"Greece Is Re-Re-Saved" - Caption Contest

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Because Hermes scarves can only be appreciated up close and personal. Just keep a close eye on your pockets: never know who is lurking behind you.

h/t Niall

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I'm gonna eat the shit out of your ass, zaz vas not a joke

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Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

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Kiss me bitch.....everyone is watching.

flacon's picture

"Hey Lagarde, guess what? Fuck you!"

HoofHearted's picture

Yes, Christine, you do have a piece of Greece caught in your teeth.

Short Memories's picture

I'm sure that tan isn't real, let me take a closer look.


Ahh, just as I suspected!

I am more equal than others's picture

Madame, your breathe could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. But if kissing you will save the euro, then give me some tongue.

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your breath smells like pussy.......no, your breath smells like pussy...

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"Way to blow our cover.  Looting the masses used to be so easy until you Baklava eating jerk-offs got carried away."

Looney's picture

These two look like conjoint twins attached at the nipples.  ;-)

Manthong's picture

"Hmm.. that mole is looking a little dark.

Better cut back on the tanning bed a bit."

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French kiss or Greek end-around?  Circle-jerk or cluster-f*ck?

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You may have the gold, but we have all the lettuce.

Joe Sixpack's picture

Kiss and tell,

then go to hell

CPL's picture

I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last man on earth.


Honey, I wouldn't let you stand in line.

Geruda's picture

One caption having a little of intelligences in a sea of immaturity that is filthy is having the most votings for it.   Good.


 " You smell like pussy. New cologne ? "

Itch's picture

Why whats wrong with eating the shit out of Mcdonalds?

TideFighter's picture

No honey, it's going to be back lava, not baklava. Can't you "c" the difference?

Geruda's picture

infantile like many others are having.  The stupids who vote for you are wasting the air good peoples should be having for their own breathing.  It makes me have much sadness to read so many stupid words.

WaltzTangoFoxtrot's picture

"If whats-his-name wasn't looking, I'd ask you to dance!"

LongSoupLine's picture

I may be Greek behind him now, but your next Christine.

JPM Hater001's picture

Can we get all three lips together for a kiss?

Mr. Lucky's picture

 I know it was you, Fredo

paulie's picture

Don't even mention men of respect and honor with these finance scumbags in the same line of text.

jayman21's picture

add hero to that list

WaltzTangoFoxtrot's picture

"So, who was YOUR boss at Goldman Sachs?"


hyper-critical's picture

"You shut your mouth before I fuck it"

Cursive's picture

Then, a xenomorph burst from his chest and entered Lagarde's body via her mouth.

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"Later, I'm gonna stick it in your pooper"

youngman's picture

"Do you think we fooled them again?"

Vincent Vega's picture

"I take it up the ass; do you?"

Monedas's picture

Who's a better fuck .... Merkel or Hillary ?

Jason T's picture

"Bust you up"

"Go for it"

surf0766's picture

Who's the bitch now ?

Ivanovich's picture

"I guess the question you gotta ask yourself is...do I feel lucky.  Well?  Do ya?   Punk?"

Itch's picture

Honestly, i haven't touched a drop boss...smell.

whydtinogo's picture

You both fucked the IMF, but only one of you can fuck me ... who shall it be?

kikk's picture

"You can't do it to me, I'm busy doing it to Europe"

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"Fuck me? Fuck ME?? FUCK YOU!!!!

Stuart's picture

Rickards 1, Tyler 0.


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 Strauss Kahn is having a party, he's got those 9 year old twins you thought were so cute Christine tied to a bed. Wanna join us after the meeting?