Eurogroup Talks Stalled By Massive #DIV/0! Problem

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We can only imagine the HP-12C buttons being ripped from their almost-extinct cases as we are faced with this beauty of a Bloomberg headline:


No matter how many times you divide by zero haircuts or zero growth - the number still comes out the same - 'unsustainable'.

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Get the quick mathematicians in from McKinsey during the hors'd'oeuvre hour.  The Nomenklatura need to stuff their faces with caviar, lobster and White Alba truffles.  

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if ($denominator eq '0') {

    print "Kick the Can!\n";
    exit (0);


Problem solved, Greece saved.

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I have tried the lines of code above in my Gold-Borland monetary programming environment but it returns the following answer, what shall I do?

Error E2141 GOLDbcll.cpp 5: E1146 Invalid initializer for integer data type

*** 1 errors in Compile ***

I think it comes from the declartaion of the data type variable $denominator....



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I think it comes from the declartaion of the data type variable $denominator....

use Perl::Obfuscate;   #need you ask why?

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If I were writing in C, with a Goldman now at the head of the BoE, the last couple of lines of the program would be...


printf("Password confirmed. Div by 0 for paper money to infinity for Goldman Illuminati only... approved.\n);



If I knew how to program that is. Believe me, I don't. But I couldb't help but want to jump in on the fun here so I went out and looked up "Hello.c"

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You need a closing quote before the closing parenthesis, but it's a good start. At the very least, it would confound the SEC.

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Yep, missed the quote. I didn't intend to leave it out, just a typo. I make many. But thank you for helping me to correct the code! Cheers

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Divide by zero?

What were they doing? Calculating Greece's debt/GDP ratio?

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Good stuff Escape Key. Also liked your Shapiro comment.

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Asymptote, bitchez!

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Stupid damn abacus! I said divide 10^7 X0!! WTF is wrong with this thing!

Call in another Goldmanite! You know...the 'chosen ones'!

What a #fucked world.

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It'll take a little more than an hour to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. They try it anyway. 

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Ye olde ENIAC didn't have a very fast clock speed...

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Maybe they can create a new number system.

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They already have. They call it Quantitative Easing. At least so far that's what they call it.

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Reverse Polish Notation:  tricky-tricky.

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Even worse, reverse Greek notation.

= +GDP --Debt

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Let me introduce 1mag1nary num3€rs to you.

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If you type 3518008 into the calculator and hold it upside down it spells boobies.

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Grammar cop says, "!"


Get it straight!


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Yes but our European calculators work different!
My one was made by Fisher Price and has pictures of mermaids on it.

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In Hebrew, while calculator is right side up, 71070 spells [crazy gibberish letters]  (sarsur, "pimp")



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When you type the exact number of Greek debt in million euro's is says


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Technical issues. Same as before. Always a technical issue thats causing europe's problems. Never a solvency problem.

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Whatever happened to the teleconference that was to happen this past weekend to prepare for today's mtg?  Weren't the calculations done then?'s picture

Just remove the formula from the cell and put in the number you want....problem solved

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Wonderful, the next thing you know they'll win Nobel Prize for Economics in 2013!

What a group of absolutely outstanding leaders!

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and the meeting continue in 2050. no deal yet.

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They need to call every IPCC's Ph.D to generate the best model to trick the assumptions and datas in the expected fashion required to avoid the hard time when one realises that he fucked himself and the most wealthiest countries in the world into the quarter world.

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Eurogroup's car has left the reality highway.  GPS device says, "recalculating."

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5318008 not 3518008.

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They are gonna regret this.

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Nonsnsense, dividing by zero yields: Unicorns and Pixie Dust.