder's old law firm representing jc's firm..

Neethgie's picture

The only Not so black swan is that we are gonna have a communist revolution, the great unworking undeserving masses are going to strive to steal from everyone else, shortly after humanity will become extinct. 

how black swan is that?

economics9698's picture

Japan is going down first. I think the over 100 IQ people will be getting some payback in the next decade against the moocher class.  A little cleansing of the under 100s and over 130s.

Neethgie's picture

Japan still has quite a feudal society, so i can't see that happening.. i see it more of a western thing.. where what they have for nothing isn't enough, i also see it in the form of the class rhetoric that is allowed in the west "US AND THEM" 

surf0766's picture

That revolution was already started 100 years ago.Feeding us socialism a little at a time.  I cannot believe people can be bought for suck a low price.

Come one com all. American's for sale blue light special style.

ShortTheUS's picture

Echoing vinayjha's comments, I would like to thank Tyler Durden and all contributors to the Zero Hedge for their enlightening and informative posts this year.

You guys are a comforting presence during the ongoing collapse of society.

economics9698's picture

Not comforting just realistic.  One can only ingest so much tripe in a day.'s picture

It's very comforting to know that you aren't the only "nut" in the world.

Which, if you follow my drift, leads me to say, "Thanks, Ron Paul. We're looking forward to hearing even more from you now that you are free of that cesspit in DC and will be hitting the road to spread the good word."

DaveyJones's picture

This site is 49 percent education 51 percent therapy.

Thank you everyone. 

and happy thanksgiving

Hulk's picture

Its been nice having you around man...

smlbizman's picture

i really hate that i feel this way but.....i literally do not trust anything.....and my  range seems to be from  .."not at all,... i.e. anything any govt. anything zero hedge....which i find myself trusting, along with a willingness to even toss  a little faith in .....i think i speak for many when i say...we would feel lost for a very long time without the hedge's credibility......


Mary Wilbur's picture

I'm with you. There is something wonderful about this site and it is that I have never encountered so many people from so many different walks of life, backgrounds, ages, experiences, etc., who have taught me so much that is useful and necessary to know and have made me laugh probably more than I have laughed for years. Thank you one and all. If I believed in god I would say god bless you. Instead I'll say good luck and keep on truckin'. 

General Decline's picture

"have made me laugh probably more than I have laughed for years."

True for me. Thanks.