Brazil Gold Reserves In Fixed Term Gold Deposits With Bullion Banks

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Brazil Gold Reserves In Fixed Term Gold Deposits With Bullion Banks

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,734.75, EUR 1,345.39, and GBP 1,088.37 per ounce. 
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,729.75, EUR 1,344.23, and GBP 1,084.35 per ounce.

Silver is trading at $33.43/oz, €26.02/oz and £21.07/oz. Platinum is trading at $1,583.00/oz, palladium at $654.70/oz and rhodium at $1,040/oz.

Cross Currency Table - (Bloomberg)

Yesterday New York was closed for the American holiday of Thanksgiving.  Today trading finishes at noon. With very little data today, trading is expected to be relatively quiet ahead of the weekend after yesterday's Thanksgiving holiday.

Gold inched up on Friday, set for its 2nd week of gains, as the euro strengthened on news of advancement in Greece’s bailout talks while the looming US fiscal cliff continues to support bullion.

Stock markets are down a touch and oil prices are edging lower due to the ceasefire in the Gaza strip and demand destruction concerns.

Greece's lenders have finalized new means to trim its debt burden but still need to fill a $12.9 billion gap to receive the approval of the IMF said a senior Greek official.

Central bank buying, the US fiscal cliff and continuous loose money policies from nations around the globe all cement the yellow metal’s appeal as a hedge against inflation. 

Gold is nearing some key chart levels and these were commented upon by UBS this morning and noted by Reuters.

“Gold is just a few dollars shy of its 50-day moving average sitting at $1741, and more importantly, a key technical level lurking at $1739.10," it said.

"Our technical strategist notes that a break above this level, which is the month’s high, would be a crucial bullish development that would open up $1748.95, the 62% retracement of the October/November sell-off ahead of $1794.80, the October high." 

"The yellow metal seems on the verge of a break higher," the bullion bank added. "But with trading for what’s left of the week expected to extend yesterday’s quiet $5-range, market participants may have to wait until after the weekend to see some action. The advantage of this is that investors still have the day ahead to position for what may be an exciting week in store for them."

Currency Ranked Returns G10 & Precious Metals in Brazilian Real – (Bloomberg)

The IMF reported Wednesday that the Banco Central do Brasil has increased its gold holdings for the second straight month, to the highest level in 11 years, as Latin America’s biggest economy looks to diversify its vast international reserves.

Brazil’s aggressive efforts to weaken its currency by buying dollars – about $132 billion since the beginning of 2008 – have left the country with the sixth biggest international reserves in the world, about 80% of which is denominated in the US currency.

However, recent turmoil in currency markets and concerns over the global financial crisis and fiat currencies in general has given Brazil’s authorities even more reason to diversify their holdings. 

It has frequently stated its intention to diversify assets and reduce its exposure to currency risk.

Recent sharp weakness in Brazil’s real (see table) and systemic risks are leading central banks, including the BCB to diversify into gold.

Brazil raised its gold holdings by 17.2 tonnes in October to 52.5 tonnes, the highest level since January 2001. The move comes on the back of Brazil’s 1.7 tonne increase in September, the country’s first significant gold purchase in a decade.

In December last year, 83.5% cent of the central bank’s $352 billion reserves was held in increasingly risky government bonds, 15.6% was in other bonds and bank deposits while only 0.8% of reserves was held in other asset classes such as gold.

In its international reserves report in June, the central bank said the recent surge in reserves had allowed the country to hedge its external liabilities, allowing it to now “seek a greater diversification of international reserves.”

However, there are concerns that the increase in the Brazilian central bank gold holdings' and tonnage are not all that they seem.  It appears that the central bank in Brazil has not actually bought London Good Delivery bullion bars but rather fixed term gold deposits with bullion banks.

Recently, the Brazilian central bank was asked about their gold reserves and about a section on gold on their website under 'Official Reserve Assets' lists gold as "gold (including gold deposit and, if appropriate, gold swapped)" with a footnote of "Includes available stock of financial gold plus time deposits."

Although Brazil’s central bank declined to comment on the reason behind its recent return to gold purchases,  the Banco Central do Brasil confirmed that the gold included in Reserve Assets comprises fixed term gold deposits at commercial banks only.

XAU/BRL Exchange Rate, Monthly – (Bloomberg)

Therefore, rather than being outright owners of their national patrimony either in their own vaults in Brazil or in the vaults of other central banks, some of the Brazilian gold reserves may be a claim on gold deposits held with bullion banks .

This would be unusual and poses increased counter party risk for the Banco Central do Brasil and the Brazilian currency reserves. 

(Bloomberg) -- Iran Buys Gold in Turkey With Gas Payments, Babacan Says
Turkey pays for gas purchases in liras via bank in Turkey, Iran converts it to gold for transfer because of international sanctions against the Persian Gulf country, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan says late yesterday.

Iran main reason behind increase in Turkey’s gold exports.

Babacan speaks at parliament committee in Ankara during debate on 2013 draft budget.

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CPL's picture

So they are taking the BoE's "good word" on the validity of the gold.


Is brazil on crack?  They are going to let Europe financially rape them again?

GetZeeGold's picture


....and it's gone.

knukles's picture

So essentially borrowing gold as a reserve? Am I crazy, reading this wrong or are they crazy?
Don't worry Knuks, the world is crazy, not you.
Thanks for the kind word, Knuks
Any time, Knuks

SWRichmond's picture

Truth is the greatest ally of capitalism.  Capital will come out to play when it believes it will be safeguarded by a functioning judicial system (which we don't have), and if it believes it can accurately assess business conditions and be deployed skillfully (which is being thwarted by governments and central banks the world over).

It would seem, then, that the purpose of central banks and governments is to destroy capitalism by lying, and using force to back up its lies.  It's obvious to anyone who isn't beholden to the system that the system is NOT capitalism; this has been pointed out here by ZH ad infinitum.

What we want is actual capitalism.  What we need in order to have it is obvious, and unattainable: the removal of central bank and government intervention.  This would require them both to give up their power.  And that, we all know, is impossible for them to do.

hapless's picture

The sub-prime meltdown may have been the act whereby Western gov'ts and central banks finally jumped the shark in the eyes of Capital.

Of course, this does not stop gov'ts and central banks from carrying on business as usual for awhile.

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From GOLD 101 Handbook:

"Paper GOLD ='s NO GOLD" ...


$50K GOLD (REal Physical) is in the pipeline, Bitchezzz...

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First of all it is not crazy but very important to create another layer of "allocated gold" for the ponzi to lever/swap masquerading as "actual physical""......the great unwind will occur when those that truly want physical begin to realize there is no "allocated" gold. That is when the game changes rapidly. This is nothing but a CB ploy.

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the level of a society does not improve overnight. yes, they will be ass-raped once again.

_underscore's picture

Not sure they're waiting for 'assurances' - gold just went vertical and gapped up past $1740 resistance (silver over $34 too..).


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How do you say "bagholder" in Portuguese ?

cardis's picture

Well, amigo da onca, cabrao, filho da P..., aldrabao, safado and +++

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They dont have bags in Brasil, but they do have alot of sacks :)


In fact according to the Banco Central every person is just a sack holder.

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Why are all these countries hoarding an ancient/traditional/barbarous relic? Don't they know they can't eat it?

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Doesn't burn worth a crap either.

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The gold games continue to highlight the actual leverage that is in the "gold market", such as it is.  When is "Gold Truth Day"?

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That's what makes it so one really knows.

youngman's picture

Just like Argentina....who is not going to pay anyone back....

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ie Brazil has no gold.

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Yup, another party who does not understand the gold market

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it just goes to show everyone how pernicious is the influence and corruption of the sovereign banksters in their willing participation with the global cartel.

A truly independent sovereign treasury would DEMAND physical possession.

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One more time... IF YOU DON'T HOLD IT...YOU DON'T OWN IT.
That applies to central banks and you and me.
The Gold war is intensifing and it's going to be fun to watch.

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yous guys don´t know how Brazil works...or doesn´t work is more like it....Someone in the government said go buy 10 billion in the politicians or Government workers leased 10 billion worth of gold...cheaper right?????......they told the people they had 10 billion worth of gold..but actually only leased it and split the rest of the money up between themselves....that is how Brazil "works"...

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Poor Brazil, maybe there will be public outrage at this terrible decision to substitue paper promises for the real deal.  Unless you have assayed real gold outside the banking system and in your own countries' vault, chances are good that you have nothing.  When the panic comes, and all these sovereigns start asking where their gold is, many are going to come up snake eyes thanks to the LBMA's 100/1 leverage. Better to panic first.

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Mention CO2 and the climatechangeistas go doolalley, mention gold and the zerobrainers start playing repeat the leader.

All Brazil has done is lease some gold....what's the story here?



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Maybe Brasil should learn how to differentiate between gold for trading and gold for long term investment:


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Hey everyone,wehats up with kitcos silver lease rate chart....???

Not like I have not told them.

Ps...fuck you jon.

I know you read ZeroHedge.At least you can something right.

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The Brazilian central bank is clearly populated by cretins, but we knew that anyway, because despite a twelve year bull market in the yellow metal, they have the lowest gold holdings/GDP ratio of any country. I mean, why would we expect these clueless fuckwits to buy real gold rather than GLD, or whatever goldscam they opted for?

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Soo...when does this bullion "term deposit" mature?? 

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Precisely when they desire to strengthen their currency instead of weakening it. (Murphy's Law)

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New price projection model for gold is now ready:

roc / thesis for roll-forward: goldpricemodel 2013 roc 52-week

actual roll-forward chart to 2013 Sep for gold prices: goldpricemodel 2013 projection