Banker Bonuses: Spot The Odd One Out

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Bankers in London, Europe's trading hub, are bracing themselves for significantly lower bonuses (and salary cuts) especially so relative to their New York counterparts. As Bloomberg Businessweek notes in the brief clip below, investment bankers and traders should expect a 15% pay cut compared to unchanged in the US and while hope is that these are temporary, many believe this shift is structural and reflects "US regulators [not having] the same obsession with pay structures that European regulators have." As is evident from the chart below, there are winners and losers (and we bet you can guess who the winner is).


Looks like Goldman wins, UBS loses, and even with a huge drop in revenues Morgan Stanley  is being generous...



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Rathmullan's picture

For goddamn suchs, it's easy pickens when you are the "House".

Badabing's picture

The shit will keep goen on I'm buggen out!


  [/ \___/ ()III()

killallthefiat's picture

Looks like Morgan is about ready to go under.  The cockroaches executives at the top are fornicating right before the light comes on and the shoe falls.

Calidreaming's picture

The Earth is going to be renamed Planet Goldman

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But soon it'll be brought to you by...



It's got what plants crave!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"....many believe this shift is structural and reflects "US regulators [not having] the same obsession with pay structures that European regulators have."

Trust me; the US regulators ARE obsessed with US banker pay structures. The US regulators are obsessed with keeping their pay master's pay structures intact (and even rising).

<Pay no attention to what they say, just watch what they do. This applies to both the regulators AND the bankers.>

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Now, can somebody PLEASE explain to me how so many people - even supposed "smarter" ones who come on to this web site - can believe that America is "communist"?

Or, that Barack Obama is somehow "communist" or "socialist"? Because, if he were, this bonus crap would NOT be happening.

otto skorzeny's picture

it is communism/socialism in that the govt will provide for a rapidly expanding number of people from cradle-to-grave for doing nothing more than living off of the toils of productive people.

LawsofPhysics's picture

No, it's called fascism as the real owners of your representation pick the "winners" (themselves) and losers (you), rather than free market forces.  Anyone remember the last time the owners and management had to pay back the creditors with their own PRIVATE wealth when the company folded? They were happen to take the profits, but somehow want the taxpayer to bail them out?!?!  Say it with me dumbass, no more bailouts for any person/corpration!!!!!

Stupid fucking sheep.


Biosci's picture

Power always reaches for more power.  No more bailouts?  You mean, a decentralization of political and economic power?  Not gonna happen without a radical destabilization -- a "one-time restructuring charge" like in 1776 or 1861, and we're far, far from that.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Maybe, but such was the case then as well.  Nothing will change until the supply lines for essential goods and services breaks.  Then, and only then does anything really change. necessity and such.  The last time this happened there were less than 2 billion souls on the planet.  Now there is over 7 billion.  Think about it and hedge accordingly.

rhinoblitzing's picture

Again, the concept more matches Marxism - the personality = Sociopathic Puppet

Rathmullan's picture

I like to think of the U.S. as "post communism". We sort of skipped the communist part and went straight to the oligarch phase (think today's russia, and china... where the heirs of the long marchers own and control everything meaningful). 

prains's picture

Otto von nut sack


you keep going on about the political "ism" paradigm like they are calling the shots. They are the ticket punchers to the Olicorptocracy that is their paymaster. Take the (j)ism on your face and wipe it off. 

It looks unkempt and tends to smell if left on too long.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I think many are pointing to the Soviet Era that touted Communism, but really practice what is happening today in Amerika - Crony Fuck Anyone in the Ass not Depending on the State Fascism.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Crony Fuck Anyone in the Ass not Depending on the State Fascism."


<You're gonna have to come up with something catchier than that bro.>  :>)

Blasé Faire's picture

We have Arrived at a Fundamentally Flawed, Loss-loving Economy. 

The WAFFLE Plan.  Everyone loves waffles so this was an easy sell.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I will get back to you when I got something.  I am thing working CCUNT into it somehow.


Lonewar's picture

Dr. Dick Head,

How about, for CCUNT - Crony-Capitalistic United Nations Territory...

waterhorse's picture

I don't know.  From my view, I see trillions of dollars in socialism for the rich (big oil, big pharma, TBTF, big insurance, etc.) and "on your own" rugged individualism for most everyone else.

NotApplicable's picture

Wow, that takes some real effort to misunderstand things this much.

Perhaps you should peek behind the curtain once in a while, and stop focusing on the facade.

Antifaschistische's picture


Even the Marx dream of "from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs" has never existed in "communist" societies.  People get rich under 'communist/socialist' regimes because they take, skim, and restribute.  It's always been that way.   BO is a communist when it's convenient and a fascist at every turn.   He hides behind his socialist mask.  But, if you had to juxtapose communist vs. Adam Smith Style Independent Capitalist (i.e. freedom of choice in labor and product) then BO would certainly be the communist at that dinner table.

rhinoblitzing's picture

Marxist Sociopath is more accurate... look it up

mrktwtch2's picture

bonus?? for what  showing up at your job??

uno's picture

short term winners - Satan's helpers

short term losers - Americans with a brain and a soul

Darth Sidious's picture

how do you define short term? 

Skateboarder's picture

The entirety of our idiot ape species' existence on this rock is still short term.

In the next life, I hope to travel on starships and be part of an intergalactic Ponzi scheme erected by a corrupt republic.

Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus's picture

I wish some enterprising lad or lass would set off a nice, big EMP 10 or so yards from Goldman's servers.


The beneficial affect to the real economy is unquantifiable.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

The poor bastards! That Beamer is a couple of years old now, how embarassing!

At least we know that doing g-d's work pays better than the rest ...

There IS meaning in the Universe!

slaughterer's picture

Need.   EOD.  AAPL.  RAMP.

Need.  Dow.  13000.  

Need. More. Bonus.  

Mad Mohel's picture

Bonus for suckin ass?

Savyindallas's picture

I hope they all get herpes and AIDS  -these Wall street cretins are all bisexual anyway. Congress and the SEC won't do anything about these criminals  -maybe God or Mother nature will.

otto skorzeny's picture

biggest losers- coke dealers and whores

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they just need to move to the market.  DC

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Both locals and the regulators are rather unhappy with UBS right now, this week's edition of the soap opera included the regulatory babysitters curtaining acquisitions and new product lines, which could understandably (and desirably) inhibit future growth of the TBTS Bank, even the FinMin was saying how the 10k UBS job cuts were good, in a convoluted Swiss sort of way.

The steps come on top of corrective measures taken as soon as the trading loss was discovered, which included a ban on new acquisitions at UBS's investment bank and a prior approval from Finma for any new business initiatives.

BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

Any nutjobs on here care to reduce the amount of bankers walking on the earth?


Rockerchic's picture

No, but I will sit back and watch, secretly giddy and justice-star-struck while I pretend I'm disgusted with vigilante behaviors. Then I'll remember I'm a Christian and ask God for forgiveness for my evil thoughts. No lie.

IamtheREALmario's picture

MS is gonna party like its 1999. This seems to me to be a clear sign that MS is the next sacrifice for the slaughter and it would explain why JPM has been buying out many of MS's key IPO positions and tending the flock of insider baby birds with their mouths open waiting for pay day.

CheapBastard's picture

"Why steal less when you can steal more?"


Wall Street Mantra

EZYJET PILOT's picture

Even with a pay cut it's still far too high when they shouldn't even have a job after doing the devils work and getting bailed out.