Q3 Revenues For Business TV Anchors

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Judging from the market's reaction (which after all is the only thing that counts apparently), we have little to fear but fear itself - especially when it comes to real fundamental earnings. However, for those with depth perception issues (two data points, a trend do make), color blindness (red is always green as it's 'off-the-lows'), and ADHD (10-second soundbites only), the following chart should help clarify just how bad Q3 revenues were - and how weak the recent trend is (hint - from the upper left to the lower right is not good).



(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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Lol! What the hell is wrong with this market? Doesn't Wall Street read ZH?

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Lol! What the hell is wrong with this market? Doesn't Wall Street read ZH?

Algos only read binary articles

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At some point in time, reality will smack you in the face.

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Yes, bullish (!) in the sense that bad is good. Actualy, bad has become much, much better than good in the new normal.

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correct. wall st aided and abbetted by big gov have conspired to kill off the free market. 

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Here's a thought to ponder...  the entire recession/ depression since the 2008 meltdown IS the next bubble.

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"What's important here, is we're off the lows." - Boob Pissonyou

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Hurricane Sandy!!!!

If there was ever a ZH chart just begging for a trendline arrow captioned with "Down", this is it.

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Wall Street prefers a Daddy Bernanke printing press of fake money. Wall Street get first dibs on fiat money from Fed and may share their gift with the rest.

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From upper right to lower left would be an impressive display of time travel...

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+1 I saw that also, wondered who else would.

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Keynesian economics seems to produce more charts than results.....

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Indeed lets all sculpt our feces to infinity and beyond!

Signed Poop Lightning :)

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"from the upper left to lower right is not good."


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Time for people to move one, on a road long enough... there is simply nothing left in enough quantity to sustain any growth.


The thinkg that should be obvious to zerohedgers is that it is set to happen before our survival rate drop to zero.

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 The Q-3 earnings misses were swept under the rug by MSM "financial illiterates" , and the TOP line numbers(revenue), were largely ignored...

  I can't even watch Bloomturd TV any more... the skew is so pathetic, I just keep 'breaking windows'...

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Wait till next week when they apparently revise Q3 GDP upwards. Cue chickenhead running around the studio at 3pm yelling "cash on the sidelines and chase performance" repeatedly until smoke comes off the top of her robot head.

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 Brian Sullivan, and Mandy from Down Under...

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But Jim Cramer said to buy and that Ben Bernanke is a genius(?).

Surely we couldn't see another 2008 scenario play out now that the recovery is here(?).


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I thought he said to buy and Lenny Dykstra was a genuis. I can't keep up.

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Man, did Dykstra implode or what? Scamming leases on exotic cars, drugs, real estate fraud... That guy went large!

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Fundamentals haven't mattered since 1987, thanks to the PPT, the government has your back.

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A flaw unaddressed by the business television model is that they know nothing about business.

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Everyone knows the market ramp was on low volume to allow some big money to get out. It'll work like that for a while and then dump lower.

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Major TV anchors spinning the same agenda since 1993.

Emergency Broadcast Network - Comply


Grab your popcorn. The snake will eat its own tail.

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Santelli: They revised last week down. We are further down this week, pre-revision. trend is truly negative. will get worse.

Leisman: Rick you are not doing the math.

Santelli: I did the math, you are wrong!

Leisman: Rick your wrong.

Santelli: I am not wrong, I'll fraking sit down and do the math with you.

Leisman: Rick you dont know what you are talking about ....

Quick/Kernan: Lets switch over to our reporter attending the NAR conference in sunny florida...

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Cramer = Bullish.