Leave Your Farewell Wishes For SEC's Schapiro Here

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We know many will be devastated by the loss of such a leading figure in the oversight and prosecution of fraud throughout our financial system...


In the interest of openness and fairness, please use this open forum to leave your farewell wishes for Ms. Schapiro as she heads into what we can only imagine is some influential position in compliance at a major sell-side financial institution.

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She's a natural for heading up immigration non-enforcement.

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There is a cubicle waiting for you at Goldman, Shapiro.  Time to put on your squid tentacles.  

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She is going to to head the compliance operations of Corzine's new hedge fund

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Who has been the empti(er/est) suit?

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Life for boars with boobs is about to get very competitive.

MillionDollarBogus_'s picture

Harry Markopolos, a private fraud investigator from Boston, in front of a February 2009 House Financial Services subcommittee, concerning the Bernie Madoff problem;

"If you took the SEC regulators to Fenway Park, they wouldn't be able to find 1st base"

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I'll take the one with the moustache....wait, they both win...

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Meg Whitman and Mary Schapiro look remarkably similiar and strangely enough both allowed massive fraud to go on during their watch.


I wonder which boob holds up the other boob as their role model.

waterhorse's picture

yes they do, but Mary's teeth are a little better than Meg's troll teeth.

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Lisping:  Have a M...F....ing great career, what a great job screwing the public you did.



Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

"Bird Brains" and "Shaman" are my all-time favorites!! Although "Debt-Bro" is right up there!!

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

why does it seem EVERYONE is leaving the party?

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"Great work, Mary. Great work. See if you can read this: [Writing on dry-erase board] Get the fuck out! You’re fired, and in case your ears are fucked, Get. The Fuck. Out! And the next person I see juggling, tap dancing, or baton twirling or doing any other circus-like tricks, will join her, all right? One-strike policy applies. Now get back to work. God damn that felt good." ~ Ari Gold

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When she was at NASDAQ, I worked on a project for her and all I can say is I hope she's dieing. She and her female overlords were the nastiest people I have ever worked with. She hates men and only hires women who also hate men.

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LOL! Let me guess, She is being forced out because she was "too Tough on Wall street". Obama to appoint someone that will bend over for Goldman and crew!


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Watch out for Jamie and Lloyd. If either is your new boss, your toast. If either it not your boss, but you annoy them, your toast.

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Ms. Schapiro: Rot in hell you filthy cunt.

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Thanks for nothing, biatch

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Oh come on, that's blatantly untrue.

She did take a cut of government largesse for quite a while, in exchange for keeping a seat warm.

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and she supervised the running of the evidence shredders 24/7.  That's quite an important position, you know.

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enjoy the chanukkah season, mrs. shapiro

youngman's picture

Where is John Corzine????


Kina's picture

Hell is too good for slime like her.


Everybreath she takes is a waste of precious oxygen that some cockcroach could be breathing instead.


I am sure she got a life time supply of Silver dildos from her owners.

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Maybe now Mary can look in the mirror and finally wipe Bank of America's corporate splooge off her face.

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Geithner, Clinton and now Schapiro, even the Bernake said he will be leaving...anyone else get the feeling the rats are fleeing?


swissaustrian's picture

Exchange of one pack of rats for another:

Dimon (treasury), Rice (state dep), Pelosi (SEC),

eatthebanksters's picture

Only to be replaced by maggots...

Shizzmoney's picture

Yeah because they know the snakes are rattling.

And when SHTF, there will be more snakes than rats.

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If you need any hard evidence that the SEC is a joke of a organization look no further than the hundreds and hundreds of scam penny stocks available for purchase through any number of brokerage firms.  Any credible iteration of the SEC would have cleaned out that cess pool part of the market years, if not decades, ago.  Honestly, combing through the filings of some of these 'investment opportunities' can provide countless hours of WTF-inspired entertainment.

EscapeKey's picture

The surprising part is that the SEC don't carry ads for said penny stocks on its website.

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She seems a natural to be a referee in the WWE...as they seem to be gifted at being distracted easily.

LOOK, a squirrel!!

machineh's picture

Mary -- would you mind posting your porn stash as a Torrent file?

Thanks in advance!

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Pushed off the fiscal cliff

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Wishing you a food & water supply at the very least, equally as polluted as you have left our financial system. 

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Why work for a financial services company when you can get $40,000-$80,000 on the speaking circuit to collect your tithes?

waterhorse's picture

and the media spin doctors are already on it - I just read an article about how "tough" Mary has been on violations lately and how she will be missed.  Gag.

grunk's picture

Boss is gone.

Back to surfing porn!

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Mary, I would like to offer you a parting gift of skull fucking your head in return for all of the good you have done in your whorelustrious career. 

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I have not heard that one before.  I have an idea of what that is, but am scared to google it now....at work at least.  I bet you the SEC has whole files of this genre of porn on their server.