Guest Post: We Are All Currency Manipulators Now

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Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics

We Are All Currency Manipulators Now

The BBC reports:

The US has decided not to declare China as having manipulated its currency to gain an unfair trade advantage.

But the Treasury did say that China’s currency, the yuan, remains “significantly undervalued” and urged China to make further progress.


In its semi-annual report, it said Beijing did not meet the criteria to be called a currency manipulator, which could have sparked US trade sanctions.


Critics of China say it keeps the yuan low to keep its exports cheap.

There’s a point that no-one in the establishment will admit.

Every country with a central bank is by definition and without exception a currency manipulator.

Every country that devalues its country to boost exports is a currency manipulator.

Every country that bails out banks is a currency manipulator.

Every central bank purchase of treasury securities, mortgage-backed securities or equities is currency manipulation.

Every central bank that inflates away treasury debt is a currency manipulator.

And that is why America would look clownish and absurd to label China a currency manipulator, when China can throw back the exact same accusation even more forcefully. China holds trillions and trillions of dollar-denominated assets.

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kliguy38's picture

I beg your pardon. We are the World's Reserve Currency manipulator. The Grand Poobah of the All Time Greatest Currency Manipulator! When we finally blow there's gonna be shit splattered as far as the eye can see.

Middle_Finger_Market's picture
The world is disengaging from the US $ annd soon nobody will care about your demise. 
TruthInSunshine's picture

Oh the naivety  of your statement. As unfair as it may seem (and is), the mythical decoupling from the petro dollar is not only not happening, but the Machine is rolling larger.

Ask a Chinese politi-crat what he fears more, rising inflation or rising unemployment.

Wake me up when China actually does de-peg its (also worthless) fiat from the FRN.

Supernova Born's picture

I just want to know who has the largest denominated currency actively printed: Australia, New Zealand or Canada?

If they are all $100?

GetZeeGold's picture



nobody will care about your demise.


It's OK....we'll still have Jamie Foxx....and Twinkies.

urwright's picture

Inflation, deflation, hyperstagflationnation and who has the most zeros on a bill.

It is all about who makes the stuff you need.

"Free Markets" the moron who put those words together knew nothing of either word. To believe a currency is manipulated is just as fucked up as someone who believes interest rates on currency creation is justified (as if something comes from nothing)..


Stop being a dumbfukinnaggerslave AND change the conversation to the obvious and stop believing you have any understanding of your worth or smarts as YOU READING THIS are the only thing being manipulated.

You dumbnagger.

GetZeeGold's picture



It started out OK......then he just sorta lost it.


Dude....are you OK or should we send help?

urwright's picture

the obvious is hard to find when you live where common sense is confusing

please realize it is YOU who has lost my message - not me who you say is lost as i follow a path you seem to refuse to see

GetZeeGold's picture



Dude....keep your eye on the sparrow when the road gets narrow.


That.....and don't kill anyone.

urwright's picture

Oh and dude if you really wanna help send me all your Gold (and Silver) right fukin now

p.o. box 12782

San Diego CA 92102

GetZeeGold's picture



We only ship to physical addresses.......and that's only after payment has cleared. Nice try Amigo.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

what if there were  only the world dollar..what would a nations fiat be worth? who would print the world dollar why the world FED,,grand dreams those elite have grand dreams. they are all JPM GS MS Dexia UBS city of london are all fighting to get cut in..same model as our FED.

PS timmy has been quoted as saying we are going to stop minting penny and it begins

urwright's picture


wake up man - this shit is as old as prostitution

it would nice to see folks BEGIN to see how it is THEMSELVES who are being manipulated and not what they Value as being manipulated

too bad sheep are just sheep

urwright's picture

telling me to not kill people and happy everyones demise is softened by twinkies 


and you all need worry about someone who believes Capital can ONLY come from Labor?


how come only the guys who give tyler good head get to post crazy rants?


is there a pattern? do criminal bankers play like they are retail investors who are disgruntled? should i believe you are real and can stand face to face with a real man?

GetZeeGold's picture



should i believe you are real and can stand face to face with a real man?


Send one and I guess we'll find out.

urwright's picture

nice try friend - i only work when your payment has cleared

credit/30 60 90 days payable is how assholes created this mess in the first place

GetZeeGold's picture



 i only work when your payment has cleared


Good don't have work today.

urwright's picture

you have OBVIOUSLY no idea how much i wish what you said were true

seems to be you whom has nothing to pay anyone yet you say you have something to offer?

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The CNY-USD peg and the mythical "Petrodollar" are distinct phenomena.

OPEC nations' recycling percentage of the USD traded for petroleum into UST has been declining for many years

The myth of the petrodollar is a result of Triffen Paradox and reserve currency status creating excess demand for USD debt/fiat (alternate sides of the same coin)

Demand for USD is DECLINING as a function of percentage of total global trade settlement, hence the "petrodollar" is dying.

Seer's picture

The petrodollar isn't a myth.

Yes, this phenomenon IS dying.  It's dying because the US's purchasing power is dropping (energy imports are in decline; who knows which comes first, the chicken or the egg?  This makes the USD weaker, thus others are looking to utilize other means of clearing trades.

Oil is still big.  USD not so.  One only look at the price of crude over the last couple of decades to see this.

Anyway, green arrow for you: you seem to have a decent grasp of the big picture.

Urban Redneck's picture

Here's a mental exercise in the underlying dynamics of currency manipulation in a NWO globalist context-

The debate over inflation & deflation is generally conducted within context of the non-existent domestic deleveraging in the USA.

As various paradigms of international bilateral and multilateral trade settlement move avay from dollar denomination and dollar settlement, the demand for both USD and UST is reduced, which in a debt-based-fiat-currency system is deleveraging.

and yet the Ponzi continues to grow-

Cui bono?

As TPTB prop up the USD-denominated status quo by increasing the money supply through the creation of debt/fiat, the debt component of which is parked on Federal Reserve's balance sheet, and the corresponding fiat component is parked in "sterilized" FRB member-bank balance sheet reserves, meanwhile the Imperial Congess-criiters are relatively free to continue their spending orgy.

Captive USD debt/fiat serfs will finance the Rest Of World's decoupling from four decades of USD debt/fiat dependence, via inflation since the cost of absorbing foreign USD deleveraging, much less pursuing an actual domestic deleveraging would bring "unacceptable" economic pain.  

NWO massa says. "ROW, debt serfs, ROW! Time to pay your fair share."

Everyone pays in the end, but those who have diversified away from the USD will pay proportionately less.

earnyermoney's picture

Thus the "pivot" of Barry toward China. Seems Barry is ready to put a gun to China's head since they refuse to acknowledge BB and Timmay's subtle hints. Deficits do not matter as long as you can coerce people to accept your toilet paper for their valuable goods and services.

Urban Redneck's picture

I don't think that's the message they took away from the  “ASEAN: One Community, One Destiny” meeting...

or the more subtle and diplomatic version

slaughterer's picture

What is this "reserve currency" reserved for anymore?  Just further devaluation?

Downtoolong's picture

Beijing did not meet the criteria to be called a currency manipulator

Yea, we ought to know. At least we’re still the best a something. Can’t make cars. Can’t conduct scientific or engineering research without importing Chinese and Indian people to do the work.

Cazy; one minute we’re bitching about how the Chinese steal our technology. But, when they refuse to steal and implement our currency manipulation inventions the Treasury Dept. gets pissed at them for that too.

Make up your mind Geithner.

TruthInSunshine's picture

 'Cuz we are livin' in a fiat-backed-by-zed-world

Krugman is happy as a dung beetle rollin' a large turd

I say that we are livin' at 110% of Modern Money Mechanics mass 

And BenBernank is every bankster's favorite piece of ass

Hobbleknee's picture

Of course they want China to raise the value of the yuan.  Then they can falsely blame inflation on China.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Yet China steadfastly refuses, choosing to continue to import inflation.

The Jade Spring wouldn't be catalyzed by inflation, but given Chinese demographics and internal migration patterns, rising unemployment.

This is why Bernank & Timmay won't ever get what they claim they wish for, if that's truly what they wish for, in terms of Chinese de-pegging (unless they can provide a pledge to effectively stem the massive revolt China would suffer in the wake of fast rising unemployment-- which they can not and will never be able to do).

Go Tribe's picture

In a world of deflation, inflation is a precious commodity. The Chinese are adept at importing commodities at just the right prices.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Copper would tell lies, then.

Keep in mind I say nothing (I hope not) out of emotion or some sense of perverted patriotism to any sovereign (that are all owned, lock, stock & barrel, by the Bankster Robber Barons).

I'm just remarking on the facts as they appear to exist on the ground, and China has really very little leverage despite popular wisdom as to how they "own" any other nation (harkening memories of Time Magazine's infamous [in retrospect] cover heralding the arrival of Japan, Inc. at the mountain top, circa-1990ish).

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Stuff that Japan lacked at that time (and still lack), that China doesn't:

1.  An abundance of natural resources and arable land

2.  A fuckload of working age people

3.  A military

Even as the controls start to loosen, wages rise, growing pains, etc., it's really in a more favorable position to be a player outside the western control sphere.

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I couldn't agree more, and even to strengh this point the ECB and iys affiliate bodies have lso put traces on the Euro leaving the continent, to protect asset flow migration. Moreover if look at online transactions for purchases over the internet you may found outthat many of the sites are registerd under a diffrent legislations which is normal and coversion rates are also normal this adds some 2-4% exchange rate add on for purchases over the Net

Supernova Born's picture

Manipulate until the crash.

Portugal just approved tax hikes which will equal a full month's salary (all of it) and that is just the INCREASE not the total.

Manipulate and build the weaponry. This shit is going to get real.

Yeah, it is sad and it is stupid, yet it is the way it has always been. It isn't going to change until E.T. or angels show up.

bunnyswanson's picture

This isn't a fairy tale.  It is an organized attempt to shift assets (individual and national) into the hands of the men holding the strings.


It has been stated over and over again but if the MSM doesn't cover it, it doesn't matter.


These ruthless individuals want IT ALL.  THEY WANT ALL OF IT. 




They are unworthy however because thieves and scoundrels are.  And now we have to prevent their plan from unfolding because life would be unfuckingunbearable if these assholes ruled the world.


I don't feel like dealing with this shit.  I'm too old, tired and fucking want to enjoy a few years before I die but the politicians are useless weak shortsighted greedy motherfuckers and cunts and so that means we have no choice unless you want your great grandchildren to curse you to hell while you lie 6 foot below the ground they walk on.

Take over the media, get the message to the fucking people and it will be solved is as simple as fucking that.

The Rothfuckingchild losers who swindled their fucking way to fucking such extravagance that they now call all the shots.  They are buying ARMIES.  Get off the fucking couch and pay attention.

Pseudo Anonym's picture

how could you call

The Rothfuckingchild losers who swindled their fucking way...

losers when their family along with their fellow hofjuden are running this side, if not most, of the globe from behind the scenes for the last 350 years or so?  The last time I looked, we are the (envious) losers and they are the undisputed champions.  What is anybody going to do about it?  Like always, which is typical for losers, nothing and nobody.  Let me know your plan or go back to sleep.

Offthebeach's picture

Look, for anyone not glued to the boobtube, the deal is out in plain sight and anyone can play.
Just get a BA in mathematics from MIT, a MBA from Harvard and do some posts postdoctoral at Stanford and you can play.
If you could develop the ability to drag your tongue across Chuck Shummer's balls, or get on your knees and cry about Jesus with GW, that's double plus good.

GoldmanSuckz's picture

" All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players" play on 

Floodmaster's picture

Every country with a fractional reserve banking system with a potential to print money through loans is a currency manipulator.

notadouche's picture

America didn't need to label China a currency manipulator to look clownish and absurd.  That mission was accomplished long ago and continues down that path in good form.

wisefool's picture

What Mitt Romney did with his "career" is the definition of currency manipulation. For him to call china a manipulator is too rich.

notadouche's picture

Mitt Romney?  Earth to wisefool:  Romney is not a political figure and was not mentioned in this story.  Why do you invoke his name?  Just curious.

youngman's picture


Radical Marijuana's picture


No doubts!

Everyone is being more forced to accept more frauds.

It is not possible to live anywhere outside of the LIES.

Racer's picture

And the Botoxed ChairSatan is the worst of them all

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Henceforth and in conclusion...

Silver bitchez.