Guest Post: The Madness Of A Lost Society

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Via Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

While we are very far gone at the moment as a society, never forget there are millions of people out there fighting for what is right and we will succeed in ushering in a new and more positive era for life on earth.  These 11 minutes are well worth your time.


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Dick Fitz's picture

Terrifying. Thank God Ron Paul woke my family up to these dangers.

The breakdown will be terrifying no matter how prepared you are.

The Shootist's picture

More crazy than the Matrix, bitchez! I remain unconvinced about 9/11 as Islamofascism is quite real, demented, and virulent.


All I can say is, "Don't tax me, bro!"

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Who cares what you think about 9/11? If you don't get it by now, there's little hope you ever will.

You need to think in terms of proportionality of threat...

Did Islam have anything to do with the creation of the Fed in 1913?

Was it "Islamists" who off-shored most of the good manufacturing and other jobs in this country in something they cooked up and called "globalization"?

How many Fed chairs have been Mohammedans?

Was it Moslems who lied us into any of several wars of the 20th C?

Is Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein or any of our other sick crime kingpins Islamic?

How many poisonous brain-destroying "media outlets" and filth-producing hollywood studios are Moslem owned and run?

Is Monsanto an Islamic family name?

Point is, if you feel the Jewish media creation known by some as "Islamophobia" poses "X" threat to your nation, livliehood and future, by definition you MUST rate the threat posed by the Real Terrorists as infinitely greater. Or not, but that would make you a brain dead dumbfuck.

Mostly you need to stop getting your "news" from Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. I hear there are 12 step programs for that particular sickness.

The Shootist's picture

Thanks for putting that together. I don't think the threat of Islamofascism is necessarily greater than the national debt, corrupt banksters, the Fed, the global elite, or fiat money. I'm just not dismissing that they really do want to spread their zealous religion by the sword. They intend to take it all over, the "diversity uber alles" crowd will either bow before them or piss their pants when confronted by jihadists. 9/11 to me is a puzzle, it's not clear, most historical events are not. However, the needle (maybe 55%) tips it to me believing the "general" narrative. Are there other motives behind the scenes? Certainly. Are arab dictators a good scapegoat for war? Certainly. It's a mirky series of events and I only believe that America should bring its guns home to fight the commies that are also taking over the country. It's a very bleak picture I'm afraid, and I don't think 9/11 is preponderant.

I don't think there's a terrorist around every tree, unless of course you're talking about Fed governors and paper pushers.

Voltaire's picture

Our jewish "friends" are putting the West up against the muslim world for one final battle. Making us fight their wars as always. Except this time it will not be some small trip to Iraq or Afghanistan but something far more severe as it will reach europe in it's backyard trough the tens of millions of muslim immigrants there. Israel is making sure Europe won't interfere with it's plans in the middle east as the old continent will be in a state of civil war. They will be able to say "see, what we are up against, now you get a taste", knowing perfectly well that the mass immigration policies were lobbied forcefully by jewish intellectuals, journalists and politicians during decades. We are going to live in interesting times. 

The Shootist's picture

Yeah maybe so. But you only have as much actual evidence as the intellectuals claiming shit on Ancient Aliens.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Ancient JEWISH Aliens were behind all that is bad.

reader2010's picture

When the military meets its Waterloo, the whole fucking thing will collapse. Not before that event IMHO.

Darkness's picture

I downvoted you because i don't even know where to begin responding to your comment... I am sorry you don't understand the real world at all. 

reader2010's picture

That's OK. Reality is an illusion as Einstein used to say. I hope you do understand what you said you understand.

President Palin's picture

Well done, SGT.  I appreciate all that you do in an attempt to wake up humanity.

God help us.

Yen Cross's picture

  Hopefully you had more than one constituent?

lynnybee's picture

double congrats from me, too, SGT.  SGT REPORTS is super!   citizen journalists & truth tellers are the heros.  

Thomas Jefferson's picture

Had a good practice run living in the aftermath of Sandy.  It isn't fun but I now know what my limits are.

One thing is for sure.  You do not want to be a strange face in the neighborhood after collapse.  Its like having a bulls eye on your back.  Keep that in mind for all those thinking about moving to Costa Rica.

IamtheREALmario's picture

... and so if we all mistrust and hate each other and rip each other apart, even without a financial collapse or WWII, then those pulling on the puppets' strings will have achieved their goals while still remaining in the shadows.

It is easy to see one level deep into the deception, but how about 2, 3 or 4???

BlackholeDivestment's picture

LMAO, well at least they got ''by design'' right, lmao, but they do not deserve to even mention the word ''Biblical'' in a video that ends with a 666 SIRIUS DICK AT THE END!!! 

 God in Christ the mirror, by all means, PROVE IT!!! Prove that you are not the Black Hole. Are you going to drink the wine of wrath in the BTFD Cup of Fornication and mock the aborted Black Friday girls and boys in your belly by escaping judgment and your own death? LMAO. You movie boys better come up with a better script quick, ...bitchez.

Thomas Jefferson's picture

I am going to have to double my seizure medication before I try to understand what you just wrote.

BlackholeDivestment's picture

When did you die, Mr. Jefferson? LMAO. 

Wait a Second, Siriusly, LMAO, the ''New Secular Order'', umm, ''In (g)od We Trust'', is in the ''Oval Office'' and painted inside the Capitol Temple Dome, AKA the womb of $, oops ''ISIS''. OK, LMAO, I see the black hole, AKA ''DEATH'' of the ''New Secular Order'' ''(g)od''. Oh, how, LMAO, charming. Yeah riiight, Independence Day is when you die, LMAO, and hang out with the ''(g)ods''. Bla haa haa haa. What a bunch of Tricky Dickheads. Yeah, umm, there's a Suicide Vampire Squid mirror image that is defining an U.N.Sealed host, yuh just can't see it. Ah  haa haa haa haa haa.



BlackholeDivestment's picture

...while your flesh is being consumed, you shall discover the answer to the question ''who is eating my face?'', wont you? Ah haa haa haa haa haaa. 'Til then, you just stick right here in the Fight Club, ah haa haa haa. Don't mind the smoke coming from your face, bla ha haa haa, O'Henry, bla haa haa haa, and try not to trip over Sodom of Hussien's wedding dress there Candy O, it's not like it's too short.

Henry Hub's picture

I've been prepping for a while now. Every week I buy an extra case of Gin. I'm shooting for fifty cases. After that I'll start stocking on the other stuff. What is it now? Oh yeah, food, water and ammo. 

BlueCollaredOne's picture

White liquor is for rich white women on diets

Henry Hub's picture

I plan to invite some "rich white women on diets" into my bunker when the SHTF. Everyone else will be staring at the double barrels of my twelve gage!

Lord Koos's picture

Rich white women generally aren't very handy around the place.

flapdoodle's picture

Yum... rich white women with fava beans!

BlueCollaredOne's picture

White liquor is for rich white women on diets

fleur de lis's picture

What I would like to know is what happens to all the bastards--and bitches--who brought us to this point. Do they get rounded up and shot dead or do they escape to live another day and do it to us all over again?

spastic_colon's picture

they will be long gone and broadcasting from another country/cave/bunker

steelhead23's picture

I believe the view is that the New World Order would be a police state in which the wealthy enjoy all the prerogatives and we bend to the whip.  A point, partly made by the film is that this is not something that is yet to come - it is coming (TSA, FISA, NDAA, etc.) and will become much worse.  The wealthy would live in castles, guarded by moats and knights, while we toil in their fields.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Thoe bastards and bitches who brought us here will mostly be the ones who 'deliver' us after the implosion. And we will be so grateful for their leadership that we will help them 'rebuild' a better and brighter world on the rubble of the previous one they helped us build.

It will be glorious, and we, the sheeple, will bleat in gratitude.

bshirley1968's picture

Huxley missed it by some 1900 years as the Bible has already predicted a one world order and a one world ruler.  As always never wrong and ALWAYS up to date.

spastic_colon's picture

"....the banners have all flown in the last war...."

debtandtaxes's picture

Predicting one world order/ruler is not clairvoyance. It is the simple, necessary end result of fractional reserve banking. They lend out more than they have in the vault thereby making whatever profits from interest they decide. With their profits they each buy all assets - including each other - until only a few own all assets.

If noone insists they lend only what they own, this is inevitable.

In Canada Paul Martin eradicated capital reserves for banks. Since 2001(ish) Canadian banks need not hold ANY capital to lend out. They just add zeros to your bank account when the bank has nothing in the vault. 

steelhead23's picture

Bernaise would be proud.  Yes, I consider this film to be propaganda.  Why, because it uses imagery to create frames of fear.  "The gubbermint wants a new world order."  "The rich want to have you for breakfast." etc.  Look, I share a bit of this fear, but hyping the fear without either a reasonable level of informative discussion, or recommended links to such information - is propaganda.

Further, I am perplexed by the side-taking or group identity aspect of discussions of economics/finance.  Some of you likely read Naked Capitalism where Yves Smith and the likes of Michael Hudson take a decidedly different perspective on the issue of debt and deficit spending than say, the likes of Karl Denninger, or Ron Paul.  Who's right.  Hellifiknow.  Frankly, given the diametrically opposed lines of thinking today on the blogosphere, I would really love to know what the risks of each camp are.  For example, Austerians believe that it is imperative that we reduce or eliminate budget deficits and actually work on reducing the national debt in order to encourage the creation of capital (savings) and confidence in financial instruments, etc.   The result of acting under this assumption would be that people, particularly poor people would suffer (hence the anti-austerity movement - OWS).  But, if we adopted MMT and its view that deficits are necessary to maintain demand and employment.  Acting under this assumption could (take your pick): destroy the currency, cause inflation, diminish confidence in markets, etc.  Because we can't, in advance, truly know the outcome of a policy, from my perspective, it would make a lot of sense to spend a bit of energy (hello post-doc candidate) detailing the warts of each camp so society could judge the risks prior to taking any radical course of action.  

bshirley1968's picture

"Freedom" hasn't "reigned" in this society since Lincoln kick the crap out of the South.  This is a culmination of a corrupted, centralized government that cannot be stopped.  There will be no pieces to pick up because the pieces will be controlled and manipulated into the position the one world order will demand.

This idea that you or any of us are going to prepare and ride this out and there will be light at the end of the tunnel is a bunch of bs.  This next big crisis this video describes will be controlled and used to enslave what freedom there is left in this world.  Go ahead and store up a bunch of stuff like some boyscout.  All you are doing is stacking and organizing for those who will come and take it from you.  Your only choice when this happens will be to bow or die.  There will be no independence or freedom or survival.  All the goobers on this video are small thinkers at best.  You will bow to the will of the head of the collective or you will be consumed by the collective.  No hold-outs, no independence, no self reliance, etc.  There will be no brave new world.  There will be no utopia of freedom somewhere in the world like they have in all the doomsday movies.  There will be only oppression and slavery and you will keep your head down and do what you are told or they will just kill you or work you to death.  Hell, its about like that right now.

This country has had its fun and now we are going to pay for it.  Somebody has to live during those days and suffer the sins of their fathers.

1000924014093's picture

You will bow to the will of the head of the collective or you will be consumed by the collective. 

Speak for yourself, Sunshine.

bshirley1968's picture

Then you will die.

Freedom requires a willingness to die.  If you want freedom, then you must be willing to die to have it.  That is ONLY way it is obtained and the is the ONLY way it is kept.

Not saying you will bow or that I will bow.  But the alternative is death (fast or slow).  You think you could make it like Jeremiah Johnson?  As tough as I would like to think I am, I don't think I could make it in the mountains.  No body is going to sit on a sack of beans and rice and watch the rest of the world fall apart.  You and your AR and your buddies with their ARs is not going to amount to a hill of beans when the SHTF like this video describes.

We don't need to to be getting ready for the end of the "world's reserve currency", we need to find some men who swore allegance to the Constitution and start it up now while we still have some choices and resources.  The longer we wait the more the advantage goes to them.  If you CAN see the end, and it ends like this video suggest, then we need to find a drastic way to change the ending.  Lets die while it is still our choice and not theirs.

Get some of that!  Saddle your asses up and lets get some now.  Can't see how?  Well if you can't see a path now when things are calm and you have time and energy to think, then you damn sure won't be able to do anything meaningful then.

I hate to see this happen just like any other REAL American hates it.  But to say we can ride it out to a better world on the other side is BULL SHIT!!!  It wasn't a better world before the USA and it damn sure won't be a better world when the USA falls apart .....EVER AGAIN.

debtandtaxes's picture

On a long enough timeline....

When we die is not the issue. The issue is whether we will die with dignity - and what that means for *you*.

For most of us it means protecting something or someone precious. Some will do that in battle. Others will do that in safehouses. Some will live in the "masters house" and use their influence to try to save a few lives. Others will sit on a bag of beans in the mountains keeping a few people fed and providing a sanctuary for hunted dissidents. We may not agree with how some try to die with dignity / live their lives. But if we have the same goals we are all working together.

fleur de lis's picture

I will not bow to any shit ass collective. And I will spit at anyone who asks me to do so. We have a bought-off Congress and all the lazy DC politicos for the collective kowtow dance -- they bow down and roll around like mangy dogs for the sacred collective commissars all the time because it's where they get their loot. 

Dr. Sandi's picture

This his how 'they' select their first round of targets.

Better to bite your tongue and grind your teeth until you can get a good head shot from a quiet, unhurried location. Preferably from the back.

Lord Koos's picture

"Freedom" hasn't "reigned" in this society since Lincoln kick the crap out of the South.  


Unless you were a slave...  yeah, they built that.

PGR88's picture

I don't disagree with their basic points about fiat currency and dependency, but otherwise this video was just a string of cliches

The Shootist's picture

Most of his videos are. Don't back up the truck when SGT says silver will be $200 tomorrow.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.


Look up tonight, at the full moon - for the last five hours, in our time zones, it has had a bright satellite star orbiting clockwise. There was briefly a polar opposite, it faded in the last two hours.

I will give you those things you thought unreal, The sun, the moon, the stars all bear my seal

Only kidding.  Next try? Nope. Closer. Even closer. Getting there. All inclusive. A bit of melancholy.


Let's make it more modern



Don't worry, I'm sure we can work it all out.

rsnoble's picture

Yeah an hour ago I was on the bluff on my 4 wheeler drinking a beer looking at it. Now im on the internet listening to the end of the world lol.  Thinking about going back.

Cathartes Aura's picture

mmmmmm, thx for the full moon serenade. . . sufficiently lost for an hour or so, if counting. . .

as this thread is coming to a stop.

I'll bounce a couple back, with above ground descriptives, pick 'n' choose.


Virgin Prunes ~ Sweet Home Under White Clouds

My Bloody Valentine ~ Map Ref. 41N 93W

Savages ~ Husbands


really makes me long for there, even though it's not there any more. . .

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

I will embrace all of your three casted in their entirety, a triptych, so thank you.


The fading of the polar opposite; it will come full next moon, and then we can dance.


*Happy Campers*

Cathartes Aura's picture

I'm already practising.  always have been.

the next full moon comes with sharp cardinal square, and opposites not so attractive for some.  it's fitting.

It's not hard to see another unique event
When you miss the beginning and you miss the end

Wire ~ 40 Versions

In between are where only edges can be seen of the spaces


this one stands alone, from the beginning.