Guest Post: Hating The Rich

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Submitted by James E. Miller of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada,

In the midst of the extramarital affair scandal involving former CIA director David Petraeus, the mansion which mistress-turned-media target Paula Broadwell is hiding out in was revealed by the Daily Mail. This $2.3 mansion contains seven bedrooms and five bathrooms and is owned by Broadwell’s brother. Some are pointing to the mammoth home as yet another symbol of the vast inequality that pervades the West. It is said that to see the house is to have a glimpse at how the “other side” lives- the other side being subtly hinted to as that of the undeserving bourgeoisie.

In many respects, much of this loathing is well deserved for Ms. Broadwell and her brother Stephen Kranz. A former trial lawyer for the U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division and Chief Counsel for the District of Columbia’s Office of Tax and Revenue, Kranz is currently a partner at the D.C. law firm Sutherland. Much of his career has focused on the tax code. It appears that he once used the code as a weapon to shakedown other Americans in the service of Uncle Sam. Today, he advocates for taxpayers but the fact remains that he owes his standard of living to the formalized thieving racket the state labels taxation.

So to some degree, a bit of detestation is warranted at Kranz. But consider former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. During the beauty pageant (otherwise called campaign) to become president, the former Governor’s immense wealth was used a basis for attack. He was regularly mocked for the various homes he owned and his net worth of around $250 million. He was criticized for being out of touch with how the majority of the country lived and felt. In other words, he wasn’t a real man of the people.

To that, this writer can only say good riddance. The so-called “people” have been indoctrinated to see wealth as something to take by government force. Romney is by no means a good man- good men rarely make a run for public office. He fell into a great deal of income through second-hand government contracts and political connections. But his intimacy with the state is not why he faced an onslaught of censure. It was simply because he had something few else do - riches.

And because his house was bigger than most, his car collection larger than others, and his tastes more refined, he was hated by the media establishment. Even Romney’s de facto supporters who constituted the “conservative press” were careful to not draw attention to Romney’s wealth. Such would not inspire the hard laborer to rush to the polls in a fevered passion. President Obama ran a campaign based on handing out tickets for an auction of stolen goods. The incumbent’s success on Election Day came as no surprise to anyone familiar with mankind’s universal mannerism of desiring something in the now rather than later.

Western culture is presently defined by many things; one of which being an instilled sense of extreme jaundice toward wealth. No doubt Karl Marx would beam with pleasure in seeing how the contemporary bourgeoisie is regarded with hateful suspicion. His plan of crippling class warfare is slowly taking hold. This isn’t for the reasons Marx envisioned however. In his incredibly flawed understanding, the bourgeoisie would suck the very living out of the proletariat by keeping their hands clenched around society’s capital.

Instead, the accumulation of capital has financed the advent of modern technology. Man now lives longer, consumes more calories, is more mobile, and has ready access to a centuries worth of information. But rather than aid in the masses’ search for truth, the rise in convenience has made the species soft. The ignorant now cling to juvenile appeals of nationalism and the prospect of having government officials redistribute wealth in the name of justice.

Before the twentieth century and the ascendance of the all-intrusive state, sumptuous living was typically seen as something to aspire to. It aroused jealously which fueled a lust for reaching such heights of luxury; not to pick away at success. With its various schemes of theft, the state has institutionalized that which would be considered a crime if done by private hands. It has attracted those who not only relish in stealing by legal decree but also the voters who have a fetish for knocking those more successful down a peg. In short, it has turned envy into a laudable trait which can in turn be used to mask some political scheme.

A great deal of this can be attributed to the government granting of privilege to the well-connected. As long as the state exists, there will be a class of people who use political means to acquire vast swaths of riches. Their opulence feeds the feelings of animus the average man has towards the moneyed. It is through democracy that this hate is put into concrete action. As Albert Jay Nock writes,

Above all things the mass-mind is most bitterly resentful of superiority. It will not tolerate the thoughts of an elite; and under a political system of universal suffrage, the mass-mind is enabled to make it antipathies prevail by the sheer force of numbers.

Democracy isn’t just mob rule; it is a social system which the most craven tendencies of man are appealed to for political success. Instead of standing true for a justice that is based on a set of moral principles, the elected official will sink to whatever cesspool of indecency is necessary to garner just a few more votes. Democracy may start off as a means for self-determination but it quickly devolves into a race to the bottom fueled by endless promises to fill the public trough for the swine to feed at.

The bourgeoisie values of prudence and temperance are no longer respected in the Western world. They are seen as anachronistic and not in tune with the needs of society. This is a self-defeating attitude that will only lead to further impoverishment. For as long as success is punished and high time preferences are rewarded, the capacity for productive efforts deteriorates.

Coercive egalitarianism based on ill feelings of Schadenfreud is a cancer. There is no conceivable benefit in everyone being equal. There is only one moral social system and that is free, unadulterated capitalism which gives everyone the chance to improve their own standing. Anything less represents the triumph of the idiotic masses over good sense.

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buzzsaw99's picture

the majority of those maggots stole their loot. if they were that much smarter or worked that much harder i wouldn't mind. i don't resent sports figures or actors or other such earners. what i hate is the kleptocratic maggots who have perverted everything for personal gain. hang 'em high.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Behind every great fortune is a great crime

- Classic phrase attributed to writer Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850)

Though it seems this is a paraphrase of him writing in his novel 'Le Père' Goriot of 1835, more subtle:

« The secret of a great success you can't explain, is a crime that has never been discovered, because it was superbly carried out »

Tom Servo's picture

I thought Method Man said that.... "Behind every fortune is a crime"


Boxed Merlot's picture

Here I thought the reason for presidential / executive level departments was to keep a lid on the secret initiating crime it was ostensibly established to control.

Clark Bent's picture

Where does the guy who runs a welding shop fit in, or a home cooking restaurant, or Starbucks? Methinks you may have digested a tad too much "robber-Baron" stereotypes. You know, Andrew Carnegie was the first to employ steel to build a bridge across the Mississippi River. On that risky triumph he began an empire of steel. At what point should he have been hanged? 

steelhead23's picture

You are so wrong.  Everyone here on ZH readily acknowledges the clear superiority of the rich.  They have been ordained by God to lead us away from our natural, barbaric ways.  Left to our own devices, no doubt we would be cooking over open fires and speaking in sign language.  Only through the great beneficence of our benefactor rich do any of us have a job - a job that provides real meaning to our pathetic lives.  Thank God for the rich, for they have shown us that democracy is folly - that the only hope for our future is strict adherence to Aristocratic principals.  Only the wealthiest can lead us, lest we become lost.

BTW - Jimmy, you are an asshole.

Cathartes Aura's picture

heh, this seems a good place to jump in.

I'd have to agree with the spirit of your post, which points to the hangover of trickle down economics from the roarin' 80's - people were taught to believe that the rich were gonna piss on 'em and they'd get some riches too. . .

well, obviously, there was some truth in that, amrka is getting pretty wet, and piss'd.  this article reeks of justification, and I'd say behind that is fear, hopefully.  ZH'rs for the most part seem to defend the principles of loathing for the proles, daily, and justify whatever wealth they scrape off the markets daily as being hella smart, and worth it.  and maybe they are, who cares?  but the daily hate rants at anything they consider beneath themselves is palpable, and if anyone thinks the proles don't feel this hate, they're not paying attention from their lofty towers.

best buy moar guns for zombie target practise, because the worm turns.

clagr's picture

You do realize that only the government jobs increase as a result of 'the poor'!

OneTinSoldier66's picture

Evil Thoughts - by Divide and Conquer


This is just a thought out loud about the Rich vs. the Poor. It is not aimed at the author or a specific person.

I am Jobe's picture

The Rich are immortals is all Amerikans needs to know. Enjoy the riches bitchezz. U ain;t taking it with you.

spooz's picture

If Romney was a Ben & Jerry type guy who built his fortune "honestly" instead of as a vulture capitalist, I would have little reason to object.  But Romney's fortune was based more on tax dodges like carried interest and offshore blocker corporations; creative finance thanks to a tax code filled with loopholes created for special interests.  The "mob" doesn't get this special treatment, and pay far more than their fair share of income to our country's economic well being.  The fact that these economic royalists think that the peasants should just shut up and eat shit while they live off ill gotten wealth is what infuriates voters. True justice would not allow our tax code to be up for sale and would have stiff penalties for those whose actions undermine our sustainability.


Bob's picture

OTOH, it could be that the rich are mostly just smugly self-righteous assholes who found a way to live well off a system that rewards otherwise empty, money-grubbing predatory freaks like themselves. 

What if it weren't all about envy . . . regardless of how profoundly enviable the "producers" deem themselves?

Cathartes Aura's picture


the "rich" love to believe it's all about envy because their world revolves around having, accumulating.  that's their mind-set, so that's the lens they view the world through - anyone buying into that paradigm "rich vs. poor" is always striving for more, it's about control and power after a certain point, and in order to feel in control, they must label others as out of control, envious of wealth, monsters!!  under the bed!!  trying to get the precious!!  jealous thieves!!!

the balance of humans not in their class mostly get on with their lives, and if a few entertain themselves with thoughts of "lifestyles of the rich 'n' famous" know that the majority are busy with other more fulfilling things.

the rich should be feeling the collective butt pucker about now, y'all best get in line for your private mercenary protectors. . .

Bob's picture

indeed, envy is the energy that balances the core emptyness of narcissism.  their own lives and those of the world forced to organize around them become denominated in the currency of intensely pathological envy. 

i almost feel sorry for them . . . but just being twisted on their own time in their own personal world wasn't good enough.  crazy fuckers had to try to run it into a state-enforced universal religion.  serving gangsters.  under the upper 10% toadie class. 

it is coming to a close.  unfortunately, nobody on the "got the power" side of things is gonna get it any way but slow and hard. 

the worm indeed turns. 

Cathartes Aura's picture

yes, I expected you to be able to see through this "they envy us" nonsense, and hold up the narcissist's mirror.

these cycles grow increasingly obvious to anyone paying attention - when the elites sit holding onto their power-grabs, the creative get even more creative, the art gets more pointed in expression, first starting underground, but eventually the ideas inform the next cultural shift.  even with all the doomer calls for end of the world, there are folks creating alternatives. . .

plenty of activity happening around the edges, but the "rich" are too busy worrying over their pile of accumulations to even notice.

sumo's picture

A thief believes everybody steals (Edgar Watson Howe), so the rich believe everyone is consumed by elite levels of greed.

Cathartes Aura's picture

you make a very important point, in that humans have a tendency to believe their individual perspective is the ONLY truth.

multiply that by. . . billions.  voila!

willwork4food's picture

is Santa giving me a new F350 Diesel for Xmas?

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

On the subject of retribution, am I the only one who wishes there was less advocacy of "hang them high, bash their heads in" etc? That kind of talk will only get you into trouble and is mostly fed in by trolls to trap the unwary.

Instead, now would be a good time to consider just how the looters (and they know who they are) should be dealt with in an effective but non-violent way.

As a starter for ten: arrest them, incarcerate them, investigate them; remove from them ALL of their loot, track down their entire family and deal with them in exactly the same manner.

I'm sure there are other items for this list but the underlying principle should be total family wealth destruction - because that's what they treasure most and fear losing more than life itself.

They should then be let back into society, with appropriate SS support, to make their own way in the world BUT under strict licence I.e. if they have hidden ANYTHING or one of their remaining crony friends gives them a hand up, then is straight back to jail.

“I will hurt you for this. I don't know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you'll know the debt is paid.”

? George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings  
Cathartes Aura's picture

removing their treasures gathered would be a karmic lesson, true.  to put them back in the world with nothing to lord over would indeed try their belief in ultimate specialness, and worthy of all they had accumulated. . .

on a long enough time line, perhaps we all get to experience the relative truths of our "beliefs"

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Thanks for the support, CA.

I gues I'm not the only one after all then...there are two of us.

Sheesh :O(

Clark Bent's picture

Really, the rich and well connected have something to fear from Obama? Have you observed his actions regarding the rich and the absurd wasteful pretension as he and Moochelle live the lives of the rich and famous with earnest passion? The rich are safe as houses with little Barry. It is the middle class that are facing the final hour, and the poor, around the world, who face devastation of his counter-productive policies. 

augustus caesar's picture

Democracy works as well as the people who participate in it. I feel it is only really successful as a system when instituted after a long period of environmental hardship that eliminates the bottom tiers of intelligence out of the gene pool. After a period of enlightened rule by these newly democratic citizens some of the previous environmental selective factors are remitted and the stupid are reintroduced into the gene pool. Unless the civilization is struck by famine, disease, natural disaster, or war the inferior genes will multiply in excess of the superior genes ( efficient resource management is characteristic of higher intelligence thus lower birthrates, quality versus quantity). If the democracy does not convert into a monarchy, aristocracy, or dictatorship during this period      ( or vastly restrict voting rights ) it is likely the only people that will be capable of winning elections will be demagogues appealing to the basest instincts of the intellectually derelict thus heralding the end of that particular civilization.

Democracy can be an advantageous form of government especially considering its alternatives, however unless it is adapted to its constantly changing demographics it will be destroyed by its own success.


linrom's picture

Are you related to Simon Black?

mkhs's picture

There is only one newsbot: just different bylines.

AgShaman's picture

Oh this article is too long to read....somebody, read it for me please!


Dr. Sandi's picture

I read it. It's rubbish. Catch a good college game on the tube and come back Monday when the markets are open and crashing again.

q99x2's picture

Arrest them and redistribute their stolen wealth.

xtop23's picture

You would have to have a judicial branch that actually enforces the law rather than utilize interpretation to promote a political agenda.


Clark Bent's picture

Then arrest those receiving the stolen redistributed wealth, and on down the line. At some point the recipients can be declared guiltless in getting the loot and we can start the process again. Just make sure that those with the least claim to the loot are the ones who had anything to do with earning it. 

Slartibartfast's picture

Geebus, that article was pure unadulterated crap. Selective reasoning at its most ludicrous. Sometimes...just sometimes...the uber-wealthy bring it on themselves because there is no 'off switch' for greed. The average person just wants a little slice of happiness and wouldn't care a wit if other's spent all their time getting rich. It's the whole prevailing notion that 'you're nothing because you're not rich' that gets up people's kilts. And we've been slowly but steadily building a society that rewards non-productive capital as opposed to rewarding productive capital.

Midas's picture

I've often wondered why Warran Buffett decides nothing could be better than going to a shareholder meeting in Omaha.  Why not take Becky to a tropical island for a week instead?

Cathartes Aura's picture

maybe power, and the attention it garners, is Uncle Warren's hard-on, and Becky is used intentionally to entertain yours.

sumo's picture

Power is the ultimate high. Very hard to turn it down, and most don't bother to try.

In comparison, sex is a poor distant cousin.

Cathartes Aura's picture

"sex" as practiced by the majority of amrkns is about power, sadly.  that's a key element of porn culture, owning the mindset, and playing them off each other'd.

(liking your posts here today)

willwork4food's picture

I treat my Japanese blow up doll very nice..

tip e. canoe's picture

maybe attention is power...hence symbols like the All-Seeing Eye.

Cathartes Aura's picture


the power of Victoria's secret over many here is palpable, lol. . .

Whoa Dammit's picture

Striking Walmart workers pushed aside by Lexus SUV in high income Atlanta area. (This link has good photo- other local news sources reporting them  as strikers, not protesters).

BallsWoodman's picture

I think when we watch people get rich by peddling mortgages to people who couldn't possibly afford them and then ultimately passing the bill to countries all over the world and the US tax payer, it brings out the Marxist in a lot of us.  Now, its austerity all around to make sure we pay back all the bad debt created by this elite class of a-holes who some how managed to avoid prison time and who get to keep their ill gotten gains.

Dr. Sandi's picture

In MONOPOLY Cronyism, once you become an established player, you receive a "Get Out of Prosecution Free" card.

Clark Bent's picture

Eric Holder is gonna get right on that this time. It is right at the top of his to-do list. You know he's a Negro so he means it when he says he's got your back. 

kevinearick's picture

Projection, Propulsion, & Productivity

1811-1891 Spokan Carry

"Born to a chief and orphaned at 11, Carry was taught by missionaries to aid in fur trading. He was a teacher, a leader, a hunter and a peacemaker. Always the white mans friend, he was refused citizenship, burned off his land, deprived of his earthly goods and finally his dignity by the white man. He died here a lonely unwanted person in the land of his birth and the land he loved."

The empire is a spoiled, passive aggressive bully, of passive aggressive bullies. You adjust its gravity by limiting its technology frontier. There is no relative end to the capacity of the universe to fuel the empire, but only a transformative laborer can give it oxygen. The transformational orator is a myth, except to short the system. Just step out of the way.

Graph airline flights, Boeing durable goods delivered, and cash accounting against GDP, Boeing durable goods orders, and accrual accounting. HP is just the tip of the iceberg. You may also want to graph monetary expansion times cash in circulation. The law is virtual, and the accounting rungs are collapsing as the rails split. What does all the corporate cash on the sidelines look like now? What is Delta doing?

Macy's doesn't employ the bankruptcy code, to which you are denied access, on a regular basis by accident, which is why labor discounts the supply side credit markets, along with all participants, every time. The empire grows to the extent you mate with its replicating robots and blows up when you allow them to inbreed.

Bernanke, like Greenspan before him, has been instructed to torch the empire, rather than pay effective labor a market-clearing price for its skills. No amount of talking is going to change that. Real Africans are well mannered, highly intelligent, and hard working; like anywhere else, those capable of love, putting future generations first, are capable of great things. Those incapable of love, the talkers, are only capable of small mindedness, which is exactly what the empire wants, certifiable replicating robots lost in the artificial complexity of their own emotions, soothed by consumption to maintain the status quo.

No one is brokering peace in the middle east. They are all ensuring division. The US is the strongest of the weaklings. You don't build bigger and bigger guns because you have confidence in the effectiveness of your economy, in the adaptability of your relationships. Anything that is not unique gets programmed out, commoditized, including human peer groups. The Chinese, the Spanish, the English, all assumed the world could not exist without their particular brand of administrative genius.

Supply the integral and demand the derivative, or don't, depending upon the size of the empire you need to do whatever you want to do. In any case, ignore the "impending economic crisis." The empire is always in an impending economic crisis, by design. That's the nature of stupid.

We will bring the Titanic back up and refit it; we always do.

Market Man's picture

What a bunch of crap comments... people here are green with ENVY of the rich!   Why not spent time making some money, rather than spending all your time complaining about people that have it!

Boxed Merlot's picture

Why not spent time making some money, rather than spending all your time complaining about people that have it...?


Many would like to be making money.  Unfortunately, the prospects of plying one's trade are becoming less profitable and more difficult to find.  People are resourceful and will adapt, but the cheerleading from the top of "you didn't build that" attitudes are being baked into the the mix.  This is a cancerous mentality imo in that it feeds envy and covetousness, the basest of negative human passions and promotes lethargy.  Who wants to succeed at anything if one recieves nothing but ridicule for achievement by the leaders?


"For to win a crowd is not so great a trick; one only needs some talent, a certain dose of untruth and a little acquaintance with the human passions"  --  The Crowd is Untruth - Soren  Kierkegard

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Kierkegard? Seriously?


Try something outside of cynical Humanist banality.

"In passing, we should note this curious mark of our own age: the only absolute allowed is the absolute insistence that there is no absolute." - Francis Schaeffer

mkhs's picture

The only constant in life is change.

batterycharged's picture

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.