Kubler-Ross Goes To Buenos Aires

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Argentina's bonds suffered one of their largest single-day price drops on record today as it appears ever more obvious that a re-default will occur. With Elliott still battling over holdouts from a prior life, it seems the smart-money is long-gone this time leaving the momentum-chasing yield-grabbing flow suddenly fully cognizant that the bonds are in fact dead. 'Acceptance' is upon us as we wrote a month ago: "As for the Argentina vs Elliott bare-knuckled match, enjoy it while you can: very soon the Latin American country will likely proceed with yet another round of creeping selective defaults, exchange offers, consent solicitations, and other debt reorganizations, which will make the current free-for-all into a total and epic labyrinth of creditors, interests, bondholder classes, general unsecured claims, and other total confusion."


We continued:

After all why bother with Argentina: there are far higher IRRs to be generated by shorting local-law Spanish bonds while buying their international-law cousins. In fact, courtesy of the current government's arrogance and naivete, the position can be put on in a cost, and carry, neutral basis. Then sit back and just wait for the spread to blow out.

Because what is happening with Argentina today, is coming very soon to every banana republic near you.

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Argentina, USA--difference just a matter of time. 

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Middle class wipeout coming up.

I am enjoying the hell out of this incredible supply chain while it still functions.  Despite the economy circling the drain, the food and circuses are in full swing.  Prices are up, but the quality and selection is incredible.  More so than I have ever seen.  Going to enjoy another great meal today and am thankful for it in a way that the rest of my family is clueless about.

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If the middle class collapses, I'll be in the middle class, maybe upper as America dives for the economic canyon floor, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

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From such a serial defaulter country, two lessons may be learned:


1 - The smart money isn't smart after all, and/or

2 - (selective) defaults are not as catastrophic as some want to make pigs believe

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Who the fuck buys bonds anyway?  Oh right, "sophisticated investors" do....

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Get ready to do the tango

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I consistently underestimate the number of fools in this world who are in the process of being parted with their money.

How long has Argentina been a financial mess? How long has "smart" money been lending to them? Is this really going to change anything?

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Argentina is not "a financial mess" - it is in motion to fuck the banks !

their success and that of Iceland is the path to the future

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There was a popular saying back in the 1930's "Rich as an Argentine".  Someone could write a great piece on what occured between now and then.  I fear the USA could follow a very similar path.

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At the dawn of the 20th century, Argentina was 5th in the world in GNP.  It was ahead of the USA.  The story of Argentina's downfall is probably very interesting.  Spoiler alert:  Banks!

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There was a popular saying back in the 1930's "Rich as an Argentine".  Someone could write a great piece on what occured between now and then.

Someone could do that, but why do it, when one word will suffice: statism.

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Then Peron came, and cast the country into the statist hole. Sadly he had a popular (read:pretty) wife Evita, who carried on for a few more years still.  Even worse, popularity of the Peron duo carried their party, the peronistas, to power a few more times still, wreaking havoc left and right. Kirchner is a post-peronista.

I always had the impression that a lot of LatAm problems stem from the fact that for decades, those countries were torn between a right-wing dictatorship, and a left-wing utopia. When the leftists got their asses kicked they become martyrs and this very fact magically made their economic views credible. If you were against communism and statism, you were automatically labelled a supporter of the dictatorship. Thus, there was no room for any libertarian views.

Same in Southern Europe, actually.

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lol,,, a few words, miami, soy beans , banks, cows , offshore , Argentines , wine , oil, corn . My english is bad , put them in a sentence.

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And who cares? Every single country in this world is in debt, so where is that money to lend is coming from? Thin air producing interest? 

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Smart to dumb money rotation---Classic!

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+1, You beat me too it.

Same pattern for Apple, Chipotle, and eventually U.S. Treasuries.


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what is happening with Argentina today, is coming very soon to every banana republic near you

Even now, it seems to beg a basic question for all the global minded central planners of the world -

Why is Greece more important to save and bailout than Argentina?

Are they truly protecting economic value in the world, or just the price of the debt held by the TBTF and central bankers of the world?

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On its own Greece is absolutely irrelevant. As part of the Eurozone, where a Greek failure threatens the redenomination of the national pre-EUR currencies, once it becomes evident that "it can happen" and the remaining PIIGS or PIIS scramble to put their savings in Europe's core, draining the local banks of all liquidity and leading to a collapse of the Eurozone and trillions in reserve counterparty liabilities and is thus a domino to the end of the status quo, Greece is absolutely critical.

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To paraphrase George Carlin, Kirchner is in the club. You ain't, American taxpayer.

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They should have been priced at zero from day one.

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Have you tried to overimpose an S&P chart over the Arg chart...you ZH smart money, Tyler smart guy? Then tell me who the banana republic is, if you can differentiate the charts. You talk so much BS about correlation, you may talk now and leave all the other BS aside. Just talk when and if NML collect. The name of your website should be "I told you so". Where are you invested now, genius?

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actually , a great post .

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There are no investments. Genius.

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Here's a speech by Miko Peled whose father was a general in the Israeli army, he discusses the origins of the conflict, how Palestinians and Israelis are the same people, how they can get along

Sad to watch.