Just A Reminder...

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As you glare hopefully at the critical 1400 level on the S&P 500, we thought a gentle reminder of that vertically challenged relative performance of economic fundamentals would be worthwhile...


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pfft! Are economic fundamentals still relevant? 

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more importantly, do you trust those "fundamentals"? bc those too are goosed by QE. shift ECRI to 600 and actual SP to around 600-700 and you get the true fundamentals.

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That divergence sort of smacks of lack of fundamentals. Bubblicious!

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I get it. The ECRI indicator is off. 

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correct. it is exhibiting now classic horizontal QE induced levitation. put another way: spot the other case of prolonged horizontal levitation -- hint: you can't. this means ultra-synthetic float will at some point break down. but what the hell do i know?

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".. but the market can also stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent"

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Still waiting for the 'Quadruple Evel Knievel Formation' to emerge...

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the 200 pt divergence is similar to 2009 dip.

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QE = float = duration. 


battle between forces of market mendacity vs. reality, with the former winning, for now...

francis_sawyer's picture



Delta = "time for banksters to convert their year end bonuses [grazie a taxpayers] to PHYZZ ~ MINUS, commission paid to coke dealers & Ukranian hookers" = Duration...

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And I got the bruises that prove that!

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Quick!! Throw a live chicken in it's mouth!!

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Furthermore stocks are priced/valued using an assumption of continual growth into perpetuity (90s style), when in fact there has been no growth to speak of since 2008.  We'll need to use lower multiples on those "fundamentals" that you rightly question.  Perhaps you're being too optimistic with a 600-700 SP valuation :)

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"These aren't the economic fundamentals you're looking for..." <hand wave>

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Don't confuse market fundamentals with economic fundamentals.  Supply and demand will always prevail.  Thge markets may just skew the economics up for a while.

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i thought technicals were O_0


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Fight the fed in the name of fundamentals.  

JPM Hater001's picture

I'm fighting the Fed in the name of Farah Faucet.

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AAPL crushing shorts again today. Some things don't make sense but a stock that got manipulated down to super cheap levels was a no brainer to buy. AAPL holding losses in check with its strength today.

Gypsyducks's picture

If $515/share is "super cheap" what is $415/share?

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We all have our opinions but AAPL still has amazing growth and funds that sold on the way down are chasing it up furiously. The story is still intact and momo chasers will try to test the 700 high again. Can't believe how many negatives that very truthful statement received. Grumpy bears??

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Wait for the Apple buy back when it's back under 10 bucks.  Then it'll be a cheap short.


Like the last time Steve Jobs left...and the time before that...and the time before that.  This time though, Jobs ain't coming back to steer the ship in the proper direction.  The assclowns running the company are repeating, play by play the exact same mistakes as last time.


Keep your gun in the holster for a bit.  They are just stocks...nothing important about them anymore or the accidental risk of profit.

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So, you are unaware of "channeled" holograms. Stevie isn't deleted, he is in reset.

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AAPL middle men are down to sueing competitors to try to make a buck these days. It's over Rover.

centerline's picture

Unless they have invented anti-gravity or something else reverse-engineered from UFOs they are in trouble.  The current tech is out there solid with the competition.  What they have going for them it seems is holding people's licensing information hostage.  lol.  Folks should know better than to run single-source.

Zero Govt's picture

..and the competition (cough) to Apple have what going for them precisely?

Microshit is so far behind Apple you need binoculars to see them

..meanwhile the GOOn squad are swimming in red ink selling their crap at a loss ...Priceless

any of you anti-Apple Einsteins got a leg to stand on put it on a postcard to:

Reggie's Desperate Last Stand, Monopolist Matrix Central, Shit & Bust. 

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That divergence you are looking at is pure inflation.  The curves taken together, show classic stagflation.  In the past, prices reverted to the fundamentals.  This time really is different since we have a printfest like never before.  Prices will not revert unless the $US gains nominal value.  What are the chances of that?

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Am I the only one that doesn't give a urine-bisected shit about the S&P 500?

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Got to create a left shoulder somewhere

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"Fundamentals? We don' need no steenkin' fundamentals!"

                                                                   Ben Bernake

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read any good fiction lately?

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naw man, just shift the green line down by 2 grid hashmarks and you'll clearly see the S&P has been underperforming for the past 4 years. (/sarc)

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What's 'critical' about S&P 1400? I remember when 'critical' level was 1000 only a short time ago. Bunch of hogwash, like tinsel on a unicorn its all just bullshit.

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What's critical about a 200 day average?  What about 50 days?

What the *#$&@ does that have to do with the actual value of an equity at any given point in time?

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The green lines look like Maria's tits.

The red lines like Erin's tits.

Waiting for the two to meet.

Or maybe both girls grow a 3rd tit?