Premature Release Of Dallas Fed Data Shows Biggest Miss In 4 Months

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UPDATE: Release shows a plunge in Capacity Utilization and Production to their lowest in a year, Inventories surged to 3 month highs, Shipments dropped, Capex fell and Finished Goods dropped to its lowest in two years!

It seems the Thanksgiving week has wreaked havoc with governmental timepieces. The Dallas Fed manufacturing headline data was just released 15 minutes early and has dropped back into negative territory with the largest miss in four months, due we are sure to Sandy in some way.

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Sandy brings QE-FUREVAH + $45bT-bill/month unsterilized (QE3S) in Dec.    BULLS will get FUREVAH PLUS under the Christmas tree.

flacon's picture

Everywhere I look I see BULL, especially the stock market. BULL-SH. 

CPL's picture

80 billion x infinity non?


I thought they adjusted it two months ago days after the announcement of 45 billion.

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Yes, but Facebook just announced a new tickbox, and privacy changes which address nothing.

slaughterer's picture

The tax selling for FB EOY is going to be brutal.  FB is a January popper.  

EscapeKey's picture

nono, because FB is a BARGAIN at (only) 183 P/E ratio.

Amazon's P/E ratio in excess of 3,000 - WHICH IS NOT A BUBBLE - shows how high Faceberg SHOULD be, if it weren't for all these irrational bears.

i feel as if im taking crazy pills.'s picture

No black friday deals on gold or silver so I bought nothing...sorry GDP you'll have to take the hit.

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I picked up a nice, heavy, Silvertowne poured bar, but it fell off the back of the truck.

Got to remember the tailgate.


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Some nice short squeezes occuring across all market caps today.  Shorts need to beware of the Fed Speak Trifecta tomorrow.  

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Move over Smoot-Hawley, the ACA act is the new excuse for economic collapse.

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All sorts of things will be blamed. There will be strong "opinions" defending foolish distractions that will be painted as opposing positions. Everything other than the truth: debt money plus interest. It's so simple, almost too simple. ACA is a gift to insurance companies with an understanding that the end is near. "hope" that it is anything different is misplaced.

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It's Bush's fault. Also, it is the fault of the rich, you know, anyone with 2 cars and a 3 BR, 2.5 bath or better house.

And by the way, all you greedy car and home owners, you didn't build that.

And if you want to keep all your ill gotten gains, and refuse to pay your fair share, maybe some time picking rice will help you get your priorities straight.

Afterall, government is the only thing we all belong to, so get with the program already.

Bananamerican's picture

fuck off with your juvenile Foxtard cliches

kridkrid's picture

He is the "foolish distraction" that I wrote about in my original post. Funny.

BraveSirRobin's picture

A guy who writes "fuck off" declares someone else is juvenile.

lakecity55's picture

Remember, 250K is the new Million!

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I also prematurely released, last night. It sucks!

ihedgemyhedges's picture

I forgive you.

Sincerely, your hand

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This is no surprise.  Sandy's impact on Texas has been terrible.  I have been without Peanut Butter Cups for weeks and am eating the wrappers out of dumpsters.

duo's picture

we did have a local Hostess bakery close.

asteroids's picture

Mr. market is griding away going nowhere today. Stay far far away.

Overfed's picture

Now there's an obscure (for most) reference! +1

aerojet's picture

I liked that movie, it worked in some odd way.

Cursive's picture

BTFD for the imminent Dallas Fed rebound! /sarc

SheepDog-One's picture

Should be pure nitro rocket fuel for algo's!

riphowardkatz's picture

Why blame Samdy? Somehow google seemed to blame the bad numbers on the fact it was a pre-release, I would go that route, if you don't get traction, try sandy.

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Low volume bounce last week has a lot to prove to show this move up is for real.


Indicators still show downside ahead.



Jena's picture

Silly. You don't blame Sandy.   It's Bush's fault.



wonderatitall's picture

sandy cut my balls off...and she had a thick euro bush

kridkrid's picture

Bush had his silly excuses a well. 9/11, for example. Distract and divide. With all due respect, if you claim either party as a path to a solution, you have been taken as a fool?

Jena's picture

Oh, I see.  I thought the 'Bush's fault' meme was well understood here at ZH, sort of like "Gold, Bitchez!"  See above, a little later after my comment.


When someone starts off a sentence with all due respect, you know they really don't mean any at all.

Bananamerican's picture

with all due WAS Bush's fault...and Obama's...woulda been Romney's if that corporate jerkoff had gotten in....

That's the trouble with Oligarchies.

For the bulk of the populace, times get harder.

"Bush's fault"? That's a simple, endlessly amusing catch-all for the partisan Foxtards of ZH (Righties>Unaffiliated>Liberallz) who pine for Numbnuts and his manly musk...or something


Jena's picture

Foxtards?  That's people who watch Fox?  You make a lot of assumtions there, pal.

Legolas's picture

Who cares about negative news anymore? And, if debt is irrelevant, which it clearly is, then why don't we just legislate the dismantling of the federal income tax system? That would certainly be stimulating.

Oh, yeah, forgot, they don't want the money in the hands of the people. My bad.

Catullus's picture

Yet prices keep going up. Shouldn't this be impossible, Krugman? You're a Fuvking joke.

Long-John-Silver's picture

Sandy is the new Bush.

optimator's picture

Premature release?  Only to us little people, the big guys got it way in advance as always. 

SheepDog-One's picture

'Early release' was handed out to the 'big guys' early last week no doubt, so they could pump n dump.

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That's nonsensical.

Remember bad statistics equals good Market news, much more often than not.

And today's action is much more HFT driven than usual - and per usual is bad enough. I think that's Bullish for our parts of the Market - PMs, Energy, Manufacturing - when there is actually real non-HFT trading - much of it short covering - later in the week.

These play-acting days are annoying and draining. But they are probably necessary, in the Test Test Test scenarios everyone now requires.

Illusion wearing very thin, however - even at Zero Hedge. (Note that Clive Maund actually turned Uber-Bullish on Gold and Silver both yesterday. I believe that happens only once every 98 years, coincident with a rare kind of meteor shower or something.)

youngman's picture

Well Congress will get right on this and fix it...yes they will....are they back from vacation yet?????

Racer's picture

Dallas is near New York that's why

(And that's as accurate a statement as any out of the BLS and the rest)

Frozen IcQb's picture

Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent


Herdee's picture

Endless war has bankrupted the Treasury.It reminds me of poor old England's history.Don't get me going on socialist France...because all countries in so-called democracies just rent their paid politicians.We replace them with another gang of paid fools that have no experience and mismanage budgets even further each election.Just try to get a detailed summary of how your tax dollars were spent on war.You can't,it's a national security issue.

SheepDog-One's picture

And just think, they haven't even ramped up the BIG planned war yet!