Russia Sends Warships To Gaza Coast

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For the entire 8 day duration of Operation Pillar of Defense, there was one major geopolitical player who had been largely quiet and certainly absent from the scene: the same player whose unflinching position over the Syria conflict has so far prevented any intervention in the civil war torn country: Russia. The same Russia which has a military base in the Syrian port city of Tarsus, and thus in its own eyes, a very substantial "national interest" role to play in the middle east, one that is certainly opposing that of the US and the pro-NATO forces, a tension that will surely boil to the surface now that war between Iran and Israel is always at most "hours away" depending on who is asked, and which one day will be more than just a war of words. Today, Russia decided that it had kept quiet for too long over the Gaza conflict, with Voice of Russia reporting, courtesy of Al Arabiya, that Russian warships anchored off the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea will be put on military alertness should the conflict in Gaza escalate and brought in proximity, according Russian Navy Command source on Friday.

Sure enough, there is a diplomatic reason for the escalation: evacuation preparedness. To wit: "The detachment of combat ships of the Black Sea Fleet, including the Guards missile cruiser Moskva, the patrol ship Smetliviy, large landing ships Novocherkassk and Saratov, the sea tug MB-304 and the big sea tanker Ivan Bubnov, got the order to remain in the designated area of the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for a possible evacuation of Russian citizens from the area of the Gaza strip in case of escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict”, the spokesperson said. He added that ship crew members will continue routine combat training, maintenance of equipment and weapons along with other military services.

A missile cruiser, which just happens to be the flag ship of the Russian Black Sea naval fleet, and whose purpose is "to destroy hostile surface ships" in order to aid evacuation? Odd...

Naturally, only very naive people would buy this "explanation", which does nothing to mitigate the factor that Russia, too, is now implicitly involved in the Gaza conflict. How soon until China sends a few of its own warships to the region. Just in case China nationals needs evaluation too.

And if indeed evacuation is the catalyst, it may happen soon, because the tenuous cease fire between the two nations may not last long following another reflaring of hostilities between Israel and Gaza:

Hundreds of Palestinians approached the border fence Friday in several locations in southern Gaza, testing expectations Israel would no longer enforce a 300-meter-wide (300-yard-wide) no-go zone on the Palestinian side of the fence that was meant to prevent infiltrations into Israel. In the past, Israeli soldiers routinely opened fire on those who crossed into the zone.


In one incident captured by Associated Press video, several dozen Palestinians, most of them young men, approached the fence, coming close to a group of Israeli soldiers standing on the other side.


Some Palestinians briefly talked to the soldiers, while others appeared to be taunting them with chants of “God is Great” and “Mursi, Mursi,” in praise of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, whose mediation led to the truce.


At one point, a soldier shouted in Hebrew, “Go there, before I shoot you,” and pointed away from the fence, toward Gaza. The soldier then dropped to one knee, assuming a firing position. Eventually, a burst of automatic fire was heard, but it was not clear whether any of the casualties were from this incident.


Gaza health official Ashraf al-Kidra said a 20-year-old man was killed and 19 people were wounded by Israeli fire near the border.


Mansour, the Palestinian U.N. observer, said Israeli forces fatally shot Anwar Abdulhadi Qudaih in the head and injured at least 19 other Palestinian civilians in a border area east of Khan Younis.


During the incidents, Hamas security tried to defuse the situation and keep the crowds away from the fence.


Moussa Abu Marzouk, a top Hamas official at the ongoing negotiations in Cairo, told The Associated Press that the violence would have no effect on the ceasefire.


The crowds were mainly made up of young men but also included farmers hoping to once again farm lands in the buffer zone. Speaking by phone from the buffer zone, 19-year-old Ali Abu Taimah said he and his father were checking three acres of family land that have been fallow for several years.


“When we go to our land, we are telling the occupation (Israel) that we are not afraid at all,” he said.


Israel’s military said roughly 300 Palestinians approached the security fence at different points, tried to damage it and cross into Israel. Soldiers fired warning shots in the air, but after the Palestinians refused to move back, troops fired at their legs, the military said. A Palestinian infiltrated into Israel during the unrest, but was returned to Gaza, it said.

As we previously showed the Brent market priced in a ceasefire for about 10 minutes last week, before sending Brent to its weekly high, on the realization that the peace between Israel and Gaza is merely lip service until at least one more foreign political entity figures out some way to benefit from a re-escalation of hostilities. Only this time the Russians will be there too.

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You sound like the typical ex-school yard bully that aspired to a GED with a gig with the few the proud and the tooled. I guess flippin' burgers might have been a tad below you?

 But don't let the reality of what-the-fuck is the US doing protecting a parasite  country that controls every port you get to shag some foreign slut in or the new generation exotic/sunburn missle dangers because we all understand you are just  2kool4skool in 20fucking12. 

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Best platform to take down that moskva?


China has a dozen of them, all based in the south china sea.

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now why would <Russia do that when all is hunky dory in GAZA?

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Because Vlad Putin is a chess master. He's 3 moves ahead of everyone else.

Let it play out.

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I was wondering when someone would mention this interesting little fact . . . . . .

You'd be quite surprised to know just how many Russian military "Top Brass" and middle-ranking officers are pretty good Tournament grade chess players too . . . .


falak pema's picture

Kasparov must be laughing his head off on that subject! 

Granted there is no Bobby Fischer on US front in DC. 

falak pema's picture

OT / What country has a receding DEBT/GDP since the last ten years in first world?

One guess its a country close to Bruce Krasting's heart : Switzerland Government Debt To GDP

Just shows u the two faces of Swiss land : export powerhouse of industrial goods and import power of hot money! 

Now we know why the Swiss Fr is pegged to Euro !

Tyler Durden's picture



A. You are wrong:

And B. You are dead wrong when accounting for such trivial items as financial debt, which amount to nearly 600% of sov GDP for the two biggest banks alone.

You are, however, absolutely correct that we "know" why the CHF is pegged...

falak pema's picture

I am wrong that Debt/GDP of swiss has gone down? Not if we believe the chart! 

So I am wrong on why the Swiss is pegged to the Euro?

By pegging it to the Euro they keep it weak and their exports stay competitive, No?

I was referring to their official state debt to GDP as per chart, not to corporate debt. Aren't we mixing apples and oranges?

But I do note the high banking exposure, which is similar to Euro banks and probably to US banks if we include shadow banking. 

It would be nce to have the banking debt of US banks which include shadow bankig exposure, not just their official books. 

Those private banking exposure on US banks look puny. Just saying...

BTW : Its obvious that the figures your first chart on country debt/gdp ratios shows are NOT official federal govt debt; its something else. SO Swiss government debt has diminished from 72% in 2005 to 48% in 2011; no mean feat!

Not many countries can boast that. 

falak pema's picture

I stand by this post whatever TD may say below; its been validated on the NET info. Just Google n check. 

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Israel reserves the right to shoot Palistinians on the terriotry of Gaza if they approach the fence. This is the right of Israel, they are killing in self defense, just like the USA in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and other nations that are vital to US and Israeli natioanl interests. It is clear to the world that the dead that Israel and the USA heap up in great piles are being killed to further human rights and to spread freedom to them. Palistine is being helped towards freedom and prosperity by Israel and their USA allies.

The difference between Russia and the USA is simple. USA is the great spreader of freedom and prosperity. Iraq was liberated in the interests of the people. Palistine was liberated in the best interests of Palistinians.

This is clear. Russia is meddling in the sphere of USA and Israel interest. They must disarm and go back to Russia. The USA will decide who liberates Syria. The USA will decide when to Liberate Iran. The USA is the decider. This according to the great liberator of the 2000's President George W. Bush. He liberated Afghanistan to aid the people. He liberated Iraq to aid the people. Now Obama the muslim socialist from Kenya is going to liebrate the people of Iran. All are greatful to the liberators. Israel and the USA are the two forces for good in the world. All nations should respect this and aid their liberation wars.


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That has to be one of the most lethal surface ships afloat, aside from carriers.  Amazing armament.

EscapingProgress's picture

Stop teasing and lets just do this already!

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and so, turkey ask'd and thy imperialist on high?... nwo's puppeteer extraordinaires will giveth thy 'patriot missile defense shield' from nato's wish-list via 'from ussa with love'...

funny... during wwi turkey was on the wrong side of history having to give up israel?

ironically... wwii turkey was on the right side of history?

lastly... turkey has run out of trump cards?... and with Greece boiling over from past aggression-- and, having no prized possessions left in its 'bag-ole-tricks',... 'a eunuchs cleveav'd/sever'd scrotum, is this turkey' having barter'd away all but it's future' past!?

lest we forget the domicile armenians?... all equating to a turkey-club-sandwich, that one should hesitate to partake, knowing ones innate fears... would, and should, summon up this inprudent decree... that, which what lays between arafat's grave, would, and could soon be your own... oh camelot?!

and the ussr has never forgotten its expulsion by the ussa during and after wwii?

foolish is thought,... when mankind's-stand, grasp sternly the weighted twirling baton, wherein mere mortals have forgotten the posthumous gravity of latent aggression... insatiable appetites for power and superficial glory, hardwire'd in us all !!!

dvfco's picture

In light of the holiday we just celebrated, your reporting on turkey (especially without capitalization) is quite timely.  

Yousif's picture

Some stories of interest:

"Lebanese Army: 5 Syrians Arrested With Explosives"

Quote: "Army personnel seized 450 grams (one pound) of explosives, a detonator, and ammunition for a 160 mm mortar with Hebrew writing on it, the statement said."

Then we have:

"Israeli missile-makers strive to meet Iron Dome demand"

Quote: "Israel says it needs 13 batteries altogether for nationwide defence. Given the Gaza flare-up, the defence ministry is currently earmarking funds, including from annual U.S. grants, for about three more units."

I wonder what else that grant money is going to be used for ... helping Al-Qaeda?

I'm assuming that the kleptocracy are in strong disagreement over the AGP extension project.  The Russians really want to keep a firm grip on Europe's oil.  I'm guessing that's why so many "events" are being foiled and so many "tricks" are being exposed.

It's very difficult to determine who is really "winning" in this conflict.

One thing is for sure, the bankers and the Military Industrial Complex are going to be quite busy over the next few months.

We definitely know who the losers are: us, the 99%.

Jason T's picture

Whatever it hits..It Destroys.

frostfan's picture

Not sure of the significance of a Russian naval buildup there.  But weren't Putin and Israel's foreign minister Lieberman together speaking Russian and cigar smoking not too long ago?

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Hey...that Rooshian ship is like 33 years old.

False flag in 3...2...1...

earleflorida's picture

yep, just like the russian salvaged aircraft carrier by the chinese, retrofitted in less than a 'chinese new year', specifically to sail into harms way?,... using stealth ussa fighter-bombers technology courtesy the clinton administration via sandy berger a... ?

Colonial Intent's picture

Yet the j15 they just landed is not equal to a su33, its maybe an f14/b at most.

JR's picture

The most significant development from the Gaza war is that the position of the United States as a facilitator of peace has been dismissed and a new sheriff is in town: Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

It’s very difficult to find in the U.S. media the details of the ceasefire agreement arranged by Egypt, but those details signify just how powerful a broker Egypt has become and how Israel is weaker after Obama’s prejudicial actions and coverage in the world press. IOW, this was a dangerous escalating war with rising death tolls and because of a pro-Israel stance, the Obama Administration was powerless to stop the fighting, nor did it care.

The pro-Israel U.S. press misses the story and its significance; so to find this background one must go elsewhere. In this case, Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, today outlines the significance of the ceasefire agreement and the weaknesses that have come to Israel.


Putting aside the precariousness of the current situation and the accompanying uncertainties, it still seems useful to look at the process by which the ceasefire was brought about, how this sheds light on the changing dynamics of the conflict itself, as well on some underlying shifts in the regional and global balances of forces.

First of all, the role and outlook of the Arab governments was far more pro-active than in the past interludes of intensified Israel/Palestine violence. During the just-concluded attacks, several prominent foreign ministers from the region visited Gaza and were received by the Hamas governing authorities, thus undermining the longstanding Israeli effort to isolate Hamas and exclude it from participation in diplomacy. Egypt played the critical role in brokering the agreement, and despite the Muslim Brotherhood affiliation of its leaders. Mohammed Morsi, the Egyptian President, emerged as the key diplomatic figure, widely praised by the West for his "pragmatism", which can be understood as meaning his capacity to address the concerns of both sides without intruding his own pro-Palestinian outlook. Indeed, such a brokered agreement inverted what the Americans have brought to the table in past negotiations, a pretension of balance, a reality of partisanship. 

Secondly, the text of the agreement implicitly acknowledged Hamas as the governing authority of Gaza, and thereby gives it, at least temporarily, a greatly enhanced status among Palestinians, regionally, and internationally. Its claim to be a legitimate representative of the Palestinian people has now become plausible, making Hamas a political actor that has for the moment been brought in from the terrorist cold. While Hamas remains formally "a terrorist organisation" in the eyes of Israel, the United States, and Europe, throughout this just-concluded feverish effort to impose a ceasefire on the conflict, Hamas was treated as "a political actor" with sovereign authority to speak for the people in Gaza. Such a move represents a potential sea change, depending on whether there is an effort to build on the momentum achieved or a return to the futile Israeli/US policy of excluding Hamas from diplomatic channels by insisting that it be classified as a terrorist organisation. Correspondingly, the Palestinian Authority, and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, have been awkwardly sidelined, overshadowed, and made to appear irrelevant in the midst of this latest terrible ordeal affecting the Palestinian people.

Thirdly, Israel accepted as integral conditions of the ceasefire two sets of obligations toward the people of Gaza that it would never have agreed to before it launched its Pillar of Defence operation: (1) agreeing not to engage in "incursions and targeting of individuals" and (2) agreeing to meet to arrange for the "opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and the transfer of goods, and refraining from restricting residents free movement, and targeting residents in border areas". If implemented by Israel, this means the end of targeted assassinations and the lifting of the blockade that has tormented Gaza for more than five years. These are major setbacks for the Israeli policy. The political acceptance by Tel Aviv of a prohibition on targeted assassinations, if respected, renounces a favourite tactic of Israeli governments for many years, which although generally regarded as illegal was still practiced by Israel with impunity. Indeed, the most dramatic precipitating event in the recent controversial unfolding crisis timeline was the killing of Ahmed Jabari on November 14, a military/political leader of Hamas, who at the very time was negotiating a truce relating to cross-border violence.

Fourthly, the role of the United States, while still significant, was considerably downsized by these other factors, especially the need to allow Egypt to play the main role as arbiter. This suggests a regionalisation of diplomacy that diminishes the importance and seriously erodes the legitimacy of extra-regional interference. This is bad news for the Israelis. Turkey, also now a sharp critic of Israel, as well as Egypt played a significant role in defusing the escalating crisis. There exists a revealing gap between the US insistence all along that Israel's use of force was fully justified because every country has the right to defend itself and the ceasefire text that placed restrictions on future violence as applicable to both sides. After the ceasefire, the United States must make a defining choice: Either continue its role as Israel's unconditional enabler or adopt a more "pragmatic" approach to the conflict in the manner of Morsi. If it remains primarily an enabler, its diplomatic role is likely to diminish rapidly, but if it should adopt a balanced approach, it might still be able to take the lead in establishing a real peace process that considers the rights of both sides under international law. To make such a shift credible, President Obama would have to make a major speech to the American people explaining why it is necessary to choose between partisanship and diplomacy in reshaping its future relationship to the conflict. However sensible such a shift would be both for American foreign policy but also for the stability of the region, it is highly unlikely to happen. There is nothing in Obama's resume that suggests a willingness to go to the people to circumvent a dysfunctional outlook in the US Congress.

Fifthly, the United Nations was made to seem almost irrelevant, despite the presence of the Secretary General in the region during the diplomatic endgame. Ban Ki Moon did not help matters by seeming to echo the sentiments coming from Washington, calling attention almost exclusively to Israeli defensive rights. The UN could provide more neutral auspices for future negotiations if it were to disentangle itself from Western geopolitics. To do this would require withdrawing from participation in the Quartet, and pledging a commitment to a sustaining and just peace for both peoples. As with United States, it is highly unlikely that the UN would make such a move, at least not without permission from Washington. As with Obama, there is nothing in the performance of Ban Ki Moon as Secretary General that suggests the willingness and capacity to act independently when the stakes are high.

Sixthly, the immediate aftermath of the ceasefire was a call from the Gaza streets for Palestinian unity, symbolised by the presence of Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine flags all flying in harmonious co-existence. As the New York Times commented, "a rainbow not visible here in years". If Palestinian unity holds, and becomes a practical reality, including elections throughout Occupied Palestine, it may turn out that the ceasefire is more than a temporary tense truce, but is a new beginning in the long march toward Palestinian justice.


surf0766's picture

They would never slant anything they write.

Egypt did such a great job Morsi crowned himself the new King.  The Truth does not live at aljazeera

JR's picture

The truth resides in the ceasefire.

Or, was the body count not enough for the networks, the cable companies, the Eastern Establishment press, or the news magazines: all not only slanted to the Zionist caused but beholden to the Zionist cause?

And you have the nerve to say that one single piece that gets though is not true. What is it about blood and destruction of families and countries and injustice that is hidden from you?

Yen Cross's picture

 All joking aside... JR you clearly put some time into both of your posts, and it shows with mature exploration of facts. Well done and happy late Thanks Giving... +1

JR's picture

Happy Thanksgiving! Yen, and additional thanks! for your supportive viewpoint.

Israel policies have dominated the U.S. in the Middle East, and Mubarak was paid to keep the Arab world at bay.

The military controlled Egypt and was destined to continue to act in U.S. interests.

Morsi, too, was to be controlled by the military, with help from the judiciary. If Morsi was to bring Egypt into eventual free elections, without military control, the actions he has taken to take control of the situation seems to be his purpose.

Buying death and destruction for the peoples of the Middle East has been a hell of a way for Congress and Obama to spend U.S. taxpayer money.

falak pema's picture

well done sir!

Pax Americana has one strategic issue at heart : making the Oil patch sterile from its own perspective to ensure that the oil flows, as its cornerstone to civilization and petrodollar hegemony; like the old silk and  spice routes of ancient times.

The rest is just musical chairs around the OIl patch. You may have noticed the singular similarity between the way "renegade" Saddam was taken out and "second renegade" Q-daffy met his fate. Its a true pointer to "third renegade" Assad's planned demise and lastly, to "Satan's son" Ahmed of Iran's eventual "neutralisation".

In the context of long history's recurent chimes, the US now represents, along with its surrogate Templar Kingdom in Jerusalem, the time honoured oath taken by the French feudals in 1454, one year after Constantinople fell, the oath of the pheasant banquet, the creation of the Knights of the Golden Fleece in Bruges, to take back Constantinople to the Christian cause. It fed feudal dreams until 1918 when the Ottomans collapsed and the Balfour declaration made the creation of a New Templar state possible in 1948.

As fate would have it, the Saudi Oil patch made it industrial world's Kingdom of Heaven after that...which explains why we are here in Gaza.

As you say, there are two options in the historical thread : pull back gradually against the rising tide of local reaction now after 40 years in Goulag land, or brazen it out by upping the ante; which is what Nettyyah proposes, like the barons of Templar kingdom did before 1291. 

Happy Turkey feasting to you, keeping in mind that Turkey is now lynch pin to this regional strategy along with Egypt; as always in the long history of the region. Ottomans and Mamelukes...they were the local champions of "the other side"; along with the Persian Saffavids. Charles V, and the war in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe around Hungary, have inspired the new oath of the "golden" pheasant in 2003 when GWB started the surge back. Universal kingdom of Pax Americana. 

The beat goes on! 

dvfco's picture

There is more truth to be found at al Jazeera than in news from NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN & all other US Mainstream media outlets combined.  We can listen to that douche with the big white mustache who shows up on every channel the second the word Israel is mentioned (Bolton), we can hear the exact same story from every single outlet and listen to Arabic translations altered to make them always more nefarious than they are.

In the U.S., we get the Israeli side of the story, and only that side.  Things are beginning to change, as I've now seen images of the hell Palestinians endure. Al Jazera was created to be the only 'free press' in the Middle East, but we are taught in Amerika that if we watch it we are basically terrorists.

Read about its history and how it is owned and managed, then learn about how every US station is run and managed. Then comment.  Amerikan journalism is a disgrace, which is why sites like ZH are overwhelmingly appreciated and a breath of fresh air. True reporting by a free press not sucking the toes of any of bosses with agendas and friends and investors to impress.   

the Russians used to say something along the lines of "There is no truth in Izvestia and no news in Pravda.'  Loosely translated, it the two state-run newspapers in the Soviet Union would translate as "The Truth" and "The News", but that is the way I feel about American journalists. They need a code fo conduct and Soleidad O'Brien and assholes like Keith Olberman should be brought up on ethics charges retroactively once the code is passed for all the shit they spew.  When their paychecks from the White House are exposed, they should be brought up on charges of providing aid and comfort to the enemy, alongside Obama. Sorry for the rant . . . 


jonjon831983's picture

Actually, you should re-think this.


Al-Jazeera is essentially owned and funded by Qatar.

earleflorida's picture

morsi-- a us educated engineer -- morsi... a benazir bhutto ' groom'd like a caricature', straight out of the avengers-- taking the reigns when relapses of remembrance of things/time past,... fall upon deaf ears -- turning a once love'd, 'brotherly-hoodlum-love-affair' into an amorphous mubarik encore -- this exported kinda diplomatic 'thingy-a-`mao-jig'...?

AllWorkedUp's picture

"and the weaknesses that have come to Israel."



ArrestBobRubin's picture

Nice write up JR.

This latest outbreak of Israeli genocide of Palestinian civilians is ultimately self defeating on so many levels even Israel's opponents could not have hoped for a better outcome. Likud is evidently incapable of stopping or even metering its maniacal drive for national suicide.

Hezbollah and Hamas emerge stronger than ever. The status of Hamas has been greatly elevated and enhanced. Hezbollah just rope-a-doped Netanyahu.... they sat back and let him punch himself out and continue to lose the global public opinion war. All that cost Hezbollah absolutely nothing. Well played.

The presence of these 2 groups greatly limit Likud's options. If in increasing desperation Netanyahu jumps ugly in Lebanon next, Nasrallah's boys can't wait to stomp him once again. Funny how the outcome is always different when the IDF isn't genociding defenseless civilians and has to fight armed, well-trained opponents. 'Tis a beautiful sight when genocidal bullies in tanks get blown to pieces.

Obama may remain under heavy pressure from AIPAC traitors and their craven congress critters, but he also despises Netanyahu. That's not going to change. America isn't going to lift a finger against Iran, so it is effectively untouchable by Israel. Anything reported to the contrary in the "media" is 100% bullshit, as it has been for months. The reason hasn't changed.... an attack on Iran will mean the destruction of New Jersey-sized "Israel" as a (dys)functional state. And its real leaders know it. That coulld cost Netanyahu his job. Or more, a la Yitzhak Rabin.

There's hasbarah, and then there's reality. Best one gets to know one from the other. The actual results and outcomes of the latest flare-up of Israeli murder and mayhem in Gaza provide a great illustration of the difference between them.

dvfco's picture

That was beautifuly said, ABR! I couldn't agree more, especially with your juxtaposition of the workds traitor with AIPAC and craven with congress.  Eggggcelent,

cranky-old-geezer's picture



Good explanation of the big picture over there.

People wonder how Russia & China will play into all this.  It's pretty simple actually. They'll back Hamas and Hezbollah just like we back so-called "Al Quaeda" (more like "Al CIAda"). 

Everybody hopes to keep it at the tribal fueding level over there, with major powers backing tribes representing their interests. 

But remember, Iran is the line in the sand by Russian & Chinese decree, and American / NATO / Israhell are fully aware of it.  Long as they keep the feuding outside Iran, this could go on quite a while. 

Iran doesn't seem to be worried, they just announced construction of a new $10 billion gas pipeline to Syria.

Funny how we blamed 9/11 on "Al Quaeda".  It's where I first heard the phrase.  And we heard it a lot after 9/11.  Bush said we had to go into Iraq and Afghanistan and "clean out Al Quaeda".

So we're now supporting the same group that did 9/11.   The same group we supported in "liberating" Lybia from that "horrible" Quadaffi ...who gave those people the highest standard of living in Africa, free education, free everything just about ...far better than they have now under their "liberators".

Gosh, how short people's memories are.


Mark Noonan's picture

Alternately, the Israelis agreed to the cease fire because they were running out of ammunition for "Iron Dome" and thus needed a pause to both re-supply and work out a more comprehensive plan to wipe out simultaneously the Hamas missiles in Gaza and the Hezbollah missiles in Lebanon.  If it comes to a war with Iran, Israel cannot afford to have most of the country being targeted by thousands of Hamas/Hezbollah missiles.  Curious thing about those poor, oppressed Palestinians who never want to harm a fly - they are armed to the teeth and not at all concerned about where the warheads land.

Abitdodgie's picture

I don't know , but if I had lived in a prison camp for 40 years I don't think I would give a fuck where the rockets landed would you?

Mark Noonan's picture

Perhaps not - but as an outsider I can only point out that the vast majority of the current Israeli population had zero to do with how the Palestinians have lived since 1948.  In other words, dropping a rocket on a 20 year Israeli girl in Tel Aviv isn't a just response to a 20 year old Palestinian living in the "refugee camp" his grandfather went to decades ago...

are we there yet's picture

Hezbollah, Hamas, the palastinians, Iran, and the whole middle east are like trying to travel with a car full of cats on a bumpy road. And the cats are fighting over the best music on the radio. Don't just expect a bad outcome, expect a stupid one. Bevis and buthead look almost smart by contrast.

downwiththebanks's picture

One thing we know about their trip:  it won't take place on a Jewish-only road in Apartheid Israel.

jonjon831983's picture

You should question: "Who is Muslim Brotherhood's leader?"

While it would be nice if the power brokering and wheel n dealing was changed to someone else... I wonder which country provides almost $1bn of funds for decades to Egypt in the form of military aid and provided decades of military cross training?


I remember hearing about this new guy briefly when Mubarak was toppled and Muslim Brotherhood sought out a new leader... and this leader Mohammed Morsi has an interesting background....


I did a quick search and found this site that gives a brief summary of this man


Muhammad Morsi

Born: August 1951

 Position: President of Egypt; formerly member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, parliamentarian (2000–2005), and chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party

 Education: Doctorate in engineering from University of Southern California (1982), master’s degree in engineering from Cairo University (1978), bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cairo University (1975)

 Occupation: Engineer

Morsi was first recruited to the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States while studying for his PhD in engineering at the University of Southern California. His children were born in California and are U.S. citizens. After receiving his doctorate in 1982, he taught as an assistant professor at California State University–Northridge until 1985.

He then returned to Egypt to teach at Zagazig University, where his colleagues included current Brotherhood deputy supreme guides Mahmoud Ezzat and Mahmoud Ghozlan. Some sources report that Morsi’s rise in the MB began in 2000, when he was elected as a member of the People’s Assembly and served as the Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc leader from 2000 to 2005. After losing his parliamentary race in 2005 due to Mubarak regime forgery, he became leader of the Brotherhood’s political division. From 2007 onward, he was also the key point of contact between the MB and the regime’s repressive State Security apparatus (and, according to MB political leader Saad al-Husseini, between the Brotherhood and Hamas).

Morsi has been arrested at least twice: he was detained for seven months in 2006 after protesting alongside several judges who had been targeted by the regime, and again during the January 2011 uprising, along with several other Brotherhood leaders. Following the uprising, the MB leadership appointed him chairman of the newly formed Freedom and Justice Party. In April 2012, he was chosen as the group’s backup presidential candidate in the event that its initial candidate, Khairat al-Shater, was barred from running. When Shater was indeed excluded due to a previous conviction, Morsi became the MB’s presidential nominee. In the first round of Egypt’s presidential election, Morsi won 24.78 percent of the vote, securing his position in a runoff against Ahmed Shafiq in mid-June. On June 24, Morsi was declared president, having won 51.73 percent of the vote.




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Ps.   and Pakistan's A.Q Khan was just a metallurgist, but a resourceful serendipitous linguistic... and look at what turned out to be a Achilles-heel for S.E.Asia and beyond because of USSA-Ronny's complacency-- by design,... who knows?  

sure the USSR defeated [its leaders were so old they were dying every year-- the state was totally run-down,period! ] itself?... twas, but a Pyrrhic victory.

:-))       Ps2   Post European educated?

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Analysis: With eye on Iran, Gaza conflict reassures Netanyahu





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Reuters = just another hasbara rag. Jew owned. Jew run. Did you not know that?

What do you expect "Reuters" to say-- that Gaza was Nuttyahoo's and Israel's latest PR disaster? That would be too much like.... Truth.

And we obviously can't have any of that.

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Lot's of conflicting reports out there as well as targeted propaganda. Debka and Jpost reports are polar opposites regarding US troop deployment to the Sinai with other african media outlets quoting official Egyptian denials regarding same. I put up the reuters article to emphasize that the PR war israel has played has failed as has reuters credibility.

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Wow Ezekiel 38 and 39 already? Hmmm, read up people.

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Israel failed to achieve its goals in Gaza war: Nasrallah

The Hezbollah secretary general has congratulated all the Muslims on the Palestinian resistance fighters’ recent victory over Israel, saying that Tel Aviv failed to achieve its goals in its eight-day offensive in the Gaza Strip.

“Once again blood triumphed over the sword,” Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised speech on Friday.

Israeli airstrikes, shelling, and artillery fire left at least 160 Palestinians, including many women and children, dead and over 1200 others injured from November 14 to November 21. An Egypt-mediated ceasefire agreement, which took effect at 1900 GMT on Wednesday, ended the Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

Nasrallah stated that Israel failed to achieve any of its goals, saying, "(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu did not set high goals for this war; he set low goals so that he would achieve them and announce his victory, but even these he failed to achieve."

He pointed out that "the first goal was to destroy the Palestinian resistance's leadership. He failed in this respect. The second goal was to destroy the resistance's missile system. He also failed (to achieve this goal). The third goal was to reinforce Israel's deterrence power. The (Gaza) war rather weakened this power."

He went on to say that the assassination of Hamas commander Ahmed al-Jabari is a big loss, but the resistance movements no longer depend on individuals. The Hezbollah chief said Palestinian fighters managed to fire as many as 200 rockets a day from Gaza into Israel during the war.

Gaza has been blockaded since 2007, a situation that has caused a decline in the standard of living, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty.

The apartheid regime of Israel denies about 1.7 million people in Gaza their basic rights, such as freedom of movement, jobs that pay proper wages, and adequate healthcare and education.