Guest Post: Texas Schools Teaching Boston Tea Party As "Terrorist Act"

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Via Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Absolutely remarkable... and in Texas to boot!  As I have said for years, pretty soon anyone that disagrees with Washington D.C., Federal Reserve policies and rule by TBTF Wall Street criminal banks will be labeled a “terrorist.”  That is where all this is headed.

From CBS Houston:

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – The most historical instance of protesting against taxation without representation is now being taught in Texas schools as a terrorist act.


As recently as January of this year, the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative included a lesson plan that depicted the Boston Tea Party, an event that helped ignite the American Revolution, as an act of terrorism.


“A local militia, believed to be a terrorist organization, attacked the property of private citizens today at our nation’s busiest port,” wrote the teachers in charge of organizing the curriculum about the Boston Tea Party. “Although no one was injured in the attack, a large quantity of merchandise, considered to be valuable to its owners and loathsome to the perpetrators, was destroyed. The terrorists, dressed in disguise and apparently intoxicated, were able to escape into the night with the help of local citizens who harbor these fugitives and conceal their identities from the authorities.

1984 has arrived folks.

Full article here.

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taketheredpill's picture

George Washington was an Unlawful Combatant.

Skateboarder's picture

Isn't it fucking dandy that you can leverage one single word against anyone and anything in the contemporary and make it retroactive to apply to anyone and anything in the past that doesn't align with the current leveraging of that word?

Welcome, my friends, to RecDep, where we control the past.

onelight's picture

This will be complete when Bill Ayers & Co. police station bombing spree is re-framed as the work of a freedom-fighter...if you can set standards for the textbooks, you can shape future minds..

kridkrid's picture

What do you know about Bill Ayers? I bet it's mostly what you have been told, told to you through a very narrow perspective. Just a guess.

onelight's picture

No but it may be that many do get information that narrowly, and perhaps the tone of my remarks sounded that way. Not intentional, if so.

I don't know Ayers personally but I have long studied the American Left (and the Right), not without interest and empathy, and fully at my own expense, eg. a decade at Berkeley in intellectual history with middle focus on neo-Marxism, the Frankfurt School and its diverse if subtle permeating of American culture since the WW2 era via academia, hollywood, advertising, etc. Later focus and thesis was on the EU project, in its earlier form during the interwar period, and the post war contest over its purpose by the competing political movements, including the communists. 

That period of study ended 2 decades ago, and was accomplished and paid for my myself through a small business I ran through the first half of that time, followed by independent economic consulting, where I professionalized some basic research work that others did not prefer to do, but was much needed in that venue.

My approach to research and work has been like that since, but each time a new industry and a new puzzle set to solve. Two decades later I am working independently the markets, supporting social service career development, and forward-researching in geosecurity and public policy, out of personal interest, and diplomatic history was my initial focus at Berkeley log ago.

That has given me something of a blended view, kridkrid, however I should clarify that I am NOT an expert on Bill Ayers, though I have followed the history of the New Left, and some of his role it. Much as I do with the neo-cons and the Right, I take issue with how the Left has morphed into an institutional force, and some of the contradictions inherent to that. Even so I have a more nuanced view Ayers interaction with his father, and how that reflected and perhaps usefully informed the dialogue between generations at that time, in that city. There are many dimensions to that whole period of history and how its legacy manifests today. I have long found it interesting to study, but I am not an academic nor do I presume to understand it all.

If my remarks sounded simplistic it was not intentional. 

Bob's picture

It seems that, assuming he was ever a genuine member, Ayers left the Left a long time ago and went into business . . . which is how he met our good, similarly "marxist" buddy Barry O, who was busy creating the myth of being a community organizer in Chicago:

redpill's picture

The word "terrorist" has gotten absurd.  Terrorism is a tactic of using individual events of violence to cause broad distress in the population.   Dumping tea overboard is not terrorism.  Attacking government targets is not terrorism.  Revolution is not terrorism.

Once you allow the meaning of words to be changed in front of your face, you've already lost. 

mkhs's picture

That's gay (in the 1890's sense [not that there is anything wrong with that, the gay part])

Cathartes Aura's picture

precisely my premise when asking for a definition of "libertarian" - a word used quite liberally here by folks of many differing beliefs.  other labels like "socialist" "progressive" "communist" - pejoratives favoured as disparaging when used as defined by culture, not necessarily descriptive when defined accurately.

if one wants to stay clear going forward, the usage of words should be scrutinised in order to ascertain the perspective of the users. . .

Theta_Burn's picture

Ah the dreaded Generalism (and by dreaded i don't mean Peter Tosh)

Still communist and socialist can't be confused with much else

Cathartes Aura's picture


do you come here often?

NotApplicable's picture

C'mon Redpill, it's not like words have meaning in the first place. They're all just made up.

Some better than others.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



A 1950s "communist" is today's "terrorist".

Both words mean "not politically correct".

In both cases the word was expanded far beyond its true meaning, encompasing any belief, position, or action contrary to the government's position.

Somewhere along the way in America's history it stopped being "for the people" and started being "for the government".

Today it's all about the government.  The government is being threatened.  The government has to be protected.  The government needs more money.  Loyalty to the government above all else.

When it started being all about the government, that's when America ended and Amerika began ...comrades.

Today you can't find a dime's difference between our government and Russia's government ...except Russia's government doesn't sexually grope people when they get on a plane. 

They have a little dignity left.  Our government has no dignity left.

ilovefreedom's picture

So by this same logic, the American Revolution was one of the largest terrorist acts in history?

DCFusor's picture

No, because we won, it worked, therefore it was a glorious fight against an oppressor.  /sarc

And "here comes the new boss, same (worse) as the old boss" -.

masterinchancery's picture

 I suppose the next target will be Lexington and Concord, where the King's attempt at "gun control"--i.e.confiscation--ran into a well armed militia and had to retreat in disorder.  And of course, the 13 States' secession from the British monarchy....will horrify these marxist scumbags.

Toronto Kid's picture

'Horrify' is the tar and feathering of people - deliberately inflicting first and second degree burns over a major portion of one's body with a substance that was hard to remove.  Then you parade them around town?  How is that different from the Taliban committing acts of terrorism in Afghanistan?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Those that were tarred and feathered never lost their heads.

fleur de lis's picture

I bet it's all the unions and special entitlement and grievance groups and whiners that are in a panic in case the Tea Party idea might morph into secession. Then they can't go crying to DC to get what they want, they'd have to make a good case to their fellow Texans.

midtowng's picture

It's the same school district that teaches creationism in their science classes. So what do you expect?

SkottFree's picture

So I would take it that Texas should also update their history books to inclued the Texas terrorist act of 1836 when they terrorised Santa Anna at the Alamo!

A Lunatic's picture

Those same terrorists went on to establish a kleptocratic network that lasted nearly three hundred years and cost hundreds of thousands of lives and untold fortunes..........

masterinchancery's picture

Historically bunk.  The kleptocracy did not come until more than 150 years later, and many of the tea partiers opposed ratification of the Constitution precisely because it created a potentially strong central government.

Arthor Bearing's picture

It was a terrorist act, by today's definition. Terrorism is essentially any violent or coercive act which threatens the government's interests. It's a good thing that founding heroes are being portrayed as terrorists while the government is increasingly showing itself to be self-interested or incompetent and always corrupt.

lolmao500's picture

And what the government does is tyranny.

The people are terrorists and the rulers, tyrants.

NotApplicable's picture

Agreed. I see this as a huge mistake on the part of the collective.

What will happen here is to turn the word 'terrorist' into a positive, as otherwise, "Americans" lose their sense of identity, as well as the rewards of family sacrifice in service of the state (a.k.a., your child/father/brother/uncle all died in VAIN!). People won't settle for that. But if they do? Well, the collective loses all leverage associated with the idea. So, it's a lose-lose for statists of all stripes.

One of my favorite examples of this also occurred in Texas. Jill Sobule wrote what she believed to be an anti-death penalty song. Thing is, I guess she never considered the lyrics  from the pro-death penalty side.

"Better not kill in Texas
Whatever you do
Better not kill in the Lone Star State
They just love to kill you"

The idea that someone would write this as a protest is ridiculous. Yet she did it anyway.

Now, it's time to go rewrite some local history books!

FuzzyDunlop21's picture

I miss the days when only Muslims could be terrorists

falak pema's picture

no, no they were all serbs from Bosnia. You know dirty balkans. 

Peter Pan's picture

At this rate how long before the hurricane Sandys of this world are also dsignated as terrorists?

NotApplicable's picture

They already have. It's known as the War on Weather... er... "Climate Change."

zerozulu's picture

soon Mathematical definition of terrorist will be "yearly income below US$50,000"

smiler03's picture

Isn't this official policy of the GOP?

pods's picture

Well the broad definition of terrorist is:

Failure to accept FRNs for trade, more commonly called the USD.


SMG's picture

When will people say enough and start to turn against our own self destruction?

Coldsun's picture

As soon as the "free" stuff stops arriving.

Cathartes Aura's picture

"people" en masse won't.  not in amrka, too fractured and mind-captured.

some persons said enough long ago. . .

billwilson's picture

Well ... if you were British ... it was a terrorist act.


Just like the residents of NW Pakistan can see every drone attack as a terrorist attack by the US (which they are).

blunderdog's picture

   Just like the residents of NW Pakistan can see every drone attack as a terrorist attack by the US (which they are).

No, no.  Our flying death robots are spreading freedom and democracy.

Peter Pan's picture

If our flying death robots are spreading freedom and democracy then may the American skies be filled with them...... Maybe that is what they are planning.

blunderdog's picture

There are a few out there now, yep, but for sure we'll see more over time.  How else could law-enforcement ever keep up with all the crime? 

Obviously there are billions of unprosecuted crimes every day, and once *everything* is made illegal, US citizens will have something in common again.

Cathartes Aura's picture

. . .and then there will be the tiny nano-bots swarming, the folks concentrating on their devices (homing signals) will never notice. . .

edit:  for my downvoter,


toady's picture

Beat me to the punch...

Let me add the Iraq & Afghanistan wars are terrorism too.

jayman21's picture

Don't answer the door with the back cars our front

Cathartes Aura's picture

and Central America's destabilisation for corporate control & profit. . . the list goes on. . .

FleaMarketPete's picture

Which would make sense in.....the UK; but we are Americans so only self-hating liberal trash would call ourselves terrorist.  To fix your analogy, it would be like the residents in NW Pakistan teaching their children they are terrorist (which they are).

toady's picture

So, Texans are self-hating liberal trash for calling the founding fathers terrorists.

Get on the next plane to Dallas, get a megaphone, and stand on the street telling them.