NYSE Volume: Is This Some Joke...?

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Earlier we noted the dismal volume in the markets today, it turns out we under-estimated just how dismal... Today was the lowest Monday-after-Thanksgiving Day NYSE volume since 1996! We suspect you will not hear that 'fact' on your favorite business media channel when they crow of the 'well off the lows' performance today...





(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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ACP's picture

"What is this some kind of sick joke?"

"Sir, no sir!"

alphabrew's picture

"Bullshit I can't hear you!"

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

Looks like a head on a massive head and shoulders pattern in the works it ain't coming back for another 20 years,,,,,,,,,,,,volume that is,,,,,,,

CH1's picture


This is Fed Theater. The 401K crowd must be maintained in their slumbers.

seek's picture

I'm starting to think even the slow folks in the 401K crowd may have started bailing out.

It may not be Fed theater -- just the Fed masturbating by themselves while we watch via the charts.

tenpanhandle's picture

Unfortunately, when the fed masturbates we all get jizzed on.

mvsjcl's picture

As you can see, the bullet entered right here, and exited right there.

blunderdog's picture

Some Jungian thing....

Rainman's picture

Everything dialing back to '96...then '95 ...then

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Peak volume during oil's production platuae.  Who woulda thunk it?

bdc63's picture

Yes Tyler, it is a joke.  But we are all still waiting for the punchline ...


docmac324's picture

Looks like a decent haircut, for the reality bunch.

Central Bankster's picture

centrally planned markets are belong to us!

vast-dom's picture

why are you speechless Tyler? look at 1992, heh, or 1982 (the year banks in America lost more money then they made since their inception)...


and the volume here at ZH of late has also been quite low to boot.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

That's because all of the Romneyites drank themselves to death after the Obama victory.

Orly's picture

Either that or the caustic and ornery gold-bug types are most annoying...

NooooB's picture

I like them. I read their posts in the "get off my lawn" voice.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

That sentence makes no sense.  Instead of trying your hand in literature why don't you go back to pressing buttons like a caged monkey.

peekcrackers's picture

Well after your done smoking the illusionary paper pole for gains of I O U s and promisses of hope , hookers like you come and jump on the golden shaft and try and go silver balls deep ..   I would say paper humpers are much more annoying do to there greed and delusional understanding of true gain of wealth ,

illusion is the first of all pleasures

ekm's picture

Very good, very good point actually.

Even main stream media is paying not much attention to anything let alone Greece.


It shows that people have become totally numb since nothing makes sense. If retires have move already their money into cash accounts out of stocks, I guess no more reason to comment on ZH. ZH should be proud of this.


I credit ZH for the low NYSE volume since it's opened people's eyes.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

It's called the new normal: aka, AMZN got Robots. Everyone is waiting to see what happens (and no, the new I5 Appletastic-in-cardboard-this-time-for-March-2013 isn't fluffing like it used to).

surf0766's picture

green shoots bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb-cups

Zer0head's picture

favorite business media channel


ZH is my business media channel and I heard it here

as for CNBS and Bloomberg

whores all

soccerballtux's picture

That's odd. What are the most likely reasons for this?

Zero Govt's picture

Algos took a well-earned Thanksgiving break

all work and no play makes Algo a very dull electronic toilet flush mechanism

Being Free's picture

Look for SEC transaction fees to rise.

metastar's picture

Where are the bots, the robos, the HFTs? Who will save us?

xray vision's picture

That's sort of what I was wondering.

Way back in the olden days (96), they didn't have HFT and robo trades did they?

So where did their volume come from?

If you could remove the robo trades from the curve, I wonder what it would look like.

chump666's picture

Alan Moore you legend:


Yes, the market is a joke.

Metaphors baby...metaphors...

chump666's picture

I totally believe that the end is the beginning, establishment, most (not all) academics and organized religion is frightened by revelation.  Something new.  The system will break naturally anyway, it can't adapt.  The markets are a perfect example of a stagnant and dying concept. 

SIOP's picture

I would assume it's High Frequency Trading, or program trading that's throttled down for some reason?

newworldorder's picture

What is the meaning of this ????????????

nope-1004's picture

If buyers aren't buying equities, indicative of the low volume, why is the index going up?

Conman's picture

It was Sandy's fault!

whiskeyriver's picture

Nope, it was Bush's fault. You don't want to be seen as anti femenist by blaming it on Sandy.

chump666's picture
  • Reuters:  ECB to forego 11 BLN EUR profits on Greek bond portfolio
  • Deal will reduce interest above financing costs on Greek bilateral loans will fall to 50 BPS from 150 BPS once Greece reaches 4.5% primary surplus



Orly's picture

Any more haircuts and they'll look like Indiana's cheerleaders...

Is it USDJPY back to 74?  Inquiring minds want to know...


chump666's picture

lol yes and the EUR is compressed between the 5, 100 and 50 MA's (in that order) on a 15min chart - which is bearish in a HFT world.  We need a  slaughter on the DXY to go risk on FX/stocks, just not happening.  As far as stocks go, well again it's the machines running the averages on low/nothing volume.  Can't see this being sustained for much longer. 


Orly's picture

Now they're talking about buying back Greek debt at 35 cents on the Euro, turning around and recapitalising the Greek banks with it.  Ultimate kick-the-can, do-over circle jerk.

When does this start making any sense at all?


otto skorzeny's picture

they should have shaved their beavers on TV-it would have been the highest rated TV ever.

Cangoroo's picture

These idiots think they can find an outcrowding deal and sell their paper. It will not work. Primary surpluses are obsolete, what Investors need is a trading surplus. It is f'****g meaningless whether you shift public to private debt. Total debt is interesting. 

Rockfish's picture

IF volume were music i'd say we were about at the end of this song.

whiskeyriver's picture

And the eulogy is just starting.

Silverhog's picture

This is definitely telling us something but guessing Powerball's winning number is easier.  

Zero Govt's picture

this tells us the $billions of soiled nappies Benny is buying off petulent brats Blankfein & Dimon are not going into stocks

...are their derivative exposures costing that much?!! 

lakecity55's picture

Buy more Silver Fizz.