EURUSD Coiling As Rumor (ECB) And Counter-Rumor (IMF) Dominate

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Following the almost total lack of movement on the ECB 'savior' rumors, now we have IMF 'pain' rumors:


EURUSD is just coiling and coiling here - but of the two rumors, t's EUR40bn write-down makes the most sense in a rational world of trying to help Greece (and therefore must be discounted as 100% not what will happen). We can only imagine that the EU tactic is now to throw each strawman to the rumor-mill to see what reaction is generated by the market - so far - #FAIL.



Chart: Bloomberg

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Oh BOY is this GREAT!!


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I think the reponse to this from BOTH the bankers and the Greeks was:




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This is something to watch....amazing in me Greece is winning this game...they just sit there...really they do one has lost a job or a pension has not been cut....and they keep getting money....truly amazing

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Ask the Greeks. They would disagree with your point. Their suffering is real enough and should scare anyone who still thinks their public service sector jobs, pensions or other entitlements are safe! Several municipalities across the US are implementing Greek style austerity.

We've only just begun ....

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No shit.

The $40bn haircuts will take a chunk out of the pension funds.

You don't actually think the banks will take a haircut, now do you?

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Sometime soon, most likely in 2013, the oceans will turn to lemonade as promised. 

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This is a game of musical chairs and the music is about to stop. When it does, the guy without the chair will pick up the tab for Greece. I was talking to a friend in Greece last week. 2/3's of the population is hurting. The other 1/3 is getting by but very worried. The political elites live in some kind of fairy world.

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The Greek elites have been googling the least painful way to commit suicide. They know that when this thing blows up they won't make it out alive. 

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I think I know who gave me the first Bump-Up, but what IS laughingly-disturbing, Asteroids, is that someone else ALSO clicked on the Up arrow. (this is both - hilarious AND scary! ;-)  )

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What movie u live in and how much did it cost? You should enroll to some form of education and start Micro Macro 101 instead of reading 0hedge

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The thing about a spring is that if you coil it too tight it snaps.

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It's called a breakout and it looks like this:


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The tension builds. Don't turn that channel.

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Anyone notice the one rumor that has not come out is they will give up and not send Greece any more money?

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Coiling. Is that something like when you've had your head spin so many times in one direction your brains explode?

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Modified Valsalva maneuver, maybe?


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Extremely modified. Sort of like in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon or something that might happen to Wild E Coyote after an ACME product malfunctions.

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Get real long...Cuz it doens't matter what they do - only what they SAY...And I guarantee that nothing will be said to kill an upward move. How do I know? ...$16.00 in Appl, 3.00 in Amzn, Q's up .05 - That's the banks who ALREADY know which way this thing turns.

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I think i heard line of reasoning before, but aapl was around 700, dow around 13600.

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I agree. EUR is coling for a massive jump against dollar

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A point of logistics . . . Germany has already said any sort of haircut on bonds owned by the EU is illegal.  Not just undesirable.  Illegal.  The EU courts would probably say no.  The German courts would certainly say no.

So the IMF says no without an EU haircut, and there can be no haircut.


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A €40bn write-down would just put a dent into the problem. With Greek debt projected to be over €300bn by 2022 and GDP to be only €254bn under the most optimistic of assumptions, the country will need at least a €100 to get to a real sustainable debt.

I do not see this happening.

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What did they increase the debt by via loans? Now a 20% haircut is a reduction. 

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Wealth will inevitably be destroyed in this process - this is just a contest to determine how much of the pain will be felt in your portfolio, and how much in your wallet.

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Three cheers for critically dampened functions!