Russia Sends Warships To Gaza Coast

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For the entire 8 day duration of Operation Pillar of Defense, there was one major geopolitical player who had been largely quiet and certainly absent from the scene: the same player whose unflinching position over the Syria conflict has so far prevented any intervention in the civil war torn country: Russia. The same Russia which has a military base in the Syrian port city of Tarsus, and thus in its own eyes, a very substantial "national interest" role to play in the middle east, one that is certainly opposing that of the US and the pro-NATO forces, a tension that will surely boil to the surface now that war between Iran and Israel is always at most "hours away" depending on who is asked, and which one day will be more than just a war of words. Today, Russia decided that it had kept quiet for too long over the Gaza conflict, with Voice of Russia reporting, courtesy of Al Arabiya, that Russian warships anchored off the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea will be put on military alertness should the conflict in Gaza escalate and brought in proximity, according Russian Navy Command source on Friday.

Sure enough, there is a diplomatic reason for the escalation: evacuation preparedness. To wit: "The detachment of combat ships of the Black Sea Fleet, including the Guards missile cruiser Moskva, the patrol ship Smetliviy, large landing ships Novocherkassk and Saratov, the sea tug MB-304 and the big sea tanker Ivan Bubnov, got the order to remain in the designated area of the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for a possible evacuation of Russian citizens from the area of the Gaza strip in case of escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict”, the spokesperson said. He added that ship crew members will continue routine combat training, maintenance of equipment and weapons along with other military services.

A missile cruiser, which just happens to be the flag ship of the Russian Black Sea naval fleet, and whose purpose is "to destroy hostile surface ships" in order to aid evacuation? Odd...

Naturally, only very naive people would buy this "explanation", which does nothing to mitigate the factor that Russia, too, is now implicitly involved in the Gaza conflict. How soon until China sends a few of its own warships to the region. Just in case China nationals needs evaluation too.

And if indeed evacuation is the catalyst, it may happen soon, because the tenuous cease fire between the two nations may not last long following another reflaring of hostilities between Israel and Gaza:

Hundreds of Palestinians approached the border fence Friday in several locations in southern Gaza, testing expectations Israel would no longer enforce a 300-meter-wide (300-yard-wide) no-go zone on the Palestinian side of the fence that was meant to prevent infiltrations into Israel. In the past, Israeli soldiers routinely opened fire on those who crossed into the zone.


In one incident captured by Associated Press video, several dozen Palestinians, most of them young men, approached the fence, coming close to a group of Israeli soldiers standing on the other side.


Some Palestinians briefly talked to the soldiers, while others appeared to be taunting them with chants of “God is Great” and “Mursi, Mursi,” in praise of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, whose mediation led to the truce.


At one point, a soldier shouted in Hebrew, “Go there, before I shoot you,” and pointed away from the fence, toward Gaza. The soldier then dropped to one knee, assuming a firing position. Eventually, a burst of automatic fire was heard, but it was not clear whether any of the casualties were from this incident.


Gaza health official Ashraf al-Kidra said a 20-year-old man was killed and 19 people were wounded by Israeli fire near the border.


Mansour, the Palestinian U.N. observer, said Israeli forces fatally shot Anwar Abdulhadi Qudaih in the head and injured at least 19 other Palestinian civilians in a border area east of Khan Younis.


During the incidents, Hamas security tried to defuse the situation and keep the crowds away from the fence.


Moussa Abu Marzouk, a top Hamas official at the ongoing negotiations in Cairo, told The Associated Press that the violence would have no effect on the ceasefire.


The crowds were mainly made up of young men but also included farmers hoping to once again farm lands in the buffer zone. Speaking by phone from the buffer zone, 19-year-old Ali Abu Taimah said he and his father were checking three acres of family land that have been fallow for several years.


“When we go to our land, we are telling the occupation (Israel) that we are not afraid at all,” he said.


Israel’s military said roughly 300 Palestinians approached the security fence at different points, tried to damage it and cross into Israel. Soldiers fired warning shots in the air, but after the Palestinians refused to move back, troops fired at their legs, the military said. A Palestinian infiltrated into Israel during the unrest, but was returned to Gaza, it said.

As we previously showed the Brent market priced in a ceasefire for about 10 minutes last week, before sending Brent to its weekly high, on the realization that the peace between Israel and Gaza is merely lip service until at least one more foreign political entity figures out some way to benefit from a re-escalation of hostilities. Only this time the Russians will be there too.

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No problem O is on it after going to the choom wagon.

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And, after playing another round or two of golf.

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In Kauai with his royal retinue of 200 or so for a week or two.

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RT reported yesterday that Obama promised Netanyahu that the U.S. would send troops to the  sinai in exchange for israel signing off on the truce in Gaza...  set up for WWIII well under way.

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They should send ashore some medical supplies for the wounded Palestinians. I am looking forward to see the brave Israeli commandos attempt to board this ship.

Hey Bibi... watcha gonna do buddy? (He's got no balls when he faces an armed adversary.)

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Oy Vey poor jerk, you suffer from" israelitis " this skin itching, plus "twisted bowels each time you read israel, zionists, jews, etc..poor little creature : Let me help you with a new remedy named " palestinum " , her is the prescription: you fill your asshole with cordite-dynamites tablets, you connect them to electric ropes, then to a 12 v battery , and do not forget to cut a place in the mddle of the ropes for the switch: Then you stroll around your neighborhood and try to find a synagogue or a deli store or anything that looks jewish , then KABOOM : you are in heaven and 72 virgins surround you with their damp lips.So do not hesitate , next time ,run to the appliances store ask for the " palestinum " complete set and put your asshole' ideas exactly where is your mouth.

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Dr. Norman Finkelstein lucidly speaks about the Palestinian plight and the use of the old "anti-Semite" distraction when people object to the attack on civilians in Gaza. 

This man has a withering intellect, moral position, and a very strong back when confronted by weeping distractions from the issue of the subjugation of the Palestinians.


RichardP's picture

Does Dr. Finkelstein also use his withering intellect to condemn the placing of weapons of war into  the middle of people places?

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If you believe that Central Banks - be that CB's, Banks, the puppert Governments which take orders from Banks, and Wall Street - control the majority of the game play, then you must also believe that WWIII will never happen. My reasoning is simple; who's gonna pay for all that mortgage and credit card debt if so many people go to war on less than minimum wages? The Banks would fold in less than a year.

WWIII could only occur after a systemic monetary, financial and economic collapse...where war becomes the new debt slavery.

It seems to me that all that is really happening these days is the moping-up of the countries without approved CB's.

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So latest update: Russia cruiser in Gaza, Chinese aircraft landing successfully on small flattop...who else? Eeveryone is prep-ing.


Who has the script?

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Israel's Shin Bet intelligence (that's questionable) agency creates Hamas and then Israel determines that it needs to attack Palestinian areas to root out Hamas.

If you want to crush a people with superior military force, you should radicalize them first as a pretext for their destruction.  That's just good p.r.


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Hey, that is the US game plan with that guy AlQueada.

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Finally the mighty Russians showing a gesture at least.. But i think they are last to join the party there.. LOL

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i'm ok with jews but israel and zionism still twists my bowels and makes my skin itch.  i guess general marshall was right:

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Well I think the State of Israel, which is being supported by ~country club jewish~ people which have little to do with religious people practicing a really beautiful judaism of compassion. Those politicians-ideologue-terrorists including Ben Gourion have little real interest in religious study, they just want to push a political agenda. There are some incredibly good jewish orthodox people who say that the State can not be jewish, it can be anything but a state has no busines with religious affairs. There are also some incredibly good men (rabbis) from the jewsih orthodox faith who call for the peaceful dismantlement of the ~State of Israel~ so that jewish people and muslim people of palestine can live under a single state which is non-religious. This state would be instead built on the respect of the three religions practiced by the inhabitants. Mixing up state and religion has been tried before, and it is always a disaster. It is not about jewish or not. Judaism like the one practiced of those jewish orthodox condemning the ~Gaza conditions~ is absolutely beautiful. The jewish orthodox are condemning the usurpation of the star of David and the Israel by the professional politicians neo-cons mixinng up the jewish faith with a political country club.

It is a terrible mistake to put the zionists in the same bag as those good people of the jewish orthodox fait. Netanyau is a murderer but please do not put those zionists in the same bag. Weiss says that zionism is a relatively recent movement which is a ~transformation from a religion into a materialistic and nationalistic movement~.  There is no war between Palestinians and hte Jews. There is a war between the zionists and palestinian militants.  And stop casting stereotypes against arabs muslim or people following judaism. The generic statement that all muslims are terrorists and all jews are zionists is dangerous and misleading.

Here the Rabbi Weiss about the topic.



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Palesinum - Nice!  Great reciepe; I'll use it on some of the Paulustinian Jew-hating supporters.

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Guess Obama fordot about those big and bad nukes Russia has sitting around.

Russia did have that 50 megaton monster. 

Russia has 4,650 active nuclear warheads, while the U.S. has 2,468.

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yeah but the jew bankers have unlimited

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Peshwaw, just wait till the Brits send a gun boat..................

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Your count is wrong. Try again.

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Russia peace keeper now? LOL

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It would be nice if SOMEBODY throttled the US and Israhole. If China joined in, it would be even better. A big middle finger held way up in the air.

Would the insane asylum in Washington or fucking Nutty-Yahoo actually have the balls to take this further??????

Nothing short of the US completely out of the Middle East and Israel "gone" will work for me.

Lore's picture

"Would the insane asylum in Washington or fucking Nutty-Yahoo actually have the balls to take this further?"


We are dangerously close to scenario where evil people see opportunity to exploit human suffering.  PRAY FOR GOD TO BRING CONSCIENCE INTO THE PICTURE.

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I'd give you a thumbs up, but you have quotes to start your post. It locks out voting.

So here's a +1000

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All your goyim are belong to us!

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Yids know their power dies when their paper dies.  If the US military is smart they will let China and Russia have Israel and come home.  Let the Jews fight their own battles.

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And so it begins, the great shitstorm of our time.

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Nahhhh.....not yet.....this is only foreplay. Ya gotta drink several rounds of vodka first. Then ya got a have a "I'll show you mine and then you show me yours"......then the fun will start as the pols proclaim their nationalistic weener size. Finally of course someone will blink.......then .....the shitstorm will start.

DosZap's picture

. Finally of course someone will blink.......then .....the shitstorm will start.

Putin makes Obama look like a child.

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It's okay I have complete confidence that our Secretary of State will make the right decisions for humanity with her strong liberal views... Unless of course she's just another puppet... Oh shat!

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I don't know what to make of Hitlery. A couple of sources have suggested that she might soon get 'resigned.' She said already that she won't run again. Reports would have us believe that she intends to run for the U.S. presidency in 2016. Yes, seriously.

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Hilary for president. Fuck that shit - i'm moving to Mars...

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Still few years to go before the first departure.

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Hillary "running" for prezzydent makes sense - amrka will have had 8 years of growing hatred for the BLACK figurehead, so to switch to the WOMAN would cause many many heads to explode with rage - working as intended.

meanwhile, the other team will most likely go full on Fascist with the RIGHTEOUS FATHER meme, to draw in those who fear anything but GAWD's proxy in the comfy figurehead chair.

it's all a cartoon from here on out - deadly, but certainly obvious.

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"Putin makes Obama look like a child."


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Obama helps needy bankers, too. Credit where it's due.

jeff montanye's picture

not all needy bankers, just those with sufficient pull.  he is a great believer in a government of men not laws: that way he gets the maximum power to suck favors and allegiance back and leaves the maximum potential for harm even to his benighted believers when someone else (red team) takes control with the same powers.

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Obama's history is that of a Chicago "Community Organiser"

Putin's history is Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti, who ain't that far removed from Comrade Beria's pretty infamous Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del which was THE "Controlling Authority" in the "old" Soviet Union.

Think about it . . . . .


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i'm no Ob fan but 53 up arrows? compare Him with putin shirtless riding a steed or flying with geese...putins a narcisitic piece of shit your comparing a whipping boy and a crazy narcisist.

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one's white, shirtless, does manly things, and is often pictured with a big gun. . .

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Yes.. Putin and his Jewish band of thieves is going to stop those Jews.

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Haha yes, cause there were no Zionists in the Red Russia.

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Putin knows the score-- he knows the way the world works. He's no Zionist. Look at him hoarding gold; it isn't hidden-- he understands the central banking ponzi. I'm sure he has surrounded himself with like-minded people.

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A couple years ago in a speech, Putin asked why the US was going to where Russia was coming from.

Americans dumb.