America's Lost Decade In One Simple Chart

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Forget the stock market's dismal decade of much-ado-about-nothing and ignore the USD Dollar's declination; when it comes to reflection on what this once great nation has 'created' since 2001, the following chart from Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare sums it up better than most.


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I think I know which line I've been travelling, and it ain't red, yellow, or green.

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The West's lost decade in one simple video:

Too many people detached from reality. So many [talentless] people today will do anything for attention, recognition, money, fame...even if they look like a complete and utter tool-bag. The era of the A.D.D. Ego.

...and make it a double-decade!

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I call bullshit on the government employment.  You know they've been expanding like crazy.

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Increase in government hiring of less than 5% and increase in wages/benefits to government "employees" of less than 7% is politicians and the government.

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Contractors...government employees...paid by the "private hands" it doesn't count as "government workers".  Another ingenious ploy to help cook the books.

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Yea! Go Blue team! First one to the bottom o the hill!

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It would be the same had McCain won. This collapse isn't political. Politics is a distraction. Don't fall for it.

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They can print all the debt/credit/fiat paper they want, and when the time arrives where the plurality or even majority of people realize we're in a real global economic depression, the media and all the usual economists will bellow out with a thunderous chorus that "noone could've seen it coming!"

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This exact phrase was what woke me up from my zombieness.  As soon as I realized the entire media was spitting out bullshit, I had the luck to wake up and stack up.

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So many still have not woken up...everyone on TV is an actor, selling you a product or an idea...remember that. 


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But... but... the economy is recovering. Dear Leader and the TV talking heads say so!

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PA has been taken over by Philly and Pitt. I live here. It is a shit state in decline for the past 20 years.



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Some OT humor to help lift a justifiably ominous mood (every time someone mentions Philadelphia, this is my mental default, so what does that say about me? Very scary...):

Philly isn't sunny?


Charlie and Mac attempt to move the pool table, while Dennis and Dee enjoy the freedom of welfare. (2:51)

Going on Welfare - It's Always Sunny In Philly

Mac throws a beer bottle into the head of a bicyclist riding in the middle of the street. (1:59)

Hitting the Bicyclist - It's Always Sunny in Philly

No wonder I am singing the Blues (line).   If video killed the radio star, taxes/regs have killed the entrepreneur.

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You missed the bullseye.

Government has killed the entrepreneur.

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The entrepreneur is merely hiding out until it's time to come out again.

And no, it's sure as hell not time.

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Now that is a great chart find

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What's good for the morgue is good for America right? 

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What about free cell phones? Is there a chart for that?

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This economic collapse/reset can't come soon enough.

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When it happens, it's not going to be pretty.  And then what?  How is that reset going to look?  That's something I wonder about....

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I submit that we follow the modern Egyptian model. All Hail Pharoh!

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the youth with no jobs play on line games TV, for them the facts of no jobs, no future is pushed out of days past they would have gathered together on the streets and soon riots would begin...

add in mind altering legal and illegal drugs (excpt bath salts) and you have a docile  man or women.

our society in USSA is so isolated no mass riots are likely, the .gov & elites know they control a drugged mind dulled isolated population..and sadly it works. seems those churches and civic organisations could impact this but as we know no one goes anymore.

die with a wimper and one last twitch of the game controller one last toke.

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That's pretty much what we have right?  What are the real limits to the President's power?  Congress?  Please.  Judiciary?  You're serious!?  Media?  Owned by the oligarchs and used for propaganda that would make Pravda jealous.  What are the limits of the President's power?  I submit that there are none.

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Why to worry? The fed & the banks can print all the paper money they need. And buy stuff with it. And lend it out for interest payed by guess what? More paper money. They can print money & lend it to you to buy a house or car, etc. And when you can't pay back the paper money they printed & lent to you, they take your house or car. So in fact they bought your house or car on the cheap with paper money printed out of thin air.

DUH -------------- are we there yet?  

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What happens to that house of cards, as it goes higher, and higher......

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so JPM through private equity deals buys up large blocks of the grain belt and also controls the distribution of food through the ebt card program which half of america will be dependent on soon enough.  So let me guess what happens next... gradually  over the coming years via lobbying and back room deals, you will only be able to buy bread and other staples that will benefit JPM's agricultural arm of the bank with your ebt card. Awesome

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Right. Just like back in the good old days when you could only live in a company flat and buy food and supplies in the company store, giving back every dollar you earned in the steel mill. At least that way nobody ever makes enough money to ever quit or leave

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next will come news of some sort of plague with a few deaths linked to small farmers/ back yard gardeners in some vague far away town which was the result of not using good pesticide/insecticide practices causing an immediate outlawing (temporarily) of growing vegetables unless you are a certified JPM owned farm. Failure to comply or if found breaking the law will result in the immediate seizure of your lot which will be sold at auction the proceeds of which will be used to fight gardening crime.

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Harvest. It's all elementary.

This is the why, how and who of why fractional reserve banking and pure fiat currency has been propagated as the core system of the "civilized" and developed economies of the world.

Those who can inflate or deflate the available pool of credit/debt/fiat at their sole discretion can literally buy the earth.

Give Fractional Reserve Banks the Ability to Inflate/Deflate at their Masters' Orders, & their Masters will Own & Control All Resources Without Nary Lifting A Finger

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at least we know what the fuck the system in federal reserve system means.


its been working flawlessly for a century.

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Some will call it "crazy, conspiracy talk," but there's a reason the fractional reserve fiat monster is on its 3rd reincarnation on American Soil now, and it isn't a mere historical coincidence.

It takes very powerful forces worshipping concentrated power to keep resurrecting such a steely beast.

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And they will have a very big...well fed..key word force to keep you from stealing and to help in the political distribution,,,,,not all will get food....just the connected...

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Except that nobody is actually WORKING because most jobs have been shipped overseas to low cost labor cneters like Cina, Vietnam and Bangladesh......

Expect one hell of a war soon to cut down on the number of surplus serfs.   Cheaper (and easier) to kill them off than keep them clothed and fed.  With any luck we might actually might manage to conquer some more oil for the next few decades as well (not really...  we couldn't even pull that off in Iraq).

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Very cool.. so JPM via their private partners will own the home you rent and will control what food you are allowed to buy with your EBT card which most americans will be using soon enough. I can't wait.

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That's the de facto plan. In fact, it's already been empowered & enabled in large part courtesy of the fractional reserve fiat system, where "units of credit" enjoying legally monopoly status, enforced by the Deeply Captured "sovereign governments," can be conjured from thin air and distributed in massive volume, gratis, to the owners of the fractional reserve banks.

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The chart above depicts how biflation is baked into the economic cake: rising fixed costs (including fixed costs for food stamps and medicaid) with declining income (tax revenue from prvate employment). This applies on the individual level too as real median incomes decline in the face of rising cost of living. But the gov also supports the corporate welfare state with rising costs and diminishing revs 

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Caviar where does the dollar go in a biflationary environment? It seems like it gets weaker and stronger at the same time.

BlackholeDivestment's picture zero interest, today the Media Whores were selling the rise in home values in the gamBLING BLING state of ''Stays In Vegas''. 

Musta been a mis-read, to do with delayed Chinese executions, AKA aborted labor stats? 

P.S. It just hit me, the Vote 2 Party 666 Crypto Fascists and the Hitchhiker's thumbs are trying to avoid the unbecoming Data. Man do they look silly trying.

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Deflation on the things the masses can do without.

Inflation on the things needed to live.

(See actual reason food & energy are not included in BLS official inflation print, as well as other devious tactics employed by that lofty entity, such as Hedonic Quality Adjustment in the CPI - anecdotal example: New "cuts" of steak are being marketed by the Beef Council: Offal Won't Be So Awful Soon, and the BLS will substitute ground chuck with sweetbread mash).

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It devalues...  Focus on the trend, not each passing second.

In order to get the answer, you need to accurize the terminology.  Deflation is mutually exclusive with inflation.  As a result, bi-flation is an impossibility and, therefore, a ridiculous term.  In reality, it's probably simply cost push inflation....  stagflation might be another term, although caviar tends to shit on it.  Prices may go up or down in deflationary or inflationary environments...

Go to the gas pump and tell me the dollar is getting stronger.  I'll posit that the "strength" that you see of the dollar is only in the purchase of debt laden/over produced assets used mostly for consumptive purposes (as opposed to productive).

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Sorry but disagree. This chart jsut tells me that people stopped working which has nothing to do with inflation or deflation. Stopped working and went on welfare. Simple as that.

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Wake up - more like we shipped most of blue collar America's jobs overseas,  The drop in manufacturing jobs over the past 2 decades has been dramatic and catastrophic.

'Free trade' isn't 'free' - it's economic suicide for the West.


It doesn't help that places like Walmart keep huge numbers of employees at minimum wage and working part-time hours (better to avoid paying ANY benefits).  You'd be astounded at the number of Walmart employees collecting foodstamps and going to the emergency room for medical care (meanwhile the 6 Walton heirs are qworth more than 40% of ALL Americans combined). 

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So there's a real cost to "everyday rollback/low prices" that the Walton family uses to enrich themselves by exploiting labor pools in receptive foreign lands via slave-labor esque practices, such as the relentless, grinding away at America's formerly large (really) "middle class?"

As long as those "low prices" appear (but it's an illusion) to offset even faster sliding real wages, it's all okay to the sheeple.

Necessary products to live inflate at an honest 8% to 18% percent per year (oil, food, energy, etc.) while wages decrease in real terms by about 3% per annum, consistently, but the 400" Sensei 3D HDTV for $97 on Black Friday dulls the pain in the sheeples' collective cognisance?

Big Box Mart


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I'm worth more than 24% of Americans. All that really means is having a positive net worth.