Guest Post: The Madness Of A Lost Society

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Via Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

While we are very far gone at the moment as a society, never forget there are millions of people out there fighting for what is right and we will succeed in ushering in a new and more positive era for life on earth.  These 11 minutes are well worth your time.


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It's nice to hear some real hope once and a while.  Thanks.

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9/11 is intimately tied into all of this.  It is the crack in the wall. 

How many top elites killed on 9/11?  Zero.

How many held accountable?  Zero.

How many draconian measures of control instituted since 9/11?  Many, and rising.

Why torture?  To maintain a lie, extort a confession.  The official 9/11 narrative DEPENDS on the confessions that were extorted via torture.

A few days of sincere research and it all unravels.

Critics say that "conspiracy theorists" need a conspiracy for the world to 'make sense'.  Hogwash.  People can't look at it because it's like finding out that a favorite uncle has been molesting your little sister.


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more like finding out that their entire conception of reality is a fabricated lie...

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The complete and total worldwide economic collapse will solve most of our problems, if we seize the opportunity to round up, jail, and kill those at the top who orchestrated and conducted this laboratory experiment on us.

In no other time in history have the people had the tools to dispatch our overlords in the proper manner, using the internet to find out who they are, where they live using Google Earth satellite imagery/GPS, and the means with our guns and ammo piled up to the wazoo in our closets.

Just be ready to use all the tools you have at your disposal.

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You're of course assuming they'll just run...not so, they'll adopt a 'Scorched Earth' Policy whereby they (The BIS to be precise) will destroy the financial system from within and let it implode (either shutting down all BIS servers, or block all Swift Codes except those which benifit their cause etc). This will ground all airlines, stop all shipping, deny seed and fertilizer to farmers, essentially they'll make it living hell within a month before you even get a chance to have a swing back at them. They are protected under Swiss Law, they are imunne to ALL prosecution and they have their own mini Army afforded to them under under diplomatic immunity within Swiss Law. By the time you get back on your feet, you'll be doing it Book Of Eli style....they will deny you all modern technology and transportation.

More than likely, they even have the UN under their control by now.

That's what I'd do if I were them. And you wouldn't stand a chance.

Here's their power:

Here's their hang-out...Good Luck!


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I'm counting on them doing this so we can more easily identify them. The people living in Europe will be charged to take care of that problem over there just as the people living in the US will be charged to take care of the criminals here. I don't really care if they use a scorched earth policy on us, that will just make the quickening happen much more quickly. American gun owners out number government employees 100 to 1. We then take control establishing a new currency as quickly as possible backing the currency using our Gold stored in Fort Knox. And God help them if our Gold isn't there.

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To be clear, you aren't MichaelJR are you?

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Buy the Metals, prepare your farm, relax.

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Are you serious? Have you not seen at least one of those Black Friday videos, or that lady on the video in this thread crying for someone to help.

I'm sorry, but 99.99% of people are not self-sufficient. You will be snowed under by masses of men trying to take whatever you have, and women who'll do anything to feed their kids. If you look even remotely confident you'll be flocked by beggars wanting you to save them...I really don't think you have a clue what the situation will look like. You won't even be able to leave your home.

It will look like a Zombie Apocolypse without the Zombies. It will look like a post nuclear apocolypse without the radiation....understand?

Sandy left peole without electricity, some non-staple foods and water for what, a week or so....but they knew the rest of the world was out there still....imagine a month of nothing and knowing that nobody is coming to help.

Day 1: News announcements and panic. Banks close, forever!
Day 2: People in the streets wandering what to do.
Day 3: No food in any shops and looting starts.
Day 4: Mass panic. Police, Soldiers go home to look after family (security ends here).
Day 5: Most people will have little food left.
Day 6: Fuel runs out.
Day 7: Violence breaks out. People leave on mass to the country, by car, bicycle, and on foot.
Week 2: Nobody can find any Gov officials. Hopelessness sweeps the planet.
Week 3: People start eating people! (refer to Christian Crusades for evidence)
Week 4: Cities are a wasteland, survivors are underground hiding and only come out to scavenge at night.
Week 5: Running water stops (civilization ends).

Question: exactly where in this list would you need to gather an Army and fight back?

Answer: You won't need to anything, nothing will be guarded, you can waltz right on in to any Bank, Army Barracks, whatever. The Elites will be hiding-out for at least 2-3 years before they make any move at all.

At least Whales won't have to listen to 50,000 ships bangging and clanging above them anymore....peace and quiet; something all marine animals have never known, except some Turtles.

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The safest pace on Earth will be....*Drum Roll*....Cuba! They have been here before and survived. They have had to make ends meet and waste nothing for decades. Everything is recycled. Food is grown everywhere. Many modern items cannot be imported. Medicine and medical facilities are limited.....and they have adapted to this and thrived.

Who would have known?!


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My money is on North Korea. Now THERE'S a nation filled with regular citizens who know how to get by with almost nothing at all. They probably won't even notice an economic apocalypse.

What an irony to see them become the big kids on the block, after the giants implode in their own folly.

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Those fuckers in North Korea can eat GRASS! Actual grass. Not sure what type, Kentucky Blue Grass or Rye or what it is, but they eat it.

How will we ever compete?

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Humans can't digest cellulose in grass.


Cows can, so we became ranchers & ate them.

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Without China's help, N. Korea collapses into total famine.

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What a bunch of crap! Mike, you obviously don't have a clue what is going on. This is not about currency collapse or coming shortages, this is about Global Tyranny, the likes of which have never been seen. So we're too smart to be fooled like those in the shopping stupidity? Think again. Think about the Russian revolution, where those smart people you're talking about were summarily executed in the simplest fashion possible, for being the smart people. Stupid manageable pigs were safe if they stayed out of the way and were willing to work, quietly. Maybe they don't know who the smart people are? Think again. Every email, every blog, every phone call or text, every fax, every book, every comment, every search,....... has been thoroughly examined and digitally archived. At the click of a mouse, you're a dead man. Your face has been scanned, your retina too, and probably you're DNA has been identified, you're such a sitting duck a blind man could see you. And we "the smart people" are going to pick up all the pieces and build a utopia? These "world leaders" aren't making economic mistakes, they've been planning this for many, many years, and everything is right on schedule. These people aren't just greedy, they're obsessed with cruelty and blood-thirst, and all the smartest people in the world haven't been able to stop them even though their plans are right out in the open. I know you mean well Mike, but you need to wake up, storing up supplies is always fine, but it's not going to stop what's coming and won't be around after it comes down like a ton of bloody bricks.

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Those people were in large enough numbers, they made Mitt Romney lose the election. I'm not worried.

Alex Jones Caller Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012


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GottaBkiddn if the Global War Against the Elite (GWAE) begins, I intend to bludgeon them senseless with the solid wall of text you've crafted.

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and there you have it:

a) live as a slave OR
b) die resisting slavery.

At least we will soon have the choice.

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Do you think Apple and Google stock price will be zero when that happens?

Then I die a happy man.

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100 to 1?  And how are you counting government employees who own guns themselves?

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The PTB are riding a tiger, and they know it.

Desperate people do desperate things.

The psychopaths at the top will destroy the world rather than admit they are wrong (or that they are pshychopaths!)

WWIII anyone?

Give it a couple of hundred million years and another sentient species (Notice, I didn't say Intelligent) will show up.

Hopefully, when their archeologists dig us, and our effect on planet earth, up, they will see where humans fucked up and learn the lesson. If they don't learn said lesson, they will go down the same path. (I know I'm paraphrasing)

If the world gets any worse, I don't wanna live here.

This is one of the reasons I love ethanol.

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This is one of the reasons I love alcohol. 

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Swap your booze for pot and your cash for silver and you will be fine.

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And here's where we end up...The Agenda 21 Hunger Games


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I liked that book when it was "Battle Royale 99" (which is probably more accurate to where we end up).

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Yes,  All these things point to the fact that many who have had an 'Awakening'  so to speak,  feel exactly like being in 'The Truman Show'  and some of us are on the boat hitting the wall with the stairs out...




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Remember those rediculous "Protocols", that fabrication of over a hundred years ago?  Read it every so often so you know where we are scheme of things.

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Whenever anyone asks you on why you think 9/11 is a conspiracy....and what would be possible reason would the corrupt corportocratic government would ever do such a thing and kill its own people?

Answer: "I have 3 Trillion reasons why they would do it.....and I'm probably being generous."

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Two guys hold up a filling station and it's a "conspiracy" to make off with the cash.

Here we have 9/11 with, as you say, trillions of dollars and world hegemony as the loot (among other agendas) and people look the other way for fear of being labeled a "conspiracy theorist."  Mark Crispin Miller researched the history of "conspiracy theorist" and found it hit a marked turning point with the declassification of an April '67 CIA memo that suggested, among other things, that those writing JFK books be so labeled.  It hardly ever appeared in places like NY Times/Wa Post before then, but was applied regularly after that memo.

Though some 3/4 of Americans now believe that JFK was the victim of a conspiracy there is not one mainstream newscaster or analyst who holds that view.  Hmmm......

Elites understand their interests, agenda and power... and use it.  Surprise!

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Real Hope is Real Delusion.

Get Real. Forget the "HOPE"

Get into Reality.


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9/11 is intimately tied into all of this.

You don't have to go there.  The coming collapse will happen even if 9/11 never happened.

And it won't be debt collapse.  There is no "fiscal cliff".  Fed will print all the currency needed to keep funding deficits, $2 trillion deficits, $3 trillion deficits, even $5 trillion deficits, it doesn't matter. 

The government economy will continue growing while the private sector economy continues imploding.  Govt workers willl have paychecks while everybody around them loses theirs. Govt workers are the new upper middle class while much of the private sector middle class drops out of the middle class into poverty as the private sector continues collapsing.

DC and Wall Street are the new centers of wealth in America.  They get all the printed cash they want. $3 trillion a year now.  Maybe $4 trillion, $5 trillion, who knows.  If you work for Wall Street or the federal government your future looks pretty good.  You get paid from wealth stolen from everyone around you, but you don't care, you have your gravy train, screw everybody around you, you're better than them.

Even if it's only $3 trillion a year, it's enough to destroy the dollar before much longer.  No, there won't be debt collapse.  The federal govt won't go bankrupt.  Federal debt can grow to $50 trillion and things will go right on.

...until the rest of the world says "enough" and starts dumping rapidly debasing US dollars (and treasury debt).

That's when the collapse will happen.  It'll be currency collapse.  USD will lose reserve currency status and things in America go downhill rapidly from there.  Everybody still getting a paycheck will see the dollars in those paychecks lose value frighteningly fast.  Prices will skyrocket in response to the rapidly collapsing dollar.

That's when American society starts coming apart.  When people can't even afford essentials anymore.

But DC and Wall Street will escape much of it with their $10 trillion annual cash gifts from the Fed.  Maybe $20 trillion a year by then.

This will all happen whether 9/11 happend or not.

There will be no "revolution" to prevent all this from happening.  Fed will never be corralled and Fed printing presses will never be shut off.  The federal government will have 10 - 15 million well-armed loyal law enforcement people at their command to protect the staus quo.  That's way more than enough to control the American sheeple ...who will be spending their time looking for something to eat.

Of course sites like ZeroHedge will continue giving detail reports at each step of the process.  When federal debt hits $20 trillion ZH will fuss and fume over it.  When federal debt hits $25 trillion, $30 trillion, $35 trillion, $40 trillion, $50 trillion, more fussing and fuming from ZH and similar sites ...until they're shut down ...which might not happen, they give sheeple a forum to vent their frustrations, vent their anger, keep 'em docile, etc.

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"When federal debt hits $20 trillion..."


Too late!  Doh!

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wow 9/11 is so passe, everybody and their sister knows what happened


but talking about it with tiny admissions here and there, you keep it in the forefront.. when really, there are more pertinent things at stake


"focus on the past, not your future" , you're beating the drum for them

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"...9/11 is so passe..."

Is that the 'cool' position?

If you daughter, God forbid, were raped would you say "that's yesterday's news, move on"?

3000 people were murdered on 9/11, and it's an open question in the public mind as to 'who' did it.  Is "passe" your answer to the families?

Is "passe" your answer on the massive control fraud that Bill Black describes.  Should we 'move on'?

The Global War on Terror is propelled by this myth. A million Iraqi deaths are estimated, and thousands of US and coalition troops.  I think it's worth clarifying.

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That anyone died on 9/11 (WTC, Pentagon, hijacked planes and related events) is debatable IMHO (albeit anathema, even within "truther"movement) , as evidence has come forward in the last years hinting to the contrary.

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I care less about things every day. I've killed my ego.

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Watched this yesterday and shared it with my sheeple friends. 2 are now prepping and one asked how offten i where my foil hat. Then he goes on to tell me you cant invest in gold because it doesnt turn a profit. I started to shake my head and laugh.

Some people will never get it. They cant be saved....

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Some people will never get that Govt is the root of (most) evil

there are even those lost souls (minds?) that call for "The Rule of Law" when it is always Law, and its rise, that leads to tyranny (anarchy)

Govt is the anarchy we are seeing about us, without Govt this parasite cancer would be miniscule and containable it stands with Govt funding the parasites it will wreck all of us

Get out the system... Stop Paying Tax

nc551's picture

If you don't have the balls to stop paying altogether, at least only pay every 4-5 years where you can get a fat discount by negotiating a payment and paying with your newer depreciated FRNs... up to 80% discount is attainable.  Or put all your tax payments into gold and every 3-4 years cash it out to pay.  That way you get hold onto your money in case of any sort of collapse where you no longer have to pay taxes.

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There's no pill for STUPID!

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" cant invest in gold because it doesn't turn a profit."

I guess one would have to define "profit", eh?  For me, profit is the retention of purchasing power.  If others are losing the value of their fiat currency and I am maintaining mine (read: maintenance of ability to purchase the equivalent of my cost in acquiring the gold/silver), then I have a "profit".  That's pretty simple.   Explain it that way and you'll get more glazed-over eyeballs.  That would require a rudimentary understanding of what a "store of value" is for the explanation to launch.  Very few will get it.  But... why bother?  Ain't my/our job to help them beyond the first volley.   There is the Golden Rule which everyone knows, and there is the Platinum Rule:  Never do for another that which they won't take the time to do for themselves.  

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Okay so the video has succeeded in scaring me, so what's the long term solution after the bloodshed in the street becomes too much?

Here's my shot at a solution.  For a lack of creativity let's call it "The People's Movement."  Neighborhoods should start getting together with the sole purpose of being thinktanks for solving societal ills.  Each community thinktank should send a representative to meet within a district.  Each neighborhood representative in that meeting would communicate what is being discussed within each neighborhood.  This model continues up to a national level.  

Here are some of the ideals of "The People's Movement."  Rather than push for a life full of money and materialism, we take after the Bhutan's model and strive to create a national happiness index.  Scientists have been studying happiness for a while and have found correlations on what activites lead to happiness.  Strong relationships, acts of kindness, meditation, etc. are just a few.  Not surprisingly most of the data fliesin the face of a material and money centered society.  These should be adopted and put in practice within each neighborhood cell within "The People's Movement."  The common bond within the movement is a fear of how the status quo will screw over current and future generations.  

I'm short on details, here, but I do have them. The model is really not new.  It's loosely based on 12 step programs.  And while it may seem odd that I'd use 12 step programs as a model, as a recovering addict, I can spot America's behaviors and trajectories and without a doubt know that as a society our country is behaving just like an addict.  

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Discuss the 10 Amendments called the Bill of Rights first. Discuss vigorously the meaning of them, writing many books on the ten subjects, and discuss how to enforce those rights for everyone.

Then we can talk.

Let them eat iPads's picture

That sounds wonderful, but will there still be a Black Friday?

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I'm prepared.

Generator.. walk-in freezer.. 320 cases of Twinkies.. bring it.